Invincible Vol. 4: Head of the Class

Invincible Vol. 4: Head of the Class After The Traumatic Events Of Invincible Volume Perfect Strangers, Mark Grayson Aka Invincible Is Left To Pick Up The Pieces And Try To Continue On With Some Sort Of Life His Mother Is A Wreck, His Friends Don T Understand And The Super Villains Of The World Just Want To Beat Him Up Mark Has A Lot On His Shoulders And Graduation Is Just Around The Corner Containing The Fan Favorite And Sold Out Issues And The Short Story From Free Comic Book Day S Image Comics Summer Special, This Volume Is Massive

Robert Kirkman is an American comic book writer best known for his work on The Walking Dead, Invincible for Image Comics, as well as Ultimate X Men and Marvel Zombies for Marvel Comics He has also collaborated with Image Comics co founder Todd McFarlane on the series Haunt He is one of the five partners of Image Comics, and the only one of the five who was not one of the original co founders of

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  • Paperback
  • 168 pages
  • Invincible Vol. 4: Head of the Class
  • Robert Kirkman
  • English
  • 09 June 2017
  • 9781582404400

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    More progress towards learning who Mark is I love the aftermath of the fight with his father Omni man didn t hold back, and now Mark as his son has to deal with that Like I said previous, Invincible is very much a coming of age story If you aren t in to that, want just superhero fan service, well it does give you some but it really focuses on character growth I love the moments with his mother in this The pain you feel is very very real I also really like how they re planting seeds for future volumes with Robot losing leadership and such There s a lot to love in this character building volume but not a lot of huge twist or turns yet This is a nice growth volume and I stand with a 3.5 5.

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    Mark Grayson Invincible and his ma are still reeling from the revelations about his pa Omni Man But Mark hasn t got much time to reflect with aliens invading and high school graduation ahead Being a teen superhero, eh There s very little that s decent in this one I liked how Robert Kirkman showed the effects of Omni Man s absence like aliens deciding to have a punt at Earth now that he s out of the picture, righting some perceived wrongs he made against them, with Mark and the other superheroes having to step up as a result And I liked how Mark s ma is falling apart right in front of him with alcoholism and depression it felt very real and was the only emotional aspect to this comic Head of the Class is a table setting volume which is rarely fun to read Lots of things are set up, most of which weren t interesting like Robot no longer being leader of the Guardians of the Globe, Mark graduating high school, and the introduction of a series of possible threats But Invincible still feels like a cheap, derivative knock off of better superhero books I think Robert Kirkman wants Mark and Amber s romance to be like Peter Parker Gwen Stacy s but it s not at all convincing and is impossible to care about There are shameless rip offs of Rorschach, Black Mask, Riddler, and Martian Manhunter while the superhero action is so mundane, rote and uninspired The Angstrom Levy storyline might have some promise a guy is dimension hopping and collecting all the versions of him across the multiverse for some mysterious purpose but the jumbled mess of other stories added up to one big shrug Aliens invade Fish people stuff More aliens invade Graduates high school Mission to Mars Superheroes punching supervillains Eh I would ve preferred a continuation of the Omni Man storyline instead There weren t enough character building moments to justify so much treading water in such a large book Mark still feels like a dreary lead and comes off as of a tool than usual while the others, barring his ma, were all their usual blah selves Cory Walker s art isn t bad it s very sparse but I like that aesthetic and it works well here And he s still doing the repeated panel stuff which is a cute in joke for readers The fourth volume of Invincible continues to show the series as a sub par superhero title that tries to subvert mainstream superhero stories and ends up being a poor imitation of them instead.

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    Mark and his mom try to cope with their dad s betrayal This is something of a transitional volume as Mark finishes high school Kirkman lays lots of little plot threads, some of which won t pay off for awhile He s definitely in for the long haul at this point The art is consistent and clean with Ryan Ottley taking over the pencils Kirkman does a great job of shifting back and forth between Spider Man type drama and Superman like battles as Mark slowly grows into being Invincible This is still one of my favorite superhero s books of the last 20 years.

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    This volume feels like filler for something to come While dealing with issues in his personal life, Mark does several quick missions for Cecil, but nothing to carry the overall story forward Several characters are introduced that will likely be explored next.Mark becomes the protector of Earth, but the Immortal still doesn t trust him The talk Mark had with his father during their fight was recorded by a communication device from Cecil The recording causes an almost complete emotional breakdown in Mark s mom who has picked up a drinking habit Her relationship with Mark is getting colder.Mark has to juggle school, an alien invasion, a betrothal to the sea king s widow, a Martian mission and a crime boss At least he graduates, but the superhero business will keep him busy in university too His current girlfriend Amber, who doesn t know he is Invincible, is suspicious of him.The Guardians performance is falling short, so Cecil replaces Robot with Immortal as leader of the team.

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    Lord have mercy why did I have to discover this series AND Brian K Vaughan s Runaways the same week Cancel all my plans for January, Siri

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    3.5 Stars Invincible is like a TV show That s what I finally realized after finishing this volume.What I mean is, Kirkman has created a series with great, hilarious, funny moments Full with action scenes and your typical soap opera moments, with teen problems and angst and then Boom Here comes the dramatic moment you weren t expecting and everything changes Now, let s have some filler episodes.Don t get me wrong, most of the time I don t have a lot of problems with filler moments At least, not when I m binge watching or binge reading You know why Cause filler episodes are the ones that help you build some characters, that let you appreciate your cast because nothing really important is happening to the main plot, but these little character driven moments are priceless, they help you connect with them And what s the great thing about Invincible so far The character moments and dynamics and of course, the big twist on volume 3 and there are SO many characters here This volume collects issues 14 19 and is full of minor plotlines that don t really add to what happened at the end of volume 3 But that s okay because we still get a lot of the emotional repercussions, especially we see how the events of last volume affect Mark s mom What I really loved about that, is that Kirkman is showing us the emotional toll in such a subtle way, but is still so painful to see It is a great counterbalance to the funny and light moments in this volume And there are a lot, I was laughing so hard and it felt good, because even though Perfect Strangers was such a dark turn, we still have the fun, exciting moments that we got at the beginning of the series No I m not In about six hours I lose my virginity to a FISH.Good Lord You re a virgin Dude I just turned eighteen So what happens in this volume We have the first missions of the new Guardians of the Globe Parallel Dimensions We also have Mark struggling to get out of his engagement with the beautiful fish Queen of Atlantis We also have alien invasions and a trip to Mars And Invincible trying to take out a crime lord AND Mark s doing all of this while trying to balance his high school and romantic life.A lot of side characters are reappearing and there are a lot of introductions to new minor plotlines, which I have no doubt will play a big role in the future But these few pages per issue with different characters on the spotlight is once again a reminder that this comic reads like a TV show and I love it Because I still have than 100 issues to go and I can t wait to keep investing myself with every future storyline.In my review of Volume 1 Family Matters, I said that Mark was a mix of Superman and Spidey. I still think that, but what I love about Mark and his friends and, of course Kirkman s choice here, is that as opposed to mainstream comic books, these characters are actually growing up Real life and real time And like a dork, I m super proud that Mark managed to graduate from High School.There were a lot of laughs, silly moment and fun times But yes, I still wish we could have had something, just a tiny little thing regarding the main events of last issue.

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    INVINCIBLE Vol 4 Head of the Class takes us further into the life of teenager Mark Grayson, in which the creative team of Kirkman and Ottley have extended the serious three star effort they achieved with volume 3 Perfect Strangers, as Mark struggles with balancing superhero life and high school After a shaky start with the first two collections, the story seems to have hit onto something with the third and fourth collections as some decent plotlines unfold Kirkman sticks with his manageable core of characters, although we are introduced to supervillain subplots, as well as intrigue with the Guardians of the Globe and the mysterious Cecil Scenes still jump all over the place, often cut off too soon, but the exuberant use of the repeating panel seems to have diminished greatly, thank goodness The backgrounds are still somewhat sparse for my tastes, but that s just me being nitpicky There s really nothing all that super innovative here, but I guess after feeling very two stars ish about this series I m starting to like INVINCIBLE the comic and the headline character I do appreciate the way Mark can pound pretty much every villain he faces into pulp, yet he often seeks a peaceful solution by trying to understand his adversary first A good lesson.Three stars Somewhat recommended, if you intend to read the entire series up to this point this issue collects 14 19 I have one collection at my disposal, so review forthcoming for INVINCIBLE Vol 5 The Facts of Life.

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    Settling into a new status quo.World The art is solid, just as it has been in the series so far, the simple colors and linework really ground this series into something that is normal and that s interesting The world building is solid, it builds upon the last arc and sets up the new status quo for the world I like how the world is slightly expanded but not by a whole lot and always in the point of view of Mark.Story The stuff at home and school is the best thing about this series so far, the quiet moments These moments are the core of the series and the character building done here is great Mark this time has to step up after the events of the last book and it s great to see him develop his own identity I like the work life balancing act going on here that reminds us of Peter Parker Fairly muted and calm arc which is nice.Characters Mark continues to develop as a character and so are the people around them The family drama at home is well done and I know that Kirkman is going somewhere with this but it s still hard to see Mum the way she is, but it makes sense I liked the really quiet moment between Amber and Mark when he admitted why he has been distant, it s a small beautiful character moment that sums up the character work done in this book A nice little status quo setting up book that also calms and grounds the book back down after the events of the last one.Onward to the next book

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    Mark is still struggling with balancing normal life with superhero life, and Amber is starting to get suspicious There are a few side stories that look like they re all going to connect into one big picture soon, and I m curious to see how that will go I feel like shit is gonna go down real soon.

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    These books can t come fast enough through Inter Library Loan Vol 4 is another great installment in the story of high school senior and superhero Mark The hero action is ramped up as he s sent on mission after mission by his government handler and new, powerful bad guys are introduced As Kirkman himself says in the notes at the end, there are a ton of really interesting subplots going on, and I can t wait to see how they all come out Oh, and it s not all bam, pow, smash, either These stories have real family drama and heart as Mark and his mother each deal with the death of his father, plus Mark s friends, romantic life, and the fact that he s about to start college.

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