Black Cats Legacy (Black Cat Mysteries Book 1)

Black Cats Legacy (Black Cat Mysteries Book 1) I really liked this book, It has all the positives of a great mystery and it has a great character I was very happy that this book helps to spread the word that not all black cats are bad I liked that Thumper guided her human and used her ancestor s memories to do so The dialog was fun to read and I think that Thumper has a lot mysteries to solve Cats are naturally moody and I love how the author brought Thumper to life The ending was good, and I can not wait to read about Thumper s next adventure The preview at the end of this book really looks good I am giving this book a 4 5 I was given a copy to review, however all opinions are my own. Thumper, The Resident Fern Lake Black Cat, Knows Where The Bodies Are Buried And It S Up To Kimberlee To Decode The Clues Kimberlee S Arrival At The Fern Lake Lodge Triggers The Black Cat S Legacy With The Aid Of His Ancestors Memories, It S Thumper S Duty To Guide Kimberlee To Clues That Can Help Solve Her Father S Cold Case Murder She Joins Forces With A Local Homicide Detective And An Author, Also Researching The Murder For His Next Thriller Novel As The Investigation Ensues, Kimberlee Learns Than She Wants To Know About Her Father The Murder Suspects Multiply, Some Dead And Some Still Very Much Alive, But Someone At The Lodge Will Stop At Nothing To Hide The Fern Lake Mysteries After her messy divorce, Kimberlee Larsen packs up her daughter, Amanda, and heads to Oregon She s taking her daughter on a trip to Safari Land and then they plan to start a new life Kimberlee will need to find a job quickly since her ex husband isn t helping with any child support It s all up to her.On their way to Oregon, their car breaks down in Fern Lake They check in to a motel that happens to be near Kimberlee s childhood home They decide to spend a few days where they meet up with the resident Black Cat Amanda quickly renames him Thumper and the Fern Lake Black Cat Legacy begins.Meanwhile, author Brett Clarke has also checked into Fern Lake s motel He is investigating a cold case the murder of Mark Lassiter Lassiter was Kimberlee s father and she has no idea he had been murdered A huge part of her childhood seems to be missing from her memory.The mention of the murder begins to trigger hidden memories in both Kimberlee and Thumper Thumper possesses his ancestor s memories and helps to guide the investigation along Kimberlee is plagued with headaches that may be connected to the murder.As the investigation progresses, and lives are in danger Not to mention that Kimberlee and Brett are drawn closer and closer This book takes tons of twists and turns Just when I thought I figured it all out, something changes to make me re think my guess I did have a suspicion of how things would turn out and, for the most part, I was correct I just didn t have all the details worked out correctly It truly was fun to play investigator with Kimberlee and Brett.I loved the setting an old childhood home, a motel run by scary people LOL, and a seemingly peaceful lake A great place to vacation without the murder, of course Then, there s the handsome black cat, Thumper He is able to see past events through his ancestor s eyes A very unique idea Thumper is as much a part of the story, maybe even , than the human characters Of course I can never have enough cats in my stories so Thumper please I truly couldn t put this book down I had to know what would happen next Even when I wasn t reading, I was trying to solve the case That s the sign of a good mystery I already have the next book in the series on my Kindle. At Fern Lake Motel there is a black and white cat referred as the Black Cat He has been there for a long time.Kimberlee and her daughter Amanda are headed to Oregon when they had car trouble and stay a the motel Among the guest is Brett Clarke who is looking at unsolved 25 year old murder Kimberlee s memories began to surface as she lived in the town as a child Her father was the victim of the murder Amanda calls the cat Thumper and she becomes attached to the Black Cat Thumper is able to access hs ancestors memories as the events unfold The twists and turns the story will hold your attention Beside the cold case, a kidnapping, spies, suicide, a derelict house and romance This tale will appeal to mysteries and romance lovers. DifferentNice mystery but a lot of information thrown into the story I like how the cat was a main part of the cast of characters A young woman, Kimberlee, and her four year old daughter are on their way to start a new life in Oregon after Kimberlee s divorce, when her vehicle breaks down and she stops in a small town to get the car fixed Unbeknownst to her, it s the same small town where she grew up and her father was murdered She joins forces with a true crime writer, the local homicide detective, and a black and white cat to solve the mystery of her father s death.I had a hard time with this book Interesting plot, especially with the cat who had a vivid imagination and helped to solve the crime He reminded me of the animals from Rita Mae Brown s Sneaky Pie series The characters veered towards cardboard for me, though, and I think this was actually a Christian romance dressed up in mystery clothing not my particular cup of tea I don t like religion in my books unless it s germane to the plot Also, the author had a weird quirk of making words possessive that did not need to be I stopped counting after the seventh time, but it still took me out of the book Another minus in one of the critical moments, the author had several police officers leap ing from the vehicle I had a sudden image of clowns spilling from a tiny car I think if a bunch of officers were converging on the scene, they would come in than one vehicle But there I was, on the treadmill at the gym, and didn t want to stop to select another book, so I kept reading Kimberlee was a tolerable protagonist, the crime writer was annoyingly smarmy, and the actual murderer from central casting, but that cat was fun, and all the loose ends were tied up nicely at the conclusion If I read in this series, it will be because I want to find out what happens with the cat. EnjoyableA cat whose memories include several generations of his ancestors They tell him tales of their lives Also, some of the characters are old enough to remember to remember the good, bad, and the ugly Unusual cozy mystery. Princess Fuzzypants here Thumper AKA Black Cat is a great character He comes from a long line of black cats who are obliged to protect their humans, sometimes from themselves He is able to zone in on his ancestors and they give him a huge job He must help a woman, KImberlee, and her daughter find their way Kimberlee doesn t realize how much fate has predestined her to drive into a sleepy little town when she has tire trouble on the highway She was born here and lived her first few years.She and her mother moved away after the murder of her father and it is only after coming back that she has any recollection of her life here All the things she took for granted are demolished as she helps a journalist who is researching the events enters her life and changes everything.Secrets that have remained hidden for 25 years begin to resurface and each revelation reverberates through the the lives of those involved.Nothing and no one is as they seem.It is a sad and somewhat sordid story with which Thumper must help them come to terms He does his job well And he knows when to leave well enough alone He is a lovely kitty, wise and true Ms Faber obviously has spent time with us felines as she writes our inner thoughts with great insight There is something a bit magical about him while he remains a normal cat I love his interaction with the littlest human, Amanda, Kimberlee s daughter.I am looking forward to reading the next book and the one coming out soon It will be interesting to see where these next editions take the characters My paws are crossed that there is a lot of Thumper in them.I give this five purrs and two paws up. Kimberlee and her daughter are set for Oregon, leaving behind a failed marriage and too many secrets A problem with a tire causes them to exit at Fern Lake in hopes of finding a mechanic Only when she is checking into the cabin at Fern Lake does Kimberlee remember that she lived in the house next door deserted but not sold since she and her mother left after her father died Jack takes one look at little Amanda and sees Kimberlee when she was 3 years old when they left Fern Lake so long ago On a different mission, Brett arrives in Fern Lake to see if he can solve the cold case murder of so many years ago for his next true crime book He doesn t count on the many secrets that will be unveiled as he asks questions of the people who still live there, as well as of Kimberlee He doesn t count on falling for Kimberlee Thumper Black Cat watches it all unfold, knowing from the memories of his ancestors that this is a legacy that must be told With its twists and turns, this was a great by the pool read Looking forward to Black Cat Mysteries. This is a cute breakout novel by a sweet friend of mine I m giving it three stars, but would have given it four except that I m an old fuddy duddy I don t like swearing, and this one has some sprinkled here and there This one would be classified as edgy Christian fiction It almost seemed like fate, that emergency side trip into Fern Lake Kimberlee stops there only because her little girl, Amber, has declared, as four year olds do when you are miles from the nearest rest stop, that she needs to use the bathroom And then, there is that ominous clunk clunk coming from the car No choice Kimberlee had to stop What is there about the name of this village that twitches the edge of her memory When she gets there, she finds out Fern Lake is where her father died when she was three or four There has always been a mystery surrounding that death It might take Kimberlee s nightmares, a curious cat with interesting memories, and the prying of a mystery writer to solve this puzzling old crime.

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