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Universumi sisällämme I had this book on my pile to read for a while now, but didn t happen until I found a used copy of the audiobook and was able to listen to that while I worked This was a good, but obviously compact, look on how life started and evolved on Earth, using astronomy, geology, physics, chemistry and paleontology to tell the story The best part is while telling the parts of the story, some of the people and scientists mentioned aren t the usual ones that always brought up in popular science books so even if you have read other science books about the general ideas on how the Earth was created or how life began, you will still learn plenty of new things from this book. This book reminded me of A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson Except, it isn t as well written, or as comprehensive Shubin introduces the formation of the planets and our moon He talks about circadian rhythms He talks about oxygen and how it allows for big bodies and mammals, etc He tries to be Carl Sagan, with pontification on how stars go supernova and make the chemical elements that find their way into out bodies That s about it I guess that s the origin of the title He never says This book sort of felt like a waste of my time It wasn t awfully written, but it wasn t that good, either. I have a bit of a nerd crush on Shubin, having now read both of his books this year What I like about his writing, is that it is as smart and informative as it is accessible I don t know about your average Joe, but I do not have a degree in evolutionary biology, astronomy, or tectonics, so it was sure nice to find an author who can really explain the tricky details I ve read explanations of Carbon 14 dating of fossils in both this book and Nick Lane s Oxygen, and I only really got Shubin Lane went right over my head, like a supersonic jet Compared to Your Inner Fish, the author s first book, The Universe Within has a broader scope Sometimes Shubin steps aside to weave in relevant stories of great scientists, and it takes a page or two to connect the dots, but the desirable a ha moment never seems to miss the reader The first few chapters that deal with formation of our planet and life in general, as well as chapter nine that talked about human evolution were of the most interest to me There are a few theories and topics that I would love to expand my knowledge on a little further the great conveyor belt of the bedrock, life in pre historic Antarctic, a single male ancestor of all Native American people, and the mysterious civilization of Natufians Thankfully, the book also contains a fascinating and very extensive section with notes and further reading suggestions, with the help of which I have already added several other scientific works to my shelves I cannot wait to see what else Mr Shubin publishes. I like sense of wonder science, like Carl Sagan s assertions that we are starstuff This sounds as if it s going to be in that vein, and in a way it is certainly it brings home that it s only possible for us to have iron in our blood because of ancient fusion in the hearts of stars but on a banal level, it s the perfect way of revising what you ve learnt in the Open University s introduction to science module, S104 If you can follow and understand everything here, you re okay on at least the first and second book of that course.It s fairly simply written, not going too much into depth about the technical details, but providing a survey of some important scientific discoveries Though the title The Universe Within may imply that it s about our own bodies, it actually goes into a lot of Earth science, touching on continental drift, global warming, even the formation of planets and the existence of water in the solar system.It s an easy enough read, and not a bad way to check your understanding.Originally posted here. Not perfect, but pretty darn good Rounded up to a full 5 stars because it was so full of memorable tidbits Shubin may be a paleontologist, but you ll learn about astronomy, physics, microbiology, social sciences And so many things in between Accessible science writing that offers a solid starting point to many additional disciplines. Very solid 4 out of 5 Fascinating content, well written, personal and easily digested Popular science at its best Ours is a species that can extend its biological inheritance to see vast reaches of space, know 13.7 billion years of history, and explore our deep connections to planets, galaxies, and ohter living things There is something almost magical to the notion that our bodies, minds, and ideas have roots in the crust of Earth, water of the oceans, and atoms in celestial bodies The stars in the sky and the fossils in the ground are enduring beacons that signal, though the pace of human change is ever accelerating, we are but a recent link in a network of connections as old as the heavens Page 190 The above paragraph sums up what the themes that this book explores One of the chapters deals with continental drift I ve read the story many times before but I still find it highly amusing and a bit distressing that what any child given a map of the world can see was considered a heretical idea as little as 50 years ago The importance of continental drift It created an enormous amount of new coast line, susceptible to erosion and dumping sediments into the sea, thus burying the mud consisting of rotting single celled organisms This covering of this mud led to an increase in oxygen levels, enabling the evolution of warm blooded mammals page 117 118.All in all, this book is immensely readable and highly recommended for anyone curious about the history of our world and its creatures. I love readable scientific books that are written in an entertaining style and at a level that someone with a non science college degree can understand This book really filled that bill for me It starts with the big bang and traces developments since then that led to human beings how solar systems formed, how the earth s atmosphere came to contain so much oxygen, and so on I am a person of faith and it disappoints and perplexes me that so many other people of faith are anti science To me, it is all the awe inspiring to understand that I am fearfully and wonderfully made of atoms that formed in the big bang over 13 billion years ago Science is about what and how it will never explain why Why is the province of faith But to humbly seek to understand what and how is just another form of worship in my opinion. I did not want this book to end From beginning to the end every part was fascinating. I ve had Your Inner Fish on my to read shelf for a while now, but I thought I d give Neil s new one a try first What a little condensed power house it was.As a fellow scientist I m well versed in the theories presented here but teh book offered much Firstly, it ties together multidisciplinary sciences in a neat little dialogue One moment you re reading about biology, the next geology, but it all ties together Science as a spectrum is well demonstrated here.Secondly, the history of these discoveries was told with great detail Shubin discusses the political and scientific climate of the time of the discoveries giving great detail and insight into the nature of scientific research.This book is recommended for fellow scientist and science enthusiasts I d question whether a layman may find it too dense in comparison to other popular science books such as Bryson s A Short History of Nearly Everything Great read Neil Shubin Kertoo Kirjassaan, Miten Maailmankaikkeuden Koko Miljardin Vuoden Historia Ilmenee Kehossamme H N Aloittaa Kertomuksensa Fossiileista, K Nt Katseensa Taivaalle Ja K Y L Pi Ominaisuutemme Kemiallisesta Koostumuksesta N K Kykyymme Maailmankaikkeus On Vaikuttanut Monin Tavoin Siihen, Millaiseksi Kehomme On MuodostunutShubin Koostaa Asiantuntevan Synteesin Uusimmasta T Htitieteen, Geologian, Paleontologian Ja Genetiikan Tutkimustiedosta Teksti On Mukaansatempaavaa Ja Helppolukuista Ja Kirjaa El V Itt V T Kertomukset Shubinin Omista Fossiilinmets StysseikkailuistaNeil Shubin On Paleontologi Ja Toimii Chicagon Yliopiston Professorina Tutkijana Shubin On Tullut Kuuluisaksi Tiktaalik Fossiilin L Yt J N Tiktaalik Oli Noin Miljoonaa Vuotta Sitten El Nyt Laji, Jolla Oli Sek Kalan, Matelijan Ett Nis Kk N Piirteit L Yt Valaisee Prosessia, Jossa Kaloista Kehittyi K Velevi El Imi

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Universumi sisällämme book, this is one of the most wanted Neil Shubin author readers around the world.

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