Invincible Volume 5: The Facts Of Life

Invincible Volume 5: The Facts Of Life After The Hectic Events Of Invincible Vol Head Of The Class, Mark Aka Invincible While Continuing To Deal With The Loss Of His Father, Finds Himself Face To Face With Piles Of Villains Ad The Worst Conflict Of All Teenage Love Collects Invincible , Plus Invincible

Robert Kirkman is an American comic book writer best known for his work on The Walking Dead, Invincible for Image Comics, as well as Ultimate X Men and Marvel Zombies for Marvel Comics He has also collaborated with Image Comics co founder Todd McFarlane on the series Haunt He is one of the five partners of Image Comics, and the only one of the five who was not one of the original co founders of

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  • Paperback
  • 176 pages
  • Invincible Volume 5: The Facts Of Life
  • Robert Kirkman
  • English
  • 09 February 2019
  • 9781582405544

10 thoughts on “Invincible Volume 5: The Facts Of Life

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    I loved the issue with Amber She finally gets some time to shine other than just to complain about Mark disappearing abruptly Kirkman obviously has some larger plans with Angstrom Levy, with the potential to be Invincible s archenemy Kirkman s laying a lot of groundwork that pays off dividends in the future This series is about to get really good again.

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    Another solid arc that moves the world forward, though the recap issue was a slog.World The art is good, it continues to subvert expectations and gives us a very grounded and dare I say mundane look at the genre and I am enjoying that The world building is good, a continuation of Mark and his story which expands the world through him, it s smaller and intimate and I like it.Story A good continuation of the school and life drama that is this series Sure there are still components of the superhero stuff but the balance of the story leans on a lot of not in costume time and I feel that s where this book is the best The Amber situation was handled expectedly and well I will say that the Allen story does give readers of a taste of things to come and that s a good tease.Characters Mark is good, he s stable and his point of view is fun, his arc with Amber this time has been a long time coming The rest of the cast is nice, they are done well, I miss Eve though but I know she s gonna come back.Solid in moving the world forward.Onward to the next book

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    Another good volume about Mark growing and changing I enjoyed this one a lot because Mark finally goes forward with his relationship I also really enjoyed seeing of Allen, even if it s sad what happens I know the next volume is where I started falling in love with the series but this is a very solid volume of growing pains and learning how to live life 3.5 5

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    What I liked The Art is growing on me Still one of the most freshest take on the Superhero comic genre , filled with parody , and sarcastic humor Mark progresses in his relationship with his Girlfriend and his Mother The story of Allen was interesting , and also mysteries about Robot were created New villains added into the Rogue Gallery of Invincible Some funny moments What I didn t Liked very little happened in this volume a lot of recaps for past stories The identity of the infiltrator in the Allen story is pretty easy to detect Feels like Mark is actually getting and lucky when fighting the villains , it feels like he isn t actually defeating any villains , he just keeps getting lucky Verdict Still pretty good , in fact I ll say this is one of the best superhero comics out there Specially if you have become tired of reading the big duo DC Marvel superhero comics Recommended

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    3.5 StarsNot a lot happened in this volume, but I m still enjoying every moment of this series Also, there s no way back, Mark Grayson is one of my favorite comic book characters.This time the story focuses mainly on Mark s personal life We have a pretty nice moment between Mark and Amber, which is great because we re finally getting to know her It took its time, but finally Kirkman gives Amber some scenes and dialogues What I liked about this, was that issue 0 gave us a really emotional scene with Mark explaining his life story, from his childhood to being Invincible and we finally see Mark being affected and suffering the loss of his father I m glad we re seeing the human side of our hero Also, we have really great scenes between Mark and his mom, it s nice to see her trying to get better and actually talking with Mark.What I think is the most interesting storyline, is Levy s villain origin story Mark has stated than once that he doesn t have a nemesis, but maybe now he has found his supervillain It was really interesting to see the progression of Levy s character, the guy who tried to save Invincible to the one who ll make his mission to bring him down It was believable and promising.And the issue that I liked the most was issue 23, which was a nice break from Mark s story also, like Kirkman said, he deserved some privacy The story follows Allen my personal favorite, after Mark of course, and it is narrated old style We get to learn from his planet, the culture and traditions We also learn about the coalition and there s a shocking moment in this issue where I feared the worst.Overall it was, as always, a nice, fun and exciting read It was a really nice surprise having the short origin stories of a few members of The Guardians of the Globe, I really liked them.Five volumes in and I m enjoying every part of the story The artwork is so familiar now and Kirkman s sense of humor never disappoints.

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    Five volumes in now and this title still has a lot of pizzazz The author invests some time fleshing out the Invincible universe, which was nice, and the art continues to be bubblegum pop amazing.Note How is it that only now do I realize each volume is named after a cheesy sitcom

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    More bad guys try to stop Invincible yet againbut what I like about this character is that even though he is Invincible in every sense of the word name he does get the crap kicked out of him I love how he always gets back up and to me THAT S being Invincible.

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    A good comic series Nice plot and art The stories are a little graphic and adult than the ones I started off reading in the 1960s but still not as bad as many of the ones that today s comics have turned into The stories remind me of reading the good solid fun comic books of the older Marvel and DC era of the 1960 s but undated to today s world Recommended

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    So what have you been up to I told Amber I m Invincible A good volume, I feel the story is in full force now, I find Mark duller than some of the other superheroes I liked the mini origin stories at the end, I feel they were planting some seeds there3

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    Probably the weakest volume so far but I understand that not every issue can be filled with super exciting plots This issue is about Mark and his life I believe that it can even be skipped

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