Summer of Stars

Summer of StarsI liked the premise of this book, but I did not think the writing was very good I know its a YA book, but there are lots of YA books that are WAY better written than this one. I am not a regular reader of YA fiction however, Horner s Summer of Stars is a page turner with a good character arc and well defined characters I had a hard time putting this book down and immediately downloaded this author s second book I have long been a believer in past lives and was delighted how this author handled them I recommend this book to anyone interested in how past lives affect current lives. In This Life, Lola S Family Is Falling Apart In The Last One, They Were Murdered In This Life, Lola Just Wants To Be Normal, Without The Obsessive Urges That Have Her Vacuuming At Least Three Times A Day And A Bipolar Mother Who S The Poster Child For Mood Swings Lola Thought That Turning Fifteen Would Bring Change For The Better, But A Strange Vision Puts Her On A Crowded Train Headed For Auschwitz Is She Losing It Or Looking Through A Window To A Past Life I saw this book as a work in progress Lesslee Horner is in my writing group, but I wasn t prepared by these quick snapshots for the wonderful book she would hand me when it was finished Here ear for teen language and teen thought is spot on, but just as well done is her grasp of what it is like to be the responsible adult while still a teen in a family that is falling apart.All the characters, from Lola herself to her parents, and Ian, the cool yet goofy guy across the street are well rounded and compelling, and the book never flags Horner s timing and attention to detail is wonderful I have been writing for middle grade and YA readers for many years now, and if you want a book that will grab a young reader especially the girls, this is it And this is just the first in a projected set of four that chronicles the past lives of Lola Ray I hope Lola and Leslee develop the following they deserve. For those of us who believe in reincarnation and karma this is an excellent book The characters are richly portrayed and believable There is plenty of real life drama with tie ins to past lives The main girl is in constant contact with a past life that includes her current family and a friend Good book Concept characters are good, but the point of view seems flat It feels like a summary of events rather than an experience There were a few transitions missing, making some parts awkward The interaction with Lola Ian could have beenauthentic and organic I feel like with some technical changes literary development this could be a good book. Turning the first page of Summer of Stars, readers find themselves on a speeding train that is Lola s life Having visions of a past existence, a family that s breaking apart, and a new neighbor, who her friends label a weirdo, Lola s train doesn t slow down Even after readers turn the last page they will be asking for the next book about Lola Ray. i enjoyed this book looking forward to the next one its a great read for all ages it will make you think of your summer time romances and at the same time leave you wanting to know what is gonna happen next This young adult story presents the typical angst of a young teenage girl, complete with parents having difficulties, peer pressure and the guy next door Everything seems fairly normal until Lola, the girl, starts seeing a past life Leslee Horner masterfully weaves a difficult subject into the story and presents is carefully and skillfully Somewhere in the reaction of the various characters might be your own reaction The subject seems just like onething Lola needs to deal with this summer Ms Horner neither dumbs down the topic, nor does she ply too much details Yet in the end, its hard not to believe I recommend this book for anyone I m an avid reader author publisher and I thoroughly enjoyed it I look forward with great anticipation to Ms Horner s future work. Lola is a typical teenager She just wants a normal life Unfortunately she is stuck in a family where her mother is bi polar, she suspects her father in having an affair, her best friend is obsessed with being in the in crowd and life is swirling around her day after day as she attempts to navigate the waters of being 15 Add to this the fact that she has begun to have dreams that are disturbingly familiar and real to her and she feels as if she is losing her mind I have been a fan of Leslee Horner for several years as I initially started following her writings on her blog and have loved her voice in all of her writings and artwork I was thrilled when she gifted me a copy of her the first novel in her series of young adult novels, Summer of Stars I was not quite sure what to expect when the initial scene was about a train headed for Auschwitz but as I read the book in record time, I might add I was pulled into the story of Lola and her struggle with coming to terms with her past life The whole concept of reincarnation intrigued me and I read eagerly to be able to see how the pieces all came together and discovered that what I suspected was going to happen actually did in the end but not quite as I had anticipated.It is so refreshing to read a debut novel that has been thoroughly edited Ms Horner obviously has a talent and has taken the time and invested in ensuring that her novel was in perfect shape and form before releasing it While I probably would not have picked this book up in the bookstore simply because I am not an avid reader of young adult fiction at this point I am thrilled to say that the story drew me in and kept me turning the pages I finished the book on a plane trip and was sad when I turned the last page The good news is that there arebooks to follow and I look forward to seeing what is ahead or actually what might be behind in the life of Lola Thanks to Leslee Horner for a great book that is certainly going to be at the top of many lists.

Leslee Horner is a wife and mother of two little girls She grew up in Charlotte, North Carolina, where she graduated from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte with a degree in Elementary Education After college, she lived and taught in Columbus, Ohio for four years and San Marcos, Texas for two She currently lives in Tallahassee, Florida where she volunteers with the youth in her commu

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