An Unlikely Truth

An Unlikely Truth My only regret is not reading this book ahead of the others on my to read list A contemporary fictional parable concerning the rapidly declining morals of a bought pseudo democracy Wonderfully spun out and delivered in contemporary brutal American vehicular The attempt by an politically innocent running for election to congress in the USA against an ensconced incumbent s juggernaut of big money, connections and subterfuge Ostensibly this story is about Martin Truth s, yeah that s his name, attempts to be elected after several humiliating failures His mixed bag of dedicated campaign committee volunteers, believe in him, but know in their hearts he is doomed to failure once again A bright young female political intern arrives and turns the morality and vision of Martin Truth and his volunteers into a fervent politically smart vote getting brigade She uses simple outside the box clear thinking based on the frustrated concerns of voters A gripping David and Goliath tale that kept me turning those cliff hanging pages until the nail biting ending Reading this fictional tale based on historical and ongoing events In the American government made me feel damn good that I m a Canadian citizen. I liked the premise of the book His characters were well developed and engaging Personally, I found the book difficult to read at this particular time so it took me a lot longer than it normally would.A fictional portrayal of American Politics that could as well be a factual and truthful rendering of politics today.I received a free e book copy from the author in exchange for an honest review. Democracy At Both The Local And National Levels Recently Had Been Under Savage Assault Martin Truth S Fight Was But One Of Many Such Struggles To Restore The Meaning Of Representative Government To A System That Had Been Corrupted By Big Money And Corporate Power An Unlikely Truth Is An Engaging Story Offering A Strategy For Throwing The Liars And Crooks Out Of Public Office And Restoring Representative Democracy To Our Country More Important, It Embodies Hope That Not All Is Lost, That There Is A Narrative Which Can Begin To Put America Back On Track, Render Government Again Of The People, By The People, And For The People I received a free e book copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.I quite enjoyed reading this book and following the story of Martin Truth running for a congressional seat I liked how gradually Martin Truth and the Green Party were being acknowledged and how in depth it was I actually managed to understand some of what what happening and when things to do with previous presidents and such were mentioned as I did learn some history on US and some of their politics Overall, a good read. I received this book free from the author requesting an honest review I was not required to write a positive review The opinions I have expressed are my own I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission s 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising It s like that quote by the Scottish clergyman Peter Marshall A different world cannot be built by indifferent people Sometimes the mind of the voting public is like the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle The closer you look at it, the it transforms into something indeterminate and unrecognizable Martin Truth, Green Party Candidate for the third Congressional District, is wondering if it s worth being a candidate for another run The Congressman who has serially beaten him in elections looks to do it yet again, and his volunteer staff just can t go tilting at windmills yet again However, Martin see the need and has the drive to try once , even in conservative Dayton OH, surrounded by republican farmland Jamila Parks is a Rutgers University intern with great ideas and looks to match With her help, Martin Truth really becomes a viable candidate, with many twists and turns The interplay between the characters is sharp, well written and almost entirely believable Wouldn t we all like to put legs on our ideals Our idea l s have taken such a beating in the past few decades and a lot of voters simply give up and continue to support the status quo or just don t vote If John Rachel s book doesn t at least get a reaction from his readers, nothing is going to This is one of my top books of 2016 , a deserves 5 or stars I challenge you to read this book. This is a book of political fiction, but modern political fiction needs to be close to the surface of real and current events to prevent falling into the classification of an alternate history What I enjoyed most about this novel is that it dares to have a plot that informs about political progression without taking the easy way out by flouncing madly into the overpopulated thriller genre The temptation is always there for any political writer This absorbing and sometimes ironically humorous novel tells the story of young congressional hopeful Martin Truth corny name, sorry , a young man consumed by his convictions and undeterred by the overwhelming odds against him He is a member of the Green Party, has never won an election, and depends on the volunteer organization his surrogate family that has assembled to get him elected over a couple of opponents from the other major parties who are so given over to the two party system that they have lost any real desire to actually change the unsatisfactory status quo Martin s small but devoted team is a humble group of idealists who work at his campaign while holding down regular jobs, which they have to neglect at times They are well fleshed out characters who really care and really sacrifice Into their midst arrives young, energized idealist Jamila Banks, a stunning Rihanna lookalike who takes over and enthusiastically cheerleads Martin and his family into a scheme to use a bogus citizen s movement to publicly coerce all the candidates into showing their true colors by signing or refusing to sign a series of legally binding pledges dealing with our favorite hot topic issues such as social security, Medicare, the war in Afghanistan, and increasing the taxes levied on the upper 1% OK, nobody is ever killed although there is a close call but the suspense comes from putting the pledges into play without attracting attention to the fact that it was Martin Truth s group that started it Some political subterfuge follows, and leaves the reader Hey, that s me thinking about the age old question concerning whether the end justifies the means It usually doesn t, I said to myself while reading The suspense falls into place when the potential identity of the pledge makers becomes a suspenseful run down the alley Very enjoyable This novel goes in directions I wasn t expecting, and that s what really makes it work I like that Mr Rachel didn t make any easy plot choices, and the character of Martin Truth will most likely be back in future novels There is also a romantic subplot that does not turn out the way anyone expected If they make a movie of this, which they should, I hope they are able to get Rihanna That s my own personal wish for which I cannot be held responsible. The author was kind enough to provide me a copy of his book for an honest review I appreciate him giving me the opportunity to see his vision.I liked the premise of the book His characters were well developed and engaging Personally, I found the book difficult to read at this particular time so it took me a lot longer than it normally would I probably would have enjoyed this story either a year ago or a year from now when we are not in the midst of national campaigning.This is a VERY realistic story of a local political campaign that strikes very closely to what is heard every night on the US political news right now So, I had to read it in small doses That is my problem, not a fault with this well written book.I think the author did a wonderful job of making the story so realistic and pointing out the issues that small campaigns face Martin Truth is a third party candidate who must face a long time incumbent and another major party candidate for a Congressional seat in a district election The book also addressed many of the world issues with which we are faced and to which the political candidates must respond I believe his solutions to the campaign problems his character faced were inspired and I would not mind seeing his contract idea translated into reality It was definitely an interesting read that I think would appeal to both the political and non political readers For political readers who are disgusted with the status quo, this gives many ideas for conversation It makes the reader think without beating them over the head For the non political the characters are likable and the story moves along at a steady pace with a few twists.I look forward to reading from this author. I dabbled in John Rachel s Political Alison in Wonderland that is Blinders Keepers when it was available at a reduced price not expecting to become so drawn in by the political views conveyed within But as the protagonist stumbled along his adventure he was surrounded by the bull headed, insecure right and the naively romantic left.So when An Unlikely Truth came out I felt compelled to give it the same attention, and I was not left disappointed.I won t lie, the peril of the story left me a little wanting, but this was made up for with vision and political insight With previous works John Rachel has tapped the political and social world on the shoulder and now not wanting to be ignored he is swinging a sledge hammer.This book tells the story of what happens when the ideals of the left mix with the spine of the right and what we get is a solution to the current problems surrounding corruption and deprecated society that seem so painfully obvious as to feel like a slap in the face Within these pages is the story of a struggle that is very real to point out that things that only work in an ideal world have to be adopted to achieve an ideal world Here the reader is given a template and a banner to start asking the question of those in charge yeah why aren t we doing this Primarily a Political solution with a narrative I was sucked into the various debates and rallies with the right wing political slime balls whom spewed the same deflecting BS that we are so used to hearing in the real world.A must read for those who can t escape the fact that something is very wrong about the world at the moment. John Rachel gets five stars just for intellectual brashness and bravery, and a few for helping to stimulate dialogue about the political process in America In An Unlikely Truth, the author gives us a straightforward story of speculative fiction Green Party candidate Martin Truth wages a grass roots campaign for a Congressional seat from Ohio against a slick, media sly incumbent You may be reminded of the ascendancy of former Rep Dennis Kucinich, a past mayor of Cleveland, who ran for President twice and had a talent for stirring the pot Although this is Mr Truth s third bid, he s never held any political office And even in the heat of the election battle, he still has a day job as a driver for a package delivery service Unlikely, indeed but still possible No question, Rachel is an astute observer of the post Web political process He well knows the finer points of guerilla style strategy, the pitfalls of attempting to manipulate public opinion, and the huge role played in almost every election by happenstance This book should get you thinking about how polarized the national debate has become Stark and simplistic pro or con arguments of the sort that pull votes and avoid confusing complications force us apart, prevent thoughtful consensus, and make responsible governance nearly impossible. With the 2014 Mid Term Elections in sight An Unlikely Truth is a wake up call for those individuals that are concerned that our democracy is slipping away The status quo of electing our representatives to the U.S Congress is a mind numbing process of picking the least of two evils What s needed is a process by which the people elect public officials that have signed a contract with the people s agenda and not the agenda of the oligarchs and their paid henchmen the lobbyists In this novel a process is laid out that just might work if anyone running for public office had the courage to buck the current system of sound bites empty promises I consider myself extremely fortunate because I live in a California Congressional District that has a congressman that s as close to being a Martin Truth as anyone is likely to ever elect.

John Rachel has a B A in Philosophy, has traveled extensively, is a songwriter, music producer, novelist, and an evolutionary humanist He has spent his entire life trying to resolve the intrinsic clash between the metaphysical purity of Buddhism and the overwhelming appeal of narcissism Prompted by the trauma of graduating high school and having to leave his beloved city of Detroit to attend u

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