Christmas Carol

Christmas Carol Librarian Note Alternate Cover Edition Of BFCRECOne Winter Wedding, Two Happy Couples, Three Ex Boyfriends And A Very Uncomfortable WeekendCarol Hates Christmas Being Recently Dumped, She S Not Crazy About Weddings Either So Her Sister Marley S Nuptials, Over The Christmas Weekend, Are Making Her Positively Scrooge Like When She Arrives For The Weekend At The Stately Home In Rural Scotland To Find Her Three Ex Boyfriends In Attendance, Carol Has No Choice But To Face Her Ghosts To Discover What Really Happened In Those Relationships, Learning A Lot About Herself In The Process As The Snow Falls Outside And The Fire Crackles In The Hearth, Might One Of The Wedding Guests Become The Harbinger Of Christmases To Come

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❰PDF❯ ❤ Christmas Carol  Author Michele Gorman –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 106 pages
  • Christmas Carol
  • Michele Gorman
  • English
  • 13 November 2017

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    Also posted on This Chick Reads ARC provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review Michele Gorman is a well known chick lit author and yet this is the first book by her I ve read What s worse is that few months ago I bought two of her previous works, Single in the City and Bella Summer Takes a Chance and haven t read them YET No, I m not lazy or a slow reader It s just that lately I never seem to have the time for books I buy to read just for pleasure I try very hard to keep up with the books I am sent for review, not to mention having a job and being a mommy to two.But when I saw this beauty on Notting Hill Press site I knew I HAD to request an ARC The difficult thing about Christmas is that it doesn t come all at once It builds up like a festive toxin until the immune system is overwhelmed For many readers, reading a Christmas story in September can be crazy, but not for me I can read them every day of the year and enjoy them the same Now that I think of it, I may even say these holiday stories are my favorite, they always seem to get me in a good mood, make me smile and warm my heart Because Christmas is all about smiles and love, right Well, not for Carol, the biggest Scrooge in modern history She hates everything about Christmas and this year she s supposed to spend it with her family and 3 ex boyfriends UNDER THE SAME ROOF You know what, I would never ever want to be in Carol s shoes, because there would be so many unpleasant situations to avoid And to be frank, I could never imagine myself to be in her position either But anyway, back to Carol She s soon to find out why all of her relationships so far have been nothing but a disaster, and what she will discover is not gonna be pretty But life gives us lessons everyday so we better start paying attention, right I absolutely loved the beginning of the story I simply couldn t wait to find out how will Carol meet all of these guys from her past But as I was approaching the end I realized I really couldn t understand her She s indecisive and seems to like all of these guys I just wanted her to make up her mind once and for all Is it Robert she wants, Karl or Skate She seems to feel the butterflies for each of them, and that my friends I couldn t understand I loved her sarcasm and sense of humor but it was really really hard for me to connect to her.However, I loved the writing, all of the descriptions and the setting I always wanted to visit Scotland and now I just feel like I want to even Despite not connecting with the MC, I love the message this short read reveals by its end Even the biggest Scrooges do have their miracles on Christmas If you re a fan of chick lit or a sucker for Christmas stories I advise you to check it out Strongly advised to consume it with hot choc and some Christmas music on.

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    I enjoyed every word that was written on the pages of this book Highly recommended.

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    Told in the convincingly colloquial English voice of recently dumped Carol, Michel s Gorman s Christmas novella is a tale of romance, real life, honest miscommunication, perfectionism, weather and hope Loving sister Marley celebrates her wedding weekend in the snows of Scotland, among the joys of Christmas, while scrooge like Carol faces down the ghosts of boyfriends past Except those boyfriends turn out to be very much present, and Carol s rejected love for them still hurts.As Carol sees past breakups through new eyes, her cynicism cracks like ice on the pond, and she ploughs a new path toward the future Perhaps she didn t need to seem perfect to be lovable And perhaps she didn t need to seek perfection in others Perhaps it s okay to crack a smile, or shed a tear, or even just ask Why And love is bigger and wider than she d dreamed.The lesson s enjoyable and wise The voice is pleasingly authentic and pulls the reader in And the fable is nicely new, while anchored in the old A fun romantic novella, perfect for the Christmas season.Disclosure I was given a free ecopy during the author s blog tour and I offer my honest review.

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    Gonzo Hello Welcome to the Muppet Christmas Carol I am here to tell the story.Rizzo the Rat And I am here for the food.Michele Gorman delivers a modern version of Dickens classic with the heroine, Carol, playing the part of Scrooge She is dreading her sister s upcoming holiday wedding in Scottish country house where she will face off with the groom s best man and her former boyfriend Robert the Rat As the weekend progresses, and snows piles up, Carol realizes that she will also encounter two other former boyfriends and no bars on her Blackberry Yet a series of dreams help her realize that happiness isn t born from perfection I appreciated the heroine s dry humor as she navigates her unconventional family, the unexpected exes, and the abrupt arrival of emotions that she locked away as she climbed the corporate ladder The creme de la creme is Gorman s reference to British pop culture Must read for Anglophiles I received an ecopy from the publisher for an honest review.

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    If you re like me you will get that into a book it basically becomes real life, well in a sense haha I fell into Christmas Carol with a thud and basically got covered in family warmth, love and snow.I adored this book, it is extremely funny and has been written extremely well It s fast, full and well lovely The plot is really good and it has the brilliant addition of little sub plots that have you cringing with ex boyfriend embarrassment and also heartache I adored every single character in the book Honestly I did, there is a way about then that strikes you as good people, even the dicks My favourite being Carol She has one amazing sense of humour and I adored seeing her flourish throughout the book to become the person you know she actually is.I will be keeping an eye out for of Michele Gorman s work after this.Full of Christmas love, joy, weddings, family, snow and ex s Wonderful.

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    My review I love a good Christmas story and I don t mind if these stories are based on the classic Christmas stories It s fun to read and these stories always make me missing Christmas Luckily, the holiday season is not so far away, only few weeks Christmas Carol by Michele Gorman was a quirky, witty and lovable short story The main character Carol hates Christmas and weddings and she needs to be locked in a mansion with 3 ex boyfriends to set some perspective on her love life, on her understanding of Christmas I loved that the Scrooge was a female The characters were enjoyable and I did not want this story to be ending It could have been a full length Christmas novel and that is the only criticism it ended too quickly Loved it A very good holiday reading

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    This was the first book I have read by Michele Gorman I really enjoyed it What a predicament for someone to be in Carol is Chief Bridesmaid at her sister s wedding, which is set in a gorgeous house in Scotland at Christmas, but her sister forgets to tell her that she has not only invited one of Carol s ex boyfriends to the wedding but three Time for some awkward moments and revisiting of long forgotten emotions for Carol The characters were written with such warmth and humour, there were some great funny moments A great read I would definitely recommend and I will certainly look out for books by Michele Gorman This book was provided by the publisher for a review

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    A light, easy read perfect for the Christmas season.Carol, career driven, striving for perfection, and believing that emotions are best hidden, could really do without having to go to her sister s fairytale Christmas wedding But her Scrooge like view is tested when she is haunted by the appearance of three ex boyfriends, all of whom have something to say that gives Carol food for thought.Despite being Little Miss Perfection, Carol, the protagonist, is a likeable character, the story is believable, and just right as an escape from the hive of activity that is the lead up to Christmas

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    Really enjoyed it A modern version of A Christmas Carol Lovely, festive read Can t wait to read .

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    Review coming

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