The Man in the Brown Suit

The Man in the Brown Suit Newly Orphaned Anne Beddingfield Came To London Expecting Excitement She Didn T Expect To Find It On The Platform Of Hyde Park Corner Tube Station When A Fellow Passenger Pitches Onto The Rails And Is Electrocuted, The Doctor On The Scene Seems Intent On Searching The Victim Rather Than Examining Him Armed With A Single Clue, Anne Finds Herself Struggling To Unmask A Faceless Killer Known Only As The Colonel While The Colonel Struggles To Eliminate Her

Mary Westmacott, and was occasionally published under the name

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    The Man in the Brown Suit Colonel Race 1 , Agatha ChristieThe Man in the Brown Suit is a work of detective fiction by Agatha Christie, first published in the UK by The Bodley Head on 22 August 1924 and in the US by Dodd, Mead and Company later in the same year Orphan Anne Beddingfeld, in search of adventure, follows the clue in a note from the pocket of a murder victim Her journey takes her on an ocean voyage from London to Africa, and finally to a lost island, on the trail of stolen diamonds Nadina, a Russian dancer, receives a visit in her dressing room from Count Sergius Paulovitch Both are in the service of a man they call the Colonel , an international agent provocateur and criminal After many years, the Colonel is retiring, leaving his agents high and dry Nadina has double crossed the Colonel, however, keeping some De Beers diamonds from a crime years before She now plans to blackmail the Colonel with the diamonds 2008 1385 362 122 17 .

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    In the spirit of Read All the Christies, I ordered this after seeing it in someone s feed Could have been my mood, but I found that it didn t sustain my interest I ve been reading Christie for a long time, so it s not like I opened it with expectations of heart pumping action I d say I gave the first seventy or so pages a solid effort, but it never really caught me Part of it was definitely as Miriam noted in her review, that of connection with the lead, a young woman who wants adventure After witnessing a man collapse on the railway, and another man claiming to be a doctor rifle through the dead man s pockets, she manages to involve herself in investigating the death It s quite vague, and she needs to become a journalist in order to get access to information She s quite plucky, and it all feels very modern for a period book It s got that early Katharine Hepburn feel to it.I skimmed there s eventually African adventure, romance, and apparently espionage, which explains it Christie s thrillers have never particularly worked for me It makes even sense when I see in a friend s review that this was written as a serial, which means it was a very different set up than the normal story Apparently, isolated country manors and long train rides are where it is at for me.

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    The first in the Colonel Race series, the story began on an intriguing note with a very cryptic discussion about double crossing a spy We then flip to meeting Anne Bedingfield who becomes involved in the intrigue after witnessing an incident that could be tied to a recent murder Soon Anne is on a ship bound for South Africa with a host of different characters One of them being Colonel Race and the other being Sir Eustace Pedler whose diary entries break up Anne s narrative.This was a slow burn that definitely bored me to tears Colonel Race didn t really emerge as a character of interest and I didn t like the general way that AC worked the narrative.

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    It is really a hard life Men will not be nice to you if you are not good looking, and women will not be nice to you if you are.My first encounter with Agathie Christie s work was not a disappointment although, perhaps, it is not one of her most popular books, it was certainly an enjoyable entry into this genre Think Africa and diamonds and adventure and mystery welcome to The Man in The Brown Suit What I liked The fact that it was set in South Africa Everybody s heard the famous saying that books allow the mind to travel and see what the eyes would normally not be able to The hot, African climate and culture were huge assets of this book, creating a very intriguing backdrop to this mystery novel, and although some color connotations of the word murder mystery might be black and grey, maybe darker browns or even white this book put a complete twist to that stereotype It was packed with colour and scenery not too many descriptions , to create a vivid and entertaining read The travelling aspect Like I mentioned previously, the setting in this book is marvelous To be very blunt and save you from needless spoilers, let me just highlight the fact that there will be scenes in London there will be cruises and train rides and exploring waterfalls That s enough you need to know The friendships and romance At one point, in this book our protagonist, Anne Beddingfield, meets a new acquaintance, and their friendship slowly develops over time into true companionship Also, for those who like a little romance, there is definitely some present It felt a little cheesy at times, but sometimes, a little extra cheese is what you need Their relationship was, to put, a little casually, very cute, although maybe it was a bit too much at times especially when Anne immediately fell in love, claiming she loves him and wants to spend her life with him, when she literally just let him a couple of minutes ago, but still, it was heartwarming The actual mystery and murderer Don t threat, I won t spoil the ending for you, but let me just point out, that it was extremely well thought out cheeky little rhyme there , and nothing is as it seems to be There were references to things Christie experienced herself I read a very interesting blog on wordpress SPOILERS that claimed that some of the characters might have been based on people she met, and there was a particular scene the one with stray cats that was loosely based of the time where she had attempted to rescue a dog Two points of views This kept the book fast paced and very misleading, although Pedler was extremely sexist and sarcastic his diary entries were interesting to read, and he was a little hilariously pathetic at times The only problem with this book was that I, at times, found myself very irritated with Anne and, although, I admit to her being very brace and intelligent her actions didn t always do her wits justice Some of her decisions were a little immature, and if not for one special person, I doubt she d be alive at the end of the novel Also, I found myself a little lost with all the clues, but that might be because I am very inexperienced with this genre, and just need to pay attention A reread might be in order, although I m not a big fan of re reading books Overall, my first experience with an Agathe Christie book was a success Hopefully, I ll be able to read soon Murder on the Orient Express, anyone

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    Before there was Miss Jane Marple and very shortly after the birth of Hercule Poirot, there was Anne Beddingfield, the plucky heroine of The Man in the Brown Suit Dame Agatha Christie included Hercule Poirot in 45 books and Miss Jane Marple in than a dozen Even Tommy and Tuppence Beresford appear in four novels and a collection of short stories But Jane Beddingfield appears only in The Man in the Brown Suit although another character in this novel, the debonair Colonel Race, went on to appear in three More s the pity I would trade Tuppence Beresford and three dozen heroines for Anne any day of the week, and how wonderful it would be to have a dozen Anne Beddingfield novels to read Anne Beddingfield, the daughter of a famous but impecunious archeologist, dreams of a life of adventure right out of the Rhodesian romance novels and the cliffhanger film series The Perils of Pamela she adores On her father s death, the intrepid orphan is so anxious for adventure that she casts caution to the wind after witnessing the death of one L.B Carton at the Hyde Park Tube Station Anne spends her last 86 to travel on the ship Kilmorden Castle to continue her investigation into both Carton s murder and a related one Onboard ship, Anne gets enough excitement to satisfy anyone including any reader lucky enough to get a hold of this book I know it s a clich , but Anne really is plucky, clever, and imaginative, and I fell in love with her immediately I only wish I could enjoy her in some sequels Highly, highly recommended.Narrator Emilia Fox on the Audible edition of The Man in the Brown Suit makes the tale even sublime.

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    A great read As always, Christie is a master of the crime detective genre, managing to make this a fun and exciting romp without decreasing any of the mystery and sense of the sinister All of the characters had their own charms, but Colonel Race really made the book, even though he seemed to stay in the backdrop a lot of the time I must say I felt rather sorry for his lack of luck with Anne, but I m looking forward to revisiting his character in the later books Anne, although not the most likeable heroine, is spunky and fearless, and her romance with Harry is one of the highlights of this book There s always something attractive about a brave and pretty young lady on an adventure falling in love with a handsome, rugged young man who s been framed for murder Christie turns this tired old cliche into something that holds your interest and makes you want to turn the page.The Man in the Brown Suit is a must read for all Christie fans, and those who fancy a fast and furious bit of reading fun There s a little of something in it for everyone a crime and its solving , unique characters, a spot of romance, and an all round adventure.

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    One of Christie s earlier novels Just like most of her stories during the early 1920 s, this is of an adventure thriller than the traditional Whodunnit that you d associate with her.Young Anne Beddingfeld is looking for adventure, when she witnesses what seems to appear as an accidental death on the London Underground it soon leads her travelling to South Africa.I really loved the set up of this novel, it felt so familiar to many of Christie s other novels I was instantly hooked on the mystery.Even the journey to South Africa had some great intriguing moments.The majority of the story is told through Anne s perspective, she s such an interesting character and was easy to follow her story.During the second half of the novel the story starts to introduce diary entries which I found to be slightly jarring and disrupted the flow of the story.Even though I probably won t recommend this to a Christie novice as an introductory point, I still felt it was the best one out of all her early thrillers.

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    My first Christie without Poirot or Marple and I still enjoyed it, much to my surprise Anne was a feisty, independent minded protagonist She was a bit of an insta detective though A good range of supporting characters It was also interesting to read about South Africa and Rhodesia contemporary fiction at the time, and now historical fiction You wouldn t know that this is one of Christie s earlier novels.

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    4.5 I had the firm conviction that, if I went about looking for adventure, adventure would meet me halfway It is a theory of mine that one always gets what one wants The Man in the Brown Suit, or Anna the Adventurous, was published as a serial in 1923, and is completely over the top Instead of our usual detective story, we have a thriller, involving an international crime organisation with a secret arch villain at its head, although there is of course murder and mystery All starts with our intrepid heroine witnessing a man fall to his death at Hyde Park station Add to this a piece of paper with a cryptic clue, the smell of mothballs, and a man in a brown suit, and our Anna throws herself to the chase, leading her into ever dangerous situation, and a trip to South Africa You do still get Christie s sarcastic self through the lines, with the wicked wit shining through the descriptions and narration, but this is ultimately just a fun adventure Don t over think it just enjoy it, like I did 0

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    Sir Eustace Pedler, M.P.

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