Discovering Dinosaurs

Discovering Dinosaurs Discovering Dinosaurs by, Robert Walters and Tess KissingerAlthough this book is long and has a lot of information in it I would still classify it as an older primary non fiction It explains what a dinosaur is, what a paleontologist is, how we know what we do about dinosaurs, information about hundreds of different types of dinosaurs, and how we believe they eventually became extinct The explanations in this book are aimed at being basic It goes through a timeline of all the different periods when dinosaurs lived with illustrations to supplement the information It even talks about how the earth changed over time and the dinosaurs had to evolve to survive these changes Even though most children in this age category might not make it through all of the information in this book they would definitely enjoy the way that the book is put together I paired this book withHow Do Dinosaurs Go To School by, Jane YolenThis is a book from a silly fiction series about how dinosaurs would act if they were still around today There are illustrations of different types of dinosaurs doing silly things I would use this paired book in my classroom to help illustrate to the children how big a dinosaur would really be in comparison to things that we have around today The illustrations in the book do a really great job of pointing this out This is why I paired these two books together. With Over New Dinosaurs Species Discovered Since , Discovering Dinosaurs Will Make All Earlier Dino Books EXTINCT The Most Up To Date Illustrated Dinosaur Encyclopedia On The Market DISCOVERING DINOSAURS Features Spectacular Illustrations Of Nearly Species, Including All Of The Top Dinosaur Discoveries Through Written And Illustrated By Two Of The World S Top Dinosaur Experts And Artists With A Stunning Oversized Format That Showcases Bob Walters And Tess Kissinger S Award Winning Illustrations, And A Textured Dinosaur Skin Like Book Cover, Kids Will Not Want To Put The Book Down

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[Reading] ➶ Discovering Dinosaurs  ➬ Bob Walters –
  • Hardcover
  • 144 pages
  • Discovering Dinosaurs
  • Bob Walters
  • 11 December 2018
  • 9781604334968

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