Spindrift Launched Into The Underworld Realms Of Sunken Ships, Myths, And Mercurial Pop Cultural Representations, Spindrift Dives Into Waters Where Who We Thought Mermaids Were Wavers With Possibilities, Dangers, And Hopes Adrienne Rich Once Said That Until We Know The Assumptions In Which We Are Drenched, We Cannot Know Ourselves In Her Latest Collection Of Prose Poems, Laura Madeline Wiseman Reminds Us That Self And Fable Are Intimate Nemeses In These Poems, The Mermaid Becomes A Stunning Trope For Discovery And Relentless Subversion, And Through The Collection, We Are Lured Through A Seductively Dangerous And Transitive Ecology Bottles Of Pop Float In A Listless Ocean, Sea Shanties Are Whispered From The Water, And Popular Myth And Paradox Elide Wiseman Leads Us Into A Sumptuous Terrain Where We Must Confront Legends And Wrench From Them A Truth That Will Change Us Sara HenningExisting Beyond The Boundaries Of Historical Renderings And Waterhouse Reproductions, Wiseman S Mermaids Are Intelligent, Passionate, Dangerous, And Endangered Wiseman Brings Them To Life And Death In Exquisitely Crafted Narratives That Play On The Edges Of Dreams And Plunge Into The Deepest Human Fears In Her Hands Ocean Becomes Mirror And The Tale Tail Of The Mermaid Becomes Very Much Our Own Jenn MonroeThe Poems In Spindrift Blur The Already Fragmented Lines Of Gender, Offering Us Mermaids With Beards, Hairy Nipples, And A Thirst For Damaged Remains Through Wiseman S Formal Restraint And Inventive Definitions, We Are Invited Into The Deep Sea Of The Unknown, And We Find Out The Unknown Knows Us Knows Our Wars, Our Corporations, The Crumbling Frame Of Our Environment, The Very Bodies We Imagine Ourselves To Be We Learn, In Wiseman S Fantastical And Deeply Political Collection, That The Mermaids Are Watching Us, And They Worry About The State Of Our Terrible, Beautiful World In Reading This Stunning Chapbook, We Get The Sense The Mermaids Are Themselves Poets, And Wiseman Is Their Trustworthy, Imaginative, And Attentive Scribe Stacey Waite

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  • Paperback
  • Spindrift
  • Laura Madeline Wiseman
  • 24 June 2017

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    This flash fiction piece of work may appear small, but it is indeed mighty Part journal format, part poetry, but all fiercely female, Spindrift deconstructs feminine ideals through modern perceptions of mermaid myths While a few statements in this work contain flashes of thought toward the idealized concept mermaid s represent paint their lips with crushed anemones, Wiseman provides a feminist interpretation of the fantasy In Against Myth the mermaid is not long flowing hair and seashell pasties, she exists regardless of belief and outside of scientific explanation no exoskeletons or horns and gender norms hairy armpits and unibrows In Whoppers, Wiseman references Peter Pan s mermaids and gives a chillingly realistic interpretation of Melville s Moby Dick and Disney s The Little Mermaid Ahab lied There was no whaler, no dick of Moby Ahab was simpy a dick The old man in the sea, he lied Not a marlin Ariel lied She wasn t mermaid or fish, just another voiceless woman with amnesia Anyone would forget an event that turned every step into a feeling of knives Wiseman walks a fine line between providing us with another, feminist, mermaid narrative and pointing out inconsistencies in yet another perpetuated myth personifying feminine concepts The effect is a dreamy swirl of bedtime story and call to action Again, I am beyond impressed with Wiseman s work and strongly recommend it to anyone, but especially those interested in gender theory Read my full review here

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    Excellent book

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    Launched into the underworld realms of sunken ships, myths, and mercurial pop cultural representations, Spindrift dives into waters where who we thought mermaids were wavers with possibilities, dangers, and hopes.Adrienne Rich once said that until we know the assumptions in which we are drenched, we cannot know ourselves In her latest collection of prose poems, Laura Madeline Wiseman reminds us that self and fable are intimate nemeses In these poems, the mermaid becomes a stunning trope for discovery and relentless subversion, and through the collection, we are lured through a seductively dangerous and transitive ecology bottles of pop float in a listless ocean, sea shanties are whispered from the water, and popular myth and paradox elide Wiseman leads us into a sumptuous terrain where we must confront legends and wrench from them a truth that will change us Sara HenningExisting beyond the boundaries of historical renderings and Waterhouse reproductions, Wiseman s mermaids are intelligent, passionate, dangerous, and endangered Wiseman brings them to life and death in exquisitely crafted narratives that play on the edges of dreams and plunge into the deepest human fears In her hands ocean becomes mirror and the tale tail of the mermaid becomes very much our own Jenn MonroeThe poems in Spindrift blur the already fragmented lines of gender, offering us mermaids with beards, hairy nipples, and a thirst for damaged remains Through Wiseman s formal restraint and inventive definitions, we are invited into the deep sea of the unknown, and we find out the unknown knows us knows our wars, our corporations, the crumbling frame of our environment, the very bodies we imagine ourselves to be We learn, in Wiseman s fantastical and deeply political collection, that the mermaids are watching us, and they worry about the state of our terrible, beautiful world In reading this stunning chapbook, we get the sense the mermaids are themselves poets, and Wiseman is their trustworthy, imaginative, and attentive scribe Stacey Waite

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    I m one of the lucky winners of this specific Goodreads Giveaway I wanted to add that the packaging in which this undersea gem came to me was quite adorably adorned in seascape stickers It was quite cute to find tiny mermaid floating on the corner or the title page I love the humanity the packaging itself shows, a good relief from the others I ve received Thanks Laura If Ariel were one of Wiseman s mermaids, she d be the epitome of ocean anarchy a hate for Disney, kin to trilobite, and if she lived in the arctic hair practically everywhere In fact, Ariel wouldn t be a mermaid at all She s actually a lie conducted by some mute, amnesic woman The mermaids want to set things straight, and stop letting the red haired forking lunatic making them look ridiculous They struggle to understand, or break, gender roles, study the roads which always lead back to water, crave and desire the most imperfect destroyed human remnants The mermaids fear nothing, and dance in darkness of nature Mermaids are pyromaniacs seductively luring out visitors to destroy their passage back home We ingest them on dollar menus, and lull their bored bodes to sextacy We breathe in their salty perfumes and peel the locks, or is it rocks , from their hair before they leave in the morning We are the mermaids, until we stop singing We stop swimming, we read Shakespeare and drive convertibles We descale ourselves until we are no longer mermaids We are extinct Hard to decipher, but a beautiful poetic read, Spindrift reminds us just how much we really miss the sea, and our tales of tails.

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