Fog, lace and steel

Fog, lace and steel The British Empire Under Good Queen Victoria Is At Its Peak, With The Crown Colony Of India As Its Jewel But Trouble Is Brewing Under The Gleaming Facade Of Polished Brass, Steam Engines And Beautiful Lace Lurking In The Fog, Rebels And Traitors Plot To Destroy The Empire And To Assassinate The Queen In Such Times, The Royal Navy And The Muskets Of The Redcoats Are Not Enough Britain Needs A Special Person To Penetrate The Deadly Plots Of The Enemy And To Survive Their Whips And Lashes She Needs To Be Beautiful, Sexy And Deadly A Submissive Maiden Who Hides A Deadly Sting, She Is The Queen S AssassinIntense SM Scenes Combine With Thrilling And Bloody Action In The Foggy Streets Of Victorian London Author s CommentsWarning General Spoilers Every ruler and government has used assassins at one time or another, or at least has held such people ready The undoubtedly held true for Victorian England as well, despite that society s image of propriety, honour, and fair dealing just as sex, in all its forms and perversions was ever present just around the corner and half concealed in the shadows Queen Victoria herself was well known to enjoy nude paintings and other erotica, only becoming the sombre figure of later years after the death of her beloved husband Due to her position, she was also under constant threat from covert enemies that all her armies and navy could not defeat.In history, there have been as many women assassins as men, and they possessed the advantage of easily using the weapon of sex and sensuality to get close to their victims, a fact that Queen Victoria no doubt understood as well as anyone The only problem for a woman assassin was that she could not openly carry a weapon, and usually lacked the lifelong training in martial skills and physical conditioning that many men possessed.However, the heroine of this story, Lady Anne, came to possess exactly these qualities through an accident of fate, and by her own will and strong character, came to the attention of the very people tasked with defending the Crown, ultimately earning the royal title of Queen s Assassin and becoming the ultimate and personal weapon of the reigning monarch.Thus, when the enemies of the Crown attacked in the fog and shadows, they found themselves face to face with the deadly hidden blade that was the Queen s Assassin. This part of they synopsis pretty much sums up the storyIntense SM scenes combine with thrilling and bloody action in the foggy streets of Victorian London As is normal when I get to the end of a story by this author, I am exhausted Once again he took me on an action packed ride, albeit painful at times I loved the crime mystery side of the story Lady Anne was a real trooper I take my hat off to her.I will never look at a pin cushion or think of pins and needles in the same way again, lol Contains Sex and murder, dub consent, heavy SM scenes, MF FF.

Real, hardcore SM erotica in the vein of books like Sadopaideia, A Man and A Maid, the novels of F.E.Campbell, and even the outright porn of the Bizarre Library series seems to have entirely died in today s market.What we have is either BDSM lifestyle and Ds stories or Erotica , basically bodice rippers with sexual detail.After going blind searching the bookstores and Internet for a

✍ Fog, lace and steel  pdf ✎ Author V.W. Singer –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 228 pages
  • Fog, lace and steel
  • V.W. Singer
  • English
  • 24 May 2019

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