The Mayan Secrets

The Mayan SecretsSam And Remi Fargo Race For Treasure And Survival In This Lightning Paced New Adventure From New York Times Bestselling Author Clive CusslerHusband And Wife Team Sam And Remi Fargo Are In Mexico When They Come Upon A Remarkable Discovery The Mummified Remainsof A Man Clutching An Ancient Sealed Pot Within The Pot Is A Mayan Book Larger Than Any Known BeforeThe Book Contains Astonishing Information About The Mayans, Their Cities, And About Mankind Itself The Secrets Are So Powerful That Some People Would Do Anything To Possess Them As The Fargos Are About To Find Out Many Men And Women Are Going To Die For That Book I am reviewing the novel The Mayan Secrets by Clive Cussler et al which is an excellent adventure story which I bought from a local supermarket This book is part of the Fargo series about a married couple who are also treasure hunters and they often get into scrapes connected to that The story kicks off in Guatemala in the 16th Century when soldiers try to hunt down ancient texts owned by the Mayans that a priest has been studying in the hope of learning about and which a rival priest has claimed are satanic They hide at least one book which in the present day Sam Remi, the treasure hunters find A rival treasure collector who isn t interested in its history and just wants to own it is hot on their trail She is an extremely wealthy heiress with her own private army at her disposal The fargo s are also trying to help a nearby area with aid because it has an erupting volcano They have to track down where the book came from and when the heiress takes it, prove it s been stolen and get it back It results with a big battle in Guatemala and there is a happy ending when the find the book is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of historical artifacts There is also a secret in the book and they fear the heiress may get it translated It s an exciting story and one which I really enjoyed The Fargo series is one of the best series that Cussler does and this is one of the better ones in the series It has only just been published in hardback in Britain, presumably to take advantage of Christmas and the potential sales I should think this book will do well. I am very fond of Sam and Remi Fargo I love the characters and their interactions My favourite is Selma Wandrash What a great character she is, I really want to see involvement with Selma MI really loved the line in the Tombs be a good Selma.While a departure from the iconic Dirk and Family, Clive has really hit the mark with these characters Their adventures are fun, entertaining, and thought provoking My favourite has been and is book 4 The Tombs.In this, the 5th book of the series head to Central America for an exploration of the Mayan culture, present and past The primary antagonist in this book is not as strong as in previous book but interesting nonetheless You will enjoy taking this person down There is a scene, near the end, where Sam s past is revealed to be something a bit than he has led Remi and us to believe It is perhaps a sign of deeper character development to come and was most satisfying.I have tried not to include any spoilers here In closing I would not recommend you read this without having read the previous books indeed this applies to the whole series as Clive has done a great job of building the story from book to book It won t be your favourite entry but you will enjoy it.Have Fun Sigh Oh how I expected so much from you, Clive Cussler is one of the few novelists whose books fill three or four full bookshelves in the bookstore This was my first venture into Cusslerland, if you will I was really disappointed.I don t know how he managed it, but there was so much filler in this novel, yet there was so much nothing at the same time He spends a lot of time telling us about what the characters pack in their bags to go on their little adventures and what they eat at the restaurant, but so little about what actually should be described to the reader in an adventure novel namely, oh I dunno, the adventure For an adventure novel I really didn t feel like I was on an adventure The novel is too thin for that Literally, there aren t enough pages to describe what needed describing to make a good story out of this The Fargo duo hops from one destination on the globe to another with the blink of an eye Snap your fingers, they are in Europe snap them again, they re back in America again, Central America Ugh, just stop for a second and tell us the damn story And for as much action that takes place, I felt like the main characters experienced almost zilch in terms of danger or conflict There wasn t enough there to make me feel like they had anything stopping them from the inevitable conclusion They had too much going for them for me to believe they wouldn t succeed Shocker, the bazillionaires with every resource at their command end up beating the bad guys where s the fun in that Cussler reminds me of a Danielle Steel type They churn out novels at an alarming rate simply because they can, without taking time to develop a novel with substance Probably on the lower side of 2 stars, like 1.5 The only adventure I took was the walk to the bookstore and back home I wish I could go on another to return this book Alas, it was already used and can no longer be returned The you know. Sam and Remy Fargo are a fabulously wealthy couple who have the kind of adventures most people can only dream of In this story, they accidentally find an ancient Mayan book, or codex, which has a map of Mayan cities and sacred places in Guatemala that have never been discovered They alert David Kane, a professor from UC who specializes in Mayan studies.When super wealthy heiress Sarah Allenby gets wind of the codex, she is determined to gain possession of it so she can get the credit for discovering the ancient sites and sell the artifacts to buyers all over the world.When Sam and Remy refuse to sell it to her, she steals it.Sam and Remy do everything in their power to get it back, but it seems they have set themselves an impossible task She has very powerful allies in Guatemala, including high ranking government officials, who control the law enforcement authorities, and a notorious and ruthless drug baron.I think what I like the best about the Fargo series is that revenge is sweet and everyone always gets what they deserve in the end. Fifth in the Fargo Adventure archeology suspense series revolving around Sam and Remi Fargo, a pair of scrupulous and wealthy adventurers.My TakeWell, it is a Cussler, so it is full of adventurous fun The outrageous, the better And, yes, the writing is a step up from Tombs , 4, shudder , although Cussler Perry still have issues with too much tell and too many info dumps, and it still reads too simply.It s all fun and games from great white sharks to fending off pirates, escaping through underground cisterns and rappelling from helicopters But it reads too much like a congratulatory brag up with Sam and Remi the so very modest heroes of the hour Yes, they are wonderful, but must it be delivered in this suck up manner Nor do we get a sense of how tired, hungry, or aching they are It s like reading a simple diary of we did this and then we did that As if Cussler Perry started to fill in the outline and decided they didn t need to put a lot of effort in After all, it s a Cussler and the suckers will buy it no matter what.I do love the improvements they ve made on the house s security Okay, explain this to me The Fargos and Caine know the rules about informing the government about archeological finds, and they re going to hang onto the pot They know there s a danger of it being taken, so, hey why use the security of the Fargos house Why not dump it in a public institution Um, computer backup, anyone Once Sarah Allersby delivers her threats, why aren t the Fargos and Caine thinking ahead to the future They must know her type For that matter, shouldn t Russell and Ruiz be a lot savvy As for the wicked Sarah Oh, brother She s so one dimensional that it s embarrassing to read.Um, Caine talked to all sorts of people How does he know which one he mistakenly trusted before I do love how Sam and Remi circumvent this witch, LOL It s good and only works here because that s how Cussler Perry wrote it God forbid they should come up with a villain with brains Which leads to another quibble How is it that Sam and Remi blithely breeze through all this They rarely come up against any real opposition And when the chips are down, everyone is in place Pretty impressive excuse me while I gag Oh, please, that scene in which Sam claims he sees no other way out Sure I can see Sam saying it, but I can t see Remi reacting to it as she does Totally out of character.And, yeah, it s still a step up, barely from Tombs , even if it does read like a diatribe against tomb raiders.The StoryThe story takes up a few months after Tombs left off with the Fargos home the new and improved being put back together.While their domicile is being rebuilt, the Fargos are off adventuring This time helping to tag great white sharks off the coast of Mexico when an earthquake hits and a volcano erupts It s Fargos to the rescue as they bring aid of all sorts to the towns hit by this twin disaster All this rumbling has brought devastation but it also reveals that which was lost long ago And if Allersby has her way, it ll stay lost a few years.But it s not an option as far as Sam and Remi are concerned There is no way they ll allow Sarah Allersby to rape the Mayan heritage.The CharactersSam is former black ops of some sort, and Remi is a crack shot Both Fargos enjoy the good life, but they spend their wealth giving it back They employ Selma Wondrash as their chief researcher while Pete Jeffcoat and Wendy Corden are junior researchers who all work out of the Fargos La Jolla home Zolt n is their alert German shepherd.Aboard the Marlow Explorer are Captain Juan Sandoval, mate Miguel Colera, and the cook George Morales who make it easy for the Fargos to tag sharks Part of the rescue team includes Dr Maria Garza and Dr Christina Talamantes are both ER doctors, and Dr Martinez is a surgeon Both women doctors also come along on the trek to the volcano villages along with Raul and Paul Mendoza and a lawyer named Jos Sanchez Dr David Caine is an archeology expert specializing in the Mayans, and he teaches at the University of California San Diego Albert Strohm is the vice chancellor for Academic Affairs.Sarah Allersby is a British heiress who owns businesses and an extensive ranch, Estancia Guerrero, in Guatemala with of an interest in wringing everything she can out of it She s a party girl with a reputation for taking what she wants as well as being an amateur archeologist and collector With emphasis on collection She ll soon be just like her father.Alfredo Montez is the Minister of Culture for the Republic of Mexico, Mr Ju rez is his assistant, Special Agent Steven Vanderman of the FBI, and Milton Welles is with U.S Customs.Russell and Jerry Ruiz love doing odd jobs for Sarah Allersby Diego San Martin is the drug dealer using a part of Estancia Guerrero Amando Gervais, Rico Sabas, and Santiago Obreg n work for San Martin.The villagers in Santa Maria de los Monta as include Father Gomez and Dr Carlos Huerta are the first people Sam and Remi meet in town Se ora Velasquez is the padre s housekeeper Pepe is the village mechanic Se or Alvarez owns the restaurant Se or Lopez owns a shop and, Carlos Padilla is their long time mayor.Amy Costa is with the State Department in Guatemala City Commander Rueda is sweet on Amy and inclined to support her Tim Carmichael is the helicopter pilot in trouble Art Bowen is his boss Cobra One, Viper One, and Viper Two are friends who move really, really, really fast.In 1537 in what is now GuatemalaFriar Bartolem de Las Casas is a Dominican monk and Prior of Rabinal who believes in converting the Mayans one person at a time and giving them equal rights He is also enthusiastic about the knowledge contained within the Mayan books Kukulcan leads the people in Rabinal Tepeu is his warrior son.The CoverThe cover is a scene from the end when helicopter gunships take out ard cars, jeeps, and helicopters in a small village just outside a Mayan ruin.The title may be The Mayan Secrets, but those secrets are about those held by the good and bad guys in keeping the Mayan codices for themselves. This book was well written in my opinion Mr Cussler and Thomas Perry take us on an adventure comparable to that of Indiana Jones There are so many mysteries, twists and turns along the way He takes a prior military married couple who seek out adventure after adventure Sam and Remi find the last one to be embracing than their research project that they took on earlier, and their humanitarian project that they took shortly before This Mayan adventure unravels many secrets over a four hundred year time span However, with any good archaeological mystery, there are dangers and risks along the way As Sam and Remi and a team of people work to put things back in order, and turn things back over to the proper authorities, see what challenges they embrace along the way How do they handle it I could go on and on, but I would rather not spoil the read for you Enjoy In my opinion, again, this was wonderfully written I look forward to reading another book by Clive Cussler. As always, adequate It s difficult to impossible to rate the Fargo series any higher due to their formulaic nature and cardboard characters, but they serve their purpose I listen to then in audio format with ever reliable Scott Brick doing the reading and it makes for a decent, undemanding of attention entertainment to walk and bike to This one might have ended 2 discs ago, it sort of dragged on at the end, but it was fine The beginning the historical prologue is always the best part From there on it s just a sort of bland mildly entertaining adventure. Full of filler I don t care what the Fargos ate, ever Or what type of wine they had with their food or how that wine tasted I don t need an exhaustive list of what they packed and in what type of luggage, or what the bad guys pack to come after them Or every hose and connection they check in their vehicle before driving away.The plot wasn t that great to begin with and it really got dragged down with all this stupid unnecessary crap. This book was about as expected If you ve ever seen the television show Heart to Heart late 70 s early 80s , add a little violence and you ve got Sam and Remi I m not going to knock it It was fun, and I knew what I was getting into I happened upon Tim s Review which summed up my thoughts about it, pretty well I liked that Tim gave a content advisory I may add that to some of my reviews. In addition to being the Chairman of NUMA, Cussler is also a fellow in both the Explorers Club of New York and the Royal Geographic Society in London He has been honored with the Lowell Thomas Award for outstanding underwater exploration Cussler s books have been published in than 40 languages in than 100 countries His past international bestsellers include Pacific Vortex, Mediterranean Caper, Iceberg, Raise the Titanic, Vixen 03, Night Probe, Deep Six, Cyclops, Treasure, Dragon, Sahara, Inca Gold, Shock Wave, Flood Tide, Atlantis Found, Valhalla Rising, Trojan Odyssey and Black Wind this last with his son, Dirk Cussler the nonfiction books The Sea Hunters, The Sea Hunters II and Clive Cussler and Dirk Pitt r Revealed the NUMA Files novels Serpent, Blue Gold, Fire Ice, White Death and Lost City written with Paul Kemprecos and the Oregon Files novels Sacred Stone and Golden Buddha written with Craig Dirgo and Dark Watch written with Jack Du Brul Clive Cussler lives in Arizona.

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