Hannahs Bright Star (Charmed Life, #4)

Hannahs Bright Star (Charmed Life, #4) Four Best Friends, One Lucky Bracelet, And An Utterly Charming New Middle Grade Series It S Finally Hannah S Turn To Wear The Lucky Charm Bracelet And Not A Moment Too Soon Hannah S Parents Have A Surprise For Her, And She S Sure It S Her Dream Come True A Horse Of Her Own Instead, They Ve Gotten Her A Mule Everyone Says She Can Still Ride The Mule, Even In TheH Parade, But How Silly Will That Look Hannah Is So Embarrassed, And She Needs The Luck From Her CabinBFFs Charm Bracelet Than Ever

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  • Paperback
  • 192 pages
  • Hannahs Bright Star (Charmed Life, #4)
  • Lisa Schroeder
  • 22 June 2018
  • 9780545603799

10 thoughts on “Hannahs Bright Star (Charmed Life, #4)

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    Hannah is excited for Christmas, not only does she receive the charm bracelet at last but she hopes for or a horse and doesn t expect what she ends up with at allAs she makes a new friend, deals with her jealous best friend and comes with trying to save said new friend from leaving town, she discovers looks can be deceiving and looking deeper into someone can prove how much they are worth As well as how a surprising gift can still be than the original meets the eye face value you think.It was a read again for animal lovers and those whom enjoy Christmas time to

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    She gets a Mule for Christmas instead of a horse She have been wanting a Horse for a very very very long time But she did not get what she wanted

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    I didn t like this book because i couldn t relate to Hannah.

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    Review to come maybe The best part was at the very end an epilogue tells us that they are all together at the camp with the now full bracelet that has made another rounds of the four girls They are happy that they made it back together, and now the bracelet doesn t look as sad as a dog without a bone Simone

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    I thought this was an alright book I like how Hannah soon saw good in her pet mule Bart, or shall I say Stardust Another part I liked was how Hannah and her family raised money for Elsie s family to stay in town.

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    I think it is for little kids I thought it was going to be better.But still it was okay.

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