Monster This adaptation of the award winning novel by Mr Myers is very faithful to the novel s narrative With over 150 pages of illustrations, dialogue, and internal monologue by Steve Harmon, the story captures the essence of life for a young man on the streets of Harlem, the terror of an adolescent who is experiencing being inside the prison system for the first time, and the changing perspectives of those in the court room, from the attorneys and court officers to the jurors, from family members and witnesses to the defendants, all observing the testimony and the court proceedings that will determine the fate of two young men s lives Using Photoshop to create black and white digital illustrations, the illustrator focuses primarily on the faces and the intense emotions experienced by the people in the story By deliberately using variations of head position, gaze direction, and body language, the illustrator is able to convey much of the meaning of the story beyond the words and dialogue that are written on the page The reader can, for example, see that the very sharp professionalism and cold detachment of Steve Harmon s lawyer contrasted sharply with the rumpled, less polished demeanor of James King s lawyer, which corresponds to their performance in defending their respective client In addition, the shifting focus in various frames to depict just part of a face or reflecting the image of one character against another or even to zoom out or in on a scene really helps to capture the emotions of those whose lives will be dramatically changed by the final verdict After we had won the case what did she see that caused her to turn away p 153 One of the best aspects of this medium, I believe, is the ability to relateto the characters, see each of them as a flawed human being, and understandabout the dehumanizing effects of long term imprisonment I loved the fantastical film class images that transition the reader from the intensity of the plot and depict the scene as merely part of a movie, a figment of Steve s imagination, an absurdity that relates to Shakespeare s quote from As You Like It, All the world s a stage, And all the men and women merely players. With listening to Serial, watching Making Murderer and reading All American Boys, I cannot get enough of media that explores the American justice system, flaws and all. Steve Harmon has been accused of being in a robbery on December 22nd Go along with Steve during the court trial and find out if he had a role in the robbery Is Steve guilt like everyone else or is innocent like he says he is. Myer s 1999 novel is a favorite class discussion novel for our 8th grade, so it was interesting to see it adapted into a graphic novel Steve Harmon is an African American teenager who is very interested in film, and the book is presented as if it is the screenplay for a movie Harmon is making for class Steve is on trial because he is accused of being the lookout for a robbery that ended in a drugstore owner being shot Steve protrays his neighborhood, the people he knows, and his perception of the events The lawyers at the trial bring up doubt concerning many of the events, and Steve, while he knows he is not guilty, begins to doubt the actions that caused him to be in this situation This is a timely book, given the current events in the news this summer The graphic novel makes the characters seem very immediate and real, whether it is the arrogant swagger of Bobo, or the grief and disbelief of Steve s father The difficulties that Steve faces in his neighborhood are not glossed over, and there are elements in the novel and in this graphic version that make thissuitable for young adult readers It is a good book for springboard discussions about how innocent people can be accused of crimes when they are in the wrong place at the wrong time This version stays true to the novel, although the beginning lacks some of the background information that helps readers to understand the situation in the novel The pictures capture the gritty, inner city feeling of the setting, and will make this storyaccessible to readers who find pictures easier to process than paragraphs of description Monster A Graphic Novel is a must have for readers who are being introduced to this story for the first time, or who have read the novel and want to see the story told in a different way Teachers will find that using these books for a compare contrast exercise could be very interesting I, sadly, am not one who likes pictures, and since this book given the original screenplay format has always been confusing for me, I didn t much care for it personally Will have to buy a copy, though Sooo, I read this in, like, two hours lol I couldn t stop Excellent artwork and a pretty solid story. A powerful visual representation about social welfare in today s society and how African American youth are viewed by the justice system. Underwhelmed maybe I would have preferred the original to the graphic adaptation Sometimes I feel like I have walked into the middle of a movie Maybe I can make my own movie The film will be the story of my life No, not my life, but of this experience I ll call it what the lady prosecutor called me MonsterWhile I m not 100 percent proof positive, I think I might have benefited from reading the novel first.Steve Harmon is sixteen years old and being tried as an accessory to murder Supposedly, he s been accused of being the lookout to a robbery that resulted in the murder of a local store owner He claims he s innocent, but in the eyes of the public he s nothingthan another messed up black teenager from the wrong side of the tracks As the trial proceeds, Steve begins to think of his experience akin to a movie and writes it down in the form of a screenplay, partly to let the truth come out and partly to keep himself from going insaneWe lie to ourselves in here Maybe we are here because we lie to ourselvesInterspersing his prison experiences with the trail and the events leading up to the trial, Monster is a portrayal of how even though we are led to believe that justice is color blind, it might not always be the case The original novel was published in 1999, but I was struck by how relevant it s themes of racial injustice, prejudice and police brutality are today Especially considering the Black Lives Matter movement, this graphic novel couldn t have come at a better time I think the author touches on these subjects with a frank honesty many other authors are afraid of using, and it shows in both the character s actions and observations by Steve I also think the black and white illustrations by Dawud Anyabwile set the right tone of the novel and how dark and despondent the characters seem to be and the human emotion he creates on the character s faces simply leap off the page.That being said, when it came to the writing and overall execution of the graphic novel, it fell flat for me I think a lot of the material was lost in translation when it came translating the novel s original content to graphic novel format And since the author Walter Dean Myers didn t adapt the novel himself he passed away the year before this was published , I think that maybe some of the material may have been overlooked or omitted to make it shorter, which I think is a shame Maybe it would have madesense to me if I had read the book first and I could see what might have been omitted, but I feel that a lot of side characters got too much time and the main character himself got too little time.The narrative format of the book also threw me off, and not in a good way Not only wastime given to the side characters and not on Steve Harmon himself, the time jumps between the crime and the events of the trial were mumble jumbled within one another The defendants POVs were interspersed with Steve s making it occasionally hard to discern who was talking and who s POV we were listening too And to be perfectly frank, some of the information given seemed to be fluff in order to fill in the plot gaps, and not relevant to the original story It made me lose interest in the story and made it harder to connect with the characters While the flaws of the justice system and the racial prejudices of minority youths is explored and examined thoroughly and in a respectful matter, the messages could be occasionally marred by a choppy narration style and too much time given to side characters Still, the message of this novel could far outway the cons, given the right reader However, if you re considering reading this, I would recommend reading the novel first to gain a better understanding of what is going on, and to get deeper inside Steve s head.Recommended with reservations. Very moving and beautifully drawn I have to read the novel now. A Stunning Black And White Graphic Novel Adaptation Of Walter Dean Myers S Michael L Printz Award Winner And New York Times Bestseller Monster, Adapted By Guy Sims And Illustrated By Dawud AnyabwileMonster Is A Multi Award Winning, Provocative Coming Of Age Story About Steve Harmon, A Teenager Awaiting Trial For A Murder And Robbery As Steve Acclimates To Juvenile Detention And Goes To Trial, He Envisions The Ordeal As A Movie Monster Was The First Ever Michael L Printz Award Recipient, An ALA Best Book, A Coretta Scott King Honor Selection, And A National Book Award FinalistNow Monster Has Been Adapted Into A Graphic Novel By Guy Sims, With Stunning Black And White Art From Dawud Anyabwile, Guy S BrotherFans Of Monster And Of The Work Of Walter Dean Myers And Even Kids Who Think They Don T Like To Read Will Devour This Graphic Adaptation

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Monster book, this is one of the most wanted Guy A. Sims author readers around the world.

➛ [KINDLE] ❅ Monster  By Guy A. Sims ➥ –
  • Hardcover
  • 160 pages
  • Monster
  • Guy A. Sims
  • English
  • 06 August 2017
  • 9780062275004

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