Harbinger, Volume 5: Death of a Renegade

Harbinger, Volume 5: Death of a RenegadeThis book is a worthy successor to the original Harbinger series from the early 90 s I loved those early Valiant books and this new series is pretty good too. That s like it After the let down of volume 4, the Renegades get back on track as they finally take the fight directly to the Harbinger Foundation and Toyo Harada.This volume is three two issue arcs that all feed together to bring the series to a conclusion We open with Resistance, which introduces the character of AX, a hacktivist who becomes instrumental in the downfall of Harada These two issues do a little showing than telling, but it covers a lot of ground in just two issues, so it s necessary to set up the next arcs.Death Of A Renegade, which does actually deliver on its title, comes next as the attack plan begins and Harada and Peter Stanchek finally face off There s a lot of misdirection in these two issues, and a hell of a lot of heart, but the actual death seems to come out of nowhere It s set up to make it look like one of two people, and then it s someone else entirely, which is peculiar, especially since the character in question feels like they re important now that they re dead.And then finally we get Wake, which is deals with the aftermath of the Renegades attack on Harbinger, as well as the aforementioned death This one definitely feels like the end of the series, with the characters going their separate ways, and it s sad to see them all splitting apart after finally getting to know one another There are also a few back up stories collected from Harbinger 25, which are mostly cute or silly, with the story about Peter and Joe being the most touching.The art here is shared between Clayton Henry for the first four issues, with Khari Evans returning for the final two This is the first time I ve noticed it, but Evans s art feels very much like Jim Cheung, which I think is high praise indeed, and Henry remains one of the most consistent artists in the Valiant stable.Harbinger stumbled a little in the middle, but it s easy to see why this concept was used to help launch the new Valiant Universe I m sure it won t be long before we see these characters again. The Renegades Thought They Could Get Their Old Lives Back They Thought They Could Bring Down Toyo Harada And The Harbinger Foundation They Were Wrong And Now One Of Them Will Die Once Again, Peter Stanchek And The Renegades Are On The Run With The Combined Forces Of The Harbinger Foundation And Project Rising Spirit Closing In On All Sides This Time, However, The Team S Newest Member, X, Has Left A Trail Of Leaked Classified Information That Could Could Win The Day But Also Put The Few Loved Ones They Have Into Dire PerilCollecting Harbinger A big improvement over the last couple Volumes They raised the stakes some, had an epic showdown, threw in a couple weird art issues and got a fun book. Overall, a solid conclusion to the first five volumes of Harbinger, that brings things to a good and natural close.Resistance 20 21 I always found Ax to be one of the most irritating characters in the VH 1 universe, because he was sooo overused, and such a whining brat It s great to see an alternate version of him created for the VH E universe that maintains some of the core ideas but is fun instead Beyond that, this is another earth shattering story It s amazing how big of changes the VH E universe is able to constantly support And, if things are still a little confusing by the end of this two issue arc, it s probably just because the story continues straight on into Death of a Renegade 8 10.Death of a Renegade 22 25 One of the joys of VH E is that they re willing to bring their big stories to big conclusions, and that s what happens here Is it the best arc of Harbinger No But it s an epic story with real repercussions that nicely concludes most of the character s stories I ve loved Dysart s Harbinger, but I love having an ending too 7 10. Well executed and consequence heavy conclusion.World The art is still fine, it s middle of the road Valiant and that s all there is to say The world building this time around is very solid and game changing Ever since Harbinger 1 readers have been getting and of this world and now the game is going to change, the stakes are going to change and the consequences of actions in this arc is going to change This is fresh because not a lot of superhero comic books do that DC and Marvel unless it s a company wide reboot event, but on that below.Story Paced well, tone was spot on and the conclusion was logical and has been building up since issue 1 I like that Valiant went all in with this concept and allowed Peter to have a full arc Many times when big events and big ideals are set the hero well Peter is not truly a hero in the end makes concessions There are no concessions here, what he started out to do he has done and the entire Valiant Universe is changed because of it As I said above, it s rare, it s not common that such consequences happen in books and at such a atom bomb level that I don t see a way to retcon what just happened, it s good Characters The characters were good, a bit simple but good They each had their moments and their drive was clear Some of them have a bigger personal voice but overall these characters are likable and interesting I find however the biggest draw to this series is Toyo and his drive and motivation, it s interesting to look at his moral and decisions and wonder.A good final arc for this series as these characters move onto other things well there is one book left until Imperium.Onward to the next book I would say it was a good end to the title This was prety good, but a little long for a valiant trade the death itself didn t fell like it was very important Just kind of happened and that s it The art was srong though, and created some emotion throughout it And the story is definitely getting interesting. Don t do this to me Valiant Where the hell are they going with this.When I first started this series it was like an adult version of classic X men Now it s like a superman comic It makes no sense and goes nowehere.I hope this gets better in the next volume but i doubt it. You know the Valiant titles I read the less I understand the love this company gets Don t get me wrong, they re not horrible, but they sure do release a lot of just okay stuff Anyway, another Harbinger title This one actually being the highest rated That made me excited The DEATH of a Renegade Sounds badass right Got the big showdown, Peter and his gang going for the final take down, all the stakes in, the big fight is about to begin AndGood I did enjoy Kris and Peter s interaction in here I also thought there were some amazing fight moments, especially between Peter Bad The dialog is atrocious when it comes to Faith and Torque I mean some of the worst I ve read Also REALLLLLLLY forced sex scene The death was unsurprising and also really poorly done The ending falls flat and just kind of go with the flow of the story to introduce one volume and then a spin off Overall Harbinger builds up it s whole war to make it end on kind of a dud I know there s one volume but unless it s a huge turn around I feel Joshua misses the mark big time on this big overstuffed volume A 2 out of 5.

Violent Messiahs in 1997 The first eight issues were originally collected in the graphic novel, Violent Messiahs Vol I Book of Job in 2002.Since then he has done work for virtually every major comic book publisher, including DC, Vertigo, Dark Horse, Image, IDW, Random House Books and Penny Farthing Press.He did a two year stint as the monthly writer of the legendary

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  • Paperback
  • 160 pages
  • Harbinger, Volume 5: Death of a Renegade
  • Joshua Dysart
  • English
  • 09 August 2019
  • 9781939346339

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