Der blaue Siphon. Erzählung

Der blaue Siphon. Erzählung In The Wildly Entertaining Novel The Blue Soda Siphon, The Narrator Unexpectedly Finds Himself Back In The World Of His Childhood Switzerland In The S He Returns To His Childhood Home To Find His Parents Frantic Because Their Son Is Missing Then, In Another Switch, The Young Boy That He Was Back Then Turns Up In The Present Of The Early S, During The Gulf War, Where He Meets Himself As An Older Man, As Well As His Adult Self S Young Daughter These Head Scratching, Hilarious Time Shifts Happen When Both The Adult Narrator And His Childhood Self Go To The Cinema And See Films, The Subjects Of Which Echo Their Own Lives Translated For The First Time In English By Donal Mclaughlin, This Novel, In Which The Eponymous Blue Soda Siphon Bottle Is A Recurring Symbol, Is A Magnificent Example Of Urs Widmer S Characteristic Humor, Literary Genius, And Unparalleled Imagination

Urs Widmer was born in Basel in 1938 He studied German, Romance languages and History in Basel, Montpellier and Paris In 1966 he completed his doctoral thesis on German postwar prose, and then worked as an editor for Walter Publishing House in Olten, Switzerland, and for Suhrkamp Publishing House in Frankfurt In Frankfurt he stayed for 17 years, though with Suhrkamp only until 1968 Together wi

[KINDLE] ✽ Der blaue Siphon. Erzählung By Urs Widmer –
  • Hardcover
  • 112 pages
  • Der blaue Siphon. Erzählung
  • Urs Widmer
  • 08 March 2018
  • 9780857422118

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    Mein erster Widmer Wahrscheinlich w re ein anderer Titel der besser Einstieg gewesen Obwohl die Erz hlung nach einem etwas holzigen Start an Fahrt aufnimmt, gar spannend wird, vermochte sie nicht zu berzeugen Zu ausgesucht, zu aufgesetzt wirkt sie ber weite Teile, die Filmgeschichte schaffen es nicht, sich mit der Erz hlung zu verschmelzen Da hilft es auch nicht, dass mir die realen Schaupl tze aus der Kindheit bekannt sind.

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    WIDMER, Urs Der blaue Siphon , Z rich 1994Eine Erz hlung, in der die erz hlende Person in die Zeit seiner Jugend zur ck versetzt wird Er wei was die Zukunft sein wird Er besuchte seine fr heren St tten wie das Elternhaus Spricht mit seinen Eltern, die ihn aber nicht erkennen, denn sie sind jung und er, der Sohn, ist alt Er kommt wieder zur ck in seine Zeit und der Bogen schlie t sich Ein M rchen f r Erwachsene Eine Liebesgeschichte zwischen Toten und Lebenden Eine ausgefallene Erz hlung Pristina, 08.07.2012

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    Sentence by sentence, the novel seems fine, but the cumulative effect even given the conceit of movie theater as time machine if that s what it is is eh.

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    Quick Review A fun, fast, and at times humorous read Addressing war and the fear of war this short novel uses touches of the fantastical time travel to highlight the futility of the individual in the cursing face of war omnipresent in every generation In using cinema as a lens, the fairy tale existence of childhood is shot through with the fractures of war s violence and trauma Using cinema to depict parallels and engage the darker elements and ramifications of war e.g in the domestic sphere , domestic objects e.g the blue soda siphon pursue the protagonist in his travels as a reminder that fear of war and death are persistent accompaniments from childhood through adulthood.

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    Goes to show that novellas are best read in one go and not over two weeks Sadly, the latter was the case for this reader and so the adventurous time line and the movie summaries were too much to really grasp Still, what would have remained bothersome even in a quicker reading is the fact that movie reviews take up such a large portion of the work These are mysterious, no less so because we keep wondering how a three year old should possibly be able to follow such an intricate plot.The idea that you can go missing across time is intriguing and Widmer s use of language will always be wonderful not sure this is a great story, perfectly certain it is rather well told.

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    Unser Icherz hler geht ins Kino, erste Reihe, und als er rauskommt ist er 50 Jahre in der Vergangenheit, trifft seine Eltern, die gerade aufgel st sind, weil sein altes Ich gerade verschwunden ist, n mlich in die Gegenwart hinein, wo der Dreij hrige seiner Tochter begegnet Alles sehr nett Aber was das alles soll, erschlie t sich mir nicht Der Vater hatte das kleine Kind auch ins Kino geschickt, um mutma lich mit irgendeiner Lisette zu turteln Gut, am Ende sind beide wieder am richtigen Ort, nur der Hund bleibt auf der Strecke.

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    Chi non ha desiderato di tornare indietro nel tempo anche per un attimo e rivedere la propria infanzia, oppure andare nel futuro e vedere i propri figli Qui c qualcosa in pi , un racconto surreale e suggestivo, dove la verosimiglianza non importante, come non importante nei sogni e nella memoria.

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