Cauldron of Ghosts (Crown of Slaves, - Honor Harrington universe Book 3)

Cauldron of Ghosts (Crown of Slaves, - Honor Harrington universe Book 3) Sequel To National Bestsellers Torch Of Freedom And Crown Of Slaves, Book Three In The Crown Of Slaves, Honor Harrington Universe Secret Agent Anton Zilwicki And Victor Cachat Return In This Classic Tie In Series Set In David Weber S HonorverseIL AND TROUBLE IN THE CAULDRON OF GHOSTSThe Mesan Alignment A Centuries Old Cabal That Seeks To Impose Its Vision Of A Society Dominated By Genetic Rank Onto The Human Race Now The Conspiracy Stands Exposed By Spies Anton Zilwicki And Victor Cachat One An Agent Of Honor Harrington S Star Kingdom Of Manticore, The Other A Havenite Operative The Outing Of The Alignment Has Turned The Galaxy S Political Framework Topsy Turvy Old Coalitions Have Disintegrated New Alliances Have Been BornFor Starters, The Long And Hard Fought War Between The Republic Of Haven And The Star Empire Of Manticore Is Not Only Over, But These Bitter Enemies Have Formed A New Pact Their Common Foe The Mesan Alignment ItselfBut Information Is Needed To Bring The Alignment Out Of The Shadows Now, Defying The Odds And Relying On Genetic Wizardry Themselves For A Disguise, Zilwicki And Cachat Return To Mesa Only To Discover That Even They Have Underestimated The Alignment S Ruthlessness And SavagerySoon They Are On The Run In Mesa S Underworld, Not Only Hunted By The Alignment But Threatened By The Exploding Conflict On The Planet Between Mesa S Overlords And The Brutalized Slaves And Descendants Of Slaves Who Have Suffered Under Their Rule For So Long But If Zilwicki And Cachat Succeed In Rooting Out The Ancient Conspiracy, A Great Evil May Be Finally Removed From The Galaxy And On A Long Oppressed Planet, Freedom May Finally DawnAt The Publisher S Request, This Title Is Sold Without DRM Digital Rights ManagementAbout The Crown Of Slave Series Fans Of Weber S Honor Harrington Series Will Be Delighted With This Offshoot In Which He And Coauthor Flint Develop Several Situations And Characters From Other Stories This Outstanding Effort Transcends The Label Space Opera And Truly Is A Novel Of Ideas Publishers WeeklyWith Over Seven Million Copies Of His Books In Print And Seventeen Titles On The New York Times Bestseller List, David Weber Is The Science Fiction Publishing Phenomenon Of The New Millennium In The Hugely Popular Honor Harrington Series, The Spirit Of CS Forester S Horatio Hornblower And Patrick O Brian S Master And Commander Lives On Into The Galactic Future Books In The Honor Harrington And Honoverse Series Have Appeared On Fourteen Best Seller Lists, Including Those Of The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, And USA Today While Weber Is Best Known For His Spirited, Modern Minded Space Operas, He Is Also The Creator Of The Oath Of Swords Fantasy Series And The Dahak Saga, A Science Fiction And Fantasy Hybrid Weber Is Has Also Engaged In A Steady Stream Of Bestselling Collaborations Including His Starfire Series With Steve White, Which Produced The New York Times Bestseller The Shiva Option Among Others Weber S Collaboration With Alternate History Master Eric Flint Led To The Bestselling The Baltic War, And His Planetary Adventure Novels With Military Science Fiction Ace And Multiple National Best Seller John Ringo Includes The Blockbusters March To The Stars And We Few Finally, Weber S Teaming With Linda Evans Produced The Bestselling Multiverse Series

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  • Cauldron of Ghosts (Crown of Slaves, - Honor Harrington universe Book 3)
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  • 10 March 2019

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    This the best and most likely last as by the end the story is wrapped in the mainline of the 3 Wages of Sin novels and the most complete Honorverse novel since At All Costs as it closes the Mesa storyline and we finally can move to the breakup of the league, The Renaissance Factor and all the goodies promised The ending coincides or less with the ending of Shadow of Freedom as the timeline goes plus travel time of course, but nothing else moves ahead Houdini, new characters, most notably the replacement of Isabel Bardassano and the brother of jack McBride on the alignment side, Torch commandos, Mesans and freed slaves on the good guys side and much lots of happenings, lots of twists and as mentioned a great ending that obviously leaves one wanting the next chapter asapAs characters, Victor Cachat and Thandi Palane are clearly the lead ones here, though there are quite a few with speaking parts and we meet a ton of familiar characters in cameos.The first 1 2 is lighter in tone and the last half is frantic and brutal on occasion as we get to see first hand Houdini of course , but there are a lot of quotable lines and laugh out moments He smiled But now I do mayhem in a uniform Makes all the difference in the world When I killed people retail, I was a terrorist Now that I kill em wholesale, I m a stalwart soldier Get medals for it and everything The point is, now that I m an of fi cial soldier, I can get a medal As a Ballroom guy, the only thing I qualified for was a wanted poster They haven t made wanted posters in over a millennia Fine Wanted e poster I did get one of those One quote Leonard Detweiler s great great great grand daughter Cecilia had once depicted the problem thusly We will bring down the great bison with a pack of wolves The tricky part is that we don t control the wolves In addition there is a lot of universe back story the final war, the Detweiler secession, plus in story moments like the video showing what happened on Earth many years ago when Victor Cachat first appeared and saved Helen, Berry and Lars, uncle Jacques etc

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    I got an e arc I got an e arc thank you baen and thank you webscriptions you rock my socks because I get the books early and I must FEED MY ADDICTION I love you 1 22 2014 Okay quick break to re read some Torch of Freedom 1 23 2014Okay, IT WAS INCREDIBLY AWESOME and then I got to the end and it was like NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO why must you end now why although the book was freaking long took me 7 8 hours to read I like Eric Flint, when Weber writes alone I don t get the lol s like I do when he co writes with Flint and there were lol s I love Berry and Hugh and Granny and Victor and Anton and Thandi and some of the all new characters Okay quick break to re read some Shadow of Freedom Okay, where s the next freaking book Ahhhhhhhhhh the agonies of a series that s not done yet gnashes teeth, pulls hair well fan freaking tastic I am so punchdrunk from no sleep and a CUT OFF ENDING also gimme the next book I will be of absolutely no use whatsoever at work today.That is all.

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    An excellent continuation of the massive Honor Harrington series It brings together some big threads from previous books, and adds in quite a few I think Eric Flint has done a world of good for the characterization in the series, particularly when it comes to the villains David Weber is damn good at space battles, but one of his weak spots has always been characterizing negative characters Not necessarily the military characters, as there ve been some Havenites I liked better than certain Manties But a lot of his villains tend to be so villainous, you expect a scene where they twirl their mustaches I feel that the Mesan characters are drawn in human strokes I mean, granted, they re basically Nazis IN SPAAAAAACE, but they have families, and they fret about human things, and they have human emotions Even the worst of them might be decent types if they weren t, you know, interstellar Nazis Anyway, to sum up

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    I enjoyed the book, and was inclined to give five stars I did not, because I don t enjoy the long digressions in mid scene Sometimes it s great to put a couple of thousand words in out of the blue, to describe the history of plumbing on a planet I made that up, but there might be one in this book I paged through them when I realized that the story was paused for some explication Sometimes I d rather know what happens next The last couple of Weber books I read, the ratio of paintings to movies seems higher Don t misunderstand I wouldn t miss a book and I d go to his house and read the drafts if he d let me Just because I don t love every word doesn t mean that I m not really invested in the Honorverse And in this book, I get plenty of Thandi Palane, Anton Zilwicki, and Victor Cachet I wouldn t mind if a book like this came out every week I could read three days, and then catch up on the real world stuff that I put off for reading, and then start the cycle again I ve read in other reviews that the Mesan Alignment story is finished I didn t see that I saw that they moved elsewhere Something tells me that a hint was dropped in one of the early Torch books about where they went A wormhole survey crew tried a new wormhole, and popped out to be the guest of honor at a missile party I figured that was the bolthole where they have gone, and they are still out there But what I don t get is this genetic superiority thing In 600 years of making alphas, the Detwilers are still the top of the line No progress beyond version 1 I mean, the Detwiler kils having ABC names implies that they are clones of the old man, but what s missing is whatever makes them superior Do they have super powers xray vision can one of them use his mind to put a whole planet to sleep And if they are so advanced, why do they choose to hide, instead of defend themselves in a regular home And if they re gonna hide, why not hide in plain sight like they have for the last 600 years The Magellan still has the unaltered passenger list, under some lake Is there a chance that the real passenger manifest is going to be found The destruction that we saw in this book was mostly provided in public places It wasn t like the big underground server farm that we saw destroyed along with Green Pines If the good guys go loose in Mendel, is there forensic evidence of the alignment that might be found Should we assume that Mesan diplomats all over the galaxy have either been recalled, or left out there How well can the Alignment be reconstructed out of the citizens that weren t Houdini d Some of them have to know SOMEthing, right Someplace manufactured the spider drives, etc The missiles Is Mike Henke s fleet investing those factories now So many questions, so few years left in a normal lifespan

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    Victor Cachat and Anton Zilwicki are on the loose on Mesa again This time, they ve brought a military advisor and plans to make contacts among the underground of seccies , the descendants of slaves who make up the underclass of Mesan society As the repercussions of their previous visit to Mesa continue, will they be able to control the rebellion they plan to start Best of this side series, thus far Only one cut and paste chapter from a previous book, and far action than the main line Honorverse has offered for a while Starts pretty much where _Torch of Freedom_ ended, and runs concurrent with the events of _A Rising Thunder_ and _Shadow of Freedom_ And if you recall the end of Shadow of Freedom Suffice it to say that becomes very important.Loved it Sorry I finished it so fast.

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    Review to come D

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    I really enjoy this series When Weber and Eric Flint get together, they are better than the sum of their parts Victor Cachat and Anton Zilwicki are best appreciated as a superspy buddy comedy, something like Lethal Weapon with spies in space.This book is no exception, and here, facing off against the shadowy Mesan Alignment, is where the real action of the later Honorverse books is taking place This book finds our heroes on the ground when the Alignment activates Houdini, their plan to disappear, and they learn just how bad these bad guys really are.I like that Weber and Flint try to humanize these bad guys, though The Space Nazis have families, and they really believe they re doing the right thing They are the heroes of their own story, and it s a good object lesson Fascists look just like everybody else They go to church and the PTA They can be really nice to the people they consider to be full humans they just disregard the humanity of anybody that doesn t fit their definition of that, whether it s about melanin content, like on our world, or whether it s about the right combination of designer genes, like in this book.It s an excellent illustration of Nazi double think Detweiler and the rest of the Alignment really believe themselves to be superior humans, because they have chosen the combination of genetic modifications that they ve imposed on the very genetic slaves they ve abused over the centuries In other words, there s no real difference between the masters and the slaves a truth every Nazi fears in their heart of hearts.I have one complaint, and that is that Weber and Flint spend time telling us that Cachat and Zilwicki are superspies than they do showing us They can be forgiven, though, because they showed us enough of that in the last two books and related stories The real hero of this novel is Thandi Palane, and she is amazing Also, it was nice to get a better feel for how the Beowulfian Biological Survey Corps not a survey corps like Special Forces Marines actually work.An excellent addition to one of my favourite series I ve started my True Chronological Reading of the Last 10 Honorverse Books, as I said I would in the last couple of Honorverse reviews I did You can check it out at the link above

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    This is the third book in the Crown of Slaves Series set in the Honoverse , the world of Honor Harrington Victor Cachet, spy from the Republic of Haven and Anton Zilwicki spy from the Empire of Manticore are the two main characters in the Crown of Slaves series In prior books they began working together in Torch a planet of ex slaves who elected Berry Zilwicki , Anton s youngest daughter their Queen They had discovered that Mesa, who create genetic slaves, plot to set Haven and Manticore to war with each other If you have not read the main series it is best to start at the beginning with On Basilisk Station and proceed through the series and sub series, the books do not do well as standalone books Cachet and Zilwicki decide they need to go back to Mesa and try to find out about what is happening with the newly discovered Mesan Alignment and how it ties into events and situation that have been happening They adopt new personas and new skin literally through the wonders of modern Beowulf genetics and medical engineering Accompanied by General Thandi Plane Chief of Staff of Torch military and Yana Tretiakovna super solider also of Torch Weber has been known for producing very large volume books and this is no exemption Weber goes into long explanation of the technology and society which I find helpful in obtaining a complete understanding of the world he creates This book has less of the explanations instead it focused on moving the story along Our spies find that the Mesa Alignment has been moving their personnel off Mesa and creating large scale attack resulting massive amounts of deaths to cover all their missing people Of course, the Mesa Alignment blames the ballroom group of ex slaves for the terrorist attacks Victor and Anton help out the main crime boss of the slums in resisting the reprisals by the police and Mesa military Honor Harrington plays only a background role I sure hope Weber does another book staring Honor When it looks like the end for our heroes a large Manticore Naval Fleet suddenly appears We knew from the last book that the fleet was on the way commanded by Honor s friend Admiral Goldpeak also known as Michele Henke niece of Queen Elizabeth of Manticore Weber has set us up again anxiously waiting for the next book I read this as an audio book downloaded from Audible Peter Larkin does a good job narrating the book

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    David Weber began his Honor Harrington series in 1992 with On Basilisk Station, and in it our intrepid heroine commanded a ship of the Star Kingdom of Manticore against the far larger People s Republic of Haven Manticore remained Haven s superior on the fields of battle because of its robust interstellar trade and Haven s corruption And in case Weber hadn t made it clear he was writing a Horatio Hornblower England v Revolutionary France in space novel, the leader of Haven was Rob S Pierre.But the two nations have found a common enemy after many years of fighting, and are now allied against the Mesan Alignment This cloak and dagger corporation has as its goal the establishment of a genetic caste system throughout as much of the galaxy as possible with its own directors as tyrant oligarchs Master spies Victor Cachat and Anton Zilwicki, of Haven and Manticore respectively, have been moving against Mesa s backstage shenanigans for some time and have helped uncover enough of the conspiracy to unite their formerly antagonistic governments Now in Cauldron of Ghosts Cachat, Zilwicki and their team infiltrate the Mesa homeworld to try to gain proof of the conspiracy and perhaps even bring Mesa a freedom its people have never known.For this series, Weber teams with sci fi author Eric Flint, who is a well known name in military based science fiction in his own right It s hard for anyone other than the authors to say how much each one contributed, Flint has less success than other collaborators in reducing the amount of meeting minutes scenes to which his colleague is prone The espionage plotline is handled deftly, but the pair telegraph the villains atrocities with almost anesthetized clumsiness The Mesans are exploding bombs in their own cities to create a terrorist threat they can use to justify harsh measures, and as soon as we meet some ordinary person going about their business in the middle of a chapter, we know what s coming The replication of these scenes lengthens and deadens the story, and helps make Cauldron one of the weaker entries in its particular Honorverse series.See original here.

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    Slow to get get going Most of the books by webber have a very short resolution Basically his stories reach the climax and then end a few pages latter This one ended at the climax maybe a paragraph past with no resolution.There were several times I just started skimming whole pages when he was giving unnecessary details about terrorist attacks that did not involve any of the characters There was also a couple of story lines that are seemingly pointless and kind of abandoned I feel like I wasted my time reading about them Torch marines assaulting the space station, mcbrydes escape from Mesa, the torch marine marrying the freed slave.Also the beginning of this book was slow with the same information being repeated over and over again I got it the first time and with a such a annoying troupe The troupe I am referring to is where all the spooks that word is over used know what each other is referring to but then another character has to act ignorant so that the other can explain it to the reader.Another thing this book contained which his others do as well is that different characters will use the same cliched saying which is jarring enough that it rubs in your face that that a single person is writing all the dialogue instead of a cast of characters.The other troupe that is really over used in this book is when a character makes reference real world historical event and then another character pleads ignorance and then character has to go explain old world pre dispora Terran history The whole point of make a accurate historical reference is so that the reader can relate, so don t bother explaining it If you have to explain it then it was poor and you should have just made up a fictional one.I really had to work hard to keep picking this up to finish it I really enjoyed the main story line in the Honor Harrington story and the creation of the universe I could not put the books down After this one, I am not sure I am going to pick up anther one I am starting to think Webber should have stuck to his original outline and killed off Honor in the defense of Manticore.

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