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Mrs. B Her Daughter Ruthie S Easy Ascent Through School And University Has Been Mrs B S Pride And Joy For Some Time But As The Novel Begins, She And Her Husband Charles Are On Their Way To The Airport To Collect Ruthie, Who Has Disgraced Herself With A Married Man And A Suicide Attempt, And Is, As They Will Soon Discover, Pregnant Loosely Inspired By Flaubert S Madame Bovary, The Novel Focuses On The Life Of An Upper Middle Class Family In A Contemporary Trinidad That Is Turbulent With Violence And Popular Dissatisfactions, In Response To Which The Family Have Retreated To A Gated Community Mrs B She Hates The Name Of Butcher Is Fast Approaching , And Ruthie S Return And The State Of Her Marriage Provoke Her To Some Unaccustomed Self Reflection Much Like Flaubert S Heroine, Mrs B S Longings Are Diffuse But Bounded By The Assumptions Of Her Social Circle And Without Ever Losing Sympathy For Mrs B And Her Family, The Novel Asks Some Tough Questions About What Resources Mrs B Can Bring To Her Issues And How She Can Find Meaning In Her Life And What Of Ruthie Can Her Greater Openness To The Island Challenge Her Easy Acceptance Of Privilege Behind Both Women Is The Complex And Fascinating Figure Of Aunt Claire, The Family S Reader, Who Has Provided The Only Real Nurture In Mrs B S Life Can She Do The Same For Ruthie But, Then, How Far Does Her Deep Immersion In Books Really Equip Her For St Century Trinidadian Life

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Mrs. B book, this is one of the most wanted Elizabeth Walcott-Hackshaw author readers around the world.

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  • Paperback
  • 236 pages
  • Mrs. B
  • Elizabeth Walcott-Hackshaw
  • 24 March 2019
  • 9781845232313

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    A goodreads giveaway book.A warm contemporary slice of Caribbean life.Talk about the Caribbean islands and the mind brings up floral shirts, women wearing blossoms in their hair, moving around in flowing skirts and sleeveless tops But how do the people living there feel about the changes engulfing the country, the rising violence, the political unrest that is shaping their country s present and future Elizabeth Hackshaw answers the question very well, through her characters of Mrs B, her husband Charles and their daughter Ruthie Gist Mrs B and her husband Charles are waiting to pick up their daughter Ruthie at the airport who is travelling back from Boston after a breakdown due a failed affair with a married professor At one level it is about relationships that of a mother and a child, a husband and wife and a of a childless woman who loves her neice as her own While these relationships collide and blend according to situations, at the heart of it lies the changes in the community and country as people seek security in gated communities against the backdrop of an unpredictable and insecure political climate What works The story is laid out well and Hackshaw does a great job of delving into the minds of characters and presenting their perspectives.The portrayal of the young and the old is dealt with quite effectively where the liberal morals of the younger generation is juxtaposed with the status conscious attitudes of the older generation.It is not a plot driven story, for nothing much happens and therefore the characters shine out well in the backdrop of some beautiful writing Hackshaw shows off her writing skills as she flits between standard English and the Caribbean English at one point Very well done indeed.Hackshaw portrays the killings and the day to day random acts of violence in a detached manner Though the facts are gory, Hackshaw s matter of fact manner takes the sting off it without losing the intensity.What doesn t Since the focus is on conveying a slice of Caribbean life, the thoughts and ideals of the modern people, it tends to sag a bit at times But the writing and the characters make up for it.I could never understand why the character was referred to as Mrs.B that stands for Butcher Apparently, she hated the names and therefore the initial It reminded me of Daphne du Maurier s Rebecca where the heroine has no name or identity But here it is not the case Mrs B is a strong character who affects situation but I still couldn t fathom the reason for not using her maiden name though it crops up in places.In a nutshell A great book for those looking for a different refreshing read Reading this book was for me, a revelation about the realities that plague the beaches and the warm weather of the West Indies Much recommended.

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    I received this book for free through Goodreads First Reads. Mrs B is a contemporary novel by lecturer and writer Elizabeth Walcott Hackshaw Whilst loosely based on Gustave Flaubert s Madame Bovary, it is set in Trinidad and contains a number of themes Beginning in June 2009 it spans the course of a year before finishing in July 2010.The titular character Mrs B is a middle aged woman named Mrs Elena Butcher who, due to dislike of her husband s surname, is always referred to as Mrs B At the beginning of the book Mrs B and her husband, Charles, are driving to the airport to collect their daughter, Ruthie, who has flown home from Boston University It is revealed that Ruthie suffered a nervous breakdown a couple of months before hand, but what is yet to be discovered is that she is pregnant Whilst in Boston, Ruthie had developed an intimate relationship with a man dubbed the Professor Mrs B s daughter was once her pride and joy but the result of Ruthie s down fall begins to have a negative effect on Mrs B s life and sours her relationships with those previously close to her, particularly her husband.Pregnancy and romantic affairs are not the only themes of the novel Trinidad is becoming a dangerous place with crimes, such as murders, becoming a daily occurrence Politics plays its hand in these everyday occurrences, so it is not very reassuring when Mrs B s ex lover becomes involved with the government However the events in Trinidad seem normal than the emotions Mrs B feels within her own family.The story line jumps around a lot from character to character and also from past to present Whilst not exactly confusing it is difficult to understand what the actual plot line is There was not much of climax and the reader does not really get a chance to connect with the characters and so the conclusion feels neither disappointing nor satisfactory.For readers unfamiliar with the Caribbean and life in Trinidad this book is quite educational, providing descriptions of the culture and customs of the islands inhabitants So despite the lack of a strong story line, Walcott Hackshaw writes effectively to make this an interesting read.

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    I received this as a free copy through Goodreads I m sorry it s taken me so long to review it I got married, and life got in the way.That being said, I did finish it eventually, and I did enjoy it It s way outside the realms of what I normally read mostly fantasy , so I m glad to have been exposed to something I wouldn t have any other way I found Mrs B a fascinating slice of life in a culture I really had no experience about I m from the US, now living in the UK, and before this book, I honestly doubt I could even find Trinidad on the map outside of pointing vaguely to the Caribbean Walcott Hackshaw picks apart the intricacies of upper class culture in Trinidad, the casual luxuries of servants, travel, and shopping intermingled with violence and sexual scandal Mrs B is a complex character, who I at times liked and at times often did not like, but she was intensely believable in her flaws I also enjoyed the character arc of Ruthie I won t give away any spoilers, but stick with her She may seem a bit washed out in the beginning, but she gets better.If you re looking for action and a fast paced plot, look elsewhere If you re looking for a cultural experience intermingled with a study of people and their flaws, pick this up The writing is rich, colorful, and no holds barred Walcott Hackshaw pulls no punches Thank you for the privilege of being able to discover this

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    not sure about this book, was an interesting read but didn t seem to achieve anything Ruthie has a nervous breakdown after an affair and is pregnant Her mother is approaching 50 and feels life is passing her by while trying to keep up with her social circle The story evolves around life in Trinidad showing the difference between the rich and poor islanders.

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    This was a 3.5 read for me.Thoughts coming shortly

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