Bob Dylan, la totale: les 492 chansons expliquées

Bob Dylan, la totale: les 492 chansons expliquées Bob Dylan Compleet is een bijzonder mooi boek, het soort boek dat je bij vrienden op de koffietafel ziet liggen en dat je dan onmiddellijk zelf ook wil Alle liedjes van Bob Dylan Telkens met technische fiche Met achtergrondinfo en leuke weetjes En zeldzame foto s Zelfs de minder gekende nummers uit pakweg Saved of Tempest komen aan bod Als fan zou je voor minder uit je bol gaan.Helaas Bob Dylan Compleet is een bijzonder mooi boek, maar de tekst stelt danig teleur Enerzijds staan er tal van specialistische irrelevanties in genre wie aandachtig luistert, kan op 2 29 van nummer X een plofklank horen, wat betekent dat Bob Dylan hier even te dicht bij de microfoon staat Anderzijds overstijgt de duiding zelden het niveau van enthousiaste jonge fans die alles geweldig en groots vinden, maar verder eigenlijk weinig te melden hebben Frustrerend en soms zelfs irritant is de enthousiaste onwetendheid van de schrijvers Als ergens in een nummer een naam valt, gaan ze geheid op zoek naar over wie dat nummer dan in het echt zou kunnen gaan Doorgaans geraken ze er uiteraard niet helemaal uit, waarna ze de lezer dan met opgeheven vingertje uitleggen dat je die liedjesteksten nu ook weer niet zo letterlijk moet nemen en dat Bob Dylan soms wel eens een loopje met de werkelijkheid nam of zelfs stel je voor surrealistische of zelfs dada stische neigingen had Hetzelfde doen ze als er geen naam in het nummer voorkomt.Ook als het gaat over wie nu precies welk instrument speelt op welk nummer, staan er opvallend veel vraagtekens in dit boek Dat is toch wel jammer, zeker omdat de meeste van die muzikanten gewoon nog in leven zijn en je het hen dan toch gewoon zou kunnen gevraagd hebben Niet dat je dan altijd waterdichte antwoorden zou gekregen hebben, maar je had het toch tenminste kunnen proberen Waarschijnlijk was er bij de uitgave van dit fraai vormgegeven boek geen geld meer over om ook tekstueel en inhoudelijk de lat wat hoger te leggen Hierdoor blijf ik als lezende Dylan fan met een dubbel gevoel zitten Is het boek bedoeld van de ouwe Dylan fans die alles willen weten Of is het geschreven voor jongelui die niet weten dat Like a Rolling Stone een van s mans beste nummers is Het boek lijkt op beide paarden te wedden en valt daardoor een beetje tussen twee stoelen Bob Dylan Compleet is een bijzonder leuk boek om te krijgen voor je verjaardag dank u, liefste , maar verwacht er verder niet te veel van Het lijvige boekwerk ligt ook bij ons op de koffietafel klaar om bezoekers jaloers te maken Voor inhoudelijke flaters en andere uitschuivers verwijs ik graag naar het uitstekende review van Paul Bryant elders op de website. True confession I didn t read nearly all of this book but used it to research about Dylan s song Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll This unpleasant story of racial injustice is based on a Balti incident in the 1960 s that I helped to research for a British website article a couple of years back The book is massive and extensive if you happened to want to learn about than one song But I encourage you to listen and read about the story and reflect in light of the recent Freddie Gray incident in B and how little things may have changed in 55 years.Learn at Useful but underwhelming despite its comprehensive career scan of every official recording of the bard and enigma from Duluth, Bob Dylan All the Songs is for fans and libraries It tells you where, with whom, with what, and sometimes tosses in some lyrical and musical exegesis regarding all the studio recordings of Dylan s lengthy career 1962 to 2015 However, for a book that s primary value is as a reference tool there are too many instances of sloppy writing and editing mismatched dates on the same page, caption to text, for example, or a consistently incorrect recording year for one album Modern Times, released in 2006 but according to the book recorded three months after Love and Theft s session dates in 2001 The authors say that a Dylan title, Going, Going, Gone is a reference to an auctioneer s closing of a sale, which seems unlikely because I believe that goes Going once, Going twice, Sold and because Dylan, a longtime Yankees fan was very familiar with Mel Allen s home run call, which literally was Going, going, gone The authors, despite the brevity of text describing each song s genesis, do some mindless mansplaining, which usually only elicits a small shake of the head as if to say, if you are going to say so little why say something so unnecessary But when they explain that feminists misunderstood Just Like a Woman by describing its feminist sensibility, well, then it is a good thing this book is heavy or I might have heaved it somewhere in explosive frustration Consistent tidbits if and when Dylan performs a song live are not consistently rendered or fully explained when it might be interesting to explore why a song enters exits Dylan s set list Sometimes they tell you, for example, when he first played it live and how many times he has played a song live and other times they just tell when he played it for the first time They note that he played Paul Simon s The Boxer a few times live within a short span of time They don t note whether that time span coincided with when Dylan and Simon toured together and had a brief set together, which I believe included The Boxer and Forever Young Despite these annoyances, fans will likely value having the book and using it penciling in corrections, no doubt The authors do point out interesting flaws that you can listen for and some interesting notes on who is playing what and source elements of particular lines or melodies It also gave me an opportunity to listen to all 35 of Dylan s studio albums I found that lesser albums stand up stronger when you are not listening from a disappointing starting point This isn t Freewheelinor Bringing It All Back Home or Highway 61 or Blonde on Blonde or Nashville Skyline or Blood on the Tracks or Slow Train or Time Out of Mind or Modern Times Albums I d dismissed Desire, which has some wretched songs, despite good production and vocals, also has some great ones, as does Saved, Infidels, Empire Burlesque, Tempest, and others I ve reassessed and have put back in rotation For that alone, thank you Messrs Margotin and Guesdon It is also worth noting that this comprehensive re listen underscores the value of the producer on Dylan s work Tom Wilson and Bob Johnston didn t just catch lightning in a bottle, they helped realize Dylan s early masterpieces Mark Knopfler, Daniel Lanois and Don Was deserve greater credit for helping Dylan through a tough creative period And finally somehow through that 1980s process of mixed success in recording, Mr Dylan himself learned how to become a successful self producer because the albums that begin with Time Out of Mind of his recordings of original material and continue through Tempest are successfully produced by Jack Frost Bob Dylan Working with Knopfler, Lanois and Was, as well as Debbie Gold on As Good As I Been to You, was I think part of an instructive process that helped Dylan develop the capacity to take charge of his own production Since this book came out late in 2015, Dylan has already released another studio album, Fallen Angels, of covers from the American songbook I believe we are possibly a year or so away from another album of Dylan originals So there will be opportunity and need to update Bob Dylan, All the Songs, and I hope the authors and publisher seize the chance to correct the sloppiness and examples of empty commentary Then the book will be not just useful but essential. October 2016, update Bob Dylan, on Dec 10, will receive the 2016 Nobel Prize in literature, an announcement made a few hours ago From muse to music, the greatest living poet transformed his words into iconic songs with lines and lyrics we quote as freely as Shakespeare, Twain and the Bible This book offers a terrific overview of his recorded music Spring 2016, my original comments Staggering Great engaging fun I read the book twice Once to learn about the sessions, tracks and albums and then again as each song played with its story at hand So, I ll give this oversize, six pound, seven hundred page book ten stars by clicking the five star button twice This is a book to savor Each song gets a paragraph or two about its genesis, lyrics and production This terrific anthology broadened and deepened my appreciation of Bob Dylan His music first came to me as folk and protest songs, but he quickly rejected the role of oracle that others put on him Reviewing fifty five years of Dylan s five hundred works in five weeks reminds me just how many love songs he wrote, including those of love lost BOB DYLAN, from Minnesota, arrived in New York City in 1961 A few months later, he recorded his first sessions for his first album The next year, another album and Dylan already was regarded as speaking for the progressive protesters and radical intelligentsia, write the authors Blowin in the Wind typifies his songwriting of the early sixties A few months later, Bob Zimmerman officially changed his name to Bob Dylan July 1965, Bob Dylan went electric at the Newport Folk Festival In August, he released Highway 61 Revisited, which included Like A Rolling Stone Al Kooper played the Hammond B 3 on that session He writes about Dylan and the session in his memoir, Backstage Passes Backstabbing Bastards Memoirs of a Rock n Roll Survivor I first saw Dylan that fall at the Cincinnati Music Hall, playing with the guys who later became The Band It was a rollicking concert It was quite a week for Dylan I saw him on Nov 18, then he married Sara four days later Dylan wrote Just Like A Woman in Kansas City on Nov 25 then performed it the next day in Chicago Six months later, he released Blonde on Blonde, a double album, chockfull of songs that became familiar By 1967, Dylan wanted to record unadorned songs, far from the psychedelic extravagance of the time With confidence in his work and vision, he did not respond to musical trends In 1989, Dylan became disappointed when a recommended producer for an album did not know about American folk music or gut level arrangements that come from the world of simplicity, the authors write By 1970, I played vinyl of the day, including a strong mix of Dylan, in St Louis as an underground FM DJ While this book recounts the famous songs, half the pleasure here came from learning about and listening to the many unfamiliar tracks New favorites include these Rank Stranger to Me, recorded in 1987, is a fine old gospel song The Stanley Brothers recorded a bluegrass version years ago Duquesne Whistle, recorded in 2012, is a fun, nostalgic and introspective tune where guitars give us gypsy pump rhythm reminiscent of Django Reinhardt Highlands, recorded in 1997, at sixteen minutes, this is Dylan s longest song A hypnotic blues loop underlies Dylan s narration as a mysterious wanderer wondering what comes after death A fine smiling musing Because of the co author s fine volume here, I look forward to their next one, coming in October, The Rolling Stones All the Songs The Story Behind Every Track. Gargantuan bookbut actually the author is quite successful Themes, background, technical details and opinions are presented in subtle, smart manner and one learns a lot about Robert Zimmermann in the process. Me tom m s de un a o terminar este beb , que s , tiene algunos detalles de dise o editorial, pero eso queda en segundo plano al ver el grado obsesivo de este material, donde te cuentan hasta el minuto y segundo exacto en el que hay errores de ejecuci n o empalmes de postproducci n en cada canci n Es una joya obsesiva y minuciosa para fans de Dylan Es obligado leerlo con la discograf a del cantante a la mano, y s toma siglos completarlo, pero la experiencia es una belleza que ayuda a comprender mejor el proceso de grabaci n de cada disco. All The Songs Is The Most Comprehensive Exploration Of Bob Dylan S Nobel Prize Winning Music And Lyrics Yet, With The Behind The Scenes Look At The Studio Recording Session, Album, And Every Single Released During His Remarkable Year CareerThis New York Times Bestselling, Definitive Book Captures In Words And Photos Dylan S Creative Process And His Organic, Unencumbered Style Of Recording Packed With Stories, Many Unfamiliar Even To His Most Fervent Fans, Bob Dylan All The Songs Profiles His Released Songs Organized Chronologically By Album, Margotin And Guesdon Recount The Inspiration Behind Dylan S Recorded Songs, What Went On In The Recording Studio, What Instruments He Used, And Behind The Scenes Account Of The Great Artists Who Worked With Dylan Lyrics And Accounts Of The Recording Sessions Are Accompanied By Classic Photos, Both In And Out Of The Studio, To Create A True Dylan Treasury Bob Dylan All The Songs Is The Comprehensive Record Of The Singer Songwriter S Career Which Defined An Era And Delighted Fans For Than Years It s unclear for whom this massive, gorgeous book is intended There s both too much information e.g., cataloging exactly when one can hear Dylan s miked plosives and missed notes in every song and too little information addressing almost none of the content, musical or lyrical, in track after track Any fan will come away with tons of irrelevant data but nothing enlightening Margotin and Guesdon take such a clinical, blinkered view that they don t seem to understand what they re hearing For instance, they never acknowledge that many of Dylan s early tracks are hilariously clever They might as well be compiling information about virtually any artist And the occasional mentions that a particular track is a very good song are almost endearingly clumsy, perhaps owing to the translation from the French Honestly, All the Songs might have been useful in chart form, just listing names and dates, leaving any interpretation and commentary to others. If I had to choose a Dylan book in my collection to wield as a defensive weapon then this massive tome would be the one But it s not the first I d recommend to anyone who wants to expand their understanding of Dylan and what he achieved The writers have obviously listened to every song and done some surface level research but they clearly lack the insight and love that writers like Gray, Williams and Heylin have applied to the same subject There are great Dylan scholars who have immersed themselves in their subject for decades but it s pretty clear that for Margotin and Guesdon, Dylan is just the next legend in their ongoing all the songs franchise There s not much here that the casual listener can t determine themselves with a recording of the songs and a few minutes on wikipedia It s easy to believe that this book was written with the pirate generation in mind It s useful for someone who might have downloaded a Dylan discography torrent and needs some context for the sudden influx of music they have in their hard drive There s just enough detail to tell you who Woody Guthrie was and even provide a helpful photo but not enough to give you any real insight about what Guthrie meant to Dylan.It s definitely a three star book for its thoroughness At the time of writing, all Dylan s original albums are included up to 2012 s Tempest along with compilations and official bootleg releases Songs which were outtakes are discussed in the section about the album they were omitted from, instead of the date of their eventual release which allows the reader to listen to them in context, which is definitely a big help It s a useful reference work for the casual listener who is starting to understand what the fuss is about but there are much better works out there on the same subject. I have three favorite songwriters of my generation Springsteen, Paul Simon and Dylan Dylan s albums from 63 67 are filled with absolutely amazing songs including Blowin in the Wind, It Ain t Me Babe, The Times are a Changin , Mr Tamborine Man, Like a Rolling Stone, Subterranean Homesick Blues, and All Along the Watchtower The authors provide background and context for every song Dylan wrote and recorded from 63 to 2015 including songs from the bootleg albums Much of Dylan s early music was influenced by Anglo Celtic ballads Later music like I Shall Be Released, Knockin On Heaven s Door and Gotta Serve Somebody had biblical passages and gospel music behind the lyrics.The book details Dylan s evolution from folk music to country, to rock and roll he was always a poet but never a prisoner of any one genre.Dylan s music has been recorded and made famous by so many artists over the last 50 years from the Band to Eric Clapton, Peter Paul and Mary, the Byrds, Johnny Cash and Jimi Hendrix to name just a few.Also enjoyed the story of a few of my favorite Dylan tracks My Back Pages, Chimes of Freedom, Forever Young, and Tangled Up in Blue.The shortcoming in the ebook is no pictures The authors also skipped Tweeter and the Monkey Man which Dylan penned with the Traveling Wilburys.

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