The Women Troubadours (Norton Paperback)

The Women Troubadours (Norton Paperback)This is almost 40 years old now published 1980 but it s an accessible edition of trobairitz poetry in the original Provencal with modern English facing translation Bogin provides a prefacing essay on the historical and cultural background to this body of medieval women s writing and this is where the book shows its age she wants to read the material as a way to recuperate authentic female emotions and desires as if the poetry is a set of private diary entries only written in verse this in a period where that sort of intimate writing and interiority just doesn t really exist Instead, we need to see the verse as a self conscious literary output that is created from the pressures of culture, gender and history.What makes this poetry so fascinating is the way it speaks back to male authored troubadour poetry though that canonises the masculine poetic voice in a way that we can choose not to and, especially, makes great use of thetensonform, a dialogue between male and female lovers Bogin has pulled together a mass of biographical information from the medieval sources and that alone makes this worth buying and reading So a very good introduction to a little studied body of female authored verse that both seems to look back to a classical Latin tradition as well as forward to the love poetry of the Renaissance. This is a very useful little volume for anyone who enjoys historical fiction about women during the middle ages Its 79 page introduction give a great overview of courtly poetry, the development of courtly love as an art form, the status of women in a courtly warrior society, and very interestingly the culture of Occitania modern Provence, France a thousand years ago It gives you an academic and historical basis from which to engage in a fictional account, for one thing For another, the fact that women troubadours existed anywhere in this male dominated world is in and of itself a wonder The poetry, too, gives one insight into what women really thought An excellent study of the 20 or so trobairitz of the 13th century These women poets wrote with a directness and passion often absent in their male counterparts Good samples given in the original with facing English translations Good translations that do not try to recreate the rhyme or rhythm but rather are content to convey the meaning. Though this book seems to take a rather odd look into medieval times, I thoroughly enjoyed the perspective The poetry translations were excellent and reading these poems for the first time actually made me smile. I found this an enjoyable book and quick to read I d never heard anything about the 12th century women troubadour poets in southern France, although I learned a lot about the male poets of courtly love while studying English at university So I was very interested to read about the women poets of this period and to see Meg she s Meg rather than Magda in the edition I have Bogin s translations of their poems, which have a powerful simplicity. I have only just recently learned about the troubadours and their range, impact, and form especially the sestina This book is a great companion work to the male troubadours and for its Introduction except for one glaringly incorrect theological premise , the examples of the influence of Arabic poetry on the Occitan, and its fine selection of female verse Ms Bogin does make the valid observation that there is little imagery in the poems they are mostly narrative or dialogue I was a bit disappointed in some of the visual quality of the photographs, but the book is worth having if you like this period and its poetry. This Is The First Twentieth Century Study Of The Women Troubadours Who Flourished In Southern France BetweenAndThe Great Period Of Troubadour Poetry The Book Is Comprised Of A Full Length Essay On Women In The Middle Ages, Twenty Three Poems By The Women Troubadours Themselves In The Original Provencal With Translations On Facing Pages, A Capsule Biography Of Each Poet, Notes, And Reading List Wow I found this book lying on the sidewalk when I was walking my dog Have been searching for it for years Fabulous bibliography Hints and leads to scholarship on the relation of the European lyric tradition to ancient Arabic poetry. An amazing little collection of written works from women who were poets back in the 12th century During a time when it was predominately men who wrote, this is a refreshing look into the female psyche and heart during medieval times. This is one of those books I give away as gifts to get people interested in medieval poetry Sure there s arecent book by another author on the same topic that isthorough, but this is easier to read and a better intro to the genre.

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  • The Women Troubadours (Norton Paperback)
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