William the Conqueror (The English Monarchs Series)

William the Conqueror (The English Monarchs Series) Well done I liked it so much, I bought another copy for my father A must for all English history buffs. Guillaume Le Conqurant Wikipdia Guillaume Le Conqurant En Ancien Normand Williame Le Conquereor, En Anglais William The Conqueror , Roi D Angleterre Sous Le Nom De Guillaume I Er, Duc De Normandie Sous Le Nom De Guillaume II, Appel Galement Guillaume Le Btard, N Falaise Enounoteet Mort Rouen Leseptembre , Fut Roi D Angleterre De William The Conqueror Children, Battle Of HastingsChildren William The Conqueror Had Four Sons And Five Daughters, And Every Monarch Of England Since Has Been His Direct Descendant Death William Died On September In Rouen, France William I Biography, Reign, Facts Britannica William I, Duke Of Normandy As William II Fromand King Of England From , One Of The Greatest Soldiers And Rulers Of The Middle Ages William Made Himself The Mightiest Noble In France And Then As William The Conqueror Changed The Course Of England S History By His Conquest Of That Country William The Conqueror Official Website The Official Website Of William The Conqueror News, Tours, Videos Pre Order New Album Bleeding On The Soundtrack William The Conqueror FitzRobert, Duke Of Facts About William The Conqueror History Hit William I Of England, Better Known As William The Conqueror, Overcame A Difficult Childhood To Become One Of The Most Influential Kings In British History William The Conqueror Invades England HISTORYHow Did William The Bastard Become William The William Is Eight Years Old When His Father Goes On A Pilgrimage To Jerusalem The Duke S Nobles Swear Allegiance To William, Should He Fail To Return As close to unbiased a book on Guillaume Duck due Normandy as you can find. I really enjoyed this biography of William the Conqueror I think Bates succeeded in giving an insight into William as a person of his times, acknowledging the brutality and ruthlessness of his conquest of England and his rule of Normandy. Reviewers on love this book I m interested because I m reading 1066 The Year of the Conquest by David Howarth Howarth appears not to be objective in his portrayal of the William, so I was looking for another biography that wouldn t be terribly dense. Pretty good biography, though this is one person where one really needs to read multiple accounts. This is a very balanced view of William I It s well researched, referencing contemporary or near contemporary accounts, and noting the variances between them when recounting events The author does not lionize William, admitting that William ruthlessly and violently exploited the England for his and his followers personal gain Nor does he demonize him, pointing out his remarkable accomplishments, his initial attempts at a peaceful assimilation and devoting a chapter to his relationship with the church Unfortunately, while we have his political motivations clear, in this book we know little of him personally so William is of a force of nature than a personality However, this is the first biography of William I I have read, so perhaps this is the best we can know of him, given the sources The only issues I had were that a couple times the author made oblique references to events not covered in the text, as if they were common knowledge everyone should know Perhaps these were things every English school child learns, but for an American it was a bit confusing He also never covered the remarkable story of William and Mathilda s engagement I really wanted to know if that was true or not There was also William s onerous annexation of the forests for personal hunting which I believe was merely mentioned This was an issue that had a great negative impact on the native population and became a huge issue in English medieval politics, so it deserved than a sentence or two But as an overview of William the Conqueror, it is still good It is not dry, yet it s very informative. David Bates study of the life of William The Conqueror gives a powerful view of the man himself, his triumphs, his failures, his family, his piety and his legacy, neither glossing over his failures nor overrating his successes The image that emerges is of a man who is very much of his time in terms of his piety and his expectations of power, but dogged, almost unbelievably strong willed and relentlessly cruel in the pursuit of his goals An exciting, accessible, informative read.

David Bates is a British historian and author.David Bates is a historian of Britain and France during the period from the tenth century to the thirteenth century He has written many books and articles during his career The most important among his books are Normandy before 1066 1982 Regesta Regum Anglo Normannorum The Acta of William I, 1066 1087 1998 The Normans and Empire 2013 and a b

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  • Paperback
  • 224 pages
  • William the Conqueror (The English Monarchs Series)
  • David Bates
  • English
  • 13 January 2018
  • 9780752419800

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