Flare DisappointedThis is the first dystopian future book I ve given a 1 star The major problem with the book is a weak, whiney main character that verges on pathetic He was able to do what needs doing but it s always followed by pages of great personal strife to the point of throwing up on himself A lot of dystopian books start with a weak character but ends by the first ten pages This character is pathetic all the way throughout,especially with the girlfriend She is needlessly risking her life for him and throwing herself at him and he is to shy to do anything Worse, he is so dense that he has to ask what her feelings are WTF Okay I have to start by being completely honest When I read the synopsis I made a very hasty judgement I decided that seeing as I didn t really read this sort of thing, I wouldn t enjoy it I mean, yes, I have managed to sit through a couple of what I like to call Disaster Movies and yes they were okay That s just it though, they were okay So the thought of reading the equivalent didn t fill me with joy However, after reading the first few chapters I realised that the book was not only bloody good, I realised there wasn t a hope in hell of me actually putting the damn thing down Malcolm King known as Malc is a journalist who in the first few chapters receives a phone call from his friend Jerry Jerry is an astrophysicist and he is convinced that something bad is going to happen involving a solar flare Malc refuses to believe it at first and within a matter of hours, he realises that he should have listened Before he knows it, Malc is living ion a world where everything he knows is gone The one problem he has is that he is currently living in the South of England and his young daughter is living in Manchester He decided then and there that no matter what it takes, he will reach her.Well in a nutshell as soon as Malc starts his travels the book ratchets up a gear and the reader gets to see just what might happen in the event of a catastrophic event I know it sounds melodramatic, but at some point you must have wondered what would happen if everything electronic just stopped working I know I have The great thing about this book is that although the subject matter may seem extreme, there is always an element of what ifs in it The other characters that come into this book also made it that little bit exciting.Malc meets Emily and her family, and soon realises that if anyone can help him Emily is it She is a tough nut soldier and her attitude is what makes their journey even exciting At literally every turn there is another threat that has to be dealt with differently If I m honest there is a part of this book that kind of gave me the creeps, because I can imagine this country and the people living here becoming everything this book describes the recent riots proved that I raced through the book in one day and by the time I got to the end I was desperate to know what happened next I was so shocked that I loved it so much, not because of the author his previous Crime novels are great , but the synopsis just didn t sound like my cup of tea Thankfully, I didn t think about it and ended up reading an absolutely brilliant book I can only hope that Paul gets his arse in gear and hurries up with the sequel Even if you don t think you like the sound of it, give it a go I think you ll enjoy it and for 2 on Kindle it s a bargain too Best EPub, Flare Author Paul Grzegorzek This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Flare , Essay By Paul Grzegorzek Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You So first off, I am an avid reader and fan of post apocalypse dystopian novels, whose themes range from global pandemics natural and Alien , financial collapse, widespread natural disaster, EMP, and in this novels case solar flares note No Zombies I have enjoyed the likes of Light s Out , one Second After , 77 Day s in September , Redaction series , Survivors , and Patriots to just name a few and I add Flare to that list I enjoyed the story, yet believe it is just a seed from which a much greater world can sproutThis story is based jolly ole England, a setting that is a first for me, save for a touch of it in the early books of the Emberverse Series This, however, is entirely set in England and written using the British vocabulary I have a basic knowledge of British vocab slang and locations, so the world was not totally alien to me, but it did take a bit to get the visualization of the environment going as I read through to that, the author did a fabulous job in environment situational description for me to work through those issues and see the world as I believe he intended Nothing was really outrageous and the world was pretty believable The only thing that was a stretch, in my humble opinion, was that the Sun kept consistently throwing out intense flares, one after another, impeding any potential electronic recovery or at least that is the indication I receivedNow I do have to bring this up the novel was short, 179 pages for the Epub version I received, and I do hope that the Author is planning on making this a series of novels, not just a bne offThere is a great opportunity for this story to continue from where it ends, and many stories or plot lines that can diverge from the main Examples of these are the conflict between the forces of the Deputy Prime Minister and the Defense Secretary would love to see what the 21st SAS can do to the numerically superior Regular army force The continuing struggle to rebuild at the logistics base, using the general populous as slave labour to do so Defense Sec locale , the survival of the community of Ranch folk that helped out our Heros on their journey does the radiation from the power plant come their way There are so many stories that can come out of the world and locale that the Author has created for the Reader, and only a smidgen have been touched on So I say to Mr Grzegorzek, WRITE ON, let those creative juices flow, because I would love to see what you come up with next, to further build upon this exciting new world you have presentedRating Though I enjoyed this story, I give it 3.5 stars goodreads won t allow halves though , because it only felt like the beginning of something greater and so much could have been built up or touched upon It is written well and allows for a good visualization of the World, BUT the Author limited himself, shown by only decent depth of character of the Principles they got the treatment one expects of Secondaries , missed opportunities to expand in a number of places, and lastly, because of the priors, how short the story is However, all the minute failings this story has can easily be remedied in follow ups, which I whole heartedly hope the Author pursues Note Disclaimer I received an Epub version of this Novel from the Author , with the request that I provide a fair review I just bought this book for the very reasonable price of 2 and read it in one sitting It was totally gripping, and whilst Grzegorzek may have an undecipherable name, his prose is sharp and easy to read, with the story clipping along at a good pace I shan t go into the plot too deeply, as I rather not ruin it for potential readers, but I will say that it has some great twists and turns, and puts a decidedly British spin on the post apocalyptic genre Novels with this kind of setting are commonplace in modern literature, but Flare really does set itself apart.Minor criticisms would be the length of the book, I was able to comfortably read it all in 3 and a half hours, and the fact that sometimes the characters do seem rather unbelievably lucky you ll see what I mean if you read it , but these are MINOR criticisms, and I would not hesitate to give the book five stars This book is definitely worth your time. I got annoyed with the MC from the very start of the book with his bleeding heart preaching about how those who took part in the London riots are victims of society which is utter rubbish A lot of those charged after the riots were from rich families so explain to me why they needed to be stealing TV s or anything else People who use any flimsy excuse to go out looting, assaulting, destroying property, setting fire to property and endangering lives are not victims to be pitied, they are criminal thugs who need locking up If they were stealing food because of being in extreme poverty, I could understand that, but looting for electrical gadgets is about greed, not survival The MC also bleats about them being led astray against their will and being poor little lambs, and it just infuriated me The victims of the riots were those who lost their homes and businesses, those who were jumping for their lives from burning buildings that some sod set alight for fun , those who were assaulted and robbed, those whose businesses were looted and destroyed They are the real victims So I was already disliking the tone of the book after the first few pages as Malc gleefully writes his social comment newspaper piece which he believes will elevate him to stardom Gag.Malc, the MC, is a journalist who is self obsessed and thinks he is the next great thing He believes that he knows best about everything, he is right and everyone who disagrees is wrong, and only his opinion matters I found him arrogant and rude, mocking Jerry constantly and being a total arse He is a dreadful man and I didn t care what happened to him when the solar flare hits I bet he changes his mind about criminals when he has to face them on his journey and that will wipe the smugness out of him Sadly I never found out The thought of putting up with this idiot on a road trip did not appeal so I gave up quickly. Flare was a really enjoyable, fast paced dystopian read I found the storyline, including the rapid breakdown of society and the roles of the various government players to be totally believable and realistic There s plenty of action, as the protagonist, Malcolm, heads off on a desperate dash across the lawless landscape to rescue his daughter My only critiscm would be that I found Malcolm a touch irritating, and we were occasionally told rather than shown his emotional state, which felt a bit clunky at times Still a great story told in a fast, gripping fashion. I really enjoyed this book Straight into the story with non stop action throughout I just wish it had been longer Would love a sequel 12 26 14 Free on Kindle. Last week I read a book about an EMP that destroys civilisation That book was also set in England, but starred an American Marine need I say Flare is far realistic in that the protagonist is a mild mannered journalist, whose only plan is to head north to Manchester to rescue his daughter The story is like most End of the World scenarios, fairly predictable There are the usual teenage looters, the bullies, the violence, the starving masses etc etc But there were moments of real angst in this story and some great writing Malcolm comes across as a real person Not some super hero who has all the answers and is going to save the world A refreshing and enjoyable read.

Paul is 36 years old and despite the surname hails from Sussex where he has lived all his life, having gone to school in the beautiful countryside town of Midhurst He was born in Shoreham by Sea, within spitting distance of Brighton, a city he s called home since the mid 90 s.Over the last twelve years, Paul has worked as a soldier part time only , a bouncer, a security officer and a police offi

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