Inside HBOs Game of Thrones II

Inside HBOs Game of Thrones II This was a book that I brought to feed my Game of Thrones fixation I enjoyed it thoroughly Snippets on costumes, locations and sets are interspersed with brief backstories on certain houses and characters What I found most interesting were how the actors interpreted the thoughts, mechanizations and actions of their characters during some memorable scenes A rich, colourful keepsake for all we Seven Kingdom fans. I swear I didn t mean to read this all in one sitting Each Episode Of HBO S Game Of Thrones Draws Millions Of Obsessed Viewers Who Revel In The Shocking Plot Twists, Award Winning Performances, And Gorgeously Rendered Fantasy World This Official Companion Book Reveals What It Takes To Translate George R R Martin S Bestselling Series Into A Wildly Popular Television Series With Unprecedented Scope And Depth, It Showcases Hundreds Of Unpublished Set Photos, Visual Effects Art, And Production And Costume Designs, Plus Insights From Key Actors And Crew Members That Capture The Best Scripted And Unscripted Moments From Seasons And Required Reading For The Die Hard Fan, And The Perfect Way To Catch Up On The Series Before The Much Anticipated Season Debuts, This Special Volume Offers An Exclusive Window Into Cable S Highest Rated Show Geweldig boek voor de echte Game of Thrones fanaat Binnenkort vertel ik er meer over op mijn blog This was another brilliant companion book Most of the Houses and characters had already been covered in the first book, so this one focused a lot on locations and key moments from the TV show There were many new locations visited in seasons three and four and there seemed to be plenty of significant moments and it was very interesting finding out the background details on how they were created and filmed Again, there were insightful interviews with the cast and crew and of course, lots of beautiful photos and concept art images.This is another must have addition for the collection of any Game of Thrones fan. Let me put on my Captain Obvious cape and state well, the obvious the book is simply beautiful No coffee table is too good for this one You have to give credit where credit is due, everything that has to do with Game of Thrones the novels, the show, the production, the acting, the budget and even these making of books is just Quality.Not only is this book easy on the eyes, it s also a nice tight summary of seasons 3 and 4 When I watch the series in real time, it is so saturated with characters and events that it s almost like I m on a wild ride and when the ride is over, I m left sitting there, trying to connect the dots and wrap my head around what just happened Reading through this book was a great way to neatly tie together everything that happened in the last two seasons, before this coming April s premier of season 5 An added bonus of this fun book is the remarks and comments of producers, directors, actors and everyone involved in the creation of this HBO treasure For example, I just had to lol at this quote by George R R Martin on the Red WeddingIn 90 percent of fantasies the father is murdered and the son picks up his mantle and avenges him I wanted a switch, where you seem to be getting the heroic son, but whoopshe s dead, too If he s not an awesome guy, then I don t know who is. This isn t an encyclopedia of the world like The World of Ice Fire so don t go into this looking for some expansive backstory This is a behind the scenes view of the, arguably, two best seasons of the show, complete with cast interviews, insight from the crew, GRRM s views and summaries of especially important impressive episodes.There was the occasional A brief history of , but it is that, brief It s a very condensed version of mythology and history that can serve as a nice way to refresh your memory without getting bogged down in all the characters, context and detail of The World The fact that I read this in an afternoon, while it took me 5 days to read the world book, should tell you about the difference of depth.Now, personally, the fourth season of GOT is my favourite thing to have ever been put on television, with The Watchers on the Wall being my favourite episode, so there was no way I wouldn t love this.The bits I found most interesting were actually the crew going into detail about their contributions Like the amount of thought that went into Sansa s wedding dress the band was inspired by the opening sequence and tells Sansa s story, beginning with the Tully s fish and the Stark s direwolf, and ending with the lion Or Margaery s dress which looks all pretty but has thorns everywhere There was a lot on scouting locations and preparing sets, but also fun stuff like the Epilogue with the actors choosing who d they want to be put on Arya s list and subsequently eliminated I found a lot of the cast s input superfluous because, when they weren t discussing their process, they d just be retelling the story of a certain character the most fascinating was Richard Madden talking about filming the Red Wedding Emilia Clarke consistently offered actually interesting perspectives on relationships and characters In some ways Missandei is her constant reminder that there will always be another woman There is always good to do in the world. And she s just the most charming person ever On seeing the dragons for the first timeI actually heard them first, and my reaction was visceral I ran to the other room thinking, My babies It s quite incredible to see them brought to life. Now, because I m a freak and watch all BTS videos the moment they re available, this threaded a lot of familiar ground, but it was still nice to see all the information collected in such a beautifully designed book.This might just be the prettiest book I now own LOOK AT THAT SPINE This second volume is as visually stunning as the first book, inside and out I think a map would be a nice addition to it I loved seeing the exotic locations they filmed in The comments from the cast and crew shed light on why things were shot in a specific way and what really happened behind the scenes I always love that.I loved the display of the costumes upclose to allow a view of the immaculate details spectacular Daenery s costumes are some of my favorites She has such drastic interesting changes as she goes from a sort of masculine peasant style to a fierce feminine dragonesque style if that s such a thing Different styles in regions far and wide were described Dorne with fabrics resembling snakeskin for a hot climate, wildlings cloaked in furs for the unbearable cold, Sansa Stark and Margaery Tyrell s wedding gowns were especially stunning Impressive White Walker costumes and their skeletal makeup is fantastic and eerie. Een van de mooiste boeken in mijn boekenkast Mijn recensie kan je hier lezen fewgerg

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Inside HBOs Game of Thrones II book, this is one of the most wanted C.A. Taylor author readers around the world.

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