Bookworm The Corporation Comes First Always The Needs Of The Corporation Come Before My Own I Exist For The Corporation And The Corporation Exists For Me I Will Obey And Honor Corporate Law One Corporation Under The Mighty Credit From The Corporate PledgeReminiscent Of Stories Such As , FahrenheitAnd The Giver, Bookworm Is A Timely Tale That Is At Once Terrifying And Amusing, Thought Provoking And HeartwarmingThe City Of New BostonIn The World Of Aaron Cogwell Going To Work At His Corporation Seven Days A Week For A Minimum Seventeen Hour Work Day Is The Norm Weekends Are An Archaic Thing Of The Very Distant Past Now There Are Workends Four Hour Work Stoppages Every Thirty Six Days The Corporations Are Nothing If Not Efficient People Are Judged By Marks Such As Corporate Status, The Size And Class Of Their Residence And By How Much Stuff They Have In Their Display Chambers And This Information Is All Very Public And Available For Viewing On The HRN Government Still Exists But Is A Small And Meaningless Footnote In A Very Large Corporate World People Now Pledge Allegiance To Their Corporation Aaron Is Than Happy With His Life Like This He S Thankful To His Corporation For All It Has Given Him For All Of The Stuff That He And His Wife Have Been Able To Accumulate They Were Given This Life By The Corporation And They Are Forever Loyal For ItThen Again This Is All Aaron Or Anyone Else In Corp World Has Ever Known There Are No Alternatives At Least That Is What Aaron Believes Until One Day A Major Event Changes His Life S Course And He Meets A Mysterious Stranger Who Helps Him To Realize There Is Indeed A Choice But Such Choices Are Never Easy And They Can Come With Consequences Oftentimes Severe

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Bookworm book, this is one of the most wanted Jason Srebnick author readers around the world.

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  • 09 September 2019

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    See of my book reviews on my blog, Literary FlitsI downloaded my copy of To The Blossom From The Flame from NoiseTrade three years ago when the novel was titled Escape From CorpWorld I am pretty confident from the synopsis and Srebnick s introductory essay that the two works are essentially the same story, but there might have been some editing changes I did quite like this book now I have refound and read it My NoiseTrade ebook was hidden in the download files of an obsolete browser app on my tablet oops.The dystopian story of Aaron Cogwell s psychological awakening rattles along at a good pace and is an entertaining read I was disappointed that the characters aren t particularly well fleshed out and levels of description need greater consistency, but if you like your books to focus on action rather than world building then I think you would enjoy this Srebnick spends much time explaining items that Aaron is unfamiliar with in his time period such as paper books than he does explaining Aaron s world to us readers so I am hazy about how the Corporation world really fits together There are several glaring inconsistencies and contradictions that basic proofreading should have picked up these might have been corrected by now I could see that Srebnick wanted to include nods to classic dystopian novels and films The novel was originally intended to be a screenplay and the action sequences do come across as being film scenes Again I thought that consistency of style would have helped, but overall this is a fun read.

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    I was excited to open the mail and learn I was selected as a First Reader through the Goodreads giveaway program Especially, since I was drawn to the story by the beautiful cover and the excerpt on the back of the book The Corporation comes first Always The needs of the Corporation come before my own This is Aaron Cogwell s reality as is everyone s in New Boston a world where you spend 17 hours, with little to no contact with other humans, working for the Corporation Force fed propaganda constantly through video and audio streams that your sole purpose is to make the Corporation thrive You are essentially numb and a widget in the Corporation s wheel But due to a tragic accident, Aaron s exposed to entirely different world Through the patience of a friend and her library of books, Aaron awakens and believes he and his family could exist in this world but first he must convince his family and find a way out of the grips of the Corporation.The story is relatable and offers hope to those that unbeknownst to themselves are actually very much like Aaron I enjoyed the book and would recommend it

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    First I got this book for free But that s beside the point This is the second book in a row that I won and read and was totally amazed at the quality This one I would give than 5 stars to if I could Yes it owes a lot to 1984 and Brave New World but it is so influenced by the world today that it took me way beyond those two books This darn thing was so believable Better yet it was so much fun It s not often that you think of a dystopian novel as fun, but to me this was it I don t like to tell much about what is going on because I hate spoilers, but I ll just throw this out Imagine if the world was run by 10 corporations and that number was shrinking as the successful corporations were swallowing up some of the less profitable If you want to work you worked for one of the corporations That s enough The only other thing I have to mention is that this book could have used a thorough proofreading which usually bugs the heck out of me But this was so good that I was willing to ignore the issues and just roll on Great books are built around great stories and in my opinion, this is a great book Welcome back science fiction.

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    Despite some rocky beginnings, this book is actually quite good The writing isn t exactly exceptional, but the story definitely dragged me in The beginning was a set up of the world that Aaron Cogwell was living in, and it felt like reading an attempt to write 1984 But as I read on, I realize how intelligent Srebnick s argument about this possible future can be Aaron lives in New Lowell and works in New Boston, cities built above the original cities they were named after He leads a monotonous life working for Corporation Five, working for 18 hour days, going home to sleep, just to way up early and start all over again There are no vacations except the mandatory work ends where workers still only get a couple hours of break Everything in the city is catered towards the Corporations education, advertising, eating everything is done quickly and efficiently for the Corporation There is no creativity, no human interaction except when absolutely necessary Personally, I would go bonkers living in this world The Corportion own the people, making sure everyone is born to debt, and that after you die your debt goes to your children It s a never ending cycle and the Corporations are the only work options available to earn a fulfilling life That is quite possibly the subtlest jab at capitalism I ve ever seen or read After all, when the government isn t the one controlling you in the first place, you can t rebel against it And who s ever heard of rebelling against a place of work We re already on our way to the over abundance of screens thanks to smart phones The moment where Aaron begins to feel and see for the first time with Mary, was beautifully written I could feel and smell Aaron experiencing the books and Mary s home cooking I felt nostalgic reading it It felt like showing a kid your favorite kids movie and having them really like it, or watching a kid experience playing in woods for the first time My heart was encouraging Aaron on, to discover the way things are naturally meant to be I love the smell of books, and I love holding books rather than looking at a screen I love flipping the pages it s so satisfying and it helps me feel accomplished when finishing a page It just feels good There were a few parts that I thought were unnecessary I think making Kate related to Mary was disappointing and a bit far fetched I wanted to see someone who was born into the system all their life, knows nothing else, but can see the goodness of what Aaron was doing with their repressed humanity I thought it would be better if it came from Kate by herself, instead of already knowing that life from her lost mother It would have given me hope for the people in the city Instead, it left me thinking that those who are born into Corporations will never have a change of heart unless they are forced to experience what Aaron had No hope for humanity to fix itself I think if one is writing a dystopia, they should at least leave with that Yes, Aaron and his family are alright, good for them But I m concerned about the bigger picture here I also thought the ending was a bit too much It was so much tension and suspense over several chapters, that I just got bored with it I feel if you re going to write that kind of ending, don t jerk around my chain Especially since most of the book was Aaron trying to find himself, then trying to help his family find themselves It felt like forced overload I think putting what happened to Mary in the epilogue was overkill, and I would have rather had it sooner since I knew she survived anyway Don t drag it out like that Another thing about the ending, was when Aaron gave Kate a sad look, and they knew what they had to do I thought this was Aaron s decision to sacrifice himself, not for Mary to Why would he even dare ask Mary to do something like that, especially since she knows about living in the wild than he does I thought for sure it was him asking to fly the hovering craft so that his family could escape with Mary I m sure he would want his family safe with someone who knew what they were doing And if it wasn t going to be him, at least fool the reader into thinking he did It should have been Mary to suggest the idea, since no one in any story would come up with a plan that would possibly sacrifice someone that they love That would be a dick move, you just don t do that I think it would have been better if the scenario of the escape was explained, so that the reader knows what is going on Then cut to Aaron and his family below, who don t see Mary eject herself in the explosion That would create tension, with understanding of the situation It didn t leave me in tearful suspense, it just left me wondering what the hell was going on Despite the ranting and raving over the ending that just occurred, I really did enjoy the novel I just wish ahem that it had a better, clearer ending And now a societal rant that you may find beneficial, or annoying your choice to skip or not To be honest, I see America headed to this direction With the goal of education primarily to help students get to college and find jobs, there s no room for creativity any Schools have cut recess, art, and music classes to make sure their kids keep scoring high on those standardized tests Artists and musicians are seen for being desperate for attention, and the only truly glorified line of work seems to be college professors After all, when you re learning to swallow and regurgitate information, becoming a professor is perfect for this And absolutely nothing wrong with being a teacher they do amazing work But I wish artist careers could be seen as valuable As an artistic kid in the public school system, I was forced to put aside my creativity until it was the right time As I grew older and moved through middle school and high school, I could feel my creativity trying to be leeched out of me Classes don t often offer a creative way to solve problems, but rather give you the right way and drill it into our heads It wasn t until high school when I entered the International Baccalaureate program where they taught me critical thinking that my creativity had it s time to shine It taught me to think deeply about problems, and to not just use the easy or obvious answer, but find the one that makes sense the way I think or means the most to me Btw, that was totally not a plug for IB, that crap is hard Thank you for staying with me, and a truly interesting and thought provoking read.

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    Imagine a world where your life is dedicated to the Corporation you work for, where you have to work a mandatory 17 hours a day, where the only break you have is a work end, which lasts for four hours and occurs every 36 days, where the advances in technology run your entire life, and where you never communicate with your co workers and barely communicate with your family This is how Aaron lives in Bookworm by Jason Srebnick He loves his Corporation and is grateful to them for everything he has, partly because it has been ingrained in his head since birth Aaron, and every other citizen in this Corporate run world, is completely loyal to the Corporation and puts the Corporation s needs before his own Since this is the only way of living he knows, he is than happy However, his life soon changes drastically in the blink of an eye, and he begins to learn that there is another way to live He meets a puzzling outsider who shows him that he has a choice and that his life s purpose does not have to be to serve the Corporation.What I found particularly eye opening about Bookworm is that this world and way of living is not as far fetched as we d like to think it is The idea of working to live can so easily become living to work Some people in our society spend too much time on their work and not enough time with their families Not to mention the rapid growth of technology, which is very much a part of our lives and our kids lives As I was reading this incredible book, on an e reader by the way, I felt like I could be reading about our future Jason Srebnick is a great writer He took this concept and this world and made it completely real Not only is the setting frighteningly credible, but the characters are as well With so much technology embedded in our lives, we can easily relate to Aaron, who felt like something was missing and that he needed to be a husband and father instead of being brainwashed by corporations and the technological world In addition to believable characters, the plot was exciting with a couple of twists and turns, and the writing was fantastic I definitely recommend this to anyone interested in a little sci fi with a very important message One thing I will walk away with after reading this book while technology has its benefits, we need to read REAL books and spend as much time as possible with REAL people Thank you, Jason Srebnick for writing this amazing, thought provoking book.Reviewed by ME for Readers Favorite

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    Won this book in goodreads giveaway 12 31 15 received 01 09 2015 Spoilers below the main paragraph so please read with caution.Giving your all to the corporation Everything you do in life is to advance yourself up the career matrices, to get money, to buy stuff, to fill your residence with useless things that will earn you status prestige and make your peers jealous Have a family, but barely spend time with them the children spend their time engrossed in electronics you re engrossed in your electronics as well, bombarded by ads, videos, stories plus working all day and going home and still plugging away..Sound familiar We are not as far from this story line as I would like to believe Possible spoilers below..Aaron, with the patient help of an outsider, realizes that he strives for than just acquiring stuff Family is important, and he struggles to break away from the brainwashing of the corporate world and convince his family to do the same That same outsider was once a part of the corporate live only for the corporation attitude and broke free She wasn t able to convince her family to go with her, so she pushed Aaron to never give up Ending is beautifully worked out A few things that bothered me that kept me from giving this a 5 review Aaron s pod malfunctioned twice in the same day The first time being the video and audio all quiet, then the second when it crashed This is never explained In a world of NO mistakes allowed, this second malfunction would never happen as the first one would have been detected and fixed immediately Is this a common occurrence than what Aaron thinks it is Has it happened before, possibly to those no longer deemed fit to be productive in the corporation Also, the coincidence of it being Aarons pod crashing down, out of hundreds of thousands of other pods, is a little unlikely Also, it is never explained how the 3 wise men happened upon the same location that Mary lived or vice versa Where did the Wilson s come from It was said that they were born there, and if that s the case, how did the parents get there Where are the parents now What about the other residents of that area of the forest that Aaron glimpsed Where did they come from Were these pod crashes malfunctions All I all I really enjoyed this story, read it in one sitting, stayed awake all night to finish it Thanks for choosing me as a winner

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    I received this book from a Goodread s Giveaway in lieu of an honest review I can honestly say that I really enjoyed this thought provoking book and have given it a five star rating.It s beginnings were a bit slow and the life Aaron lived with his family seemed so structured and was downright depressing There was no time for living and sharing time with each other Everyone was like gerbils running in circles in a cage Every day was just like the other But as soon as Aaron crashed his pod and fell to the ground below I was hooked I knew that his life was going to change for the better The ending was satisfying After all, some books CAN change lives and give us new perspective.This book is a cautionary tale of what our own lives could become if we somehow destroy our future Already, books are being replaced by devices and if our devices crash well, we might not have any books any One of the most powerful and thoughtful gift is one of a real book As soon as you buy it, it is truly yours to do with as you wish You can take it anywhere You can read it alone, you can read it to someone, or you can share it without fear of copyright You can cherish it.Don t get me wrong Technology can be both bad and good I used to review much than I do now due to an eye problem Lately, it is easier to read on a Kindle or my iPad or phone I can change font, dim or lighten up the page When all else fails, I read an audiobook from the library People with vision issues are so much better off with technology we have today But, if given the choice, I would rather read the book Does anyone s mind wander when they listen to an audiobook I know mine does.

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    This is a great book really great Right away Bookworm had that feel of a beloved book like 1984, Phillip K Dick without the muddled confusion he tends to write in his books , or many of the other science fiction classics I have read over the yearsbeautiful writing, well edited, and a great plot that flows well.Bookworm will stand the test of timeIt was so refreshing to read a newer science fiction dystopian book that did not have a cheesy romance or any of the nonsense I tend to see these daysInstead there is real emotion that grows in a true and believable wayThe setting is believable and quite creepy since I could see humanity taking a turn like thispeople living to work instead of working to livebeing so wrapped up in their corporation that life has no true meaning for themI think my favorite thing in the book was how Srebnick described books and the joy of readingit was beautiful to see in words my own joy for the smell, feel, and that experience of just 5 minutes.his love for books was very apparent throughoutI got this book through Goodreads First Reads in exchange for an honest reviewalmost did not enter to win it b c the description was just an excerpt from the book, and I am so glad that I decided to enter

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    I was lucky enough to receive this through the Goodreads Giveaway program.If possible, I would give it 20 stars If you love any of the following books 1984, The Giver, or the Book Thief, you will find this book fascinating Within, there are so many subtle comments on the future compared to the present, that you ll start to question your own ideas about filling your display case s or an obsession with electronic devices and media Tension fills the pages as you cheer for Aaron and his understanding of the human spirit Mary guides you towards a path to follow, as you plan your own future, stressing especially the importance of reading across a broad spectrum of genres Imagination and creativity are to be valued while material possessions may be viewed as hinderances I wonder how many of us have already bought into the Corporate Pledge and are on the path towards the culmination of our own retirement circle A fantastic introduction to the mind of Jason Srebnick

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    I received a free copy of this book through the Goodreads First Reads program and would like to thank the author and everyone else who made that possible.I loved this story There was phenomenal world building and detailing of a bleak and horrifying world of the distant future, self discovery, tense action scenes and an ending filled with bright hope what could you ask for I loved the footnotes what a fun and clever world building device The book could use a bit proofreading there was a minor consistency error at the beginning and small typos spread throughout but nothing that majorly impacted my reading enjoyment Overall a great and uplifting read

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