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Falling Hard When Annie Moves From London To A Small American Town In The Mid West, She Struggles To Fit In She Gets Off To A Bad Start When She Makes An Enemy Of Her School S Queen Bee And Cheer Leader, Kelsey But She Discovers A New Passion The Exciting Sport Of Roller Derby And Makes Friends With The Cool And Quirky Girls On Her Team, The Liberty Belles She Also Meets Jesse, The Friendly Boy Who Works At The Roller Rink, And Tyler, A Cute All American Sports Star Meanwhile Her Dad Is Starting A New Life Running A Local Cafe

Megan Sparks is the author of the Roller Girls series The first two books in the series, Falling Hard and Hell s Belles, were published by Capstone Young Readers in 2013 Kirkus Reviews called Falling Hard a fun romp of a girls sports story.

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 136 pages
  • Falling Hard
  • Megan Sparks
  • English
  • 01 October 2019

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    Caroline for www.bigbooklittlebook.comCopy provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review.I was browsing for titles when the cover for Roller Girls Falling Hard caught my eye While it s bright pink cover and kookie styling, makes it hard to miss, what really grabbed my attention was the subject matter a female dominated, full contact, team sport, populated by awesome kick arse women on retro quad skates like our protagonist, this Brit was ignorant, and fascinated.Annie has had some experience at making difficult decisions After the premature end of her gymnastics career damn you, growth spurt and her parents separation, she makes the difficult choice to leave her mother behind in England and move to the US, to the house her father grew up in, to support him in his dream of opening an English themed tea shop.After some settling in time, which includes getting to grips with the local vernacular and everyone infuriatingly calling her accent cute, Anne decides that it is time to leave the shadow of her former sport and find a new passion Now Annie has a new choice to make does she utilise her hard earned Gymnastic skills and becoming a cheerleader with its cookie cutter aesthetic, instant popularity and ability to catch the attention of the football star Or, does she take the harder road, starting from scratch in entirely new sport, with unfamiliar rules, new skills, risking the wrath of Kelsey and the resulting social suicide In some ways Falling Hard felt like every cheesy American high school movie I ve ever seen, there were the mean but popular cheerleaders, the all America high school hottie, the mysterious boy, the kookie friend and the so alternative they are cool outsiders Despite the stereotypes I found the book fresh and interesting Roller Derby the rules, the training, the plays and the characters, made up the majority of the story and I found that my interest was so captured by Annie s exploration of the sport that my mind didn t need to be complicated with extensive development of the secondary characters.Annie felt much older than her fourteen years, not in the sense of adult like behavior but rather in her mature approach to the changes and challenges in her life I loved Annie s loyalty to herself and to the positive influences she surrounded herself with.I adored Annie s Dad and their mutually supportive relationship Not only was he very much present in her life a rarity on YA fiction in all of his embarrassing dad glory but he was a fantastic role model for being yourself, following your dreams and making the hard but important choices it was easy to see where Annie got her awesomeness from Falling hard made me wish that I could don some quad skates and join a Roller Derby I think that this four book series has great potential Not only am I looking forward to discovering how Annie fares with her new hobby, I am also really interested to witness the character development of the secondary characters, I feel as though some of them have interesting stories to tell Not to mention Annie s potential romance with one of two cute guys.Although the publishers have recommended this read for 12 16 year olds I think that it would also be suitable for mature middle graders The book is clean, with sweet lessons in friendship and being true to yourself..Verdict Like the sport of Roller derby, Roller Girls Falling Hard was fun, fast and filled to the brim with girl power I can t believe I ve just referred to the skates of my youth as retro Just to be clear I was very young, and my retro quad skates were secondhand and white, with pink wheels and a My Little Pony motifPs Annie makes Earl Grey Cupcakes I LOVE Early Grey Cup Cakes See my recipe here

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    It has been a while since I have read a 5 5 star book Though directed towards teens, Falling Hard is the perfect summer read even for YA lovers Annie is fourteen and had just moved to Liberty Heights, Illinois with her father leaving her life in London behind Her first of day of school turns out to be just as she has seen in all the American Teenage movies haughty kids, stuck up cheerleaders, model like jocks, and of course the unwanted attention of being the new girl her 5 11 height and British accent doesn t really help As Annie starts to question her decision to move here, she meets Lexie, her neighbor and Jessie a friend with the same taste in music Lexie shows her around the school and the incredible thrill of Roller Derby The competition is tough, and whether or not she is cut out for it, you ll have to read it to find out.I am impressed with Megan Sparks After countless reads about troubled and angst y teens in YA novels, it is refreshing to read something light Annie has her own family problems, but instead of turning to the dark, she deals with it and tries to live her life to the best I wished I had a book like this when I was in middle school or high school, to help me understand the importance of making the right decisions and choosing your friends wisely a great message towards young readers.The plot seems like your every other typical teenage drama, but better For one, the drama itself isn t domineering never had I felt it was over dramatic or over done The cheerleader squad is annoying and has a problem with Annie, but they don t play the major part in the book, which usually I find boring and irritating In the end, you ll see that it s about accepting a new life, the changes, and Annie s fun and amazing relationship with her dad I love my Pa, but you have to admit Annie s dad is pretty cool , rather than her guardian, he felt of her friend Their relationship was awing.Lexie is the friend that every person needs She s cool and upfront with things, but she doesn t tell you how to live your life, or get hysterics with you when you choose to enjoy something entirely different then what she is for She also doesn t let other tell her what she is to do what she wants to be Lexie definitely brought colors into Falling Hard If Megan Sparks decides to write a companion novel, I am all for Lexie being the protagonist What surprised me most was the ending The downside to reading an e book, is not knowing, when you are nearing the last page It took me by surprise, but it wasn t bad It ended with everything falling in to place, but because I am so use to intense relations between a male and female protagonist, I sort of expected the same for Falling Hard I wouldn t change the ending for anything, though A perfect five star rating, if you are in need of a light hearted summer read, with fun and sporty characters, I recommend Falling Hard for you.Happy reading Thank you to those at Capstone Young Readers for offering me the chance to discover Megan Sparks, and her amazing novel Also, thank you for providing this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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    Received from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review This was an adorable story with a twist of bad ass roller girls they made me want to grab my skates and run to the nearest roller derby club and attempt to skate For me, thats the first step The cover is gorgeous, I love the theme of yellow as it causes it to stand out and the whole roller derby game face thing going on, very creepy which makes me scared and not want to face her.Annie is a fourteen year old teen and just moved from London to the quiet town of Illinois To be honest, she sticks out like a sore thumb, but immediately becomes best friends with Lexie, one of her neighbours Due to Annie s height, she was unable to continue doing gymnastics of which she loves So, she auditions to become a cheerleader which allows her to use her effortless gymnastic skills to blow the audiences minds but she never thought she could use them in roller derby After seeing the life of a roller girl, where all are equal, they all help eachother and are never sore losers against the cheerleaders who are only in it for themselves, are selfish and treat others with complete disrespect, Annie must decide if she goes down the path of fun and bad ass roller derby or to the ever jealous cheerleadersAnnie is a wonderful character Born and bred in London with an overworking mum of whom she rarely sees and a dad who could give Jamie Oliver a run for his money, she moves miles away to start a fresh and help her dad bring his dream to life Being British, she is immediatly hounded with questions and comments about her accent of which she deals with very maturely, even if she does find it very annoying at times She thinks things through and always does her best in everything she does She is mature, five foot eleven and faces the challenge of surviving the first week of school without making any enemies lets just say that failed IMMEDIATELY Then we have Lexie, everyone needs one of her She is a very quirky character who says it how it is and never holds back, she is also a very dear friend to Annie and earned a lifetime of scones for painting their british themed cafe.Megan Sparks highlights a lot of key aspects of the challenges a British teen would face when moving to the States, for example her words, accent and references This was a very refreshing read of which made you laugh in hysterics and bite your nails with nervousness, it also gave a real insight into the sport of roller derby which I really enjoyed seeing as I haven t heard much about it before.I highly recommend this book as I enjoyed it greatly and could not stop laughing

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    Received an ARC from the publisher at Netgalley.When I first saw this cover, I expected a story with lots of action or a real life situation Then I read the blurb, and I fell in love This book is about Annie, a British girl who moves with her dad to the US Her parents are divorced and her dad wanted to go back to his old place and start a cafe restaurant I really loved this book For many reasons I really like the differences between British and American, and how both sides always get a bit huffy if you do things wrong with their language And I like it when an English British girl or the other way around moves to America, and has to adapt Afterall her English is not really the right one, and many words are not the same Annie does her best though, trying to adapt to American, and showing everyone she is kick ass Then we also have our cliche but oh so fitting mean girl who also is cheerleader Kelsey Annie accidentally bumped into her when she was skating and had to dodge a dog After that, Kelsey hates Annie s guts.I loved how Annie first went to try out Cheerleading because of her gymnastics, and the fact she was too tall for that and how she slowly finds her love for Roller Derby I loved the Roller Derby, I heard about it a little, but wasn t sure what it was about But this author has done her research, everything is carefully explained in a fun way So no matter if you never done Roller Derby, after this book you will know enough The Derby sounds like a fun sport to do, maybe a bit painful, but I liked the whole Jammer and scoring process.Annie makes friends pretty fast, first with Lexie and than with other people Also befriends people who she first found to be mean.I loved the little references towards Engeland, but also how she talked, it was as other people in the book said cute Also her love interests She really knows how to get her guys I really hope she and a certain someone will get together I will be cheering for them One last good note, I loved the dad, he was just awesome Silly and just being himself, and his dedication to make a beautiful new cafe And I am really hoping that there will be coming out, though with the ending, I am sure there will be .Recommended to everyone who like a girl from another country switching, roller derby, and ofcourse romance

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    Great girly teen read with a sporty story line with undertones of romance but no insta love YES PlotThe plot was progressive and made a great coming of age story for younger readers experiencing the YA genre for the first time There is no elicit content yet it is still an enjoyable read for an older or experienced reader The progression of the plot was good and very subtle There are romantic undertones but it is not a poignant and overwhelming element of the novel which is something that I find very endearing to see in the first book in a series CharactersIn a book this small, the character development involved was great for such a short book You connect with the characters very early on and sympathise with Annie easily as she is a very likeable and a realistic teenage girl thrown into a new situation and life that she has to get to grips with The relationship that Annie has with her father in the book is a very positive one and it is nice to see a positive parent teenager relationship in a YA novel as this is something that we rarely experience in the YA category As for her father, he is such a charming and funny character in the book that is very light hearted and loveable The perfect and ideal dad.The conflicting character in the novel, Kelsey, was also very well developed and was a very realistic girl of her type She is the type of girl that everyone has experienced in their schooling and she is the classic mean popular girl.EndingIt was such a positive and happy ending to the first book in this new YA series by Megan Sparks The idealistic picture and portrait that the ending painted was enjoyable and kept tension throughout It also worked well to leave questions for the second book in the Roller Girls series Overall ImpressionA great light hearted, fun and quick teen read The plot is entertaining and it is also very nice to gain a better understanding of roller derby and to experience it as Annie does, something totally new Also, I found the emphasis of Annie s thoughts focusing mainly on her life and helping others to be very inspirational and something that I wish YA authors embraced often, instead of revolving everything the female protagonist does around her love interest It has set a great grounding for the coming books in the series and a possible love triangle I would recommend this book to anyone who likes books about High School Issues, Romance, Teen Literature in general.

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    I received this book from the publisher, via Netgalley Falling Hard is the story of Annie, former gymnast from London, and the way she reshapes her life Annie makes the hard decision to come to the States with her American born dad, because of her parents separation, leaving her mom behind in London Her whole life has been her gymnastics, which she has to give up But Annie also loves roller skating, punk bands of the 80 s, and her dad s cooking She goes to a local roller derby bout, and knows this may be her chance to do something, and be someone, different.This story brought back a lot of memories for me As a former derby girl myself, I found the descriptions of the skating, atmosphere, and participants to be very accurate The author paints a very positive picture of the girl s sport of roller derby, which has gained popularity world wide This sport encourages team work, girl power, and individuality to girls and women who may not feel like they fit in anywhere else Girls of all shapes, sizes and skill levels are accepted in this sport.I love Annie Her character is so unique, and she comes to understand the importance of standing out in a crowd, instead of conforming to fit in This story teaches some very important life lessons for the YA genre The author captures the teenage worries and hopes so well, I felt like I was pulled in to the story, and was able to connect with the characters.Overall, this story will appeal to almost all age groups, and this author is one to watch I am looking forward to the next book.

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    I received a copy via Net Galley in return for an honest review A fun light read that s suitable for a younger crowd perfect for your Middle Grade aged readers who are reading on a YA level There s no swearing, no risque situations and a very present parent figure uncommon in a lot of YA stuff.It s definitely a coming of age kind of story where Annie is learning to fit in with a new school, new friends and a new culture Readers get a taste of the kind of culture shock a British teen might get if they come to live in the states There s fun Brit slang and references even a Doctor Who mention I love the introduction to roller derby There s definitely a resurgence of the sport here and I think it s a good one to introduce to girls, especially when there s an uptick in girls wanting to show they re not dainty flowers and can play as hard as the boys do Lots of lingo is thrown out in the story but it s well explained and readers will get a decent idea of how the sport is played.The only downside to the story, for me, is that it seemed to end a bit abruptly We don t find out what happens with the two possible love interests or the annoying catty cheerleader chick I m guessing this is the first in a series so those things will be addressed in following books.All in all, a cute, quick read about fitting in and being yourself.

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    Wow This is pretty good Light and fun BTW, is it just me LOL I feel proud of Annie and I feel tears of happiness coming out of my eyes ,I love Annie I love her Dad too They are such an awesome pair for a Dad and daughter They moved from London back to her Dad s neighborhood in the States It s nice to see that she adapted well Also, I love that her Dad is so awesome Supporting his daughter in all things and still managed to be such an awesome father LOL He supported Annie in pursuing Roller Derby for her passion I m not really sure about what is a roller derby or if it s also what we called roller blades But oh well, I like it And oh, her Dad could really bake and cook Nice.

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    Really nice Good plot, fluently written Also translated very well I read this in Finnish.

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    I would really like to thank Curious Fox for generously giving me an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review The fact that I received this book for free has no impact on the content of my review I elected to give this book 4 stars because of the positive messages and potential impact this book can have on younger readers It is a sweet read for an adult, but very clearly targeting the middle grades and early teens.Goodreads Description When Annie moves from London to a small town in the midwest, she struggles to fit in She gets off to a bad start when she makes an enemy of her school s queen bee, Kelsey But she discovers a new passion, the exciting sport of roller derby, and makes friends with the cool and quirky girls on her team, the Liberty Belles She also meets Jesse, the friendly boy who works at the roller rink, and Tyler, a cute, all American sports star.I thoroughly enjoyed this book The characters are well written, and come across as believable and relatable Annie and her Dad have an amazing relationship, something rarely portrayed between teens and their parent s.I really appreciate that Ms Sparks keeps the girls wholesome, even while putting them into realistic situations Their wholesomeness doesn t come across as phony or gimmicky, but instead feels authentic They re allowed to behave appropriately for their age still be popular, cool, creative, smart, athletic in short they get to be individuals Sure they are still learning about who they want to be when they grow up, but really, at what age do we ever stop growing up Including kids of all different races, sizes, ethnicities, physical emotional abilities, each with their own interests, just broadens the appeal and increases the target market Not to mention helping educate readers about all the differences similarities among people, yet many of them share the same experiences, showing the reader that they aren t alone.Showing the way Annie thinks things through is an excellent guide for young readers on ways to handle difficult situations with as much grace as one can Annie isn t perfect, and she struggles with her parents splitting up, but she deals with it, just as she deals with the guilt she feels for deciding to move to the States with her Dad rather than stay in London with her workaholic Mom She loves her Mom, but realizes that she is actually happy in the States and needs to do what is right for her, especially when it is impossible for her to make both parents happy by living with them at least not unless she clones herself Lexie, Annie s first and best friend in town is an incredible artist Together they dream up a way to surprise Annie s Dad with a mural of Lexie s artwork on one of the newly painted white walls The two of them have a great time with the project and even fun showing Annie s Dad their surprise, demonstrating that doing things for others can be even gratifying than doing them for yourself By asking Lexie to create the mural Annie is showing her friend how much she appreciates her talent as an artist, boosting Lexie s self esteem.Another great example of independent thinking and reasoning comes when Annie tries out for cheerleading even though she worries that she will lose her two new friends Lexie and Jesse if she makes the squad While waiting to hear if she made the squad or not Annie participates in the weekend training session for the Roller Derby league, with a chance to make the league at the end of training She ends up loving it, and can t help but compare the genuine camaraderie the derby girls share to the petty meanness she witnessed during the cheerleading try outs and from those already on the squad Eventually something happens that forces Annie to choose between being a cheerleader or a roller girl She struggles with the decision, but once made she feels lighter than she has in days Throughout it all Annie never opts for being popular over having authentic friendships The difference between how happy Annie is with her friends and how insecure Kelsey is even when surrounded by her followers is pretty obvious.This book is a fun and easy read, and even fun because it is easy By easy I mean entertaining enough to hook you, pull you into the story, and make you invested in how it all turns out It is easy to see books in this series as Annie and her friends grow up and deal with adult issues the older they get But for now it is really nice to see kids being kids, and written in a way that I really think middle grade kids will relate to I can also see teens young adults enjoying the story, as it has elements they are either living through or have experienced in the not so distant past Even those of us old enough to be the parents in the book will find it a sweet read At least I know I found it to be engaging, even if I m old enough to clearly see the subtle, positive messages in the book.

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