Unfettered You Define Life Or It Defines You In Shawn Speakman S Case, It Was Both Lacking Health Insurance And Diagnosed With Hodgkin S Lymphoma In , Shawn Quickly Accrued A Massive Medical Debt That He Did Not Have The Ability To PayThat S When New York Times Bestselling Author Terry Brooks Offered To Donate A Short Story That Shawn Could Sell To Help Alleviate Those Bills And Suggested He Ask The Same Of His Other Writer Friends Unfettered Is The Result An Anthology Built In Order To Relieve That Debt, FeaturingShort Stories By Patrick Rothfuss, Terry Brooks, Tad Williams, Carrie Vaughn, Jacqueline Carey, Peter V Brett, Peter Orullian, R A Salvatore, Todd Lockwood, Black Charlton, Daniel Abraham, Kevin Hearne, Mark Lawrence, David Anthony Durham, Jennifer Bosworth, Robert VS Redick, Eldon Thompson, Naomi Novik, Robert Jordan Brandon Sanderson, Michael J Sullivan, Lev Grossman, Terry Brooks, And, Of Course, Shawn SpeakmanWith The Help Of Stalwart Friends And These Wonderful Short Stories, Shawn Has Taken The Gravest Of Life S Hardships And Created Something Magical Unfettered Is Not Only A Fantastic Anthology In Its Own Right, But It S A Testament To The Generosity Found In The Science Fiction And Fantasy Community Proof That Humanity Can Give Beyond Itself When The Need Arises After All, Isn T That The Driving Narrative In Fantasy Literature LengthHrs AndMins

Shawn Speakman grew up in the beautiful wilds of Washington State near a volcano and surrounded by old growth forests filled with magic After moving to Seattle to attend the University of Washington, he befriended New York Times best selling fantasy author Terry Brooks and became his webmaster, leading to an enchanted life surrounded by words.He was a manager at one of the largest Barnes No

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    Over the last couple weeks, people have been asking me about this anthology, where my first ever short story published But I can t write an honest review of it yet, as I haven t had a chance to read it all the way through I can say that what I ve read so far, I ve really liked In addition to that, I did write the introduction to the book, and since that explains what the anthology is all about, I m going to put that up here so people can see it Can I be honest here I don t read forewords Can I be painfully honest I don t even know what forwards are for Am I supposed to somehow convince you to buy this book Are you even now standing in a bookstore, reading this, your gut roiling with indecision That doesn t seem to make sense to me For one thing, you can see the folks in this anthology You ve read their names on the cover It couldn t be impressive if it included Lord Krishna and Optimus Prime If those names didn t convince you, what could I possibly say that might tip you over the edge I mean, it is true that owning this book will make you roughly 38% attractive Its mere presence on your shelf boosts your metabolism, too And there s the fact that touching it on a daily basis is proven to cure scrofula and reverse baldness Seriously, what do you expect I m in the book And I m a professional liar You can t trust my opinion on this matter Of course I d like you to buy it Maybe you ve already bought this book, and now I m supposed to somehow reassure you, make it clear you ve spent your money wisely Is that the point of a foreword Am I just trying to help you stave off the chilly hand of buyer s remorse It seems to me that in both those cases, you d be better served just reading the book rather than looking here for answers I mean, honestly We re 200 words in at this point If you d just skipped this foreword you d already be on the second page of one of the stories Well fine If you re here, I guess you want something else And given that I don t know what I m supposed to write in a foreword, I m just going to tell you a story Back in 2007, my first book was published Also in 2007 my mom died of cancer In 2007, I also met Shawn Speakman I found out that he d had cancer in the past and beaten it My thoughts at the time were an odd mingling of confused What You can do that and thrilled Yeah Take that, goddamn cancer When he contacted me in 2011 and told me that he d gotten a new cancer It s hard to describe how I felt Pissed off sums it up fairly well But there was also a sense of unfairness to it all Nobody should have to deal with that shit twice When I asked for details, I was glad to hear that it was very treatable Very beatable I think I said something like, Damn That s really awful but congrats on getting a really good cancer Those of you who have had personal brushes with cancer will understand this statement The rest of you probably not so much But there was bad news Shawn couldn t get health insurance because he d had cancer before That meant his treatment was probably going to bankrupt him When he told me about his plans for an anthology to raise money for his bills, I said I d be happy to give him a story It was a no brainer for me, as it allowed me to, if not spit directly into cancer s eye, then at least to glare at it angrily from across the room The fact that other authors have joined this anthology in such numbers shows what good folks sci fi and fantasy authors are I have a grudge against cancer It was an easy choice for me But a lot of them are merely doing this to help out a friend in a tight spot And by buying this book, you ve helped too Thanks for that You re a good person Alright, I ve wasted enough of your time here On to the stories Pat Rothfuss, May 2013 If you d like to order a copy of unfettered, you can order one directly from Shawn over here There are also links to e book options on his site Or you can order a copy from The Tinker s Packs where I ll sign it, and money will go to Shawn and Worldbuilders tooLater space coyboyspat

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    Yes, I have a story in this anthology so my rating comes from all stories except The Jester I ll leave it to others to say how well I did on that particular piece I am going to provide the brief intro to my piece, though, in the hopes that finding out what my story is about will help others take a look The characters of Royce and Hadrian came to me during my self imposed ten year hiatus from writing After crafting twelve novels and spending a decade getting nowhere, I had determined that publication was hopeless, and I had vowed never to write creatively again But they kept invading my mind, and as hard as I tried to silence them, I finally gave in, on one condition that I would write a book that I wanted to read and forgo any thoughts of publication What a fun time I had bringing these two rogues to life My wife decided to circumvent my plans and got the books published, and hence Riyria was born The six books of The Riyria Revelations were released by Orbit in three two book omnibus volumes, and while I thought that would be the end of Royce and Hadrian, readers clad for Because I didn t want to tack on to a carefully choreographed ending, The Riyria Chronicles were born to explore adventures that occurred during the twelve years the pair were together before Revelations began.The short story I ve provided is a Chronicles tale It takes place after the events of The Rose and the Thorn and before those of Theft of Swords Even so, it s a stand alone story and no prior experience with any of my books is required to enjoy it to its fullest Crafting a work for Unfettered was quite a daunting experience I wanted to help Shawn and his cause, but how could I not be intimidated by the esteem of the authors I d be sharing the pages with Like Riyria, I hope that I rose to the challenge, and that you ll be entertained by The Jester, a story of adventure, bonds of friendship, and a recognition that the choices we make dictates the future we find I m going to also provide the first paragraph to The Jester as that is sometimes a good way to get people interested in a story.Hadrian discovered that the most fascinating thing about plummeting in total darkness wasn t the odd sense of euphoria instilled from the free fall or the abject terror derived from anticipating sudden death, but that he had the opportunity to contemplate both The drop was that far Unfettered is the brain child of Terry Brooks who wanted to find a way to help out Shawn Speakmanhis website designer who racked up 200,000 in uninsured medical expenses while fighting Hodgkin s cancer Terry donated a short story, and other fatnasy authors followed suit No one is taking an compensation from their stories, all money will go paying off Shawn s bills, and if there is any left overhe ll start a fund to help other authors as well.The line up for this project is legend It includes Terry Brooks, Patrick Rothfuss, Naomi Novik, Brandon Sanderson, R.A Salvatore, Tad Williams, Jacqueline Carey, Daniel Abraham, Peter V Brett, Robert V.S Redick, Peter Orullian, Todd Lockwood, Carrie Vaughn, Blake Charlton, Kevin Hearne, Mark Lawrence, David Anthony Durham, Jennifer Bosworth, Lev Grossman, Michael J Sullivan, Eldon Thompson, and Shawn Speakman.In addition to donating a Royce and Hadrian short story, I also helped Shawn with formatting the ebook This gave me a sneak peek at all the stories and while they are all good, I told myself before I started reading that I would choose 10 as my favorites Here is the list presented in order of where they appear in the book Game of Chance by Carrie Vaughn Mudboy by Peter V Brett Keeper of Memory by Todd Lockwood Heaven in a Wild Flower by Blake Charlton The Chapel Perilous by Kevin Hearne Select Mode by Mark Lawrence All the Girls Love Michael Stein by David Anthony Durham Strange Rain by Jennifer Bosworth Unbowed by Eldon Thompson The Duel by Lev Grossman Update 6 21 2013 So yesterday I completed my proofing of the ebook version of Unfettered and the book is now back in the hands of Shawn for posting I must say there is a wide variety of stories in here and I think you d be hard pressed not to find something that tickles your fancy One thing that I found most remarkable, is even books that were part of a franchise that I haven t read I still found them extremely enjoyable and engaging.Still debating the ethics of giving a rating as I have a story in this volume, but if I were to rate it, the marks would be high indeed Update 6 27 2013 The following would be considered spoiler material please don t read this portion until after you finish the story view spoiler I m not really known for writing short stories I write novelsI think in terms of novelsEverything I do comes out at 100,000 words The first real short story I ever put out there was The Viscount and the Witch To make it I cheated Basically I wrote what I would consider the start of a story and just made sure that it wrapped up and had a complete ending.For The Jester I applied the same cheat but in reverse order I decided to write the end of a story and could keep the word count down by referencing what would probably be a full book s worth of mayhem that had occurred up to the point of the climax It was a fun way to write it I m sure that given it s construction, some might wonder if I ll ever put the front end on it Who knows I certainly don t I have ho plans of doing so at this point, as I have so many other projects awaiting my attention, but it was an awful lot of fun coming up with the snippets of what happened before page one of this story hide spoiler

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    I admit it.I m biased.I think Unfettered is badass than Patrick Rothfuss s beard.That said, I am a fantasy fan first I always will be And I am perhaps even judgmental of projects that I am working on than those I m not So when I say Unfettered is a solid fantasy anthology and deserves to be read, I mean it.There are several short stories in here that should be nominated for Hugo Awards No joke And the rest are solid entries There are two I d love to see grown into full length novels one day And I m even happy with my own short story, something I don t say too often about my own work.If you love fantasy and love what these writers do, Unfettered is a great place for you You will read stories from some of your favorite writers you will read and hopefully fall in love with some new writers That s the point To be a great sampling and promote reading of the fantastic.I hope you love Unfettered as much as I enjoyed putting it together Thank you to you all And I m happy to give a HUGE thank you to my writers Without you, this wouldn t have happened.Cheers S.

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    This is an anthology of short stories taking place in well knows fantasy series I will update my review as I read stories, but for now this is only a partial one River of Souls Series Wheel of Time, Author Brandon Sanderson. I admit this was the main attraction for me The whole story is a big spoiler for something which is revealed in the last book of the huge series, so even the slightest hint on the plot would contain some I will try to at least minimize them and just mention that it gives a glimpse on the answer to the question which bothered the fans of the series since book 6 what the heck was Demandred up to I already mentioned spoilers The only appropriate time to read the story is after you finish the main series It cannot even be read right before the last book I need to mention something else this is not a canon story Jordan said several times that he will not write anything related to the subject it deals with Sanderson decided the subject needs some explanation, so he wrote this part According to late Jordan s wishes it was cut off the main books, but it made its way to the anthology For the fans of the series who have read everything else it provides a nice if short last journey into the world build by Robert Jordan 3.5 stars.The Jester Series Riyria Revelations, Author Michael J Sullivan The dynamic duo, I mean Riyria, I mean Hadrian and Royce undertook a job to recover a hidden treasure of late royal jester who also happened to be a dwarf All they need to do is overcome lots and lots of obstacles in form of monsters and traps The biggest and the only weakness of the story it its length it is way too short We are dumped in the middle of the action right when the party is being chased by a monster I would love for this tale to start at least from the beginning of journey Still the dynamics between two main heroes which made the series is present as well as some humor 3.5 stars.Despite the average rating for the stories I reviews I will round it up just out of respect for both series 4 stars.

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    This was a rather enjoyable anthology I read some stories, skimmed others and skipped some I might go back and read re read some of these in the future, but for now, here are individual ratings of the ones I did read Imaginary Friends by Terry Brooks 3 stars How Old Holly Came To Be by Patrick Rothfuss 2 stars The Old Scale Game by Tad Williams 2 stars The Martyr of the Roses by Jacqueline Carey 4 stars Mudboy by Peter V Brett 3 stars Select Mode by Mark Lawrence 4 stars River of Souls by Robert Jordan Brandon Sanderson 5 stars The Jester by Michael J Sullivan 4 stars Walker and the Shade of Allanon by Terry Brooks 4 stars

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    Well I ve yet to read any of the stories except mine but mine s off the hook D go buy this the leather bound signed by all the author copies went in a hurry but you can still snag a fine trade edition.I expect some of those other guys are ok too

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    I ve started reading this short story collection, and so far I m definitely enjoying it I ll keep updating my review as I progress through it Imaginary Friends by Terry Brooks I really enjoyed this story, it s very well written and I liked the combination of the two worlds, with how each fantastical adventure was preceded by a hit on the head It made for an interesting story, where you could view it as all in the kid s imagination, or that it was real The whole brain cancer or whatever it was angle was also really interesting, if this was the precursor of one of his series, I may have to check it out 5 5 stars How Old Holly Came To Be by Patrick Rothfuss I absolutely love Rothuss Kingkiller series, and while this short story is really interesting, on it s own I didn t love it The story telling format was incredibly unique, and I love how it is probably a story song Kvothe s world However, I wish there had been meat on the bones, I want to know about the woman and the anthropomorphic Holly Tree, but in this story format that was impossible Still, it stuck with me, and I really enjoyed it, I just feel like Old Holly isn t an accurate representation of Rothfuss writing for a new reader 4.5 5 stars The Old Scale Game by Tad Williams This was a really fun little story, but I kind of felt like a lot of possibly cool moments were skipped over, and instead the book focused solely on entertaining conversations Still, the idea of the short story was very fun and enjoyable if unbelievable and goofy Who would expect a story about a whole traveling group of monsters lead by an old knight and an old dragon, going across the country scamming villages 4 5 stars Game of Chance by Carrie Vaughn I loved this short story, and it s from one of the few authors that I haven t read in this collection If the story had a little world building to explain the magic system and what the characters are doing and why they are immediately killed if they interact too directly with the real world they took themselves slightly out of it would be perfect Still, I really enjoyed the world and the story, and the writing was superb It s incredibly original, and really grabbed my attention My only other problem with it is that while I really liked the ending, I wish that it was a little longer, as it felt a bit abrupt I ll be sure to check out this author s other books 5 5 stars The Martyr of the Roses by Jacqueline Carey This was a good short story, that accurately represents the origin of the author s main series except there isn t any kinky sex It s well written, and very visual, but I wish there was a little to the story It almost felt to me like this was a small part of a larger story, that the reader is being dropped into a day of 4 5 stars Mudboy by Peter V Brett This was an amazing short story, that really makes me wish it was the start of a full book which I guess it kind of is as the author said in the intro that a lot of the Daylight War features Briar, but it will probably be when he s older It has that excellent feel of the other Demon Cycle Books especially the first , and is a heart wrenching tale, with very interesting and developed characters and even a new demon fighting evading technique unless it was in the other books and I m forgetting it I love the child character and the family, and it s horrible how the rest of the town treats the half blood Briar The ending was horrifying but very well written, however I must have skipped over an important part of the plot, as I was confused when Briar realizes what happened, and had to re read it, but it was worth it when I saw what the cause of the fire was This story really makes me want to read The Daylight War immediately, which is currently sitting on my shelf, I think that sill be what I read when I m done with Unfettered 5 5 stars The Sound of Broken Absolutes by Peter Orullian Wow, I absolutely loved this short story, which is really a Novelette It is so well written, that it had me tearing up multiple times throughout I loved the two sides of the story, where the teacher has to deal with his apparent failure by fixing his most precious instrument and healing his own past, while the student leaves to go fight a war to defend his homeland with the music he d learn to save the world re purposed to destroy his enemies on the battlefield Both parts are excellent, with the music theory, instrument crafting, and general soul of the teacher half being really interesting and heartfelt, while the musical warfare of the student is an awesome and horrifying look into the power of music in this world I m really not sure which part I liked , but both of them are great for completely different reasons Then the way it ends is also just absolutely perfect, I don t want to spoil it at all, so I ll just say that I loved it It s been a while since I read Orullian s debut, so I can t remember if any of the characters in this story were featured in the book, but I will say that this story seems very different from the epic debut that reminded me of Lord of the Rings and The Wheel of Time This story was so good that it makes we wish I could read the second book right now, and I would say that this story by itself is worth the price of admission for Unfettered Honestly, this may be my favorite short story that I ve ever read 5 5 stars The Coach with Big Teeth by R.A Salvatore Man this story was bad, and so out of place, I have no idea what it s doing in a Fantasy Anthology It s written very simplistically, and the story is incredibly cliche and predictable Then, after of course the main character looses the game for the team, the text shifts to italic and everyone except for his father turns into Zombies who promptly eat the kid alive I couldn t figure out if this was supposed to have actually happend, or if this was just how the kid felt after his failure which makes a lot sense to me Still, even if you re going to do a Zombie twist to try to fit the story into a Fantasy anthology like Unfettered, it just wasn t written well at all To me, this story feels like it was written by a depressed emo goth kid setting his heart down on the page after losing the game and gaining the perceived hatred of his peers and father I don t know what Salvatore was thinking when he sent this story in, because it never should have left the junk folder on his computer, and that s coming from a big Salvatore fan 1 5 stars Keeper of Memory by Todd Lockwood This was a good short story, but the main parts of it were kind of confusing The reader gets thrown into a conflict that has been going on for awhile, and you don t get to learn much about it, other then that a bunch of evil dark dragons and monsters are attacking and killing human cities The main character here is an apprentice memory keeper, assigned to learn and hold all of the history of their civilization He s sent out to gather special berries for magical tattooing, and along the way he get s lost and encounters a confusing little magical girl that kind of helps him there s also a lot of things here which would probably be significant if you d read his books, but for me was just kind of goofy Later in the story, there is a lot of prophecy and future telling, where I assume that for Lockwood s full fantasy series, the main character is the reincarnated character from this short story I enjoyed the story, but I kind of felt like it would have worked much better if I had read any of his books 4 5 stars Heaven in a Wild Flower by Blake Charlton This was an excellent story, which was very original and interesting It s basically a post apocalyptic story, where a large group of scientists created their own heaven, and after the people left on Earth attacked them, they released nano machines that sterilized most of the humans left alive The story takes place years later, and now the people that ascended into the man made heaven are reincarnated back on Earth when they want to experience the real world again Since female humans are so rare in this world, and most of the men are pretty desperate, when a person finds a reincarnated baby girl, their lives become attached to the girl, and if she dies the father dies as well However, having a daughter is a huge social benefit, as the few adult women want to raise a daughter of their own, and will become a partner to the father for the chance, so when the main character Lopez finds a glowing reincarnated baby on his property, he takes it in and ties his life to her s The story that follows is very heartfelt, as the daughter grows up but is diagnosed with Leukemia, and most of the medication that would have cured it isn t available any I almost absolutely loved this story, but it was just so depressing, I wish there was at least a little bit of hope to be found here, or if the reader could have learned about what happened, or something else Still, it s an excellent short story 5 5 stars Dogs by Daniel Abraham This is another story that I disliked and felt really out of place in the anthology, but at least it had much better writing than The Coach with Big Teeth First off, I know that this anthology is called Unfettered, but every author is a Fantasy author, and almost all of the stories are fantasy stories, so when a story takes place completely in the real world without any fantasy, it s weird and doesn t fit with the rest of the book Even goofier, is that in Daniel Abraham s introduction, he talks about how this is a horror story, and it just flat out isn t This is a story about a guy recovering from a vicious attack by a roving pack of feral dogs, where he tries to live in a world where everything has changed for him While there is a lot of stuff about how we re living with predators, and how 1 in 5 dogs bite, how crazy an idea it is I disagree with a lot of the assumptions the author makes The whole attack and the main character s recovery of it bears much resemblance to a gang rape than a dog attack, and I m not sure why the author went this route If he wanted to talk about rape, the main character should have been raped, but for it being a dog attack it just didn t really make sense maybe he was just trying to go about it in a round about manner, but I didn t care for it I found a lot of problems with the story itself as well, mainly with how the main character opens the door for his little dog after he s back home, relegating the tiny house doggy if it could fit into his friend s jacket it must be really small to the dangerous outside world almost guarantee s its death by being run over, eating by larger predators, or starvation It s even weirder with how he has no remorse over it, and his other reactions when he still goes to the pound to look at the dogs If he couldn t handle having a dog after being attacked, he should have re homed the dog, instead of just letting it free in the urban jungle This part just really bothered me I thought it was also goofy how if he was so scared of being attacked again, why didn t he carry a can of mace, a knife, a baton, a gun, something to defend himself He just seems so completely helpless, and they also don t talk at all about his family or who the guy was before the attack, the character just wasn t developed enough Then to end as it did, I get what the author was going for, where it s saying that this character will have to live with the anxiety for the rest of his life, but it s just an odd abrupt ending I simply did not like this story, and I would give it an even lower score, but honestly the actual writing was good, even though the story was bad 2 5 stars The Chapel Perilous by Kevin Hearne I really enjoyed this story, it works very well as a back story for the character if you already loved the Iron Druid series, or as an exciting standalone adventure re imagining of King Arthur s hunt for the Holy Grail This story has humor, action, and an intelligent interesting new look at a historical fantasy tale Personally, I haven t read any of Kevin Hearne s books, though I do have some sitting on my bookshelf, and reading this short story really made we want to jump into his full books My only real problem with this short story, is that I felt like it could have possibly been longer, mainly when the Iron Druid comes to the castle and meets with the the Pict Necromancer To me, it almost seemed like the set up for a bigger story, but since it had to be shorter, instead of playing the long game, the Druid immediately confronted the main villain This whole scene was very cool, the action throughout the story was excellent and exciting, but I just thought there would be a little to it Still, I really loved this story, and I think I ll have to move his books up on my to read list 5 5 stars Select Mode by Mark Lawrence I really thought this was a great little story that amazingly shrunk the entire essence concept of the Prince of Thorns book down into a very condensed short story It has the post apocalyptic world with misunderstood technological remnants from the builders, Jorg s unique personality and impulsive gritty violence combined with his tortured history, all wrapped around in Lawrence s excellent writing I will say though, that the author introduction was very odd, as while the title of the Anthology is Unfettered, and some authors wrote completely random stories that didn t fit in with everything else, Lawrence on the other hand was asked by Speakman to create a story set in his broken empire, a Jorg story, which seems very limited fettered Still, for the story itself, I immensely enjoyed it, and I think that it should be a great story for readers new to Jorg and Mark Lawrence, along with being awesome for people that have already enjoyed the adventures of our Prince King Emperor of Thorns However, it does feel fragmented, as the reader doesn t get to see how they were captured, or what they were doing before hand This just feels like a tiny little vignette into the day of the life of Jorg Still, I loved this tiny little short story, and it makes me look forward even so to the release of Emperor of Thorns 5 5 stars All the Girls Love Michael Stein by David Anthony Durham I really enjoyed this short, simple, and heartfelt story There isn t a whole lot to it, and it s a bit childish unbelievable This story s world is absolutely filled with highly intelligent cat ghosts , but I loved it for what it was I think that this story would make an amazing picture book for children, it s very visual and original, and I think it would be perfect if it was fully illustrated If I compare it to my favorite stories in this Anthology, it doesn t quite compare, but it s just a well written quick little story with a lot of heart 4.5 5 stars Strange Rain by Jennifer Bosworth For me this is the most forgettable short story in Unfettered There s nothing really bad about this story although the reasoning of the main character is really goofy , it s just that I would keep thinking about what this story was, and it would always take awhile for anything to come to mind There isn t too much to the story, it s just a quick origin for two characters in the author s series I wasn t sure what was up with the cloud that followed her if it was real or not and what was up with the brain control the random guy apparently had The writing was fine, but there wasn t enough about the characters for me to dig in, and ultimately I just didn t really care for the story It s highly possible that this short story would be awesome for people that are fans of the author s books and already know the characters world, but for me it was nothing special 3 5 stars Nocturne by Robert V.S Redick Ugh, this story was an absolute mess It s just all over the place, and I have no idea what the author was trying to do here None of it makes any sense, it first appears that the main character is a prince and his city is under attack, but then after his treasonous guard captain talks to him in full eloquent sentences through morse code, the story changes and he s apparently hallucinating, then he s still in the castle but now he s a musician and his Dad is talking about him and he seems like he s in a mental institution, but then it randomly shifts to a confusing flashback, and then an even random abrupt jump forward where apparently he has been reincarnated This is just so bad, and I found myself skimming hoping that the story would be shorter and I could finish it and move on to something better I just didn t like this story at all, and I really think it s a poorly over written confusing mess of a story 1 5 stars Unbowed by Eldon Thompson I really loved this short story, and since I haven t read anything by the author before, I m definitely going to have to check out his books This story feels like the beginning of an excellent book, but it still has an appropriate and fitting end I kind of wished that things had went down differently, but what did happen was very powerful, and provided a great character building experience for the main character There s just so many awesome things about this book to talk about, but to avoid spoilers, I ll just say that I loved the characters and the writing is excellent Unbowed is definitely one of the best stories in the Unfettered Anthology, and I can t wait to read the author s other books, especially if this is a good example of his other work 5 5 stars In Favour with Their Stars by Naomi Novik This short story is kind of goofy and confusing, as it s essentially an alternate universe futuristic sci fi version of the Temerarie books For a while, I couldn t figure out if they were the same dragons but they survived until space travel colonization existed, or what as everyone has the same names as the books Also, the sci fi stuff didn t seem really believable, and I found it to be very difficult to visualize in my mind I also thought it was weird with how the story just ends, when it really just seems like the beginning of a story The writing itself is fine, I just wasn t very impressed with the story I almost wonder if people that haven t read any of the Temerarie books might enjoy this story , as I really just felt like this was fan fiction, not a short story written by the same author that created the original books The story isn t necessarily bad I just didn t really enjoy it 3 5 stars River of Souls by Robert Jordan Brandon Sanderson I ve read every Wheel of Time book except for the last one, so I had a little trepidation that there might be some spoilers, but there really weren t any I enjoyed this short story, and surprisingly the main character which is kind of evil I really enjoyed how it gave another look at the other side, with how this character had his own prophecy to fulfill and he had a whole group adventuring with him as well However, I kind of wish that there had been here to sink my teeth into First off, in the big battle of the short story, it cuts away and comes back at the end, which was a letdown Then, I felt like there should have been before it finishes, and it instead just ends up feeling like a rough draft of the first second chapter of a character s story in the final WoT book I d love to see it expanded, and what is here I really enjoyed, but it wasn t anything amazing, and I was left slightly disappointed 4 5 stars To Be Continued in the Comments section

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    Meta ISFDB, edited by Shawn SpeakmanDozois praised this anthology to be one of the year s best The author list is impressing as well, any hard core fan of Brooks, Rothfuss, Williams etc would probably order it instantly Especially knowing that it is a kind of charity where authors donated stories to help the editor out of financial debts imposed by his medical situation, treating cancer This alone is a curiosity for my cultural background Here in Germany, everyone has health insurance, no one would have to face those dangers I don t know if Mr Speakman s solution to the problem is very common in U.S or people go bankrupt But I simply don t find myself into this donation system But what I understand completely is the cancer background of several of those stories My father had cancer for over a year, and he passed away last September.So, there is some part that I do understand und some part of the context that I don t I don t want to praise each and every story alone because of the charity effect If you care for it, you ll buy it anyways, right What I ll do, is to disregard the charity effect Meaning If I think that a story doesn t work for me, I won t give it stars only because it was donated for a good cause Does that sound fair You ll find the reviews below I had high expections because there are many authors involved that I really like I never crossed an anthology that frustrated me so much after a couple of stories that I wanted to toss it aside Summing up, I think that the anthology as a project of fiction failed Out of 24 stories, I only can recommend works of three authors, none achieved my best mark of 5 stars What makes it really a failure are the loads of bad stories in it 6 got only 1 star meaning I didn t like it and one even zero stars meaning I hated it Only one Nocturne tried getting out of standard narrative structures and risk a literary experiment The overall topic was a bit vague and the stories didn t find new answers.My favourite stories were The Sound of Broken Absolutes by Peter Orullian Unbowed by Eldon Thompson The Unfettered Knight and The Twilight Dragon by Shawn Speakman Zero, for me were The Duel by Lev Grossman The Coach With Big Teeth by R.A Salvatore Imaginary Friends by Terry Brooks How Old Holly Came to Be by Patrick Rothfuss Dogs by Daniel Abraham Nocturne by Robert V.S Reddick Walker and the Shade of Allanon by Terry Brooks Contents from isfdb for Foreword Unfettered essay by Patrick Rothfuss absolutely amusing Introduction On Becoming Unfettered essay by Shawn Speakman how the editor got the contributions for Imaginary Friends 1991 novelette by Terry Brooks precursor to Brooks Woid and Void series Blending reality and fantasy A heartwarming story about overcoming cancer and the inner battle for survival Predictable, dull plot, shallow characters, pretty dated fantasy, a waste of time for How Old Holly Came To Be shortstory by Patrick Rothfuss love poem between a holly tree and a lady for The Old Scale Game shortstory by Tad Williams 10th century English retired knight and dragon hatch a scheme to fake a fight, con is expanding Nothing new plotline similar to Dragonheart Lighthearted, shallow read 1 2 for Game of Chance 2013 shortfiction by Carrie Vaughn Magician gang try to change history to create a better world Main protagonist stumbles into their ranks but doesn t share their vision She concentrates on small things instead 1 2 for The Martyr of the Roses 2013 shortstory by Jacqueline Carey precursor to Kushiel s series set in an alternate Russia I don t know anything about Kushiel, so this story imposed only confusion upon me all those locations, names might have meaning for fans Topic is decadent against barbaric civilization Two friends from different background witness a miracle Not self contained Too much fluff for too few stuff 1 2 for Mudboy shortstory by Peter V Brett The world Briarpatch is growing up is full of demons The young boy does not only have to evade those fiends but also his elder brothers and sisters And he needs to pee all the time but has to hold back Good characterization, great setting, dark atmosphere, nice tension arc The Warded Man has been sitting on my TBR shelf for a while but I ll come back for it now sooner than later for The Sound of Broken Absolutes novella by Peter Orullian Musician student destroys his teacher s instrument and goes to war Those two POVs confront us with difficult choices how to use education and rebuild facing the loss of a loved one Very good character development, great setting, interesting magic system, lots of music It remembered me a bit of Cat Stevens Father and Son The interleaving of the two stories is emotionally involving with its mourning and grief for The Coach With Big Teeth sports shortstory by R A Salvatore Salvatore introduces and motivates this story very well with his personal background But my sport is soccer I know a bit of basketball, boxing, etc But nothing about baseball This story throws loads of technical terms at me, that could be Kisuaheli cursing I simply can t follow Other sport stories do it better Overbearing coach doesn t accepts young and timid baseballer s failure Cliche, Predictable but horrifying end for Keeper of Memory novelette by Todd Lockwood Lockwood is widely known as an artist, e.g his cover illustration for this anthology or for Natural History of Dragons I know a couple of additional works from him, but I wouldn t count him to my favourite artists He didn t publish much fiction yet one story besides of this and there is his debut novel The Summer Dragon currently edited at DAW books The last days of a country under siege, fighting dragons Only a group of scholars preserve the history of their people One encounters in a dream like sequence a maybe future featuring main protagonist Maia from his debut novel Somewhat rough dialogues, but interesting setting I ll watch for the author s novel, appearing in 2016 for Heaven in a Wild Flower SF novelette by Blake Charlton men built a technological heaven from where they incarnate or turn back Natural born children are seldom, baby girls even When someone picks up an incarnated baby, his life is bound to the child This is a father daughter story with quite predictable ending SF background remains mysterious Plotline is emotionally very involving, but story and action wise a bit tenacious or even boring Strong characters The basic philosophical questions, i.e difference between natural and reincarnated death, is handled very weakly I ll come back to this author and will dive a bit into his novel for Dogs novelette by Daniel Abraham I hate horror stories This one is no exception predictable A man is attacked by a pack of dogs and has to rebuild his life But all dogs even his own could be time bombs Confused, unexplained motivations and setting But pacing is good for The Chapel Perilous novelette by Kevin Hearne very entertaining retake of 6th century Sir Gawain s quest for the grail this time with a druid as knight, a necromantic pict laying waste to the Fisher King s empire In fact, the grail s legend is founded in celtic mythology and this is a loosely derived but excellently told story The frame story starts with the same druid in contemporary U.S telling his intelligent dog and his apprentice this story This modern, cool language gives the epic quest a funny side note which I liked And there is this sidekick horse AppleJack which is wise in its own way, always holding back the druid s cockiness I ll put Hearne s series start Hounded on my tbr shelf this is Atticus s origin story and how he came to his cold iron amulet and the silver charms on his necklace as well as his inspiration to teach languages to animals like to his dog Oberon for Select Mode shortstory by Mark Lawrence Set in the Broken Empire featuring Jorg and The Nuban shortly before the start of Prince of Thorns Religious fanatics catch some mercenaries and force them to undertake a ritual to see if they are worthy to be inducted into the group Offers nothing in terms of character building, just a small bit of world building It is intended for those who want a short introduction to a day in life of Jorg You won t get out much if you know his series already Given that, it was ok.No, I m not a Lawrence fanboy, sorry about that for All the Girls Love Michael Stein ghost story by David Anthony Durham When cats die, they don t leave the world No, they change from selfish creatures to caring ghost felines Problem is that they can t interact and the living cats simply don t care Michael Stein is such a dead cat and a girl misses him Heartwarming, easy read without much depth for Strange Rain shortstory by Jennifer Bosworth prequel to Struck which is about lightnings that change your life In this case it is the life of conjoined twins where one suffers from the separation and the other starts to develop a life of his own Nice character study, some weirdness, but not too interesting for Nocturne novelette by Robert V S Redick fever dreams of a Romanian 19th century male turning into a weird story a challenge non linear narration, perspective changes, some strong visualizations I usually like such stories but I couldn t connect to this one it was a struggle to even understand the setting It could have been anything starting from fantasy or SF in a different world to a weird fairy tale In the end, I was too confused to appreciate the effort and the story dragged on and on for Unbowed novelette by Eldon Thompson The owner of a Ninja school is accused of being part of an assassin gang His son sets out to rescue him Interesting father son and romance relation spiced with lots of fighting scenes and Ninja action At the end, the protagonist from Asahiel series faces some tough morale questions Page turner, good world building, fine tension arc I m going to take a look at Thompson s series for In Favour With Their Stars shortstory by Naomi Novik Boring remake of Temeraire, this time in space You ll get nothing new if you read some Temeraire novel if you didn t you ll be probable confused Same structure, same characters, same simplicity, only the SF setting is not very convincing for River of Souls shortstory by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson This is a cut scene from the final novel of Wheel of Time, featuring Demandred trying to unite Shara I ve read the series but don t think that I missed anything with this story Hardcore fans might rush to it, you might consider it as a bonus DVD I d rather have read a real standalone story by Sanderson for The Jester novelette by Michael J Sullivan Riyria protagonists on a treasure hunt with hints from a jester Reads like a RPG adventure A bit predictable Narration structure with its dialogued retrospectives was different than most of the other plain stories in this anthology If you like this novelette, you might want to read the series zero stars for The Duel shortstory by Lev Grossman a 21st century boy fights magically enhanced a barbarian army s champion, citing Tolkien and Matrix Scenery could have been taken from a Narnia movie No tension arc or character insight, sloppy, colloquial language, just a filthy highschool wanking fantasy Is this a joke or what I can t believe that I endured it for Walker and the Shade of Allanon shortstory by Terry Brooks something from Shannara Just a dialogue between some druid and a ghost without context, character development or plot for The Unfettered Knight and The Twilight Dragon two novelettes by Shawn Speakman Urban Fantasy set in the Annwn Cycle where two different protagonists one from the otherworld Annwn and the other a bishop try to resolve conflicts imposed by invading creatures Lazarus the one from the Bible as a vampire, the other a dragon I really liked the take on Lazarus resurrected and turned to a Vampire searching the secret Vatican archives for a means to end his life, because simple wooden dowels won t do it for him The world building involving catholic church and its mysteries is very nice No narrative experiments here, just a plain structured story Speakman builds a very good tension arc including enough action, twists, interesting dialogues and a maybe too long epilogue.

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    This is an Anthology put together by Shawn Speakman in order to help to pay off his medical bills which came after getting cancer for the second time Due to being a cancer survivor before he was unable to get insurance and is now very much in need of financial help All of the stories were donated by various authors and there were no restraints put on what they could include and write about.It s hard to rate the book as a whole because there are such a mix of authors, stories, lengths and genres, but I have settled on 4 s as that was what I rated the majority of stories, however, I have reviewed and given a small synopsis for each novella in the collection.Imaginary Friends by Terry BrooksI just read my first ever Terry Brooks story and I liked it an awful lot A tale of elves and magic in an everyday world which revolves around our main character Jack, 13 years old, who is battling a disease An enchanting and action packed story which I enjoyed thoroughly 5 s and I look forward to picking up some of his longer works in future How Old Holly Came To Be by Patrick RothfussAfter reading the Rothfuss story I feel a little saddened as it was written in what seemed to me almost to be a sad lament of poetry or a chant of a mournful memory The story is about a Lady, and an Old Holly tree it s written in an odd way, but the tempo is engaging and whilst it s sad it s also, in places, chirpy It certainly makes you think, about what I don t know 4 s as I like it, but don t understand it The Old Scale Game by Tad WilliamsAnother first with Tad Williams story and I must say another good one I loved the idea of a dragon slayer and a dragon who were both elderly and wanted to work a con together for once, straight away it was interesting and fun and the writing style was pleasant too I found it slightly predictable, but a fun read all the same so a 4 rating for this story too so far so good Game of Chance by Carrie VaughnI just read carrie Vaughn s story and again this is another first time reading her work It was certainly a different story with a peculiar viewpoint and a strange kind of appeal about a young woman who lives outside of time and history and who works to change it with small everyday changes I d have to say 3 s as it was good, but a little bit too odd for my liking The Martyr Of The Roses by Jacqueline CareyA Jacqueline Carey story next which was again new to me I didn t like this as much as I would have liked because although the idea was solid and the story was interesting there just wasn t enough of a connection for me It s a story of a journey to a shrine which takes a bittersweet turn in the form of a young boy 2 s it was ok.Mudboy by Peter V BrettJust read the Peter V Brett story and it was wonderful to be back in the Demon Cycle world even looking at a different character s POV I really enjoyed the tale of Briar and i hope that we shall see of him in the future because although his story is a sad one it s also a good one to learn both to show the brutality of their world and to show the dangers of being selfish 5 sThe Sound of Broken Absolutes by Peter OrullianThis story is one of the longer stories included within the anthology and I must say that whilst initially I was confused, having never read anything before by this author and not really knowing their style, I soon found myself enjoying the storyline and the world The world is very heavily based around music with being the magical element of the world There is a song, a song called Suffering, which can be played which will kill an enemy There is a war, suffering is necessary, but it exacts a price and that s what our main character has to learn.On the whole a very interesting concept and a peculiar but believable world I would certainly recommend this story and I would like to check out from this writer now 4.5 s The Coach With Big Teeth by R A SalvatoreThis was a rather weird story in my eyes as it was basically told in brief in the intro, then retold in depth in the story, then finished off with some weird fantastical elements.This is the story of a young boy who is not the best at Baseball and gets on the wrong side of his coach Quickly this leads to him being left out of the game, and finally, when the game takes a turn, it leads to some very grizzly ends indeed I don t really understand Baseball and I just didn t enjoy the story layout here, it all felt a bit like a commentary or a disjointed story so only 1 from me I just didn t like it unfortunately.Keeper of Memory by Todd LockwoodThis is a story about dragons I like Dragons This story was, therefore, good And I don t just mean because of the dragons There was a good bit of backstory which had been developed to add context, the main character was interesting and had a good adventure, and on the whole it was a nice storyline I am certainly interested in finding out about this author as I liked the pacing and fluid tones of the writing and I felt immersed within the story 4 s, would be better with about the actual Dragons Heaven in a Wild Flower by Blake CharltonThis story took a little while to get into and I wasn t sure if I was going to find it interesting or not but once I grasped the general idea of the world a big division which means some people are in a new heaven and have been reincarnated I liked the characters and although the world seemed a little bit crazy, it was interesting I would be interested in learning about this world but I believe it s a standalone novella and not part of a bigger world It was a beautiful short story, but maybe a little bit of a cop out ending 3 s Dogs by Daniel AbrahamThis was a horror story which is not what I enjoy I did not actually finish this at all as I really wasn t enjoying it so I don t have a rating other than Not for Me.The Chapel Perilous by Kevin HearneThis was a peculiar story about Druids and magics of an old and intriguing time I was interested in this story but I felt that this wasn t explained enough to make me truly comprehend the world in the short amount of words I did like what I read but felt that it was a part of a bigger story so I don t know what that entails 2.5 sSelect Mode by Mark LawrenceThis is a companion novella from Lawrence s Broken Empire world so I was intrigued by this, having read Prince of Thorns earlier this year I did like seeing a little snippet of the characters from that series, although I had expected it to be a lot longer than it actually was, it was very short I felt that the story had a few interesting points to add a bit to the story, but on the whole it wasn t a massive load of info than I already knew 3 sAll the Girls Love Michael Stein by David Anthony DurhamThis is a charming little story about a ghost cat I really liked this story actually and I was very happy that it was included as it was a warm and sweet tale compared to many of the others which were darker or brutal This was a light, fun and enjoyable read from start to finish and certainly one I enjoyed than many others 4.5 sStrange Rain by Jennifer BosworthIris and Ivan were born as conjoined twins and separated at birth which leads to a close bond throughout their lives However, Ivan wants to be free and do his own things without Iris which causes much hurt and many problems within their relationship I really liked the writing of this and how easy and approachable the story felt even though it s a novella exploring two characters from a larger series I am certainly interested in checking out works by Bosworth now 4 sNocturne by Robert V S RedickThis story was weird Not weird but WEIRD It was a very peculiar, jumbled, crazy and mad journey inside the head of a madman and I certainly can t claim that I understood it at all I was very enchanted with the lyrical writing style which was a very nice part, but as for the story itself it was just too confusing and mad to really capture and keep my attention and therefore I didn t rate it too high, 2 sUnbowed by Eldon ThomsonKylac is a character from another series by the author which is called the Legend of Asahiel trilogy and is now a series which I am very interested to look into picking up I had never heard of the author or of the series, but after reading this wonderful short story about Kylac and Brie as youngsters, I know that the wiring style is just what I love and it seems like the story must continue in a very interesting way too Certainly one of the most enjoyable in the anthology so far 4.5 sIn Favour With Their Stars by Naomi NovikThis is a story about humans, dragons and new planets and worlds a good combination you would think so immediately I was interested in reading this Whilst I did enjoy the fast pacing and the imagery of the story I felt that there certainly could have been development of characters and world building which would have made me connect with the story rather than just read it and find it pleasant On the whole it was okay but not massively original and exciting so a 3 rating.River of Souls by Robert Jordan and Brandon SandersonThis is a deleted scene from book 14 of Wheel of Time and as I have yet to get to Wheel of Time book 14 I m only on book 6 at the moment I decided to skip this for now and come back to it once I have read all the WoT books I am looking forward to it however as I really enjoy the WoT books so hopefully I won t forget about this No rating yet The Jester by Michael J SullivanI really enjoyed this story and having just bought the first book in the Riyria Revelations a week ago, I am now certain that I will enjoy reading about these comical and entertaining characters I had never read any of Sullivan s work until now but I am confident that I will enjoy the characters of Hadrian and Royce as just this small but exciting story certainly endeared them to me and I am looking forward to seeing the backstories and trouble for these two in their other adventures 5 s The Duel by Lev GrossmanThis is a small novella which is to do with some characters from what I believe is Grossman s Magician series I hadn t yet read this series, but after reading this which I thoroughly enjoyed and found very humorous and enjoyable, I am very excited to buy it and read it soon This is a great short story about a duel and I am now very interested to see from this world and these characters as all the hinting and mystery you see in this story has made me curious 5 sWalker and the Shade of Allanon by Terry BrooksThis was a bit of an odd little tale, one of the shortest within the anthology and yet it still managed to get my attention I have certainly decided I need to get some of Terry Brook s books to read as I just enjoy his style, and I am sure I will like his other works.This story is a conversation between a Druid and a Shade dead I found it to be a good read with a lot of thought provoking conversation and I think it would certainly have worked well as part of a larger story or world maybe it is I don t know for sure so I would give it 3.5 s It would have been better if it was a little fleshed out and longer.The Unfettered Knight by Shawn SpeakmanThis was one of the longer stories, of course due to being written by Speakman himself who organised the whole anthology I hadn t read any of his work prior to this but I found myself enjoying his writing style and the story he d crafted even so It s a tale about the Heliwr who is basically someone that can travel between the real and fey worlds to ensure peace is kept and there is no discovery in the real world of the Fey existence I immediately liked the idea and the world cross over, and I thought that the religious implications and time period were very interesting too I do enjoy the comparison of beliefs with mystical fantasy and I think it made for a good novella.I would certainly be interested in reading work by Speakman which is good as I have some of his books on my Kindle and I am sure I will do so soon Also, a story with Vampires that I enjoyed is a feat indeed, 4 sThe Twilight Dragon by Shawn SpeakmanThis us another story set in the same two worlds as the one before I really loved the inclusion of the Dragon as I felt like it was appropriate to the time period, the speech was very believable as far as believing in a Dragon can be and I just enjoyed the narrative which had a very interesting twist On the whole a shorter but just as fun novella, 4 s alsoOverall I really enjoyed this anthology and a lot of the stories were very impressive and exciting or made me want to read by that author I am sure I will go on to pick up longer works by some, but if you have read any of these authors and enjoyed their works I would 100% recommend this collection I think that if you support any of these authors than supporting what they believe is a good cause by purchasing this yourself is a brilliant idea Plus, out of all 24 stories I rated 13 of them as 4 s or above, which is pretty awesome

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    The editor of this Anthology, Shawn Speakman, was diagnosed with cancer in 2011 Because he had no health insurance, Terry Brooks offered to give him a short story to help defray the medical costs He also told Shawn that he should ask other authors to contribute to as well This book is what came of that.Most of the stories are very good, with a few that are outstanding, and only 1 or 2 were duds Here is a list of the stories, and what I thought about them Imaginary Friends by Terry Brooks A fairly good story about a boy with cancer who meets an elf The boy goes into the forest with him to slay a dragon, but no one believes him 3 stars How Old Holly Came To Be by Patrick Rothfuss Suprisingly, this was one of the duds in the book Rothfuss is one of my favorite authors, but this is a weird poem It felt like he was going for a Norse mythology style This story didn t work for me 2 stars The Old Scale Game by Tad Williams I am not a Tad Williams fan, but this is a great story The story of a Knight and a Dragon pulling a pool shark scam 4 stars Game of Chance by Carrie Vaughn One of the best in the book This is a story about a group of people that control history by stepping outside of it 5 stars Martyr of the Roses by Jacqueline Carey Jacqueline Carey is another author that I am not a big fan of, but this is also a very good story A political game of houses type of story, involving the son of someone important, and a young visitor from another country 4 stars Mudboy by Peter V Brett I have never read anything else by this author, but I really enjoyed this story It is the story of the youngest child in the family, who is constantly getting picked on by his siblings 4 stars The Sound of Broken Absolutes by Peter Orullian This was my favorite in the anthology Good enough where I plan on finding to read by this author It is a story of a war, in a world where music is magic 5 stars The Coach With Big Teeth by R.A Salvatore A fairly good non fantasy story about being a boy on a baseball team when you are not a very good athlete 3 stars Keeper of Memory by Todd Lockwood A very good story about a boy fleeing a city that is being overrun by invaders A fun story with a great twist 4 stars Heaven in a Wild Flower by Blake Charlton This is a very good story set in a world where children are almost never born Most children materialize on earth, and belong to the one who picks them up If the child is a girl, the father is permanently linked to the girl If she dies, he dies 4 stars Dogs by Daniel Abraham More of a suspense story A man is attacked by a pack of dogs and almost killed This is a story about how his life changes after that 3 stars The Chapel Perilous by Kevin Hearne The story of a very old Druid telling the tale of how the grail legend came to be, and how he was involved in it 3 stars Select Mode by Mark Lawrence A good story about men being led to a trial that is essentially a death sentence 4 stars All the Girls Love Michael Stein by David Anthony Durham Another great story This is about a cat who dies and comes back as a ghost The only catch is no one can see him 5 stars Strange Rain by Jennifer Bosworth This is also a good story It is about a pair of conjoined twins who are separated at birth Then they get a little older and the boy doesn t want to hang with his sister any 4 stars Nocturne by Robert V S Redick I am not a big Redick fan I find his writing tedious This was an ok story though 2 stars Unbowed by Eldon Thompson An excellent story This is another author that I have never read before that I will be looking for books by The story about what is basically a ninja school 5 stars In Favour With Their Stars by Naomi Novik A cool sci fi fantasy twist story 4 stars River of Souls by Robert Jordan Brandon Sanderson I am a Wheel of Time fanatic, so this is the reason I bought this anthology This is a deleted scene from A Memory of Light It will only make sense if you have read the Wheel of Time, but I loved it 5 stars The Jester by Michael J Sullivan A very cool blend of fantasy and a heist story Two professional thieves are hired to steel something from a dwarf 5 stars The Duel by Lev Grossman A cool story with a Connecticut Yankee in King Arthurs Court feel to it 4 stars Walker and the Shade of Allanon by Terry Brooks This is also a deleted scene A story about a man confronting a ghost for answers to questions 3 stars The Unfettered Knight by Shawn Speakman Not a bad story, but I didn t like it It involves vampires, and vampire storys are hard to pull off without sounding cheesy He also mixes it with Catholic theology I found it slightly cheesy and a bit bizarre 3 stars.So in summary, I enjoyed this book, and the only story I disliked was the Rothfuss story, and that was surprising It is a great way to find new authors, and help someone with crushing medical debt at the same time I highly recommend this book.

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