Ella of All-of-a-Kind Family

Ella of All-of-a-Kind Family I read all the books in this series as a child, but I don t remember being as disappointed in Ella of All of a Kind Family as I am now Perhaps I m justin tune to good writing and this wasn t good writing It got off to a bad start in the Foreword where the ending of the story was revealed Why, oh why do publishers do this According to dictionary.com, foreword means a short introductory statement in a published work According to dictionary.com, introductory means preliminary, beginning Do you see where I m going with this The foreword, aka the beginning of the book, is not the place for spoilers That is simply common sense.Most of the book concentrated on Ella and her budding career as a singer I found her chapters jarring She d be talking, then quickly switch to internal dialogue with herself this is made up just so you can get the gist of it Dialogue Jules, I ve been offered a spot in the vaudeville company Internal dialogue Should I give up my life with Jules for vaudeville But why should I have to give up my career for Jules Maybe the vaudeville life isn t right for me But, if I don t try I ll never know I don t know what to do It reminded me of the goofy internal dialogue on old soap operas Interspersed with the chapters about Ella were chapters about her siblings The transitions were poor Those chapters followed in the spirit of the previous books but did not fit in with a book that was supposed to be about Ella alone.Unfortunately, this book just wasn t on par with the other All of a Kind Family books I believe Sydney Taylor died of cancer shortly after this was published Perhaps that had something to do with the diminished quality of this book Sadly, she d intended to write a book about each of the siblings but died before she could get to them But maybe not so sad if they d continued on in this vein, I think my overall impression of the series would have been tainted.This has nothing to do with Sydney Taylor, but this edition, published by Lizzie Skurnick Books, was terrible The cover art was ghastly, the interior illustrations were awful, and there seemed to be a spelling error on almost every page Shameful not our favorite one but still a nice ending to the story older themes versus the stories when all of the girls were younger. In The Fifth And Final Book In The All Of A Kind Family Series, Ella, The Eldest Child Of The Family, Has Been Offered A Stage Career By A Broadway Talent Scout While Ella Wants To Sing Than Anything Else In The World, She Finds Herself Torn Between Jules, Her Beloved Fianc Who Has Just Returned From World War I, And What S Sure To Be A Tough Uphill Climb To Stardom Once Again, The Loving All Of A Kind Family Provides The Support Needed For Ella To Make The Right DecisionBorn InOn New York S Lower East Side, Sydney Taylor Was One Of The First Authors Of Children S Books Centered On Jewish Characters, And Is Especially Known For The Immensely Popular All Of A Kind Family Series The Sydney Taylor Book Award Is Given Each Year By The Jewish Association Of Libraries To A Book For Young People That Authentically Portrays The Jewish Experience Wonderful life lessons in this book for your tween and older girls Enjoyed this one too Ages 9 16Cleanliness Children s Bad WordsName Calling 2 Incidents Lummoxes, half witsReligious Profanities 14 Incidents Thank goodness, Ye gods, How in heaven s name, Gee, Gosh, My God, Thank heavens, By golly, Oh, for heaven s sakeReligious Supernatural 2 Incidents A father tells his son about how Elijah the prophet visits the Jewish families when they celebrate Passover A father explains about a Jewish tradition of changing a person s name to confuse the Angel of Death.Attitudes Disobedience 1 Incident A boy disregards his mother s caution to stay close to the house and gets seriously injured.For a full cleanliness report, which includes Conversation Topics, Romance Related and Parent Takeaway, visit my website I have hundreds of other detailed reports too, and I also have Clean Guides downloadable PDFs which enable you to clean up your book before reading it Visit my website The Book Radar. This book wasn t bad, but it just doesn t seem to go with the other books in the series It was written a little later, and the illustrations are in a different style It does give an interesting picture of what vaudeville was like, and Ella has to make some important decisions, so I think it is definitely worth reading it in order to finish the series Also, it might be interesting to discuss the ideas about gender roles in this book and how they have changed. Writing was subpar compared to previous ones in the series, but it is always a treat to revisit this family. This wasn t as bad as Downtown but it wasn t very good, either The illustrations were terrible Seriously bad The story is not fresh, the plot line is predictable It sor less phoned in Interesting how the bad books in this series are accompanied by the bad illustrations Or what look to me like bad illustrations. I m kind of sad to have finished this series In this book, there is a lot of interesting talk about the suffrage movement I loved this series. As the title would indicate, author Sydney Taylor focuses on the eponymous Ella in this, her fifth and final novel devoted to the doings of a loving, close knit Jewish family living in New York City in the early years of the twentieth century The book opens some six months after the conclusion of All of a Kind Family Uptown , which ended with Jules and the other American soldiers coming home from World War I Although there are occasional chapters devoted to the doings of some of her siblings Henny running for office in her school s elections, Charlie playing a dangerous street game with some older boys the main narrative focus here is on Ella, who is torn between her desire for a career in singing, and her love for Jules, and longing to make a home with him As she takes a job with a vaudeville act, she must struggle with this choiceApparently many readers dislike this final entry in Taylor s series, which was written some time after the others all penned in the 1950s , and first published in 1978 For my part, although I do not love it quite as much as its predecessors, I do find it an engaging tale, and have always enjoyed it I have fond memories, over, of discovering it in the window of one of the New York Public Library s branch locations as a girl, when my mother brought me into the city on one of those take your child to work days Although I understand that many readers have found Taylor s resolution of the main narrative question view spoiler Ella decides to give up her career on the stage, because she misses Jules so much, and wants to be with him hide spoiler ELLA OF ALL OF A KIND FAMILY concludes Sydney Taylor s series about a Jewish family in the early 1920s Second daughter Henny runs for class president amid talks of suffragettes, though eldest Ella is the main focus of the story Now eighteen, working and taking music lessons, Ella has the opportunity to perform in a traveling vaudeville act but must sign a five year contract that would take her away from Jules.Written shortly before Taylor s death, ELLA OF ALL OF A KIND FAMILY holds up best with 21st century literature and is my favorite of the series.

Taylor was born on October 31, 1904 on New York City s Lower East Side Her Jewish immigrant family lived in poverty conditions, but they felt great respect and appreciation for the country that gave them hope and opportunities for the future This childhood led Taylor eventually into writing.Taylor started working as a secretary after she graduated from high school, married her husband, and spen

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  • Paperback
  • 200 pages
  • Ella of All-of-a-Kind Family
  • Sydney Taylor
  • 15 July 2017
  • 9781939601261

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