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Carry You For Anyone Who Has Loved, Lost Or Found It Hard To Let Go, CARRY YOU Will Make You Laugh, Cry And Celebrate Your Best Friends Perfect For Fans Of Marian Keyes And Jo Jo MoyesDaisy Has Lost Her Mum To Breast Cancer She S At Rock Bottom And Doesn T Think She Ll Ever Get Back Up Again Her Best Friend Abi Has Other Ideas She Tells It Like It Is And She S Determined To Make Daisy Remember The Person She Used To BeWhat Daisy Doesn T Know Is That, Thanks To Abi, Her Life Is About To Take An Unexpected Turn, When She Signs Them Up To Do A Charity Walk Added To Which, Someone Is About To Burst Into Daisy S World In A Riot Of Colour Reminding Her That Life Can Be Full Of Surprises

I m so thrilled that my debut novel, Carry You, is due to be released NEXT MONTH It s a very personal book for me as it was influenced by my own experience of walking The Moonwalk for the first time in 2010 The Moonwalk is an extraordinary and slightly surreal experience, as you ll discover if you read Carry You, and it inspired me so much, I finally realised my lifelong ambition of writing a no

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  • Carry You
  • Beth Thomas
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  • 15 March 2019
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    3 Stars.I can t say I was blown away by Carry You This is a book, about Daisy, her thoughts, feelings, internal musings, internal monologues, actions, reactions and all the nuances in between Everything you are given comes via Daisy It didn t help that I didn t really like her That probably makes me sound a little callous considering she is still grieving the loss of her mother to Breast Cancer, and then her step father ups and dies from Emphysema a couple of months after.There is a message in this book, about living and making every day count, but for me it did get a little lost, in the general Daisy Overload that is contained therein You get a virtual run through of every Hugh Grant and Colin Firth film and TV series as the book progresses as well, which got a little boring.I liked the concept of Daisy doing the Moonwalk through London, and the training that took place was quite comical in parts The Facebook updates were quite funny at times too But I also found them a little contradictory If you are submerged in such a well of grief as we are lead to believe she is , would you seriously be posting on Facebook at every available opportunity The second half was a little better, but all in all I felt it was all a bit overly long and repetitive I did shed a few tears as the back story develops, and would have liked a comprehensive epilogue just to tie everything up.ARC provided via Netgalley in exchange for the above honest review.

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    3 starsDaisy is barely functioning following the death of her mother Her best friend pulls her out of her slump and encourages her to do a charity walk.I loved Daisy s sarcasm and sense of humour but I felt like her internal thoughts blabbled on a bit too much which made the book a bit slow moving Also, I thought there was interactions with her best friend than with Felix This book is of a finding yourself and moving past a loss type story, romance played a very small part.ARC provided by NetGalley

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    Firstly, thank you to the publisher for accepting me and granting me an eBook copy of Carry You via Net Galley I was so, so happy to receive an email informing me that Carry You was waiting on my dashboard I won t lie, I fell in love with the cover instantly as it is absolutely gorgeous After reading the blurb, I couldn t wait to get started The very first thing that I noticed once I had started reading Carry You was Beth s sense of humour Oh my life She had me in absolute stitches There s a particular scene where Daisy is at the hairdressers that had me almost weeing with laughter and my partner was looking at me like I had lost my mind but I could just imagine the whole scene playing out in my head and each time I imagined it, it just got funnier and funnier I had tears in my eyes, I was choking on my own breath and I didn t want it to ever end Thankfully, it didn t Beth s incredible sense of humour and style of writing continues the entire way through the story, leaving you breathless after countless laughing fits I really could not get enough I haven t laughed that much in ages, so my enjoyment meter whilst reading Carry You was smashing through the roof It seems that Beth and I share a very, very similar sense of humour, and I truly cannot wait to read books from this amazing lady, especially if they have me laughing like this one did Completely out of this world Another thing that I adored about Carry You was Beth s characters The leading lady was Daisy May Macintyre, also known as Daisy Duck I cannot put into words how much I enjoyed being in Daisy s company Not only does Beth begin Daisy s story by a reference to the fight scene in Bridget Jones s Diary, but Daisy also has a little bit of a fascination with Jaffa Cakes, and Hugh Grant Dunking them in her cup of tea made me love her even , if that was even possible, and that is definitely an idea that I m looking forward to trying out with my own Jaffa Cakes and cuppa Besides Daisy s adorable qualities, without her realising it, she is amazingly capable and strong Her sarcasm, wit and miserable outlook on life did not deter me one bit Even whilst she was moaning, it still seemed funny somehow, and I don t think I could ever tire of her ramblings that run through her mind constantly Daisy has been through a really tough time, so as the reader you don t question her negative attitude and slumpiness, it s just how she is Another character that I loved and who made me smile constantly was Daisy s best friend, Abi This girl was freaking awesome The love and bond between Abi and Daisy was just amazing and actually brought me to tears on than one occassion As Daisy is living with Abi throughout the story, you get to witness a lot of their banter, their playfulness with each other and their love They hug, tell each other they love each other and Abi always has Daisy s back Once the plot really gets going, I guess you could say that Abi whips her best friend s arse into shape and gets her back on her feet Their friendship plays a HUGE role in Carry You, and it is constantly highlighted throughout They both made me laugh, made me cry and made me want to bang their heads together on a few occassions, but in all honestly, I think I ve found my new favourite fictional best friends I would also say that Abi is a little bit of a control freak and Daisy calls her the queen of being organised She s fit, she s attractive and she s not ready to see her best friend fall to her knees It was simply amazing Really, it was Felix was another favourite of mine in Carry You At first I kinda wondered what his role was going to be within the story, and then I realised I would describe Felix as being an absolute cutie He was absolutely adorable with an incredible sense of humour Kind, caring, and Daisy even described him as being exasperating sometimes When Felix enters the story, he does rub Daisy up the wrong way, but I realised that this rubbing up was intentional, and not entirely innocent His smart tongue and friendly attitude was just lovely, and something that never fails to capture my interest, and in this case, my heart Any conversation that took place between Felix and Daisy ended up with Daisy becoming a little fiery and angry, but I realised that this was actually just what Daisy Duck needed Carry You was holding my heart in the palm of it s hands the entirety of my reading it I cannot put into words my joy and enthusiasm for reading this story It was exceptional A PURE chick lit story that had a million and one emotions running through me all at once It had a beautifully written emotional undertone that left me feeling a little sad Daisy s mum played a big role in the story without even physically being there, and that was just astounding I was completely in love with Carry You Beth even included the aspect of Facebook status s and had other characters commenting on it through the story I m a bit of an avid social media user myself and I LOVED this little add on It made it seem so much real and life like In all honesty, Carry You by Beth Thomas was absolutely incredible I cannot rate and recommend it enough To all lovers of chick lit, romance and stories of coming back to life, this is a must read I really need you to add it to your to read list and start it as soon as you possibly can I finished Carry You with tears streaming down my face and a happy smile tugging at my lips Seriously, it captured my heart and had it soaring within the very last pages Becca s Books is giving Carry You by Beth Thomas a rating of five glittering gold stars, and about a million too This is now one of my favourite reads ever and I m dead excited to read Beth s next book Her sense of humour is just freaking priceless, and her story writing unbelievable.

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    Carry You is a debut novel by Beth Thomas and I am very happy to hear that she is working on her second book the sooner the better This book has hooked me from the very beginning and it was for sure one of the best reads this year.The story is about Daisy who is deep in depression after her mother death of breast cancer Daisy doesn t go to work, she doesn t get up from bed, she doesn t go out She doesn t see how the time is passing by, only sitting in her living room with closed curtains and watching her favourites films She s not at all interested in facing the reality which in fact is not so friendly Daisy has lost contact with her sister and with family of her late step father who has died shortly after her mother Reality that brings a lot of surprises, and disappointments.But Daisy is lucky because she has Abby her BFF who tries as much as she can to bring her friend back to life Abby decides to enter them both to do a Moonwalk a night marathon in charity of breast cancer To tell that Daisy is happy with this idea would be a big misunderstanding Daisy only wants mourning But nevertheless, after being forced to leave the house where she lived with her mother and her step father and move with Abby and her boyfriend, there is nothing to do as to start to train for the Moonwalk and slowly emerge from the depths of depression Yes, Abby can be very persuasive.I loved Daisy Just like this Yes, she was very annoying Yes, she often told lies Well, yes, she was in some way lazy and felt probably comfortable in her dark room There were moments that she was very irritating, especially when she always looked for excuse but nevertheless, it all felt very real She was not perfect and that made her a wonderful and likeable person in my eyes Her feelings, emotions and actions were just like feelings, emotions and actions of every one of us She also hated confrontations and would do everything to avoid them she reminded me so much of Becky Bloomwood, who I always thought was the champion in avoiding confrontations and putting things away for later, but Daisy could be her twin sister The way she was trying to avoid those bad news was also a kind of behaviour that, in my opinion, many of us adapt, just to avoid hearing things that we don t want to hear Well, we re only human beings Daisy is one, too.Daisy s best friend Abby was, in my opinion, one of the best friends written in a book ever She was like a guardian angel and I would do much to have such a friend loyal, devoted, faithful, patient and taking so much care about Daisy, putting her own problems off to the background and concentrating on bringing her friend back to the world Thanks to Abby, Daisy goes out of the house and starts training, and with Abby s little help she meets new people who should function as her training partners Some of them do this, some run away.It wouldn t be a chick lit if we hadn t a little romance in the background There were to candidates Danny and Felix, and they were both like chalk and cheese, although both were in some ways interesting I don t need to tell that Felix, with his dry sense of humour and his story totally stole my heart The book was mostly based on Daisy s internal thoughts but as she had a brilliant sense of humour and had distance to herself and surrounding world, it was a great read and almost a case study But Daisy is also developing throughout the story, maturing and stops being so childish and it was great to see the changes in her and her thinking.I have missed a little about the Moonwalk itself The scenes when they were preparing for the start were brilliantly written and felt very realistic, the feelings and emotions of the contestants were popping out of the pages, and I would really like to read about the walk There are only few bits and pieces in form of very short conversations between Daisy and Abby, very funny conversations, but after reading so much about the preparations I would welcome about the walk very much The story was full of feelings and emotions, truly I haven t read book with so many emotions for a long time It s touching and also very inspiring and made me want to do something Run a marathon perhaps Or maybe only start to run at all, not mentioning this marathon yet This is a very long book about preparing to do a Moonwalk, almost everything about the training but thanks to Daisy s internal conversations, almost verbosity, and the many problems and indecisions it was a very engaging read The Facebook entries added fun and relaxed the plot and also made the storyline modern What s important, it felt very realistic and true The author is for sure a fantastic observer of people and a better storyteller This is a very long book, told actually from only Daisy s point of view, about her, her feelings, her experiences and it is about finding yourself afresh, finding alternative ways and coming to terms with disappointments and mourning, all written in a witty, warm, optimistic and uplifting way Full of warmth, full of truth and about good things that s for sure a read that you can t miss Copy received from publisher in exchange for a review.

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    don t give negative reviews lightly, but despite my best efforts I couldn t find many redeeming qualities within this novel I usually love books published by Avon and they tend to find exactly the kind of novels I enjoy reading and the stunning cover of Carry You combined with the breast cancer storyline made this sound like another one right up my alley Unfortunately I shouldn t have judged this book by its cover It went wrong as soon as we were introduced to main character Daisy, who was extremely annoying throughout with her selfish attitude While I certainly understand and feel sympathetic towards what she has been through in fact it s extremely close to my own heart , her actions were contradictory and were resembling that of a whimsical teenager than that of a grown women going through a difficult period in her life The endless amount of Facebook postings, degrading the English language into unintelligible netspeak and smiley faces something that already annoys me greatly in real life and I certainly don t need reminding of in a novel didn t help Add to that the fact that the part of her past hanging as a guilt cloud over her life didn t add up it was taken hugely out of proportion and while I can see why she felt this way it did not explain the actions of her stepfather and siblings and the whole reason for her behaviour didn t ring true at all This led to a very unsatisfying almost vindictive ending, which didn t make sense in the bigger picture And for all the talk of walking the MoonWalk in favour of breast cancer research, not once is fundraising mentioned How is just walking a walk supposed to help One of the other major gripes I have with the novel is the extremely poor research For example the following takes place over the span of a handful of pages , the main protagonist is remembering something that happened in her life about 13 years before She watched the movies Up and The Hills Have Eyes on a plane journey these films weren t released until 2009 and 2006 respectively , she sat next to a woman playing Candy Crush Saga on a laptop not released until 2012, plus I m fairly certain all electronic devices needed to be turned off in planes 13 years ago and when she visited New York she went to the 9 11 memorial the attacks didn t happen until 2001 and the memorial opened to the public in 2011 These mistakes so closely following one another took me completely out of the story and after that I could no longer get back into it There were some positives to the novel, in particular the character of Felix who, while only present briefly, felt real and developed than Daisy Unfortunately the negatives far outweighed the positives and while I find it difficult to harshly criticise an author s work when she s spent months and months writing her novel and pouring her heart and soul into it, despite my best efforts to find redeeming qualities within the story there were too many issues for it to be deserving of any than two stars Please note The mistakes I chose as examples above have been corrected in the final version of Carry You as rightfully so mentioned by the author in the comments below Unfortunately this doesn t change my opinion of the novel as a whole as I still feel too strongly about the aggravating selfish tendencies of Daisy, the excessive yet unnecessary additions of Facebook postings and the overall focus of the story.

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    Review this book was quite different to anything I ve ever read There was something about the voice and the storyline that was entirely unique which is such a gem to find considering the amount of books that I read in this genre The storyline was really really lovely because it all surrounded raising money for breast cancer and breast cancer awareness and raising awareness and dealing with mental health, something which again, is not dealt with that often in other books Although the book deals with these thought subjects, it still manages to be light hearted and a lovely read and yet the subjects are dealt with in a sensitive way and covered comprehensively The other major storyline here is one of friendships and the two friends in question are easy characters I get to know and to relate to, the reason for this being that the each have flaws Daisy is dealing with depression and has to suddenly move in with best friend Abbey She comes across as a fairly selfish character and also someone who is unaware when they are hurting other people around her However, watching her grow and get her life back on track in this novel was really really special I really liked her by the end of the novel, even if I didn t agree with some of the choices she had made Abbey made some choices that I wasn t so sure about either but as a best friend, she is truly awesome She supports Daisy without question and gives her space and her time freely, something which is such an endearing quality I loved he ending that both of these characters got, even though they might not be what you would expect from the beginning of the book Ther IS a love story in this novel but it is such a slow burn and such sweet beginning that s you will literally find yourself squealing out loud when it finally surfaces Of course other relationships are dealt with as you would expect from this genre but the little love story that runs underneath everything else is just delicious The pace of this book is definitely slower than you might expect and that for me was really the only thing that stopped it from being a five star read It didn t stop me from reading it in 2 days however which considering its substantial size, is pretty impressive This is definitely something to read this summer and something which will definitely take a good look at your best friends with a renewed sense of appreciation

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    For me, a chick lit book is meant to be a light hearted read with a happy ending and that s why I love them I know exactly what I m getting a book that will lift my spirits This book was one I was unsure about I lost my Mum to cancer five years ago and while I m past the grief stricken part I still miss her so much at times that it hurts Really, properly hurts So I didn t know if this book would really annoy me at its potential light hearted look at grief and easy resolution I was SO WRONG and am so glad that I ignored my own prejudice and started reading This book has managed to portray grief in an honest and accurate way while somehow keeping it light enough that you don t feel in any way bogged down by it I could totally relate to Daisy and I felt all her pain, but I was willing her on I wanted her to start feeling better The book has happiness in it and light heartedness, a best friend and love interests, but it s so touching how Daisy s mum is always mentioned and remembered right through the story I adored this book, and I m sure I ll re read it many, many times I feel so uplifted by it You know when the right book finds you at exactly the right time, well this is what happened here Thank you Beth Thomas for this beautiful, heart felt story I hope it finds many, many readers.

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    Found the main character self centred and ungrateful to the one person who cared for her Also felt the time line was disjointed and sometimes confusing Think it would have been better if some parts were cut out which I felt didn t add to the story.

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    Bit slow in parts but not a bad read.

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    This book is kind of motivation The concept is really easy to understand.I just really love to read kind of like relationship of true friends.

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