Funny Machines for George the Sheep

Funny Machines for George the Sheep This Delightful Introduction To The Inventions Of Leonardo Da Vinci Teaches Young Readers About The Painstaking But Rewarding Art Of Design And Discovery George The Sheep Is Happy Living Outside In His Meadow Except For One Thing When It Rains, He Shrinks To The Size Of A Mouse When The Sun Comes Out He Grows Enormous Befuddled, His Owner Leon Sets Out To Find A Way To Shelter George From The Rain A Huge Set Of Bat Wings To Dry His Fur A Wheeled Chariot To Keep Out The Wet Finally He Alights On The Perfect Solution A Large Umbrella But When The Wind Plays Havoc With This Contraption Leon Must Put Pencil To Paper Once Again To Come Up With A Solution Through Careful Measuring, Sketching, And A Truly Indefatigable Spirit, Leon, Like His Fifteenth Century Namesake, Solves The Kinds Of Problems That Have Challenged Inventors Throughout History Cleverly Invoking The Mechanical Genius Of Leonardo Da Vinci, This Delightful Children S Book Explores The Art Of Invention Through Illustrations And An Entertaining Story

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Funny Machines for George the Sheep book, this is one of the most wanted Géraldine Elschner author readers around the world.

❮Read❯ ➲ Funny Machines for George the Sheep  Author Géraldine Elschner –
  • Hardcover
  • 32 pages
  • Funny Machines for George the Sheep
  • Géraldine Elschner
  • 13 July 2017
  • 9783791371665

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    This is an analysis review on behalf of Columbia College Chicago s Children s Literature course The following review may have some spoilers, but please read on and discus with me. view spoiler In one of the most interesting children s books I ve experienced in a long time, French author and illustrator duo, G raldine Elschner and R mi Saillard, give us a tale of a sheep, who belongs to famed inventor, Leonardo da Vinci Initially, the problem for the story is that George, da Vinci s precious sheep, has a problem when it rains The vet doesn t know what to do about it, and so da Vinci sets off to find a solution on his own through one of his inventions However, the invention proves to be too much for the little sheep, and it sweeps him away Leo realizes that he needs to find a new way to save his sheep and that s it Does he get back his sheep What becomes of George Such a big cliffhanger for such a young audience that loves to ask questions Based on the vocabulary and integration of his inventions, I have given this book an AWS level of 3, because the story line is mostly reliant on his inventions, and there is supporting information in the back of the book about the real inventions.When trying to judge how much the art is placed in the text, it becomes a bit difficult with an artist that is an inventor However, in this text, the climax of the book revolves around his building of the inventions My favorite way it s described is when he goes into town and buys a compass, some notebooks, loads of paper, a pointy triangle, some finely sharpened pencils, a circular protractor, a carpenter s meter, and last but not least, an eraser to erase everything and start again from scratch Elschner, 2013 What a mouthful Except it does a great job describing the process in which he creates, and especially puts focus to the fact that the first draft, or creation, is not always meant to be the one The varied text weights and presentation continue with the style and mood of da Vinci s creations, and the character of the sheep does well at creating a character that is lovable by the audience, and have something in common to share with the artist When reading aloud, the vocabulary is perfectly balanced, with familiar and new, to have discussion about things related to the drafting field, and artistic tools in general Funny Machines for George the Sheep has quite the interesting plot line It feels very traditional, but then ends abruptly to me it was very disheartening If a child were to begin to read this alone, they may have a slight difficulty distinguishing the dialogue from the normal narration, but this is so very small The characters of George and Leonardo are both very round, and well understood The omnipresent narration gives us half of the book learning about George, and then the other half inside of the head of the inventor, of the shepherd, and of the artist It s a fun book to experience, and can help with a child s confidence in completing their own projects I see this book being connectable to students lives, and great for a classical art unit introducing the work of da Vinci as young as first grade To help understand how the text in question relates to the art in focus, I ve created the Art Work Synthesis AWS scale, to better pair similar texts together that share common uses of the reproductions of the art. hide spoiler

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    An excellent add on to a lesson on da Vinci The story introduces da Vinci as a worried farmer who has a sheep that shrinks to the size of a mouse when it rains Nothing in the medical world seems to help the sheep so da Vinci goes to town and gathers notebooks, loads of paper, a pointy triangle, some finely sharpened pencils, a circular protractor, a carpenter s meter, and last but not least, an eraser to erase everything and start again from scratch What a delightful way to introduce inventing and problem solving And these inventions are actual items that da Vinci created although not for his shrinking sheep I see it as an great interactive experience with much fun projections on the flying away sheep and the inventions themselves I do have to admit that the ending was VERY open ended I would like to see what a child has to say about that or even the story that they would invent to continue the events.

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    George the sheep has a problem Whenever it rains, he shrinks, but when the sun comes out he grows big again Leo the Shepherd comes up with a heap of inventions to try to solve George s problem.From an adult s point of view, the book s really interesting because it s based on inventions that Leonardo da Vinci came up with There s a double page spread at the back that shows some reconstructions of the inventions referred to in the story, plus another double space spread that gives educational information about Leonardo da Vinci and his inventions As a story though, I felt it wasn t rounded off as well as it could have been Top marks for originality and educational value I just suspect that parents and teachers will like this book a little than children will, but I hope I m wrong.

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    This was a great prep book for kids There are numerous directions one can take with it.

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    Loved the concept but felt abruptly ended.

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    Good idea, using a story to teach children about Leonardo da Vinci s inventions But the story left a lot to be desired, like an ending.

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    It s one of those books where you re absolutely certain the publisher missed a page in the printing Leonardo s sheep, George, has a problem when it rains he shrinks Leonardo tries to construct new inventions to save George the trouble of shrinking and finally develops an umbrella which whisks the sheep away into the sky The plot ends with this last sentence So he swiftly gathers up his notes, his compass, his carpenter s meter, and of course his eraser, and begins to calculate some With or without a machine, he will find his little George So we re not really sure what happened to his magical sheep The last few pages are photographic reconstructions of Leonardo s inventions that are mentioned in the book, which is really cool, and 5 paragraphs addressing certain aspects of the real Leonardo DaVinci Who was Leo , In what way was he a genius , What did he invent , How do we know about all these inventions , What about George s umbrella , and Where can Leo s inventions be seen today I just wished the story wasn t so painful.

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    I think you re going to be in one of two camps where this book is concerned you think it s dumb and doesn t have anything to do with Da Vinci, or you think it s a clever way to introduce Da Vinci s inventions to a young audience I m in the former camp.

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    Interesting vision of Leonardo s inventions being created for George the Sheep to prevent him from shrinking Good information at the back of the book about Leonardo s real invention K Grade 5.

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