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Growth Hacker Marketing A Primer On The Future Of PR, Marketing And AdvertisingA New Generation Of Megabrands Like Facebook, Dropbox, Airbnb, And Twitter Haven T Spent A Dime On Traditional Marketing No Press Releases, No TV Commercials, No Billboards Instead, They Rely On A New Strategy Growth Hacking To Reach Many People Despite Modest Marketing Budgets Growth Hackers Have Thrown Out The Old Playbook And Replaced It With Tools That Are Testable, Trackable, And Scalable They Believe That Products And Businesses Should Be Modified Repeatedly Until They Re Primed To Generate Explosive ReactionsBestselling Author Ryan Holiday, The Acclaimed Marketing Guru For American Apparel And Many Bestselling Authors And Multiplatinum Musicians, Explains The New Rules And Provides Valuable Examples And Case Studies For Aspiring Growth Hackers Whether You Work For A Tiny Start Up Or A FortuneGiant, If You Re Responsible For Building Awareness And Buzz For A Product Or Service, This Is Your Road Map

Ryan Holiday is media strategist for notorious clients like Tucker Max and Dov Charney After dropping out of college at 19 to apprentice under the strategist Robert Greene, he went on to advise many bestselling authors and multi platinum musicians He is the Director of Marketing at American Apparel, where his work in advertising was internationally known His strategies are used as case studies

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    Though I found the Ryan Holiday s Growth Hacker thought provoking and had several good ideas in it, I also found it frustrating.My point of frustration may not really be Mr Holiday fault, but just the same it was my main point of contention with the book I have spent my career with multiple Business to Business B2B product companies In most of these companies the product was complicated and had many parts and aspects to it including software and hardware components.Though clearly there are several points made in this book that directly apply to this type of B2B industry, it talks about the world of marketing and business like B2B does not exist No examples in the book relate to a B2B case The book never even acknowledges the existence of such a market, but instead implies that the secrets disclosed in the book should apply to all I appreciate that the author may have no experience with B2B Also, even if the author did have B2B experience writing about the topic might be nauseating for 99% of his readers Talking about how to market a sewer pump station is not as interesting to the masse as the story of how Hotmail go started My pet peeve is when people read a book like this often act like they have had a god like transformation as it relates how to market every product in the world including the B2B case You ask them what they learned and they talk about the power of Internet marketing and how Dropbox exploded after giving away storage space to people who encouraged their friends to try Dropbox You then ask how can we apply that to our B2B business and have no idea I will acknowledge that the exercise of trying to apply these examples to the B2B case can be a positive one, but there are clear differences in the consumers as well You ask them how what they learned can be applied to B2B business, and you are met with chirping sounds.Maybe the best way to explain what I personally got out of the book form my admittedly myopic B2B perspective is for me to explain how I perceive the differences between B2B vs consumer marketing as it relates to the topics of this book.B2B DIFFERENCES1 Typically the customer not spending their own money.2 Buyers often influenced by direct contact with sellers company staff, who may spend months or years developing a relationship with the buyer and assisting them in their search for the best product solution for their organization.3 Very little or no cool factor when making purchase decision.4 Cost of ownership may be important than initial upfront price.5 Keeping my job is a significant factor in purchase Avoiding buying wrong product is a very big deal, because a mistake could lead to loss of employment This risk avoidance may lead to buying the most established brand or product as the old saying goes no one was ever fired for buying IBM 6 Price points may be very high.7 Possible that the product is a system and thus cannot be bought online 8 Complicated products can be tricky to compare.9 Normally a very small target audience You do not have to find the right company or organization to sell to, but the correct department and maybe even the right person in that department Thus the big challenge is not identifying the correct customer company s, but find the consumer inside though companies To proactively find the right person often takes old fashion detective work by a sales person Using the Internet for this small group to find you can be very tricky unless you can find a common place all these right people hang out online.10 The narrowness of the target group can make finding the correct and common Ad words difficult however if you can find the right common word, then they are likely to be relatively in expensive on a per click basis by the very nature that they are rare.11 For the complicated products, the consumer may be willing to spend a great deal of time researching the best product to purchase possible months or The consumer can justify this investment in research because they are being paid to do this research by their employer This can lead to a situation where the buyer or consumer will become aware of your company or brand from their own research, but not that likely that it will result in your closing the sale.12 Normally the buyers associate buying process as work vs play , so less likely interesting in reading or bumping into information about your products on a lazy Saturday morning Internet surfing session.SIMILARTIES1 The Growth Hacker suggestion to not rely on old and tired marketing approaches certainly applies to B2B however this is really just a generality.2 Buyers are influenced by like buyers Thus leveraging industry groups using techniques from this book do directly apply.3 Positioning your company as the expert on the product area can be advantageous Using the some of the Growth Hacker thinking on this point does apply.4 High quality blogging, webinars and information write ups can all help position your company as the expert on the topic Of course using the Internet in this position endeavor is often the best approach.5 The buyers are sophisticated and may hate being pitched especially when they start reading your information thinking they are going to learn something, but instead find a sappy marketing story about how great the sellers company and product are Thus a hack marketing write up can have the opposite to the intended impact 6 Since many of the customers are experts in the field of your product, it makes creating informative pieces difficult Writing about the benefits of your new tennis racket is going to be much easier to explain why your new hydraulic valve will save you money over ten years as compared with the other vales on the market.7 Often due to the complexity of the product and your desire to educate the educated you can fall into writing at a level that assumes your readers or listeners know than they do However, there are always new comers in the buyers organizations, so you have to always create some kind of lead or defining a basis for your write up not to leave all newbies in the dark When you ask high technical people in the seller company to write such pieces, they can often fall into a lot of jargon that loses most readers.8 Do to conflicting nature of having to write about complex products but use simple clean English, it if often a significant challenge to find a single individual who has all the skills required accomplish these tasks A pure writer or marketing person with little product background often simply do not have enough knowledge to and have them pull off a quality write up, blog or webinar You end up having to using your best people likely engineers or product managers who happen to also be solid writer to do this work The problem with this approach is the opportunity cost of their time dedicated to such projects is likely very high expensive Using the approach of a professional writer interviewing or working with one of these experts to create the piece sounds good in theory, but in reality the expert will tell you that 9 times out of 10, they spend time helping the writer and re writing the document then they would have if they just wrote it their self so using the writer as an editor may make sense, but still expensive.9 As described in the book, using old expensive marketing methods can be very ineffective and at the very least with no clear way to measure results it is hard to know if there is a good return on the investment or not Most B2B marketing of complex products includes a relationship between the two parties that may have taken years to build Though this can apply to certain consumer purchases maybe your local car dealer it often does not The important nuance along with the narrow and relatively small target audience for many B2B companies make books like the Growth Hacker miss the mark for people looking for help with the B2B business plans As I started at the start of my comments rant , my issues with this book are not so much general content, but about the sweeping generalizations that imply their words apply to all business when they do not.

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    This book came off as a collection of self promotional blog posts About 1 3 of the book is spent trying to justify its own existence by talking up how you can forget everything you knew about traditional marketing Where traditional marketing seems to consist mainly of running billboard or TV spots with expensive celebrities The book s narrow minded view of marketing really discredits what non growth hackers actually do, while nebulously outlining what growth hackers actually do A positive here is the book can serve as a collection of examples of what hacks other big name web app companies have done to boost subscriber growth Unfortunately not much insight was attached and the examples were mainly informational, rather than illustrative of some underlying principles.I hate to be this harsh, but it really did feel like a hastily put together work to capitalize on the recent buzz around growth hacking.

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    I figured I d read the cannon on Holiday so this was next If you don t know what growth hacking means, this is a good intro But if you do, this is a waste of time.

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    The book is fine for a complete beginner But it s quite at rookie level.

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    Basic and vague, yet still relevant At 56 pages, the ebook is worth the minimal time investment This was my 4th Ryan Holiday book, and I m a big fan, although Perennial Seller and Trust Me, I m Lying Confessions of a Media Manipulator were better Marketing, too many people forget, is not an end unto itself It is simply getting customers And by the transitive property, anything that gets customers is marketing Growth hacking is of a mindset than a tool kit tl dr Marketing is a slippery fish that is constantly evolving Try to keep up, or get left behind.

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    Fantasy overview of what Growth hacking is, and how to apply it to your company Dives into quick examples of how some of the top companies today applied growth hacker marketing tactics to their business.Points from the book 1 Growth HackingMarketing isn t something you do at the end of a product, it s intertwined in all aspects of the creative process design, engineering, business strategy The days of taking the hollywood approach to marketing launching event, billboards, super bowl ad is over, now large audiences can be reached through creative tactics that can be measured.2 Product Market FitThe days of taking intrinsic guesses around what the customer audience wants is over Now you can launch an idea Minimum viable product MVP and pivot based on customer feedback data till you reach a viable PMF.Company example given in the book Airbnb.3 Finding your Growth Hack You can t expect people to come to you you have pull them in Growth hacking is pulling customers in and you don t need the front page of NYT for that Examine your market, and create tactics to pull them in based on their interests needs Examples given Dropbox free space once you watch the intro video and share on facebook with your friends, or Uber offering free rides at SXSW it s target demo 4 Going ViralVirality is achievable Once you have decided that you will not be paying to get in front of every potential customer via paid advertisements or publicity , then you ve accepted you must reach them some other way If you want customers to share your product you need to give them a reason You can t hope someone shares a boring product demo, or brand video that has nothing to do with them If it s a video, is it inspiring , moving , directed at a specific audience Example company given Groupon Living Social , they offered an incentives when you refer a friend, which in turn cause the viral factor.5 Retention and OptimizationYour site can always be updated There is always something to improve Be like Twitter or Facebook, not like Myspace that stopped iterating they died.Work on improving the flow Track customer clicks, find pain points bottle necks, review metrics and iterate till you see improvement in conversion, and lower bounce rates.Also if you have an email list of people who have been to your site, but haven t converted yet Find ways to pull them back in, and convert The probability of selling to an existing customer is 60 to 70 percent, while to a new prospect it s just 5 to 20 percent Retention trumps acquisition

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    As a blogger and early Digg superuser I ve had a ringside seat to many growth hacking campaigns and I ve even done a bit of growth hacking myself but the problem with growth hacking is there are countless hacks and a myriad of strategies but little has ever been done to connect the dots Some books have enumerated some of these strategies and others have focused on individual pieces of the growth puzzle but each makes growth hacking appear chaotic and disorganized The truth is that growth hackers do thrive in chaos but, on a personal level, growth hackers at least the ones I ve met are all masters of organization, systems and discipline Ryan explores this dichotomy but, importantly, he effectively distills the important lessons in a clear and concise manner This book should be required reading for every marketing student and MBA but is essential, MUST READ, material for every entrepreneur, bootstrapper and creative genius John Konrad, Author of Fire on the Horizon The Untold Story of the Gulf Oil Disaster.

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    Ch a bao gi c c i g v growth hacking c m c d nghe v nh n th y t n y r t nhi u l n v mu n t m hi u t l u Ch bi t growth hacking l c i g li n quan n startup Xong t nh c th y cu n n y b a b t m t l i li n quan t i marketing n n c th Cu n n y vi t d hi u v l m t s kh i u t t v i ng i m i l m quen nh m nh.T c gi nh c nhi u l n trong cu n s ch r ng y kh ng ph i cu n s ch d y c ch l m m l cu n s ch thay i mindset c a nh ng ng i l m marketing truy n th ng Mindset m cu n s ch nh c t i ch nh l growth hacker marketing , c th hi u l nh ng c ch marketing s ng t o v ti t ki m, g n li n v i s n ph m, khi c m t s n ph m ph h p v i th tr ng product market fit V y growth hacker marketing g m nh ng b c th n o B c 1 X y d ng s n ph m th t t t b ng c ch test v s a i s n ph m nhi u l n cho t i khi n th t s ph h p v i m t nh m kh ch h ng nh t nh, ti ng anh g i l achieve product market fit Quan i m c a cu n s ch l m i ho t ng marketing u l v ngh a khi ch a c product market fit.B c 2 X c nh nh m i t ng growth hack, lu n l nh m early adopters , nh ng ng i quan t m n s n ph m m i v kh ng ti c ti n cho vi c th d ng nh ng s n ph m n y Nh m n y sau s gi p c ng ty spread s n ph m.B c 3 Ngh ra c c ho t ng s ng t o t o viral cho s n ph m B c n y th v c ng, nh ng c m t v i v d v hotmail, dropbox, mailbox, gmail kh hay.B c 4 Duy tr m i quan h v i kh ch h ng kh ch h ng quay l i s d ng s n ph m nhi u h n.C b n l v y, o n cu i s ch c r t nhi u g i v c c s ch v blog ng i c t m hi u th m M t v i ghi ch p kh c Quy tr nh product market fit v marketing s ch n y kh c v i m t s s ch kh c m nh c c c s ch kh ch th market c c s n ph m t i nh m innovators v early adopters t l c s n ph m c n ch a ho n thi n S ch n y th n i l ph i ho n thi n xong m i market, tuy nhi n ho n thi n th ph i c users, v y nh m users n y l ai y l i m thi u logic c a cu n s ch C c v d kh t, quanh i qu n l i ch c hotmail, mailbox, gmail, dropbox V c c tactics c a c ng ty n y ch l th m c c c ch ng i d ng hi n t i gi i thi u cho ng i d ng kh c ho c t o s th m mu n ch i VD gmail h i x a c invite only waiting list c a mailbox p.s message cu i t t c c c th g i qua hotmail, ho c c ch iphone ipad ch k t ng l sent from my ipad dropbox th t ng mb cho ng i d ng.Tuy t nh ng th t ra m nh th y v d c ng kh hay, m nh c th h c h i.

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    Growth Hacking 4 Growth Hacking Ryan Holiday 29 .

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    Book Review in 5 sentences 1 First step Figuring out what people really want from your product Because, even if your prototypes are bug free and flawless, they ll fail if there s no actual demand for them 2 Don t target everybody Target early adopters, or those eager to try new things Since most people won t become customers, it would be a massive waste of time and resources to try to reach them 3 Retain your customers Be oriented toward customer retention Centre your marketing efforts around it You ll have to find the right metric to measure performance.4 Reward adoption Reward your users for learning how to use your product If your product is not easy to use or easy to adopt, you ll frustrate your customers and eventually lose them 5 Activate your audience Find ways to make your product worth sharing And don t forget to encourage sharing.For reviews,visit books

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