All About You (Love & Hate, #1)

All About You (Love & Hate, #1) New Adult Romance, Full Length Novel , Words I Start Hating Oliver Just After His Older Brother Christian S Death I Drag Him Down A Road Of Humiliation And Pain To Try To Cope With What His Brother Did To MeA Few Months After Christian S Passing, Oliver Leaves Town, And For The Next Two Years, He Is Absent From My Life The Demons Claw Their Way Back In, And I Must Learn To Live With The Secret That Has Destroyed MeNow I M Starting A New Life, Away From Gargle And Away From My Past, But Everything Crashes When I See Oliver The First Day At University It S Clear That Many Things Have Changed Since We Ve Been Apart Now He Is Captain Of The Rugby Team And The Most Popular Bloke On CampusThen He Makes A Bet And Gives Me An Ultimatum I Leave Braxton Forever And Start Somewhere Else, Or I Stay And Play His Game Because He S Never Forgotten That It Was Me Who Ruined His Life Two Years Ago Less

Joanna Mazurkiewicz was born in Poland She moved to United Kingdom when she was only nineteen and just finished high school She had aspired to be a writer upon completion of the Harry Potter series but also enjoyed reading books like Gone with the Wind , Animal Farm and The doll She graduated from Swansea University with a bachelor degree in American Studies While studying in the UK she m

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  • All About You (Love & Hate, #1)
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    FREE on US today 2 27 2016 Ooooh this might be right up my alley.Book 1 of 2 Duet complete.BLURB I start hating Oliver just after his older brother Christian s death I drag him down a road of humiliation and pain to try to cope with what his brother did to me A few months after Christian s passing, Oliver leaves town, and for the next two years, he is absent from my life The demons claw their way back in, and I must learn to live with the secret that has destroyed me Now I m starting a new life, away from Gargle and away from my past, but everything crashes when I see Oliver the first day at university It s clear that many things have changed since we ve been apart Now he is captain of the rugby team and the most popular bloke on campus Then he makes a bet and gives me an ultimatum I leave Braxton forever and start somewhere else, or I stay and play his game because he s never forgotten that it was me who ruined his life two years ago.http www. All About You L FREEBIES are often good for MORE than one day, I have gathered all my FREEBIES on a special shelf Kindle freebies currently over 500 books

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    I knew it, I knew it, I knew it I am so mad that I don t even want to know what happens in the second book

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    I have no clue how this book is getting four and five stars No clue This woman can not write for shit and there was so many mistakes, I was a little embarrassed for the author It felt like a seven year old had wrote it No wait, that feels like an insult to my seven year old daughter, she could probably write better than that.Normally I would feel bad while writing a bad review but not with this one I feel like the author must have been paying people for ratings or she has fifty goodread accounts and is doing it herself There s no way all the dyslectic people in the world decided to read this book It s was rushed and to be honest, I m pissed off at the fact I was sure this book was going to be good The blurb sounded awesome turned out to be yet another shower of shit

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    I loved the twists and turns and the characters and just sigh This book but holy fuck is their a cliffhanger I thought it was coming, then thought nah. then yeah. then nah then Joanna did it and it finished GAH luckily the next is out now

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    3.5 stars I hate parts, serials, episodes, installments or whatever you prefer to call them It s hard enough waiting for the next book in a trilogy or series, but at least those are WHOLE novels to get you through the year With that said, I still couldn t wait to read this because of the tantalizing synopsis knowing I would most likely be displeased due to the page length of this Part I book I was right It didn t get anyways Left you hanging to wait for the next part not knowing if there is going to be a next part even though the author may say so or guarantee life happens Shit happens It s happened before to other serials out there where an author says every 2 weeks and then Nada So I m stuck hanging on an unfinished story Major pet peeve BUT all in all it was a very interesting start that just made me squirm in my seat just wondering what was going to happen next, when everything will come out to play, etc But again Impatient little me has wait for it _ who knows how long I will have to wait for just one whole freaking story.

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    I adore love to hate stories and I love an anti hero villainous character as love interest So when I learned I could get the first ebook on for free, I downloaded it immediately This story started out with so much potential And I was very intrigued for the first couple chapters However, as I continued to read, I began to realize that this book was just not for me India Gretal moves away from her little suburban town in England to start at her university On the first day, she runs into Oliver a boy she was in love with until she decided to make his life miserable Well now Oliver is hotter than the sun big man on campus He makes it his mission to exact revenge on India for making his life a living hell after his brother Christian died a brother that India was dating up until the time of his death Sounds good, right It might have been if it hadn t been for a ton of flaws in the story For one, India was so damn annoying She falls for prank after prank after prank, hoping that Oliver will eventually lose interest in torturing her She can t blame him for being angry with her for all she did to him She s going to show him how sorry she is He ll understand her motives and he ll forgive her in time I can t even count how many times India got humiliated and then swore to herself that she and Oliver weren t friends and never would be friends again She HATES him 5 minutes later Maybe we can reconnect I know he still has feelings for me Oliver was just as much of a dick as he possibly could be He had so many mood swings, I practically got whiplash from them He wasn t likable either You can almost forgive him for some things because you know he was bullied by India for so many years but that logic can only go so far He was just too mean for me to root for him He lacked personality So did India I skimmed a lot of the last part of book because it was way too redundant and boring The same scene would go on for page after page and nothing to further the plot would happen I also didn t like the lazy writing style I don t like being told an overview of what goes on in the story First we went to the movies Oliver said something funny We got some popcorn We agreed to hangout the next day But I didn t feel good So we decided to see each other in class instead Cut to next scene with actual dialogue AND WHO CAN JOIN A ROWING TEAM WITHOUT KNOWING HOW TO FUCKING SWIM Because yes that did happen in this story The ending was a bit of a surprise, but not enough for me to read on I just don t care what happens between these two people Especially after they ve been so horrible to one another And we all know what will happen at the end, don t we 1.5 stars I recommend reading Bully Until You by Penelope Douglas instead if you haven t already But like I said, this book is for free currently on , so if you want to try it out, maybe you ll enjoy it better than I did shrug

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    Ummmm Smh

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    India is preparing to a fresh start, heading off to college with her best friend and ready to let the past go Two years ago her life changed When Christian dies India focuses on his brother, Oliver Hating and hurting him brings her a sense of peace that she never thought she would feel Months of torturing him, tearing him down to forget the pain of that night has India regretting her actions years later Oliver never knew why she turned on him, no one did But Oliver isn t the same boy she remembers Stuck at the same university, Oliver is ready to make her pay for what she put him through.Oliver never knew what forced India to bully him, but finally out of the shadow of his brother he s all grown up and ready to extract his revenge No one on campus knows him as the boy he used to be, he s the star he s popular and he s about to make India s life a living hell But as he attempts to humiliate her and run her off, feelings that she never dealt with come back But can she trust Oliver after everything she did to him Can he really be ready to forgive her for what she put him through I came across this book from a random post online You know the kind of post Does anyone know the name of the book that after all the guesses and then someone finally finding the book, it had my attention This story was a little different than most of the coming of age new adult romances out there The theme of being bullied isn t new to the NA genre, but the reversal of roles is a little refreshing I found myself a little frustrated at the constant battle that India had with herself She wanted to tell him the truth, the reasons behind her attacks, then she would chicken out just to have the same argument with herself all over again She missed every opportunity to tell him the truth As for Oliver, he had me questioning everything Unsure if he was sincere or if it was all some giant ploy to destroy the girl that once broke him As her story finally comes out, I couldn t help but wonder what happened all those years ago that made him break that promise I can t say if his actions are justified I am a little on the fence as to the severity of his actions and the ruthlessness he displays when compared to what she did and what she went through The story does have a conclusion, but it is not a tidy ending One chapter of this series is tied up, but there is a whole new one to explore One that will force both India and Oliver to finally face their past and to see if there destruction is just too much to ever repair This was my first book from this author and I am thankful that I spotted that random post that afternoon and paid enough attention to grab the name of this book Now I have to be patient as I wait for the next in the series to be released when I really want to just beg the author to give it to me now.

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    DUMB DUMB DUMB SO DUMB IT HURTS.I suspect English isn t the author s first language due to the weird phrasing throughout the book And the protagonist articulates herself in a rather absurd manner This book would have worked better if it was set in a US High School because the characters behaviour is rather lame and childish Plot decent plot Oliver hates India due to how she treated him when they were at Secondary school but his revenge consists of really silly pranks and being rude It s childish if anyone treated me that way I d just report the idiot it s a university not school, he could get into a lot of trouble for such conduct Anyway, would have been a good story if executed with less drama, less angst, and subtle mature scenes Many of the scenes were reminiscent of American High School films such as Mean Girls or US frat boy activities rather than a UK university Writing melodramatic, overblown and immature Every other chapter It Is The End Of The World as we know it And there s an entire treatise on how much she hates Oliver And how He Will Not Defeat Her Then another few pages devoted to how HOT he is and how EVERY GIRL is swooning over him He s The Most Popular Guy In The World And of course WHICH Girl Could POSSIBLY Say No JUST SHUT UP YOU RE STUPID Heroine India is a 18 19 yo tall ish, caramel haired pretty girl who was popular in school She was best friends with both Oliver and his older brother Christian who was her sort of boyfriend despite being 19 to her 15 She s overly angst y, suffers regular anxiety attacks, and is constantly concerned about Oliver she lusts after him, swoons after him, ponders endlessly over him, reminisces over him, but also bangs on about being indifferent, then hating him then panicking if he so much as looks at her She also goes on how she hasn t had much contact with boys men since Christian her former best friend boy friend and Oliver s brother died But she also says she s dated and slept with two guys in the last 2 years It was confusing.Hero Oliver once a nerdy sensitive Goth is now a moody, immature tall, dark handsome popular PLAYBOY typical imagine a combination of Justin Bieber with Lord Byron Heathcliff His immense popularity stemming from his good looks and his position as Captain of the Ruby team didn t make much sense because at University in the UK the whole Captain of the Ruby football etc thing isn t important nor does it make one famous or popular This would be a big ish deal in school a much smaller population hence easy to be The Big Fish in a pond A few excerpts His attention is on the girl for another second or so before he turns looking at the exact spot where I m standing right now The panic whisks through me, and I quickly look away, already knowing that he is aware that I m here I bit my lip, contemplating if running out is an option Now I understand that horrible feeling in my gut that has been bothering me all day This is her melodramatic reaction to seeing Oliver at a house party and this is before he even begins his torture campaign which by the way is extremely childish and not even humiliating if a guy played a silly prank like that on me I d have laughed AT HIM because it s SOOOOOO LAME my heart skips a beat when he leans toward the girl and whispers something in her ear Then they both look at me I turn around in a panic to face Dora Heart skips a beat over glances What would happen if he spoke directly to her cardiac arrest I m thinking that Dora is ruining everything These internal monologues are not only melodramatic but the English is rather odd, shall we say My stomach drops and a wave thick and heated with jealousy sweeps through me like a waterfall This is her reaction to witnessing Oliver the guy she hasn t spoken to in about 2 years kissing a random chick Her emotions being intense is an understatement I m in dangerous territory I m scared to leave this precious spot because Oliver is somewhere out there and here I feel safe This is still at the same house party and so far zilch has occurred between her and Oliver for her to be this frightened Illogical doesn t begin to describe this irrational fear Our eyes meet and the ache in my heart starts vibrating through my bones, causing an eruption of panic The air ceases in my lungs Surprised she s still alive with that reaction This is at the same house party and Oliver has entered the bathroom where our frightened Heroine has sought refuge from the dangers beyond Again the melodrama is pathetic My heart leaps in my throat This is a common malady that she suffers she ought to really get that checked out His closeness is killing me I m not able to hurt him the way I used to His glances alone causes medically impossible cardiac activity hence not surprised his closeness brings her to death s imminent door the guy must have lethal cologne I guess.Not only melodramatic but it again the funny English how about unable to hurt him My demons are back, but there isn t any hatred left within me I poured everything out on Oliver years ago Demons No really demons Plus that s odd because she hates him again in a few pages further on I have goose pimples all over my arms and my stomach is in knots Goose bumps this is still at the party her body seems to live in another dimension if it s not her heart vacationing in her throat or an almost heart attack, then it s her stomach She most likely suffers acid reflux and isn t aware of it I get to the apartment and my head starts spinning This is after she leaves the house party now it s her head getting in on the action I haven t seen Oliver around campus since our tense rendezvous in the bathroom, but I try to have eyes in the back on my head Even if she wrote eyes on the back OF my head this sentence still wouldn t sound right It s just odd It doesn t take me long to discover that he is the captain of the rugby team The posters are all over campus, and he s the only person everyone is talking about, especially girls I feel like he s already hunting me down NO MORE PLEASE YOU DUMB.She even takes issue with posters of the poor boy POSTERS See melodrama But that s not only it when did Rugby a sport not as popular a football and being captain of a non pro team make one a Star at university I can understand it happening in school but at uni I choose law as my main degree In the UK we don t have majors and minors that s the US You can have joint degrees but we don t major in anything Mum warned me that I might struggle to get the license, but I m willing to try That s also odd in the UK one is acquires a pupillage to become a barrister or a Training Contract generally with a law firm, the CPS or in house to become a Solicitor After you complete your Law degree you start your vocational courses either the LPC or Bar qualifications BPTC Anyway there are loads contradictions, melodrama, angst and the prank in the end was just plain silly If someone played that prank on me as a uni student I would have found it funny and laughed at the idiots for being so childish

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    These characters were a NIGHTMARE India was a horrible person to Oliver So I get why he would want revenge However, he was a little too old to be acting the way that he did India had some horrible things happen to her in the past and it sucked However, she really didn t get a lot of sympathy from me When she treated Oliver even worse for something he had no idea happened it made it hard for me The last straw for me was the ending I thought they would work past it but nope Nothing but childish BS Thankfully this book was free.

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