The Horror at Martins Beach

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❴Reading❵ ➶ The Horror at Martins Beach  Author H.P. Lovecraft –
  • ebook
  • 10 pages
  • The Horror at Martins Beach
  • H.P. Lovecraft
  • 14 February 2019
  • 9781609773069

10 thoughts on “The Horror at Martins Beach

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    'On May 17th the crew of the fishing smack Alma of Gloucester, under Capt. James P. Orne, killed, after a battle of nearly forty hours, a marine monster whose size and aspect produced the greatest possible stir in scientific circles'.
    Experts soon realize that this 50-ft creature is only an infant. The captain of the boat gets a lot of money charging admission fees for those who want to see it.
    Then the creature disappeared.

    What happens after that is what makes this story great. The way the creature (or its parent, I am not sure) gets its revenge is both special and creepy.

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    A rather unusual story when compared to Lovecraft's other work. It is more similar in theme to something by Junji Ito.

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    I thought it was genuinely horrific; much more clear than a normal Lovecraft story; but then this was more of a collaboration with his wife.

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    Be careful of what you take from the deep ocean.

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    The Horror at Martin's Beach
    Originally published November 1923
    We begin with Sailors battling a collosal beast, for hours they struggle to bring the creature to shore. When they do it causes panic and terror, the creature bears strange anatomical irregularities such as a single large eye and rudimentary forelegs and six-toed feet in place of pectoral fins. After inspection by marine biologists, it is revealed to be just a juvenile. A baby, which of course means there are larger beasts of similar fashion. This is when the terror sets in and moreso when the mother of this poor, strange creature seeks revenge.
    This short story could be much longer and I would have been very happy. For being Lovecraft I found it actually moved at a very quick speed. It's almost a Lovecraft for beginners pace and style. He puts the thesaurus down for a few paragraphs which is nice. Instead of taking paragraphs to explain a sentence he keeps it pretty focused.
    It's just really short with no lasting payoff

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    I love Lovecraft! The story was OK. In honor of him I can't give any of his books/stories lower then 4 stars! Its a basic horrors of the deep story but well written of course!

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    The moon went partly under a cloud, and in the half-light the line of swaying men resembled some sinister and gigantic centipede, writhing in the clutch of a terrible creeping death.

    In the early 1920's, a 50-foot monstrous fish is captured at sea, showing clear signs of mutation - digit-like arms, six-toed feet for dorsal fins, a single eyeball in its head. And it's an infant. Displayed as an oddity at the seaside resort of Martin's Beach, the creature and its ship museum is swept back to sea during a sudden, freak storm. The next day, the true horror begins.

    A terrific beach read!

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    A very effective short story; it’s been a while since I’ve read Lovecraft but I’m hesitant to see this as his story, since he was a reviser & editor. To me, this is clearly Sonia Greene: her descriptions are vivid, her vocab direct & clear to help readers visual what the characters are experiencing while keeping the actual nature of the horror obscured.

    The setting, themes, and conclusion feel very Lovecraftian, but I wonder if that’s more a reflection of horror stories of the 1920s than this being a co-written work between Greene & Lovecraft. Would love to hear other folx’s thoughts on this.

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    Wordswort Editions
    The language is strong in this one. Atmospheric, dynamic and vivid.
    The structure of this short story is constructred trough a third person narrator who does not partake in the content, thus it has a heterodiegetic narrator.
    The story is quite edwoodian, like a Ed Wood science fiction film from the fifties. It only misses aliens to be truly fullfilled.
    Read it!
    ¡Hasta luego!

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    And that my friends is precisely why I stay as far away from the ocean as possible. There’s some pretty whacky stuff down there that shouldn’t be messed with.

    A couple of sailors drop a line in the ocean to save someone, but something far heavier and sinister pulls back, causing a whirlpool of death and terrible screams.

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