Mucky Streak (Squeaky Clean Mysteries #7)

Mucky Streak (Squeaky Clean Mysteries #7) SPOILER ALERT This is probably my favorite in this series so far Gabby takes a break from her normal crime scene cleaning, and takes a PI job for a friend Since her fianc e was shot in the last book, his therapist thinks it would be better for him to not have the pressure of getting married, for him to focus on his brain injury So he moves in with his parents, and sort of leaves Gabby hanging Then this cold case job from a new friend comes up His parents and sister were murdered 10 years ago in Cincinnati, can Gabby find clues that the police and prior PI s have not been able to uncover And when someone starts following her, calling her and giving death threats, can she still go through with it And does she let this new friend and his British accent, loads of money, charm out the wazoo entice her to abandon her former fianc You will have to read it to find out those answers But make sure you start the series from the beginning or you will lose so much Plus, you meet new friends in this book that end up having spin off series of their own. After Her Last Encounter With A Serial Killer, Gabby St Claire Feels Her Life Is Smeared With The Stain Of Tragedy Between The Exhaustion Of Trying To Get Her Fianc Back On His Feet, Routine Night Terrors, And Potential Changes Looming On The Horizon, She Needs A Respite From The Mire Of Life At The Encouragement Of Her Friends, She Takes On A Short Term Gig As A Private Investigator A Cold Case That S Eluded Investigators For Ten Years The Mass Murder Of A Wealthy Family Seems Impossible To Solve But Quickly Gets Interesting As Gabby Brings Clues To Light Add To The Mix A Flirtatious Client, Travels To An Exciting New City, And Some Quirky Albeit Temporary New Sidekicks, And Things Get Really Complicated With Every New Development, Gabby Prays That What She S Calling Her Mucky Streak Will End And The Future Will Become Clear But Every Answer She Uncovers Leads Her Closer To Danger Both For Her Life And For Her Heart Fiction Christian Mystery Other Books In The Squeaky Clean Series Hazardous Duty Suspicious Minds It Came Upon A Midnight Crime A Novella Organized Grime Dirty Deeds The Scum Of All Fears To Love, Honor, And Perish Mucky Streak Foul Play Coming Soon Favorite of the series so farBarritt s writing has really matured from the start of the series and so has Gabby I struggled with liking Gabby in the earlier books, but she has really grown on me as she s grown up This one has an engaging mystery and interesting characters Definitely worth sticking with the series to get here. In Mucky Streak I didn t like it that Gabby is even growing farther away from Riley He s in DC and another man is showing her attention Garrett seems like a nice enough fellow but he s not Riley Will Riley and Gabby ever find their way back to each other In this book Gabby is hired by Garrett to uncover the mystery of his entire family s murder that happened 10 years earlier Plenty of suspenseful moments in this book I was not able to guess who the murderer was. Great mysteryI love these stories and especially like the religious aspect written into them It shows that even though we love the Lord, we are all human during tough time Kudos Christy Mucky streak Terrific Couldn t put it down.Can t get enough of these stories I m so excited that Holly Anna will have her own series, too Love her character I had a hard time with this one The whodunit was a great story to follow with the twists, as usual The earlier books were such a good balance between the mystery suspense side and the lightheartedness of Gabby s personal life with her sense of humor and quirky friends These last few books seem lacking in balance The suspense gets intense in books 5 6 while the lighthearted parts go away By this story, she is distanced from Sierra, the relationship with Riley is a mess, even Parker isn t around She has other relationships but they all seem tense or depressing or frustrating It makes the story less fun I m hoping the next few books reconnect her to some positive aspects of her life to balance the suspenseful side Otherwise I m afraid it ll end up being way too depressing. I love Christy Barritt s characters in her Squeaky Clean series, especially her heroine, Gabby St Claire Gabby is spunky, stubborn, quirky, and, best of all, human She struggles In Mucky Streak , Gabby leaves Virginia to take on a short term P.I gig and we meet a whole new cast of characters who are fun to get to know My only complaint about the last couple of books is that I miss Riley I understand that this is part of Gabby s story and I m hoping he is a little present in the next couple of books If you are looking for a quick read with a good mystery that will keep you guessing and some great laughs, this is the book you re looking for. Really loved this book, number 7 in the Squeaky Clean Mysteries It was so well written and I ran through so many emotions, I laughed, I cried, I was sad and even a little depressed Several times I wen awwwwwh and there were parts I was just plain mad A good book The plot was really good and the characters were wonderful and the mystery was awesome Wish I could say I solved it before the book did, but alas I did not A good book.This is a great series and well worth reading from the beginning

Christy Barritt is an author, freelance writer and speaker who lives in Virginia She s married to her Prince Charming, a man who thinks she s hilarious but only when she s not trying to be Christy s a self proclaimed klutz, an avid music lover who s known for spontaneously bursting into song, and a road trip aficionado She s only won one contest in her life and her prize was kissing a pig okay

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