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Шкурка бабочки When A Brutal And Sadistic Serial Killer Begins Stalking The Streets Of Moscow, Xenia, An Ambitious Young Newspaper Editor, Takes It Upon Herself To Attempt To Solve The Mystery Of The Killer S Identity As Her Obsession With The Killer Grows, Xenia Devises An Elaborate Website With The Intention Of Ensnaring The Murderer, Only To Discover Something Disturbing About Herself Her Own Unhealthy Fascination With The Sexual Savagery Of The Murders

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Шкурка бабочки book, this is one of the most wanted Sergey Kuznetsov author readers around the world.

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  • Paperback
  • 356 pages
  • Шкурка бабочки
  • Sergey Kuznetsov
  • 03 January 2019
  • 9781783290246

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    No,no,no,no,noooooo Stvar ukusa ali i ova jedna zvijezdica je mnogo

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    I didn t finish this, which is rare for me, and I even persisted for one chapter to give it a chance to get better The descriptions sounded like it would be right up my alley psychosexual crime stuff is interesting to me, if done right The fact that it s translated suggested that it might have some substance no one bothers to translate a terrible book usually.The biggest problem is that it s written in second person It s not something you often see, because it doesn t really work The suggestion that I am the protagonist of the novel might seem like a way to involve me intimately in the story, but the effect is quite the opposite Yes, your name is Ksenia, it reads You live in a rented flat, cheap, found through friends No it isn t, and no I don t I m also not thin and short Second person is a quick way to remove me further from the character It might work in a choose the ending book, but not here.Even alarming is the fact that the author himself can t control the p.o.v very well, switching to third person in the middle of paragraphs for no good reason Perhaps it s a translation issue, but the result is so muddy, that it s difficult to read I couldn t find anything to latch on to, or any signs that I could trust the writer to tell this story well.

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    Mir hat Die H lle des Schmetterlings kaum gefallen, und das nicht wegen der Brutalit t Wenn ich behaupte, dass diese noch das Beste am Buch ist, mutet das wahrscheinlich seltsam an, aber es ist so Die Gedanken des Killers werden schon fast nachvollziehbar gut beschrieben, und an einigen Stellen, w re es nicht so absto end, klingt es fast wie Kunst Doch die Geschichte selbst zieht sich auf meiner Edition steht auf der R ckseite, dass Arturo Perez Reverte das Buch in einem Zug gelesen hat, schlaflos, atemlos Ein Punkt, den ich so absolut nicht nachvollziehen kann Ich habe zwischendurch immer wieder abgebrochen, weil die Handlung viel zu gedehnt ist, man den berblick ber die Charaktere verliert und nach einer Pause kaum noch Lust hat, wieder hineinzufinden Die eigentliche Spannung ereignet sich erst nach der H lfte des Buches, was ich inakzeptabel finde Ich will nicht sagen, dass man sich durchqu len muss, auch die kurzen Handlungsstr nge, die nichts mit Xenia zu tun haben, sind zwischenzeitlich okay, aber wenn sie sich doch so h ufen und im Grunde vermeiden lassen, geben sie einem nur das Gef hl, hingehalten zu werden wozu also Auch die Wiederholungen wirken am Anfang wie ein gut eingesetztes Stilmittel, doch nach einer gewissen Zeit hat man sie ber, die Mantras, die Gedanken, die Sticker in der U Bahn Diese Redundanz und die Tatsache, dass man mindestens ein Drittel der Seiten h tte weglassen k nnen, machen das Buch f r mich kaum empfehlenswert, au er vielleicht f r Menschen, sie sich besonders f r Thriller dieser Art interessieren mein Genre ist es nicht.

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    If they asked me how I see the perfect society, I d reply it s a society in which pain and suffering have equal rights with happiness Butterfly Skin by Sergey Kuznetsov is a harrowing story which immerses the reader inside the mind of a serial killer stalking women on the streets of Moscow Ksenia, an ambitious young editor for an online newspaper, seeks him out and both become obsessed with each other.There s so much going on in this book A strong warning to readers of the very graphic content with regards to how the killer stalks and murders his victims, a lot of gore and descriptions of BDSM If you are sensitive to these kind of subjects then id suggest avoiding this one The plot itself is strong, the first chapter is a punch in the gut What I like about the books is the back and forth viewpoint and the very visceral moments with the killer and the journalist.The protagonist is our killer The way he describes how he feels when he is with his victims as sick as it sounds is almost poetic The author writes the gore and disturbing parts in such a way that shocks you but also you can see why it s integral to the story Ksenia is a young journalist who becomes so obsessed she is simultaneously analysing her own dark and perverted desires.This book covers a lot of ground when it comes to true crime It mentions so many well known serial killers including Russia s infamous Andrei Chikatilo If anything this book has made me want to read up on him even .If you found books like The Girl Next Door and Crow Girl hard to read then I would suggest you give this a miss I can see why it was so graphical The purpose was to go into the mind of a killer and that it did Its left me wanting to read all the Hannibal Lector books which I now have to push up my TBR list A dark and chilling story without a doubt and one I would recommend.

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    Crime is on the peripheral in BUTTERFLY SKIN as the author, Sergey Kuznetsov instead draws attention to his core group of characters and their subtly deliberate fusion with the darker elements of the novel the Moscow serial killer I found this approach both refreshing and believable Ksenia is a career driven young woman looking to further her professional aspirations in the journalistic and information technology fields in Russia Running an online newspaper that regularly sits outside the top ranking, she concocts a plan to draw new readers by capitalizing on the fear associated with Moscow s yet to be captured serial killer Aided by her co worker Alexei and close friend Olya her venture brings instant fame and the unwanted attention of the killer Graphic, evocative, blatantly sexualised BUTTERFLY SKIN is not for those easily put off by descriptive dissection, and explicit sexual acts though this isn t overtly so, and is well within context The novel, as I mentioned earlier isn t all about the heinous crime that binds the characters and drives their motives but it does loom omnipresent This is a dark novel that should be read as such to fully appreciate how good it is This is the first book by Russian author Sergey Kuznetsov I ve read and the only one I believe though I could be wrong that has been translated into English Personally, I hope to read Review first appeared on my blog

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    This book is not your typical horror serial killer book It reads a little slow but it also reads like the poetic diary of a serial killer Which sounds both intriguing and scary to climb into the mind of a psychopath I am going to stop right here for a moment and throw out a huge warning that if you do not like gore then do not read this book There is a lot of details spent talking about the murders Which for me was not a problem But for others it could be and even cause nightmares One thing I did find interesting was how the killer talked about killing the women but in seasons So, how spring affected the woman and how she died did differ from if the crime took place during winter As much as I did like this book and the concept of it being very poetic, this very idea also kept me distant from the characters in the book I did not become as emotionally attached and thus the reason that sometimes I struggled with the book in parts and stating it read slow Overall, though I did like this book International authors need to be recognized for their work With books like Butterfly Skin it does help.

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    This book is undeniably well written and it may be a masterpiece of serial killer literature I just didn t like it The constant changes in points of view is distracting and confusing All the stream of consciousness makes for well developed characters who could not be any self centered and unlikable It is too hard to read In the tradition of Russian literature at least the books I ve read it is heavy and complicated I don t give it stars not because I believe it s a bad book, it is just that it didn t hold my attention.

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    Absolutn netu m, co jsem od t hle knihy ekala, proto e to je snad ta nejhor kn ka, jakou jsem kdy etla Autor nev jak by u psal nejd v p e v ICH form , pak p esedl na p stup, kdy jakoby d j plyne spolu s ten m, kdy je jakoby ten jednou z postav nev m p esn , jak se tomu k , p klad Pro el jsi, vid l si a pak se op t sto jinam, k R form N m t sice nebyl patn , ale proveden je skute n mizern , stejn jako postavy I kdybych se sna ila sebev c neb t kritick , tak na t hle knize nen v bec nic, co bych ozna ila za klad.

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    I could not find anything to like about this book.It was repetitive, unfocused and tremendously boring.The repetition is so often like it will talk about something or describe something several ways several times or within the span of a page I did not find any of the characters to be interesting or at all likeable.When I put this book down I dreaded to pick it back up in fact I read 3 other books while trying to get through Butterfly Skin.There are way better books to spend my time on.

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    Why does everyone hate this book I fucking love it I only wish Ksenia joined him in the end.

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