Alabama Scoundrels

Alabama Scoundrels While Legislators Were Writing The First Laws In Alabama, Some Miscreant Citizens Were Already Breaking Them, Causing Disorder And Fleeing The Hands Of Justice Among These Were Cult Leader Turned Murderer Bloody Bob Sims, Social Activist Turned Anarchist Albert Parsons, The Mysterious Hobo Bandit Railroad Bill And The Nefarious Outlaw Sheriff Steve Renfroe, Who Was Credited With Countless Prison Escapes, Thefts And Arson Legendary Wild West Figures Frank And Jesse James Also Appeared In Alabama, Along With Numerous Other Well Known Gunslingers, Pirates, Crooks And Desperados Bushwhackers Caused Widespread Chaos During The Civil War And Were Considered Outlaws Depending On Which Side You Supported Join Real Life Partners In Crime Kelly Kazek And Wil Elrick As They Recount The Atrocities Of Some Of Alabama S Most Infamous Lawbreakers

Kelly Kazek, born in Georgia and raised in Alabama, is an unofficial Weird News Reporter She writes humor columns and stories about odd roadside attractions and quirky history for It s a Southern Thing and She also writes about the south on her blog, and for her Facebook page, Kelly Kazek s Weird South.She is the author of nine books, including the humor collections Not Qu

[Read] ➵ Alabama Scoundrels  Author Kelly Kazek –
  • Paperback
  • 126 pages
  • Alabama Scoundrels
  • Kelly Kazek
  • 07 July 2017
  • 9781626195332

10 thoughts on “Alabama Scoundrels

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    A decent read Most of the outlaws shared similar traits robbing trains, bank and killing people Alabama certainly had their fair share much of it occurring shortly after the Civil War.

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    Brief survey of several different scoundrels with ties to Alabama, most notable of which were Frank and Jesse James Each chapter reads like a newspaper article, with a short obituary style introduction, and then a biographical sketch of the events leading up to the demise or disappearance of the subject.

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    InterestingA lot of history of outlaws in Alabama Very interesting read I didn t know the history of Alabama having outlaws.

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    Eh, at least it was short.

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    Delightful read as Kazek s books always are for this reader Interesting stories about overlooked topics and persons.

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    Not great literature but a fairly well written and entertaining collection of stories about real life characters.

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