Med livet som insats: Berättelsen om Vladimir Majakovskij och hans krets

Med livet som insats: Berättelsen om Vladimir Majakovskij och hans krets Vladimir Majakovskij var under l ng tid den mest uppburna poeten i Sovjetunionen Sedan sin fattiga uppv xt i tzarryssland en h ngiven kommunist som aldrig l tt sinna tvivel om revolutionens utveckling st i v gen f r en h ngivet inf r projektet att bygga en ny v rld Att denna nya v ld beh vde en lika ny litteratur var f r honom en sj lvklart Att denna litteratur skulle vara lika annorlunda fr n den gamla som kommunism fr n kapitalism beh vde inte ens skrivas ut Ut ver detta var hans personliga liv minst sagt uppseendev ckande Han levde i en k rleks triad med Lilya Yuryevna, och dennes man Ospi Brink Som en av de fr msta f retr darna f r den nya konstn rliga avantgardismen s f l han i on d hos Lenin Lenin var notoriskt konservativ i konstfr gor men blev uppburen av Stalin, b de innan och efter sitt sj lvmord Med andra ord, det finns gott om stoff f r en gripande biografi i denna exentriska poets levnadshistoria Och kanske r det h r Bengt Jangefeldts sv righet ligger n r har skall l gga fram sitt arbete Det finns s mycket sp nnande h ndelser att att avhandla F rfattarens k rlek och beundran f r Majakovskijs poesi g r inte att betvivla Problemet r bara att en bra biografi kr ver att f rfattaren st ller sig ver det myller av h ndelser som ett liv utg r och placerar in dem i ett st rre sammanhang Inte bara i en tid, utan l ter det biografiska subjektets liv och g rning kristallisera en historia som ledde fram till ett liv, och hur det livet kommer att p verka oss idag.Det finns fyra viktiga linjer i Majakovskijs biografi, som letar sig fram l ngs hans liv, utg r det, flyter ibland i hopp men lika ofta is r Poesin Politiken Det skandal sa levernet, det fria k rleken Den eviga oppositionen f rst mot tsarens scensur, sedan mot ett framv xande konstbyr kratiskt maskineri Alla dessa linjer kan beskrivas ytligt f r billiga po nger och f r att g ra personens liv sensationellt, eller djuplodande, i sin historisk kontext med en vilja att f rst hur en person r en del av och skapar ett st rre sammanhang I samtliga exempel v ljer tyv rr Jangfeldt en sensationalistik ytlig l sning L t mig ta n gra exempel Majakovskij r idag fr mst ih gkommen som poet, en del av den bredare futuristiska r relsen, som var ett genombrott i skapandet av den moderna konsten inom alla omr den Men om en l ser f rlegade biografi f r en inte reda p det Vist, ordet n mns vi n gra tillf llen Och visa samarbetspartner Men futurismen reduceras till n gon form av allm n modernism n r den v ll diskuteras Inte nog med att den konstriktning som Majakovskij idag ses som den fr msta f retr daren f r knappt behandlas, alla tidigare och parallella litteraturriktningar ignoreras helt med tv undantag, den prolet ra realismen som var den officiella litteraturen fram emot 30 talet reduceras till stalinistisk Och den tidigare avantgardism som Anna Achmatova den andra klart lysande poetiska stj rnan var en del av, symbolismen, beskrivs i f reg ende som traditionell rysk poesi Nonsens Politiken vi f r i f rbig ende i ett av de tidiga kapitlen reda p att Majakovskij var den del av det socialdemokratiska partiet i Ryssland och efter dess splittring valde han att ansluta sig till den Boljevikerna fraktionen Detta r intressant, sp nnande, hur kommer det sig Hur s poetens politiska engagemang ut Vad drev honom ditt h n Det f r vi inte reda p Hela Majakovskijs politiska g rning beskrivs antingen som anarkistisk inte bara nonsens, utan nonsens p styltor eller i b sta som en naiv identifikation med en revolution han inte f rst r, i v rsta fall som en f dkrok.De andra linjerna i livet som skall skildras f r en lika ytlig behandling Det inte inte s att Jangfeldt f r saker och ting fel, utan snarare att han saknar f rst else f r den sociala, politiska och konstn rliga milj poeten r rde sig i Resultatet blir att den genomsnittliga biografin om krigskommissarien Leon Trotsky ger en djupare inblick i b de de poetiska str mningarna som influerade Majakovskij samt det kulturpolitiska klimatet han verkade inom Det r ett pinsamt betyg f r en pinsamt ytlig biografi. Few Poets Have Led Lives As Tempestuous As That Of Vladimir Mayakovsky Born InAnd Dead By His Own Hand In , Mayakovsky Packed His Thirty Six Years With Drama, Politics, Passion, And Most Important Poetry An Enthusiastic Supporter Of The Russian Revolution And The Emerging Soviet State, Mayakovsky Was Championed By Stalin After His Death And Enshrined As A Quasi Official Soviet Poet, A Position That Led To Undeserved Neglect Among Western Literary Scholars Even As His Influence On Other Poets Has Remained Powerful With Mayakovsky, Bengt Jangfeldt Offers The First Comprehensive Biography Of Mayakovsky, Revealing A Troubled Man Who Was Dreamer Than Revolutionary, Political Romantic Than Hardened Communist Jangfeldt Sets Mayakovsky S Life And Works Against The Dramatic Turbulence Of His Times, From The Aesthetic Innovations Of The Pre Revolutionary Avant Garde To The Rigidity Of Socialist Realism And The Destruction Of World War I To The Violence And Hope Of The Russian Revolution, Through The Tightening Grip Of Stalinist Terror And The Growing Disillusion With Russian Communism That Eventually Led The Poet To Take His Life Through It All Is Threaded Mayakovsky S Celebrated Love Affair With Lili Brik And The Moving Relationship With Lili S Husband, Osip, Along With A Brilliant Depiction Of The Larger Circle Of Writers And Artists Around Mayakovsky, Including Maxim Gorky, Viktor Shklovsky, Alexander Rodchenko, And Roman Jakobson The Result Is A Literary Life Viewed In The Round, Enabling Us To Understand The Personal And Historical Furies That Drove Mayakovsky And Generated His Still Startling Poetry Illustrated Throughout With Rare Images Of Key Characters And Locations, Mayakovsky Is A Major Step In The Revitalization Of A Crucial Figure Of The Twentieth Century Avant Garde . , , , , , , , , ,,, ,, , , ,, , ,, , , , ,, , ,, , ,, 1926 1928 , , ,, , , . My first acquaintance with Mayakovsky happened in the early 1980 es, in a typical Soviet time high school In the Soviet Union, Mayakovsky was idolized as the greatest proletarian poet, whose only goal in life and in work was to glorify his Soviet motherland and struggle against the world capitalism After learning a few pro communist verses by heart, I developed a stable mental image of Mayakovsky as a man slash monument solid, hard, impregnable, like a piece of rock My classmates, no doubt, developed a similar image, and since then, I never had a slightest intention to readof his verses or learnabout the poet until recently, when I happened to run across B.Jangfeldt s biography of Mayakovsky.I had heard some talk about Vladimir Mayakovsky s personal life being quite complex, and, as a person who loves reading I had read some stories describing episodes of Mayakovsky s life in various Internet journals, but they are still full of the Soviet time propaganda, which makes me think that they were negligently copy pasted from deceitful and biased Soviet time press The author of this new biography has definitely done a huge amount of work of studying every document, every letter or research available in international archives, and his approach was not biased a bit for the simple reason that the author is Swedish, not Russian Bengt Jangfeldt checked every fact and did a diligent research of the materials which he could find, and then put them together into a captivating, exciting and suspenseful, yet very logical story of a life He has given us, people of the former Soviet Union, a new Mayakovsky His Mayakovsky is a real person finally, for the very first time at least in my life Mayakovsky is a man with his passions and weaknesses To me, he is no longer a piece of rock that produced pro communist rhymes Thanks to Bengt Jangfeldt s thorough and consistent narration, the poet s life is shown in the complex dynamics of his personality I have learned about the reasons of Mayakovsky s inner struggle, I understood the depth of his passions, the intricacies of his personal life, and the destructive contradictions of his character, which led him to that fatal shot that took his life Can a biographical book dothan this I don t think so The author did his best, and he did exactly as much as had to be done.I would like to thank the author for the courage of doing this immense research, and for doing it so well that it made me revise my attitude to Mayakovsky as a poet and as a person. Espagne. The first non Soviet biography of the Revolutionary Poet whose outsized life and loves encompassed the turbulence of the early 20th century His poetry and poster art had swung in and out of favor even before his suicide at the age of 37 Futurist poetry was only an aspiration of this natural lyricist, and his mental and emotional struggles are captured in word and image in this excellent account I still don t warm to his poetry, but my heart aches for the tragic times he lived through My poem will thrust itself forward through the centuriesand stand there heavy, rough and clear as glass Mayakovsky At the top of my voice p.493 As definitive as you can get, this should satisfy fans of M Having access some firsthand to scads of sources and interviews, Jangfeldt lays out the self destructive trajectory of one of the 20th century s greatest poets There s, obviously, a big emphasis here on his tangled, unassailable relationship with the Briks and it tends to stray sometimes into what feels like a bio of Lili or Elsa but recovers itself nicely.Jangfeldt weaves M into his time, the Revolution, his relations with Lenin, Trotsky and others, RAPP, and all the various socialist art trends of the time M s poetry runs right alongside everything, is included throughout and you get a nice view into the tortured life the poor guy led, his political ups and downs, his poor decision making skills when it came to both political and cultural survival, and his multitudinous love affairs Never a bad thing either there are shitloads of fascinating images and photos, many of which including the one of the dead M I d never seen before. My favourite biography of all time is probably Boy George s Take It Like A Man The second might be Mohammad Ali , by Thomas Hauser But, this is a contender to beat them both Never before have I read a biography that is both extremely well researched and subtly written, where I think it usually is a matter of either or.The intellectual cultural climate in 1920s Russia was a very explosive time, when several small groups of young, agitated Russians questioned, destroyed and leaped from the old climate in a political atmosphere where even God was refused and denied The Russian futurists craved something else than the everyday porridge that stated that Rembrandt s paintings, Mozart s music and The Bible in writing were the epitome of art, and in the process wanted to reinvent themselves completely by questioning these standards and themselves Among all of the Russian poets, Mayakovsky s texts seemingly stand solitary and often absolutely brilliant, not only floating far beyond his country people, but all previous poets across the globe.Jangfeldt goes far by being fluent in Russian As such, he has himself translated with aid Mayakovsky s poetry into Swedish, and has since decades personally interviewed people who knew Mayakovsky and has written several works on him He s accessed previously censored state files on Mayakovsky and drawn his own conclusions on many events throughout Mayakovsky s life, painstakingly delivering a very subtle, simply put, yet desirably complex picture of a man plagued and blessed through extreme throes in all aspects of his life.Mayakovsky s abilities to reinvent language and stake his own claim through all types of media poetry, plays, copy, slogans, and letters are featured here The same is said for his somewhat nonsensical political statements, but you can t have it all, can you From his life as a young boy in the middle of Russian nowhere, to an aspiring career as an artist to developing an interest in poetry, his humble beginnings gently explode as he reaches adolescence and then grows into a manboy, forever trapped as a seventeen year old, according to Viktor Sjklovsky Thing is, I think Mayakovsky never allowed himself to grow stale, which is a mantra he often repeated in different forms, not least in his eccentric relationship with Lili and Osip Brik.Mayakovsky loved a few things in life, and went beyond every barrier to live those things in every aspect, at times threatening to destroy the people around him in the process Still, he prevailed in a way, even though his ending is the saddest part of his tale.This book is worth purchasing in any available language, and will be re read repeatedly by myself throughout life It s not heavy, it s not light, but is very well written, long and so fantastically delivered that it feels short, despite its near 600 pages Nothing stopped it, and there is no filler most of what s in this book which did happen, I sometimes had to remind myself during my reading is so jagged and at the same time polished, it felt like having a really brilliant, laid back yet intellectual conversation with somebody who s had a long journey, teaching me a few things in the process.To quote Mayakovsky I love

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Med livet som insats: Berättelsen om Vladimir Majakovskij och hans krets book, this is one of the most wanted Bengt Jangfeldt author readers around the world.

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