And Then I Met Margaret

And Then I Met Margaret This Book Recaps Twenty One Of Rob White S Awakening Moments In Inspirational, Warm, And Entertaining Stories What S Most Important In Each Story Is The Unassuming, Ordinary, Everyday Guru Who Popped Into His Life And Offered The Perfect Life Lesson For The Moment Rob Shares These Very Interesting Life Lessons, Which Helped Him Gain Insights That Proved To Be Superb Starting Points For A New Life

From humble beginnings, born on the poor side of a small Northeastern mill town, Rob White went on to get a college degree, become a school teacher for seventeen years, and then leave that profession to pursue his dream to be a millionaire He accomplished that dream fifty fold by jumping into the real estate, and then restaurant business Rob has created many interested epochs in his life, and to

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  • 10 October 2018

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    If you ask me what genre is this book, I would say this book is a combination of inspirational and memoir This book contains 21 chapters which ranging from about his life as a kid which is expected to work in a factory mill in future, as a high school graduate choosing the college route, as a school teacher, until about his life as a real estate developer and restaurateur What I have learnt the most from this book is to view life from the lens of endless transformational opportunities to reinvent your life and there is no age limit to change This is an appropriate book to start reading with in embarking your new year journey if you have the New Year, New Me mentality.

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    I found And Then I Met Margaret to be an entertaining anthology about the author s life, and the tone was nicely consistent, which was a big plus I didn t give it five stars because it just didn t wow me, and some of the stories fell short of being decidedly profound Overall, this is the best nonfiction anthology I ve picked up, and it s a sweet read if you re looking for something uplifting but not heavy.

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    And then I met Margaret is a collection of short stories where the author details how ordinary gurus changed his life.The author takes you on a journey via his short stories of life lessons he has learned He begins the book by citing the self help gurus he has met and the valuable information they shared with him The rest of the stories begin with a myth he once believed about life, and end with what he deems the actual truth about it The stories range from his early years and follow his career path and family life.I decided to read this as it was onlinebookclub s book of the month and was up for discussion and I must say that it caused a heated debate The first issue was that of a misleading title Most of us believed it was a romance novel due to the title, font and background colours, and were then confused as Margaret had a tiny part to play in one story which certainly did not seem pivotal I found that for every good lesson the author learned, someone had to be put in a bad light, and the author seemed to focus a lot on material gains One of the stories had a scenario which has been used as a life lesson before and it got me wondering as to whether it had actually happened to the author or whether it was borrowed for emphasis There were also a number of unnecessary grammatical errors.Overall I didn t really enjoy the book and found so many of the lightbulb moments just common sense I also questioned as to why these people who had such an impact on him were named ordinary gurus Firstly the use of ordinary was condescending and secondly because surely anyone who imparts any wisdom could then be called a guru I don t mind self help books, but this was not my cup of tea.

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    This is the full text of my review at Reading the introduction to Rob White s And Then I Met Margaret, with its litany of internationally famous self help gurus, like Ramm Dass, Deepak Chopra, and Werner Erhard, I steeled myself for something equivalent to Robert T Kiyosaki s Rich Dad, Poor Dad guides on how to flip real estate to become rich I anticipated, chapter after chapter, we would read of insights gleaned from that roster of fame, but left disappointed as most were never mentioned again.However, reading through the neatly packaged lessons in each chapter, I found myself enjoying a sincere rags to riches memoir of working class Massachusetts boy, which morphed into less enthralling, folksy morality tales doled out by a caring grandfather all as the veil slowly slipped, revealing a sales pitch the book ends with an invitation to continue one s journey by visiting his company website In the text Not in a jacket blurb, author bio, or otherwise As part of the book, proper.The book, subtitled Stories of Ordinary Gurus I ve Met, is comprised of 21 chapters, each containing a single life lesson the author learned through interactions with people in his childhood, college years and professional life He aims to convince us that these lessons enabled him to become a successful, fulfilled human being and if we only follow his advice, we too can become multi millionaire real estate developers or successful at whatever we want choose The whiff of Kiyosaki remained strong My radar kicked in on two particular stories one recommending giving money than required, in order to receive higher returns a classic Prosperity Gospel scheme the other touting the value of being willing to pay for something of high value, the Kiyosaki esque message being that if you don t lavish yourself with goods, it is a sign you don t believe in yourself This includes buying Kiyosaki training materials Hence the sales pitch feeling The farther I got into the book, the less it felt organic or comprised of natural lessons the it felt manipulative The writing is not soaring, poetic, allegorical or deep, but it is good enough to hold a reader s interest White s heart shines through in the memoir aspects of the first 10 chapters, focused on his early life The memoir resonates in spite of the forced chapter structure As a child who grew up in a mining town, with local attitudes eerily similar to those of White s Massachusetts mill town, I felt deep kinship with his plight and escape to attend college and be than the next generation of mill worker Each chapter is delivered with a hint at the beginning, the false belief that the author is about to shed Take Chapter 10 as an example Titled I Decided I Was Smarter Than I Thought I Was, with The myth I believed I know my limits that s just the way it is This foreshadowing or priming, to take Daniel Kahnemmann s term for setting up someone you intend to persuade see Thinking, Fast and Slow were helpful in many cases, focusing the reader s expectations The chapters conclude with the original myth contrasted against new learning Again, Chapter 10 s example The reality I discovered My limits are of my own making and are there for the breaking The problem with this conceit, to my eye, is threefold First, the didactic insistence on what lessons should be learned manipulates the reader and condescends Second, some of the lessons learned were non sequiturs to the chapter content and the myth the message was not as clear as the author believed Finally, and most important to me, occasionally the advice borders on law of attraction lessons conveyed by The Secret the kind of thing that has sick people believing that their continued illness is their fault for not thinking positively enough The final chapter revolves around an individual purportedly deciding not to die.I rate this book 2 out of 4 stars Rob White s And Then I Met Margaret is trapped between touching memoir, avuncular grandpa stories, and ancillary sales or advertising material promoting his motivational speaking business He never falls into the saccharin traps and blatant salesmanship of Kiyosaki, but edges close This book will probably disappoint a reader in search of a pure hearted memoir, a narrative arc, or artistic prose But there is enough good content and legitimate life lessons to recommend reading, and I will be the last person to dissuade any seeker from considering this book to see if they might find the lessons they need in their life.

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    This was a unique book rather like Aesop s fable, we accompany the author from boyhood to a successful adulthood The book is composed of a series of short stories from the author s perspective that start with the myths the author believed about the way the world works and the people on the way who turned his worldview on its head The protagonist and author, Bob White comes off as very resourceful with the advice he receives and makes a point of paying it foreword.The author starts by talking about his transition to becoming a business owner, how he grew up in a small town with its own traditions and go onwards into his adulthood Each new chapter is another time earned life lesson that has taught him something He notices the little things, the everyday interactions and seemingly innocuous meeting and interactions that can help transform your life if you let themAn easy read that is intended to challenge what the author things might be our expectations of life.I was not the intended audience, but ultimately not a bad book Just not a good one.

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    And Then I Met Margaret is a self help and motivational book by Rob White It follows Rob s life starting from his childhood in a small town to being a successful real estate entrepreneur and restaurateur Rob recounts his personal encounters with people and situations and the ways in which he learnt to better navigate through life.The book follows the idea that we come across many unacknowledged teachers in daily life whose impact on our lives is manifold We may all have come across such people, whom Rob refers to as Gurus , but we may not all recognize them These gurus inspire you in the most unimaginable ways Sometimes they show us the world from a different perspective and shatter our self imposed limitations and sometimes they lead us to personal and spiritual revelations.To keep in sync with this, the writer adopted a before after story format Each chapter starts with a myth that the author had always assumed to be true and ends with the reality which the author has realized upon his experience with the guru whose story has been shared in that particular chapter This format of the book kept me apprised of what to expect and the belief that was being challenged.Rob s childhood narratives of growing up in a small town, of steering away from the traditional lifestyle and the college anecdotes resonated with me quite a lot One such anecdote was depicted in the chapter named Shakespeare in My Left Pants Pocket It is a heart warming story about how unexpected actions from people in grave situations can help change the very core of one s behavior Another such story is I Decided I Was Smarter Than I Thought I Was where an encounter with a young student named Debbie inspired Rob to follow his dream The reality highlighted in this chapter is one I intend to apply in my own life.That said, I did think that some of the realities that the writer puts forth are quite ordinary and not as ground breaking as the writer made it out to be Despite not being a fan of self help books, I decided to give And Then I Met Margaret a shot The idea that we come across many unlikely gurus who help broaden our outlook on life seemed quite interesting to me While some of the stories seem uninspiring and unimpressive,there are some personal anecdotes that keep the book fresh and provide insight The casual tone of the writing and the short chapters make it an easy read.This book is for anyone looking for an enjoyable and lighthearted read.

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    Among the billions of people living alongside us in this world, I believe there s no questioning the fact that we re going to meet some amazing and inspirational teachers in our life s journey And Then I Met Margaret by Rob White chronicles the instances in a man s life where he experiences inspiring learning opportunities and the people who taught him Beginning with tales of his childhood and ending with recent moments, White does a masterful job at discussing his deep thoughts with the world and passing on life lessons he s had the fortune to learn throughout the years I found myself pleasantly surprised by White s tales, the book presenting itself in a clever structure by presenting readers with a myth, or pre belief, White had before the mentor or teacher he would later name at the start of the chapter changed his viewpoint This, in particular, was one of the shining pieces of the book for me It gave just the right amount of insight into the lesson we would be reading about to keep us interested Later, as the chapter ended, White would reiterate the myth he originally believed to be true and then replace it with the revised belief that the lesson had taught him.In such a small and simple way, White achieved a great deal in promoting the life lessons he cherishes, condensing them into a short sentence or phrase in order to illuminate the pieces of the chapter that brought him to change for the better And it allowed him to remind the reader of what he learned in that particular chapter of his life.I enjoyed the majority of White s stories and genuinely felt as though I got to know him a little bit along the way, which made the reading experience even pleasant From his Aunt Theresa, a beautiful personality, to Peter from the final chapter I found myself learning quite a lot than I expected to when I began this book White s storytelling is great and he really manages to pull the reader into the events of his life.That said, I felt as though some of the stories and inspirational lessons weren t really as amazing or useful as he may have felt Granted, this is the sort of opinion that is very personal to people and therefore I cannot discredit how these lessons impacted him, as I m sure the impact was great I was disappointed, mostly, in Margaret s story and I feel that this is one of the greatest downfalls of White s book Margaret was the person who inspired the very title and for the book to be as impactful as I believe White wishes for, she needed to be the most poignant story he had to tell Instead, she simply represented something that I ve heard times than I could count My final complaint is a small one, simply related to the fact that I couldn t help feeling as though White was complimenting himself regularly throughout the book in his attempts to portray how he took the lessons he learned and passed them on to others These were the moments in his stories that I liked the least, often feeling somewhat off put by how he described his actions I m not sure if this is due to the slight arrogant tone it seemed to exude or simply because it felt almost unreal Either way, it bugged me One of the annoying ones was the lesson in practice involving the Gutter Busters And Then I Met Margaret was interesting, fun to read, and even had me laughing several times This isn t the sort of book I read typically and I was glad to have gotten the opportunity to open my eyes to something I don t often spend time with All in all, I d give And Then I Met Margaret 3 out of 4 stars It s a good book, it has some great moments, and I can certainly see it s appeal in the self help and motivational genres And if nothing else, it s really nice to get a look at all these interesting people and to see how they ve taught those around them I was provided a copy of this book in exchange for an honest

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    And Then I Met Margaret is an amazing book I didn t quite know what to expect when I bought this book, but something about the title and the description made me want to read it I was hooked from the first chapter The author takes you on a journey through his life, introducing you to some pretty amazing people along the way who guided him, mentored him and loved him along his path through this life so far Each chapter takes you through a part of his life, from his quiet beginnings in a working class town, through his childhood, and his discovery that he was meant for a different path then his well intentioned family thought he would follow Rob White s conversational tone made this reader feel as if she were sitting in his living room, cup of tea in hand, listening to an old friend speak of anecdotal memories that changed him into a better man who was able to pay it forward and help others in their struggles throughout this often difficult and challenging life.What I absolutely loved about this book were the beginning and ending of each chapter, where Rob White would write a myth he d believed to be true, write the chapter about the often inspirational and moving experience that led him to realize the truth, which he would then write at the end of the chapter One of my favorites was regarding Kindness At the beginning of Chapter One, Rob White wrote, The Myth I Believed Kindness is an act of self interest He proceeded throughout the chapter to tell the beautiful story of his Aunt Theresa when he was a child, who taught him the reality he discovered in time which he wrote at the end of the chapter The Myth I Believed Kindness is an act of self interest The Reality I Discovered Kind acts demonstrate the height of love Each chapter contained a myth at the beginning and the reality in closing What literary gems they are, because the author explains his insights into life through the lessons he learned There are many good people put into our path along this life s journey to guide us, and Rob White experienced many wise souls along the way The reference to souls is my viewpoint.At no time during this book did the author become heavy handed in stating his viewpoint He shared his experiences which were moving and remarkable and downright interesting, all the while reminding us that life s journey can be enriched if we take the time to listen and learn from those who have learned before us I m sure I was like many readers, who couldn t wait to hear who Margaret was and how she changed his life All I will say is that it wasn t what I expected, and yet it was profound and precious and beautiful What didn t I like about this book Honestly, the only thing I didn t like about it, was the fact it ended I was completely absorbed by the amazing stories, told with such a down to earth, entertaining narration I couldn t wait to get to the end of each chapter, although at the same time, I was in no hurry to rush through just to read the Reality gem that was going to replace the Myth he d once believed One of the most enjoyable parts of reading this book was the experience of hearing how Rob White took his experiences and the advice of his mentors all extraordinary, yet ordinary people and not only created a life of success and happiness for himself, but, paid it forward by giving other people the chances he d once been given Rob White has influenced other people s lives in such positive ways, and I believe he can do the same for yours too This refreshing story has none of the boring, droning on of unimportant details that bogs down some non fiction biographies It swept me right in and held my interest until the very last page I rate this book 5 out of 5.It is excellently presented I found no errors in formatting or spelling I highly recommend this book to any reader who would like to glimpse just how easy it can be to become a better person, by practicing the kindness and insights shared between these pages.

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    Wow Are you tired of struggling in life Do you wonder if you have made the correct choices Then read this book, And Then I Met Margaret, by Rob White This is a nonfiction, self help book The author s goal is to use real life examples of mistakes to teach people how to improve their lives In this book, the author shares personal stories of his own failures and accomplishments Each chapter presents a lesson on life and discusses how to overcome any diversity blocking your path The author does not come off as egotistical because of what he has learned Nor does he seem to be judging anyone He really wants people to learn from his mistakes.The author also writes about his childhood, growing up in a small town, the traditions of small towns, and becoming an adult He shares that when he was in high school, it was assumed that he would follow in his father s steps and work at a factory I thought this was the most pivotal point in the story and that it strengthens the relationship between author and reader It shows the author s humble origins, a contrast to the person he is today The author also displays real emotions when he explains how that affected him He does not gloss over the difficult parts This example and others show that the author truly cares and wants to help the people who inspired him The author can also admit his mistakes, and that is a strong trait Not many folks have this trait.The author writes about his transition to becoming a business owner and the negative and positive parts of this journey in his life The title of this book refers to a pivotal event for the author One of the chapters in the book is about a particular lesson a woman named Margaret taught him I thought this chapter would have been longer, and I was slightly disappointed that it was not This is why I give this book four stars However, despite its brevity, the author does explain why Margaret s life lesson was prudent, and it is an excellent story for the title of the book.This book is for anyone who is looking to improve their life or has questions about why life has turned out as it has This book is also for anyone graduating from high school or college It reminds us that we can all make mistakes, no matter what stage we are at in life The important thing the book shows us is how to learn from our mistakes and move on with our lives Each chapter starts out with the myth the author believed, and each ends with the myth he believed and the reality he discovered I think this was a good way to organize the chapters because it was a like a chapter review at the end If anyone was taking notes, this would help with understanding This is the sort of thing a teacher would do The author mentions that he was a teacher before he started his own business There are countless other hints in the book that he was a teacher In my opinion, the author will always be a teacher a teacher who cares if his student passes despite that he is retired from the profession and now a business owner While I highly recommend this book for the people I mentioned above, I also think that everyone should read it When you have a good teacher, embrace it This author has a wealth of knowledge to share Read this book.

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    The book by Rob White became my favorite It has short stories, I would rather say, some of the life events from Mr Rob White s life and the lessons he learned from them This is very well written Mr White took events starting from his childhood and till recently Each story is unique, the scenario is unique and the lesson learned is unique I particularly liked the way Mr White put each and every incident and narrated it in an amazing way Reading the way he dealt with certain situations, how he fell and got back on his feet. it felt amazing.The pace is wonderful It s easy to understand I could literally put myself in the shoes of the character There were many stories where I could relate myself to the situation My favorite story is the one at the airport where Mr White meets a British woman and learns patience from her After reading the book, I felt there are plenty of stories around us, happening to us in our daily lives and we rarely take out some time to learn anything at all from them If we look properly, we can see amazing teachers around us, not necessarily the one we see at school but janitors, strangers, second grade kids, bulls, etc Everyone and everything in this beautiful world always try to tell us something, if only, we pay proper attention Salute to Rob White for coming up with such a beautiful book I read plenty of motivational books but this one is on the top of the list This is nothing like those regular motivational books The way storyteller is way unique and made this book unique, too I rate this book 4 out of 4 stars This book is a fantastic read for all age groups I really love the way Mr Rob White succeeded in his life, how he took risks and how he learned from his mistakes He didn t keep those experiences to himself but he taught those lessons to the people he met and helped them make the most of their lives I look forward to reading and books by Rob White Mr White s stories taught me that believing in yourself, taking risks, trusting your instincts and learning to stand up after falling, help us reach our goals and making the impossible, possible I must say, the stories of personal transformation in this book are totally worth a read Read my book reviews at

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