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The 5th Wave En El Amanecer De La Quinta Ola, Cassie Est Huyendo Por Un Tramo Desolado De Autov A Huye De Esos Seres Que Aunque Parezcan Humanos, Deambulan Por El Campo Matando A Cualquiera Dispersando A Los Ltimos Supervivientes En La Tierra, Aislando A Los Resistentes, Intentando Vencer, As , Los Ltimos Vestigios De La Humanidad

aka Richard YanceyRick is a native Floridian and a graduate of Roosevelt University in Chicago He earned a B.A in English which he put to use as a field officer for the Internal Revenue Service Inspired and encouraged by his wife, he decided his degree might also be useful in writing books and in 2004 he began writing full time.Since then he has launched two critically acclaimed series The Ext

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    bastardized sci fi for the Twilight crowd Well this is awkward Everything about The 5th Wave an award winning male young adult author, a high octane alien invasion plot, the comparisons to Ender s Game and The Passage made it seem like it d exactly my kind of book But now that I ve finished, I m just so pissed with the whole thing I have nothing nice to say and really just want to punch something, and in fact, I dislike The 5th Wave so much I ve somehow written not one but three angry rants yeah, be warned, this is going to be brutal ly honest.Rant Number 1 The Alien Invasion is Beyond DisappointingThe 5th Wave is not Ender s Game The 5th Wave is not The Passage The 5th Wave shouldn t even qualify as science fiction unless it s being mentioned in the same breath as Jennifer Armentrout s Lux series even Stephenie Meyer s The Host is too good for this comparison Why Because there s just nothing here but a collection of alien invasion tropes leading to an actual plot that s all over the place, part cringe worthy young adult romance which I never would have expected outside of the usual suspects but that s the topic of the next rant , part bizarre military training sequence hence the unfounded comparisons to Ender s Game see rant number three , all leading to a nonsensical alien conspiracy by a group of Others , who, if they d really been studying us and planning our demise for as long as they claim, rather than the harebrained scheme they ve concocted to break humanity, should ve just taken their cues from this awesome game In fact, I ve seen my share of memorable alien invasion plots Independence Day Animorphs V Between Falling Skies, War of the Worlds, and Invasion America, Steven Spielberg has even done it three times So at this point, count me unsurprised by the basic premise of The 5th Wave, but even so I still wasn t prepared for how derivative this book actually is cough infestation with obvious red herring cough.But don t get me wrong, I m not exactly looking for new and original I just wanted something that, I don t know, isn t a clichefest Any serious, well done treatment would have sufficed and yet, I m wracking my head trying to think of anything else remotely this bad and I just can t There just isn t anything interesting about The 5th Wave that made me want to invest in the story it s great that Rick Yancey seems to have latched on to Stephen Hawking s idea that if aliens ever visited, we d all be like the Native Americans during the colonial era, but the Waves themselves are just so generic compared to every other imagined alien attack that Cassie Sullivan s descriptions of the Other s invasion come across like the melodramatic whining of someone too clueless and naive to appreciate the power of an alien invasion than the gritty recollections of a hardened survivor who s experienced the horrors of the attacks firsthand Besides, there are only so many ways of describing how to squash a bug Orbital bombardment Biological warfare A Fifth Column Not only is The 5th Wave unoriginal, but it s excessive I got it, humanity s beaten, there s really no need for all of Cassie s theatrics Sure, she can pretend to be such a big expert on alien invasions, tell me how unprepared we are, how many people the Others have killed, but she s so keen on sounding like the big expert she thinks she is she ends up being just so repetitive and ridiculously genre unsavvy They can kill us Yeah I know I ve seen them blow up the White House Seriously, mope around too much bitching about it like she does, and it becomes a case of been there, done that, got boring, seriously stop telling me how terrible it is when I can imagine hundreds of worse scenarios Face huggers anyone Anyway, Earth being invaded by hostile, advanced aliens isn t new by any stretch of the imagination But not only is The 5th Wave completely derivative of the many, many alien invasion plots of years past, it just has a terrible protagonist in Cassie Sullivan who forcefully shoves the same old regurgitated crap down my throat in the most inane way possible Ugh.Rant Number 2 The Romance is Beyond Terrible That s my big problem That s it Before the Arrival, guys like Evan Walker never looked twice at me, much less shot wild game for me and washed my hair They never grabbed me by the back of the neck like the airbrushed model on his mother s paperback, abs a clenching, pecs a popping My eyes have never been looked deeply into, or my chin raised to bring my lips within an inch of theirs That, if you couldn t tell, is an actual quote from the book In fact, I don t think I ve ever read anything as romantically challenged as The 5th Wave, and this is including Twilight here did I just compare Twilight favorably to another book Basically, I really really REALLY didn t like Cassie Sullivan as a character again, and for completely different reasons than from rant number one For one, I d be seriously concerned for any girl who responds to an impending alien invasion like this It s the end of the world OMG Ben Parish is hot WTF And as if that wasn t enough, Ben Parish isn t even the love interest The real love interest is a poor guy named Evan Walker, who may or may not be one of them Who, I m not kidding, tries to kill Cassie before growing a conscience and falling in love with her And Cassie, of course, is the girl who s never been in a relationship before, so she immediately loses all sense of self preservation and melts into his warm brown eyes and dimple What is this The Host Did Stephenie Meyer write this And if that wasn t bad enough, even if I weren t inwardly cringing every time Cassie and Evan appear together, Rick Yancey really should be banned from writing female points of view This, again, is an actual Cassie quote Time for the angrily storming out of the room part of the argument, while the guy folds his arms over his manly chest and pouts.WTF Should I believe what I think Yancey s saying about what girls think of guys In fact, I would be laughing at how bad Cassie s point of view is if I weren t still smarting over the insipid alien invasion plot that made me want to fling my copy of the book across the room not that I can, don t want to pay for repairs to the drywall Double ugh.Rant Number 3 The Comparisons to the Sci fi Classics are Completely UnfoundedThe days when alien invasion plots could stand solely on the invasion ended right around the time of H.G Well s War of the Worlds Somebody, unfortunately, didn t get the memo Since then, alien invasions have been pushing the boundaries of speculative fiction by exploring the paranoia surrounding sleeper agents Invasion of the Body Snatchers , adult authority and its limits Ender s Game , and discovering the truth in the face of a complex government cover up The X Files , but although The 5th Wave borrows elements from all of these other alien invasion plots, I can t for the life of me point to one alien invasion theme that this book does well Evan being a human alien hybrid struggling to reconcile his alien soul with his humanity Shallow even in comparison to The Host The conspiracy surrounding the Other s infiltration of the US military So transparent I wouldn t even call it a conspiracy Ben s military training to take out the infested Is that a joke They even killed an expendable character named Kenny Cassie s struggle to survive the Waves, eventually learning to become a tougher person Ok, that one s done well, I ll admit, until she runs into Evan and becomes a quivering mess of a character Then, yuck Look, I m not against borrowing plot elements from other sources But when those elements mean something, when there s a theme behind them, I don t want to see a shallow treatment that does neither the source nor the adaptation any favors And for The 5th Wave, that s unfortunately the case Triple ugh.Basically, The 5th Wave is, in every way, an embarrassment to science fiction Rick Yancey tried to work too many different concepts into this book, jumping all over the place, that the end result is not one of them is done well I m muy disappointed.

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    If aliens ever visit us, I think the outcome would be much as when Christopher Columbus first landed in America, which didn t turn out very well for the Native Americans Stephen HawkingSometimes, I am lucky enough to get my hands on an ARC of a book and go into it with as close to no expectations as possible I haven t read any reviews before, so the first experience is entirely my own, as I find it And sometimes I love these books Sometimes I give them 4 or 5 star reviews, rated purely based on the emotional high I experienced I am an emotional reader and an emotional rater afterall Sometimes these books get read by a few people and disappear, and sometimes they take off and become huge, gaining ever praise and criticism It is this latter experience that always has a strange effect on me.Because, when I read The 5th Wave, I enjoyed it immensely Enough, even, to write a song, with my sister, inspired by it I thought it was atmospheric and perfectly creepy I could sense the distrust and fear in the air But later, after time had passed and the immediate emotional effect had waned, I was reading the negative reviews and felt somewhat embarrassed by my part in the hype.Was it really that good To deserve all this hype Is any book ever that good Should I have been critical Should I be embarrassed by my gushy, bright eyed emotional response I feel this way about so many books that I rave about early and that become huge later An Ember in the Ashes is another good example People say they don t understand the hype, that The 5th Wave doesn t even deserve to be classed as science fiction, that it is literally the worst book I have ever read And I find myself, post emotional response, agreeing to many things said.Is The 5th Wave really that original I guess not Is it so mind blowing that it deserved all that gushy praise I gave it Maybe it wasn t Look at it for what it is and can you honestly say it s that good Probably not.And yet, I read it again, knowing what I did not know the first time around I read it and I once again felt that atmosphere of loneliness, sadness and distrust It s not a logical thing and it might not make sense to a lot of people, but it pulls me so entirely inside this book.Maybe emotional responses don t hold up under a critical eye Maybe this book doesn t objectively deserve the praise I heap upon it All I know is that for a little while, this book took me completely out of this world and affected me enough that I wanted to gush and praise and write a song.I won t offer promises of originality or great science fiction I ll just stand as an example of someone who read this book in 2013 and again now and, for whatever reason, loved it.Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube Pinterest

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    Attention Mister Rick Yancey,I have kidnapped your review Your review is not harmed and shall be released as soon as you meet my demands.In exchange for giving you back your review, which I am prepared to do, you will first need to provide for me 1 copy of The 5th Wave 2 undamaged, complete, unmarked except for your signature or a stylized message to me.This copy of The 5th Wave 2 must also contain certain characters unharmed and ready for me to snuggle them in my imagination.Characters include Cassie Because she s badassZombie Because he s adorable.Nugget Don t ever even think about hurting him.Ringer She is my hero.The Silencer I won t mention its real name here so as not to spoil This character is essential Failure to provide this character will result in immediate disposal of your review I m not even kidding.Please leave my requested item in my PO Box Do not call the police they can t help you for I am no longer human at this point but a starved, ghost like creature dependent on my next hit of The 5th Wave lest I waste away If I see that you have called the police or the next best thing, your publisher then you will leave me with no choice but to kill the review.I m sorry it had to come to this, Mister Yancey I had hoped that we could come to some kind of reasonable arrangement But you had to go and write a wonderful book and the next one is not due for publication until August 2014 August 2014 Now do you see how you have pushed me into a corner here I m an everyday hero, doing what I must to survive.Once my demands are met, I will upload the review as promised Think about this, Yancey Nobody needs to get hurt here We can all win.Sincerely,Kat Kennedy An ARC was supplied to me by the publisher for the purpose of greater understanding American line dancing Alas, all I used it for were review purposes that I was in no way paid for Bummer. This review can also be found on my blog, Cuddlebuggery Book Blog.FYI, Yancey has responded to my demands I m afraid this is war, Mister Yancey We will do what we have the heart to do, in order to get this book You ve been warned.

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    The first 4 waves were okay but the 5th wave MIND BLOWING.I seriously didn t expect it at all.And the ending was perfect.Actually one of the best book endings of all time.

    You can find the full review and about this book on my blog

    I can t describe how much I enjoyed this book.One of the best alien books I have ever read.This is probably going to be on my top ten favorite books on 2014.The style of writing , the characters everything was beyond perfect.I read the book in about 3 days and it was a great read.

    What I really liked about this book was the style of writing.It was unique and very well planned.I must say I was lost on some parts because the book is written is a lot of points of views.There were some moments that I didn t know who was narrating but I got used to it after I learned about the characters.

    The story is what kept me reading this book and .It never gets boring.Believe me I was thrilled and excited in every single paragraph.It s so well written.

    The story

    The book is about a girl called Cassie who survived 4 waves of aliens.The first wave shut down the electricity and killed about half million people.The second wave The red Tsunami killed and .The third one killed 97% of humans and the 4th wave whipped the trust out of people.Now Cassie is alone in a journey to save her little brother.In her adventure she meets a boy called Evan who mixes her thoughts and now she has to decide if she can trust him or not.If she breaks or not the first rule of surviving TO SURVIVE YOU HAVE TO STAND ALONE

    The characters Cassie

    Cassie is one of those characters you can t help but like.She is determinated to do what she thinks is right.She is also selfless.Not for a second she thinks about her safety.She is also caring and good at heart.What I really liked about her was her kickass mood.She is trained in karate and she doesn t hesitate to show her skills.


    I must admit the bro got moves.Seriously he is like a lady master and I want him to give me lesson on that area.He is also calm all the time and I don t remember a single panic word slip from him.


    Ben is one of those characters we are used to.He is a much of a soldier.Smart,tactics,strong,and the most important he keeps promises that he makes.

    Me while reading the book favorite sentences But if I m it, the last of my kind, the last page of human history, like hell I m going to let the story end this way I may be the last one, but I am the one still standing I am the one turning to face the faceless hunter in the woods on an abandoned highway I am the one not running but facing Because if I am the last one, then I am humanity And if this is humanity s last war, then I am the battlefield I had it all wrong, he says Before I found you, I thought the only way to hold on was to find something to live for It isn t To hold on, you have to find something you re willing to die for Sarcasm doesn t appear to work on him If that s true, I m in trouble It s my normal mode of communication I am a shark, Cassie, he says slowly, drawing the words out, as if he might be speaking to me for the last time Looking into my eyes with tears in his, as if he s seeing me for the last time A shark who dreamed he was a man What were they thinking It s an alien apocalypse Quick, grab the beer I took one look at it and demanded that he name three things he isn t good at Roller skating, singing, and talking to girls You left out stalking, I told him as he helped me out of the bed I can always tell when you re lurking around corners You only asked for three Is this how humanity waves good bye Hell no

    I highly recommend this book to those who like aliens paranormal stuff.It s a great fun read.I want to thank the author for this incredible book.One of my all time favorites.

    Pictures from the review are not mine, I took them mostly from Google images or Tumblr

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    If you could buy just one book this year, this one should be at the top of your list I m just going to say it this book could very well be the next The Hunger Games I ve never seen a book likely to be a crowd pleaser, nor one with potential to sweep away a legion of fans This book was so crazily addictive that I read it in literally half a day, and several months afterwards I am still jazzed over its edge of your seat action.What makes this story awesome, and what elevates it above many other action oriented novels, is really the writing taut plotting, a strong narrative voice, snarky humor, and a masterful feeling of grim tension that can only be relieved if you turn the pages fast enough The full text of this review appears in The Midnight Garden An advance copy was provided by the publisher.

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    i am not the kind of person who gets off on hating the things everyone loves i don t really see the value in reading books just to be snarky and contrary and ohhhh, the plebs are eating this up, but iiii am the internet s arbiter of taste and i only read underappreciated, obscure books and thumb my nose at what is popular i do both i have read Twilight, i have read Fifty Shades of Grey i like to know what all the hype is about as much as i like to read bunches of underknown stuff and both those books were fine, for what they were i don t see the five star hype, but i also don t see the one star backlash they are not terribly well written, but they fulfill what they set out to, this isn t me trying to be a wet blanket on what seems to be universal glee i just 100% do not understand why everyone is raving and i wish i did.the book is fine it, too, does what it sets out to do i am not really interested in aliens, but i am grateful that this book takes the tired old YA aftermath premise and gives it a new kick by adding aliens i appreciate the novelty, because most of the books i have read that are similar portray human ruined worlds, and this one changes that game nicely i like that the heroine hates birds they have a role in the destruction of the world they are used as a tool by the aliens to help spread the disease that constitutes the third wave in alien domination, and there is the added detail of the owls that watch over the sleeping forms of people in the pre invasion days it s creepy, and feeds my quite sensible birds are dinosaurs and now they want to make us extinct concern there are some great psychological dimensions in this who can we trust when the enemy looks just like us is the only way to stay alive to stay alone yancey introduces this nicely, and does a good job carrying and developing this theme throughout the book and that s about all i can praise the love story elements were particularly baffling again, this might be my own personal blind spot i never really pay much attention to these portions of books, especially in YA novels they rarely strike me as interesting or realistic i usually just write them off as something that YA books seem to be contractually obligated to include, because it is expected of them you need a love triangle, because you need something to set off the tension in the other parts of the story i usually kind of gloss them as i am reading, with the exceptions of Graceling, On the Jellicoe Road, and pretty much anything Laini Taylor has written those examples, i feel, successfully incorporated the romance angle into the larger work but usually, they just seem like perfect people wish fulfillment, and are either too melodramatic and silly or too contrived.this one was something else this one was a little creepy, and i don t understand why it warms the hearts of others evan is a weird stalker type, hovering behind closed doors while cassie is sleeping, reading her diary, undressing her while she is unconscious, washing her hair like that dude in that x files episode and obviously he has his reasons, but the fact that she keeps catching him in his various lies and is conflicted between not trusting him but still needing him, and genuinely having feelings for him, for me, creates the wrong kind of tension and doesn t ring true, not from someone who supposedly already has trust issues and has killed men for less i do understand the any port in a storm mentality, so i am willing to give this a pass, but since it makes up so much of the story, it kind of casts its shadow wide over my appreciation for the book.moving onto secrets, twists and turns again, genuine bafflement that people are praising these in the book, which practically broadcasts its surprises every single time in a book that frequently mentions chess, you would think it would mask its moves a little better 1 consider POV, just for one second, and the view spoiler evan surprise is completely defused after his first chapter with cassie hide spoiler

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    one of the best books ive had the honor to read A MUST READ

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    Warning This rant will contain lots of swearing, and massive anger This is a rant, so I m sorry if there s weird grammar or bad writing I m really not caring that much at this point So, please, bear with me.And please know that by no means do I intend to offend anyone, including the author. DNF Sammy s POV I HATED THIS BOOK Best thing to describe it Boring as fuck.This book was my most anticipated book of the year I was expecting so much after all the hype But guess what This turned out to be the WORST BOOK EVER Even worse than Ever Huh What an irony This is such a massive disappointment Seriously, I ve never hated a book so much.Out of everything I ve read which is like half of the book , the only part I liked was the prologue, which is sad, cause it s only 1 page long on my ebook After that, it all went downhill.The characters I did NOT care about any of the characters Cassie s basically this really annoying girl who talks and thinks weird I think Yancey tried too hard to make her seem like a tough girl But in truth, she has no depth at all Sammy, her brother is just a 5 year old kid who, really, knows nothing about the world So I really don t get the point of writing from his POV Evan, the love interest, is also a character with no depth, but a lot worse than Cassie Basically he s just your average nice guy with no personality AT ALL He has no emotion Nothing It s like he s some kind of robot view spoiler I know he s an alien But aliens do have feelings, I guess Read the Silencer chapter It s him in alien form If I m not mistaken hide spoiler

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    I have successfully survived all 5 waves.The 1st Wave Confusion Not as good as I thought The 2nd Wave Hope Maybe it gets better The 3rd Wave Boredom zzzzz The 4th Wave Disappointment This is not getting any better The 5th Wave Annoyance Just end already Then why am I even giving it 2 stars Because my hatred for this book does not translate into this being a bad book Some of the best reviewers on GR have loved The Fifth Wave and I totally respect their opinions I guess this was simply not for me.I ll start with the thing that annoyed me the most The WritingThis is probably a me thing, but I found the writing extremely irritating Not necessarily terrible, justirritating There were 2 aspects that especially got on my nerves 1 Unnecessary details This could be it, Lizbeth whispered She rubbed her nose nervously Dug her lacquered nails into her dyed blond hair Tapped her foot Rolled the pad of her finger over her eyelid She had just started wearing contacts and they bugged her constantly Seriously Pray tell me, WHY are we talking about lacquered nails and contacts when there are bigger things to talk about like aliens And you know, this Lizbeth girl, she s not even there in the book Her collective appearance spans 3 measly pages so I don t know what purpose that paragraph serves 2 Unnecessary Repetition I hate it when writers keep repeating words in a sentence, or clauses in a paragraph It may work in poetry but otherwise, it s just plain annoying So of course he did the most reasonable thing He was a responsible adult, and that s what responsible adults do The reasonable thing The stars above, bright and cold, and the dark road below, and the humming of the wheels on the dark road beneath the cold stars There are the stars, the pinpricks of light stabbing down There is the empty road beneath the light stabbing down and the girl on the road with the smudged face and twigs and dead leaves entangled in her short, curly hair, clutching a battered old teddy bear, on the empty road, beneath the stars stabbing down Now the love story it was a massive fail Stupid Cassie falls for Creepy Evan and then things quickly turn into a retelling of The Host I didn t find anything remotely romantic about the whole Evan thing view spoiler Okay, so he saved your life and nursed you back to health But he also bathed you when you were passed out How does that not creep you out, Cassie HOW hide spoiler

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    SO GOOD Loved the writing style, loved the lead characters, full of twists, and wonderfully paced Here s my full blown review discussion

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