The Ultimate Situational Survival Guide

The Ultimate Situational Survival Guide In The Ultimate Situational Survival Guide, Survival Expert Robert Richardson, Founder Of Offgridsurvival, Gives You Real World Advice On How To Survive The Very Real Dangers Present In Today S Society From Surviving Natural Disasters, Man Made Disasters And Disease Outbreaks, To Essential Tactics And Step By Step Instructions For Surviving Urban Disasters, Crime, Violence And Terrorist Attacks, Readers Will Learn The Self Reliance Strategies They Need To Survive In Just About Any SituationThis Is Not Your Typical Survival Manual Or The Same Old Tired Material That S Been Regurgitated Time And Time Again This Is A Self Reliance Guide To Surviving St Century Threats, Including Ways To Survive Cyber Attacks, Infrastructure Shutdowns And Communication Grid Failures

Robert Richardson writes for and runs the very popular survival website His articles and advice appear on some of the top outdoor preparedness related sites in the world He has been featured in articles on the Huffington Post, CNN, Yahoo News and numerous other media outlets and has been interviewed and featured as a preparedness and survival expert on hundreds of blogs and we

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  • Paperback
  • 208 pages
  • The Ultimate Situational Survival Guide
  • Robert Richardson
  • 06 June 2019
  • 9781440336775

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    To start, the reason this book has than one star is the useful data it does include There are practical tips to knowing what situations you re likely to encounter, as well as some good information on planning for them For someone who doesn t know where to start, that s a good place.However, to have an honest and fair review, this book encourages a being incredibly alert to your surroundings, and being ready for disaster to occur at any moment Suggestions like scanning the room and looking for cover and escape plans every time you enter is a bit paranoid Never going to sporting events or concerts because of a fear of riots or terrorist threats is insane Basically this book encourages you to hunker down in the country with your guns, because everyone and everything is a potential enemy That fear filled view of the world is enough to give anyone stress, anxiety, and paranoia.Finally, the author lists flash mobs you know, where people spontaneously dance to as an organized protest or event as dangerous and violent, pairing it with riots on danger level This guy must not know what a flash mob is.The whole book is geared towards priming you for fear, not readiness and comfort in knowing you re prepared to weather the storm, no matter what kind of storm it is There are much better written books on the subject out there I would recommend starting with those.

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    Okay, time for an unbiased review I m going to be as polite as I can about this book The author is a nice guy I ve spoken to him on Goodreads before, and had him as a friend on my account.This book suffered from what can I almost want to call a sense of extremism where preparedness is concerned I was frankly surprised he did not invoke religious end times into the book I am glad he did not Nevertheless, this book was filled with some pretty dismal end times vibes.I am Canadian and live in Canada Canada is not America The gun culture of America is vastly different In Canada we also don t have to worry about daily mass shootings For Americans, I can see there being some concerns with regards to such things They do happen a lot now.As a Canadian however, I found some of this book a bit extremist in its fearmongering My apologies to the author He offers up some great advice HOWEVER, I do not agree with him at all that guns disproportionately save lives, rather than take them He claims that conceal carry is likely to save you, since you can use your gun to deter someone What he fails to understand is the fundamental psychological issue here You pull a gun They WILL try to take it from you He provides no empirical studies to justify his statements about guns If you bring a gun to a confrontation, you are far likely to have the gun turned on yourself and become injured or killed as a result That alone caused me to deduct 2 stars I wanted to deduct , honestly, but there IS good advice amongst the questionable.I love the guys website I d like to put that out there He s very knowledgable BUT the amount for fear mongering is troublesome He suggests we avoid places like championship games and opening night performances etc on the basis that it could be a target of terrorism or mass shootings While I understand these concerns are legitimate in the US They are not in Canada It is incredibly rare for such things to occur here How can you claim to live is a Free Country , yet recommend people stay indoors and away from championship games and such forth because there is a chance they could become violent or a target This in my opinion is dangerous thinking Why should we hide from these would be killers If we hide, we give in America needs to look at itself If you all get scared and avoid events because you think there is a chance of danger, what kind of free country is THAT GUNS GET YOU KILLED I am very pro gun We have almost no rights to carry hand guns legally in Canada.except under very particular circumstances Police Security extreme exceptions It took me almost a year to be able to legally purchase ammunition and guns long gun license, PAL I own guns, and lots of ammo But, I don t see my guns as my weapon of choice My weapon of choice is a baseball bat Or one of my golf clubs I DO have a survival pack I do keep fairly large quantities of Rice Oatmeal Cereal in the house But I find this book leans a bit too far for my liking It suggests that guns will solve all your problems I do like that he gave advice on gun safety, I just don t like how he views guns as the be all end all for preventing harm to oneself Under certain circumstances this may be the case, but under many, it is not I studied Karate for 5 or 6 years, and I agree with some of what he says about Martial Arts But I disagree with his complete dismissal of it I have been in a few situations where it has saved me from likely getting injured than I did I do agree about fighting dirty You need to if you want to survive a violent conflict.I could write all night The fact is, there is some useful info in here I just wish it wasn t so apocalyptic It takes away from the realism, despite the fact I know many of the threats are real Tone it down a bit is my big suggestion.

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    The 2 star rating basically says it all It was okay The concept is spot on most Americans who deal with extreme conditions will encounter them in their own homes Much of the advice is solid stuff assess your local dangers, store some water, keep your car maintained and stocked with supplies The overviews of common hazards hurricanes, wildfires, earthquakes are especially useful But then well, let s just say the author doesn t exactly have a nuanced view of the intersections of crime and economic inequality And a brief summary of basement safe rooms is on the level of suburban survivalist fantasy fodder than serious advice Cory s note This is what I do, so admittedly it s a bit hard for me to evaluate this book s usefulness to someone new to the subject Pretty sure the only new thing I learned is the existence of alarmed doorstoppers, which I guess are kind of cool.

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    This book contained a digestible writing style that was a great first step into the world of self reliance Richardson covers a wide array of real life dangers that the 21st century faces and offers advice in addition to solutions to address each issue I would recommend to anyone wanting to be a little prepared for unknown unsuspecting dangers.

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    Useful information on a variety of subjectsThis book is one of the best books on the subject I have read recently The author has a well thought out framework allows for easy reading Subjects are covered in great detail and easy to understand.

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