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Sparkling CyanideIf you ve read any Agatha Christie books, you ll know that most of the time, everyone in the cast could be the murderer Well, this is even truer in this book Literally anyone would fit the bill, and I would have bought it wholeheartedly upon being offered the explanation However, the author does two interesting things The first half of the book gives voice to each of the main characters, allowing us to get their motivations and personalities Then, all these different points of view converge for the crime It is very well done but does make it a little harder to connect with the story The other thing is how manipulative Christie is She totally fooled me on a point Never saw it coming My hat to her O 3.5 Six people were thinking of Rosemary Barton who had died nearly a year ago Ok, well, I think it got old about a couple of years ago, me saying I love Christie and you smiling and nodding and then as politely as possible proceeding to scroll down and just ignore me because the whole Goodreads must have got it by now But this is just the honest truth, folks I love Agatha Christie And the simple fact that this book was written by her is the first reason why you should read this.The second reason is come on, it s called Sparkling Cyanide. How can you say no to a title like that And the third I guessed it For once in my sorry life, I actually got the murderer It wasn t that I desperately wanted all the other suspects to be innocents and happy and so I fixed my suspicions on that one It wasn t like that at all So, basically, Sparkling Cyanide bought my favour by presenting me with irresistible characters and then making me think I m smarter than I actually am Well played, Christie Well played. Lately, I have been avidly reading the books written by Agatha Christie, and forward, take a comment, here on Goodreads I want to speak now, in particular, of this last book, a toast to the suspense, no doubt Of course the tone of various plots, continues to populate this story The mysterious death of Rosemary Barton, celebrating her birthday at a restaurant, surrounded by her friends , relatives, in all seven people around her A year later, his Husband George Barton, begins to suspect that it was not a suicide, but a murder George was planning a dinner party to commemorate the birthday of Rosemary s younger sister, Iris Marle, at the same place where a year ago her sister had died Most surprisingly, George dies the same way, with potassium cyanide in his glass of champagne Murder or suicide From there, another series of investigations begins and the end, you imagine a thousand and one surprises and revelations as always magnificent All in all, Agatha Christie, wrotethan 80 books, phew She must have had a very productive life I want to read the author s full list of books, but I want to readabout Sherlock Holmes, the fictional detective of Scotland Yard who has his life narrated in several books by Sir Conan Doyle, about 60 books To conclude today, I say that for the career that I intend to follow, it will be necessary to know these stories well and take the most imperceptible details from the most attentive readers. 3.5 stars Well, I have just encountered an Agatha Christie character that I had no idea was part of her mystery collection Scotland Yard s Colonel Race He s as formidable as Hercule Poirot without the egoSparkling Cyanideappears to be AC s take on the cold case as the original murder took place a year ago Well, it was originally deemed a suicide of a young heiress named Rosemary Barton, but now the young woman s husband has received startling information that shows someone would benefit from her death But who Because in classic fashion, there are no shortage of suspects. In 1939, Agatha Christie published a short story featuring Hercule Poirot, entitled Yellow Iris A few years later, she expanded the story into this excellent novel, changing the detective to Colonel Race Having read the story before the novel, I immediately recognized the similarity of the setup right down to the name Iris I assumed, therefore, that I knew how the murder was done, and in fact that aspect remains the same However, if you think that reading the story will make it pointless to read the novel, think again The murderer is someone completely different, and I was wrong in my suspicions and shocked at the ending I know it s a 5 star Agatha when she reveals the murderer and I smack myself on the forehead and yell, Holy crap out loud Sparkling Cyanide is such a novel I was blindsided by the ending, immediately kicked myself for not seeing it, and went back to re read earlier passages that contained clues or significant omissions, for there is a touch of Roger Ackroyd style omission here Sparkling Cyanide is one of my favorite Christie titles, by the way it suggests the glamour of the elegant 1930s nightclub where the murder takes place, and certainly the idea of cyanide in the Champagne is a dramatic and memorable one I also have to give Dame Agatha credit for introducing me to the verb cyanosed i.e., killed via cyanide , which I now want to work into a conversation sometime I think it might supersede defenestrate as my new favorite violent verb This is one of the novels I will keep and re read, as knowing the solution does not diminish its style and the bravado with which Dame Agatha carries it off. Sparkling Cyanideby Agatha Christie.4 5 Stars.I have no words for this Agatha Christie has done it again Never a disappointment, she is truly The Queen of Mystery However this book isfor the old schoolers, either way this book was amazing.What I always think while reading Agatha Christie s books is that literally everyone is a suspect you can never trust any of her characters that were involved in a crime scene This has started off very interestingly but halfway through it was a bit dull and then the last few chapters kept me at the edge of my seat, I was anxious to know what was about to happen and how.Overall, I really liked this, it was exciting, very suspenseful and raw. A thrilling detection novel from the queen of mystery It is one of her two novels to feature Colonel Race, the other being Man in the brown suit The novel is enlarged version of the short story Yellow Iris featuring Poirot For some strange reason when Agatha enlarged the story, she replaced Poirot with Colonel Race The element of suspense and intrigue builds up right from the first page and the storyline manages to hold your attention till the every end Interesting read me i ve definitely got the murderer right, there s no way i got this wrongagatha christie you re the stupidest bitch alive Sparkling Cyanide Remembered Death Colonel Race, 4 Agatha Christie Sparkling Cyanide is a work of detective fiction by British writer Agatha Christie, first published in the US by Dodd, Mead and Company in February 1945 under the title of Remembered Death and in UK by the Collins Crime Club in the December of the same year under Christie s original title One year earlier on 2 November, seven people sat down to dinner at the restaurant Luxembourg One, Rosemary Barton, never got up The coroner ruled her death suicide due to post flu depression Six months later, her husband George receives anonymous letters saying that Rosemary was murdered George investigates and decides to repeat the dinner at the same restaurant, with the same guests, plus an actress who looks like his late wife meant to arrive late and startle out a confession The actress does not arrive and George dies at the table poisoned, like his wife, by cyanide in his champagne His death might have been judged as suicide, but George shared his concerns and some of his plan with his friend Colonel Race As per their uncle s will, if Rosemary died childless her inherited fortune passed to her younger sister Iris, now a wealthy girl If Iris dies unmarried, the money would pass to her only relative, her aunt Lucilla Drake Mrs Drake is a decent person but has a rotter of a son, Victor During the investigation it becomes clear that the intended victim was Iris Colonel Race and Iris s suitor, Anthony Browne, realise that Ruth Lessing, George s trusted secretary, had fallen for Victor a year earlier The wrong person dies because of Iris s evening bag and the toast to her, the conjuring trick that saves her life After the entertainment, George proposes a toast to Iris, when all sip champagne except her, being toasted When the group leaves the table to dance, Iris drops her bag a young waiter, retrieving it, misplaces it at the seat adjacent hers When the group returns to the table, Iris sits one seat askew due to the misplaced bag George sits at Iris s original seat and drinks the poisoned champagne When this plot fails, Ruth attempts to run Iris over with a car Colonel Race, together with the police and Anthony Browne, unravel the truth in time to save Iris from Ruth Her last attempt at killing Iris is to knock her unconscious in her bedroom, then turn on the fireplace gas, and leave the house Anthony and Colonel Race rescue Iris in the nick of time The anonymous letters to George were sent by Ruth, who then encouraged him to re stage the dinner at the Luxembourg so that Victor and Ruth could kill Iris, as they killed Rosemary To support a decision of suicide, Ruth had planted a packet of cyanide in Iris s bag, which packet dropped to the floor when she pulled her handkerchief out, without touching it no fingerprint Victor acted as a waiter, to drop the poison in the champagne during the show He was taken at New York at the request of the police 2010 1388 278 9789643636135 20 2010 . Six People Reunite To Remember Beautiful Rosemary Barton, Who Died Nearly A Year Before The Loving Sister, The Long Suffering Husband, The Devoted Secretary, The Lovers, The Betrayed Wife None Of Them Can Forget Rosemary But Did One Of Them Murder Her Titled In America Remembered DeathNarrated By Hugh Fraser

Mary Westmacott, and was occasionally published under the name

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