Hijacking the Runway

Hijacking the Runway This was a surprising book I m interested in marketing, so the celebrity fashion connection always grabs my attention But I thought this book would be muchsuperficial that it is, quite the opposite It is very detailed and really gives an insider perspective of how things work, why it happens that way and how opinions differ between major players in the fashion business There s also a lot of historical context which I appreciated This is muchthan just about how celebs are gaining power over traditional fashion people, this book also shows how consumers shape economy and how they are manipulated This was almost like a sociological picture of consumerism. Writing is a little dry when translated to Portuguese It doesn t mention the recent instamodels fame nor the transformation to astreet centred style that begun with Vetements years ago Surprising for a book released in 2018. A Fascinating Chronicle Of How Celebrity Has Inundated The World Of Fashion, Realigning The Forces That Drive Both The Styles We Covet And The Bottom Lines Of The Biggest Names In Luxury Apparel From Coco Chanel S Iconic Tweed Suits To The Miniskirt S Surprising Comeback In The Late S, Fashion Houses Reigned For Decades As The Arbiters Of Style And Dictators Of Trends Hollywood Stars Have Always Furthered Fashion S Cause Of Seducing The Masses Into Buying Designers Clothes, Acting As Living Billboards Now, Forced By The Explosion Of Social Media And The Accelerating Worship Of Fame, Red Carpet Celebrities Are No Longer Content To Just Advertise And Are Putting Their Names On Labels That Reflect The Image They Or Their Stylists Created Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Lopez, Sarah Jessica Parker, Sean Combs, And A Host Of Pop, Sports, And Reality Show Stars Of The Moment Are Leveraging The Power Of Their Celebrity To Become The Face Of Their Own Fashion Brands, Embracing Lucrative Contracts That Keep Their Images On Our Screens And Their Hands On The Wheel Of A Multi Billion Dollar Industry And A Few Celebrities Like The Olsen Twins And Victoria Beckham Have Gone All The Way And Reinvented Themselves As Bonafide Designers Not All Celebrities Succeed, But In An Ever Crowded And Clamorous Marketplace, It S Increasingly Unlikely That Any Fashion Brand Will Succeed Without Celebrity Involvement Even If Designers, Like Michael Kors, Have To Become Celebrities Themselves Agins Charts This Strange New Terrain With Wit And Insight And An Insider S Access To The Fascinating Struggles Of The Bold Type Names And Their Jealousies, Insecurities, And Triumphs Everyone From Industry Insiders To Fans Of Project Runway And America S Next Top Model Will Want To Read Agins S Take On The Glitter And Stardust Transforming The Fashion Industry, And Where It Is Likely To Take Us Next This book is a fascinating and thought provoking look at how the cult of celebrity has caused monumental shifts in how fashion is designed, marketed, and sold over the last few decades Gone are the days when fashion designers those select few who paid their dues through years of toiling in anonymity dictated what is fashionable With the advent of Dress Down Nation in the 1990s and the rise of fast fashion cheap knockoffs of designer clothing made by mass manufacturers looking good has become muchattainable for those on a limited budget and the need for expensive designer duds has shrank considerably People are no longer biting what s being fed to them by the fashion designers This change in public attitude has forced design houses to shift their focus from clothing, which had been the bread and butter of the industry, to accessories, which has now become the gateway to standing out fashionably, when so many clothes all look the same.With the rise of social media fueling the public s fascination with celebrities, fashion houses and retailers have resorted to using celebrities to promote and sell their goods What started out with using a celebrity s face to sell fashion has now shifted to celebrities collaborating with designers to create their own product lines It is no longer so much about buying a product for its intrinsic value as it is about owning a piece of a particular celebrity, whether or not the celebrity did the actual work of creating the product While this paradigm shift in how fashion is marketed and consumed has, not surprisingly, caused resentment in the fashion community towards celebrity designers, many designers have learned to compete by becoming celebrities in their own right Agins does a great job in presenting the story of fashion s celebrity obsession, in a clear and easy to follow format, tracing it from the 19th century until today My only quibble with her account is her failure to mention the negative impact of disposable celebrity fashion on the environment, which is a real cause for concern. This focusedon fragrances than style and fashion itself still interesting however. I was very interested in reading this book, but had a hard time getting through it The book is generally organized chronologically, but there wasn t much flow to it beyond the passage of time All in all, a bit of a slog to finish. I learned very much from this book An interesting book, discussing how celebrity has been taking over fashion The author also suggests that social media is making it easier for many new, trained designers to go out on their own, rather than the usual method of serving an apprenticeship at a known design house.I have long suspected that most celebrity brands are banking on the name of the celebrity only, without actual knowledge, expertise, or even involvement on their part, and Agins points out that this is largely the case Though some celebrities were actively involved in creating fragrances, few are involved once things launch, and even fewer understand or have background in the garment business Using actual examples, from Jessica Simpson, all the way to Donald Trump, we learn how these designer lines come into existence, and why I found it to be incredibly interesting, and in some ways sad the Kardashian Sears example how so many people become personally attached to these brands, some of which are affordable to the everyday person, others that like to remain at a higher tier of pricing I never thought that I would be impressed by Ashley and Mary Kate Olsen, but I have to say that their efforts with their designs showed them to be actually interested, very involved, and eager to learn the language of haute couture and design.It was also interesting to read Agin s points about fast fashion from places like Zara and HM Though I will never be able to afford haute couture, and don t even like a lot of it anyway, I do prefer the world where people designing clothes are doing it because it is what they love, and what they have been trained to do This book was a good read. A good read overall, but completely worth it for Ralph Rucci s version of Kanye s first fashion collection. The subject is fascinating, but Agins s non neutral writing made it difficult to enjoy the book.

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  • Hardcover
  • 288 pages
  • Hijacking the Runway
  • Teri Agins
  • 15 July 2018
  • 9781592408146

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