How a House Is Built

How a House Is Built Houses Are Built With Many Different Materials, And In Many Shapes And Sizes Step By Step, This Picture Book Explains How Homes Are Built From The Architect S Plans Through The Arrival Of A Happy Family The Many Processes Of Construction Are Explained With Simple Language And Bright, Clear Illustrations, Perfect For Kids Starting To Wonder About How The World Around Them WorksMany Different Careers Including Carpenters, Plumbers, Electricians, And Landscapers Are Introduced, Each Doing Their Part To Bring The Picture Wood Frame House To Life A Great Read For Kids Who Love Construction Sites, Or Who Can T Get Enough Of Building A House By Byron BartonAccording To The Washington Post, Gail Gibbons Has Taught Preschoolers And Early Readers About The World Than Any Other Children S Writer Illustrator Ms Gibbons Is The Author Of ThanBooks For Young Readers, Including The Bestselling Titles From Seed To Plant And Monarch Butterfly Her Many Honors Include The Washington Post Childrens Book Fuild Nonfiction Award And The NSTA Outstanding Science Trade Book Award

From I was born in Oak Park, Illinois, in 1944 Even as a little child, I was always busy putting books together Sometimes I would bind them with yarn to hold the pages together I ve always loved drawing and painting I was also a very curious child My parents tell me that I was always asking lots and lots of questions.Later, I went on to the University of Illinois, where I stu

[Reading] ➿ How a House Is Built By Gail Gibbons –
  • Hardcover
  • 30 pages
  • How a House Is Built
  • Gail Gibbons
  • English
  • 02 July 2019
  • 9780823408412

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    This is so DETAILED and doesn t water anything down for the kiddos It s every step of building a wood framed house from hiring a general contractor to placing sheetrock to running electrical wires to move in day Frankly, it bores me to tears, but Small Fry adores it He s either going to take over the world one day or be an engineer

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    why did it take us so long to find this at the library it s awesome and we re nerds but apparently so is L, he s was using it page by page as his building handbook with a stack of blocks the other day

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    Honesty time here I had no idea how a house is actually built So, yeah This was an educational book for me And with hubby and I thinking about having a house built, it s a perfect time for me to have read this It s a simple book, but it does a wonderful job of covering all the basics Not the most exciting read, so probably not the best for a read aloud, but it s an excellent choice for kids or adults who want an introduction to house building One thing to note this is clearly a home out in the country Not only are there no other homes in site, but they talk about putting in a septic system, which would not apply in my heavily urban area Not a fault at all, just an observation.

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    1 Awards None 2 Grade Levels K 33 Summary This book is an informative explanation of how a house is planned and built It includes preparation of the site, building a foundation, and constructing walls, roof, and all interior building materials 4 Review This book is very detailed yet simple for children to understand The language is very basic and provides easy illustrations of the steps involved in building a house.5 In class uses shelters, building materials, construction, trucks

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    I don t believe that I would read this out loud to the class It s rather long and would probably lose some interest in a few students However, I could keep this for those students that struggle to read but like to build things I could also read a few pages out of the book to the class and then do an activity where they draw their own houses I also really like the end of the book where it goes over houses from the past.

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    This one included real info that wasn t watered down Unfortunately, it lost both my kids attention Pictures were great.

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    The building of a wood frame house with a basement, clapboard sides, a septic tank, and a well.

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    Informative, Orderly concept, Construction, Architect

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    Books in the block area Yes please After discussing how imperative it is to integrate literacy instruction into other areas of the classroom, other than the library, I was elated to include this as a precursor to building our own block house For an older group of children I would have them label the parts with the assistance of a word word We could discuss how important it is for each part of the house to be in tact and for each person to play their role follow up building a classroom house out of popsicle sticks and other materials.

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    Gibbons, G How a House Is Built New York Scholastic Inc 1990.This picture book is a non fiction book for children It explains to children how to build a house and introduces may different vocabulary words of the tools that are used to build a house.The reading level is ages 3 7, but a younger student might not have as much interest in the book as an older student would This picture book can be a useful tool to have sitting out in preschool classrooms if setting out a play area where children can pretend to be construction workers.

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