Cherry Ames, Staff Nurse (Cherry Ames, #16)

Cherry Ames, Staff Nurse (Cherry Ames, #16) Cherry Ames Is Back, Just As You Remember Her The Books Are Just As You Remember Them, Retaining The Same Look, Feel, And Sense Of Adventure And Patriotism As When They Were First Published With Fully Illustrated Color Covers And A Soft Finished Hardcover Format Just Like The Originals, These Books Will Transport You Back To The Days When You Were Reading About This Spunky Young Nurse Series Editor And Registered Nurse Harriet Foreman Was Inspired By And Remains A Devoted Fan Of Cherry Ames I Was Going To Follow In Her Footsteps And Become A Nurse Nothing Else Would Do When Cherry Ames Learns That The New Patient In Her Ward Is Using The Proceeds From Her Deceased Husband S Life Insurance To Speculate In Stock, She Judges Her Foolish And When The Young Woman Explains The Pell Corporation Investment Program, Cherry Suspects That Her Patient Is Being SwindledEven Serious, Peggy Wilmot Is Jeopardizing Her Health For Emotional Tension Over The Delayed Arrival Of Her Weekly Dividend Check Is Retarding Her Recovery But How Can Cherry Influence The Headstrong Young Woman Who Seeks Financial Help From The Wrong People Find Out The Truth About The Pell Corporation, Cherry Decides, And Let The Facts Speak For Themselves Some Of The Vital Questions To Which Cherry Must Find The Answers Are What Are The Pell Corporation S Actual Operations As Distinguished From The Fantastic Claims Made In Its Impressive Brochures Is The Mysterious Cleveland Pell Really The Financial Wizard He Claims To Be Busy With Ward Duty And A Training Program For Teen Age Junior Volunteers At Hilton Hospital, Cherry Does Not Have Much Time For Another Extracurricular Task But The Plight Of Peggy Wilmot Is Too Serious To Be Ignored What Cherry Learns In The Mysterious World Of The High Finance Confidence Game Will Surprise The Reader As Much As It Does America S Favorite Nurse Heroine

Julie Tatham took over however, both the ninth Cherry Ames book and the fourth Vicki Barr book were published under Wells s name Tatham later returned the Vicki Barr books to Wells in 1953 and the Cherry Ames books in 1955.

[Reading] ➶ Cherry Ames, Staff Nurse (Cherry Ames, #16) Author Helen Wells –
  • Hardcover
  • 212 pages
  • Cherry Ames, Staff Nurse (Cherry Ames, #16)
  • Helen Wells
  • English
  • 23 June 2019
  • 9780826104274

10 thoughts on “Cherry Ames, Staff Nurse (Cherry Ames, #16)

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    ,Frankly, this was one of the dullest in the series I enjoyed

  2. says:

    This is another rather disappointing story in the series as once again the mystery theme dominates the book and it s quite obvious who the main villain is almost from the beginning There is a section about teenage volunteers working at the hospital which is good but the rest involves a woman with severe arthritis being fleeced by a crooked investor.The Cherry Ames oriented nature of the earlier volumes seems to become almost a Nancy Drew type of story in the later volumes with many of the mysteries being rather obvious as to the nature of the villain.

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    I love these mid 20th century books, with the perky, perfect heroine and all the old retro attitudes Helps to make you appreciate life now so much better Will probably be reading a few of these nurse propaganda books just for the sheer enjoyment of looking at how nursing has changed I suspect they will all be super heavy on Cherry solves another mystery and saves the world twist, but they are a fun Saturday morning diversion.

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    I definitely don t remember this one from when I was growing up As soon as her patient started talking about this amazing investment, all I could think was, It s a Ponzi scheme

  5. says:

    Cherry becomes an expert in securities fraud Dull.

  6. says:

    Another book I read a long time ago

  7. says:

    Enjoyed these books as a kid and am enjoying them again as an adult Like the adventures that Cherry has Looking forward to rest of the series.

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