Looking Over Your Shoulder

Looking Over Your Shoulder The title Looking Over Your Shoulder sets the mood for this excellent story The reader is quickly drawn into the suspense and intrigue as the plot evolves, with its twists and turns Add humor and compassion to the mix, and you have a delightful reading experience. Just Because You Re Paranoid, That Doesn T Mean Someone Isn T Out To Get YouThings Were Going Well For Abe Despite All Of His Past Struggles With Mental Illness, He Was Happily Married, Had Three Wonderful Children, A Nice Home, And A Fantastic Consulting Business That Satisfied His Creativity And Brought In A Good Income But You Can Never Get Too Comfortable When Abe Becomes A Prime Suspect In A Jewel Heist One Of The Largest Successful Jewel Heists In History His Schizophrenia Becomes Unmanageable And Everything Begins To Spiral Out Of Control Abe S Own Investigation Into The Heist Has The Jewel Thieves Hot On His Tail But Are They Really, Or Is He Just Losing The Battle Against His Inner Demons I Was Drawn In From The First Page And Couldn T Put Looking Over Your Shoulder Down It Kept Me Guessing And On My Toes An Exciting Ride That Keeps You Guessing Right To The End A Sensitive And Uplifting Look At One Family S Efforts To Triumph Over The Adversity Of Mental Illness I hate giving reviews like this, but I must always give my honest opinion I still greatly admire the feat the author has accomplished by completing this novel It s no easy taskJust because you re paranoid, that doesn t mean someone isn t out to get youDespite being diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic, Abe VanRam does a pretty good job at maintaining a normal life He takes his meds, goes to work, and comes home to his family But when he s suspected of jewel theft the good life he s built for himself is threatened Abe knows he didn t take those jewels But those who were really behind the crime are out to get him Or so he thinks He keeps seeing things and gathering evidence that points to someone other than him But can he really trust his eyes And after all who d believe someone who s mentally ill My review I was immediately intrigued by the premise of this novel I mean, a paranoid schizophrenic suspected of jewel theft Never heard that one before Unfortunately, I was left disappointed For being a suspense novel, Looking Over Your Shoulder was sadly lacking in suspense It took a while before there was any real action At the beginning, the story was mostly contrived of the goings on of Abe and his family At first I was okay with this I thought it was nice that it wasn t all about the mystery, and that I d get to know of the characters BUT, when I had to read through a pages long, pointless discussion between Abe and his young daughter, and STILL there was no suspense, I got a little frustrated Frankly, I was bored with the story And it didn t really pick up for me Added to that, the main plot ended up being underdeveloped Maybe this isn t worth mentioning, but it is a huge pet peeve of mine Twice in this book, two men were said to giggle It wasn t even in unusual circumstances they just giggled at something someone else had said Nowin general, grown men don t giggle They laugh, or chortle, or even guffaw But they don t giggle Just had to clear that up There were a couple of typos and instances in the book that were in need of editing I think that s what this novel really needed a good editing Cut some scenes, add some action, get rid of the typos and this read would have been much enjoyable On the bright side, I do think that Abe was an interesting character And I did like the relationship he had with his children Their banter was really fun I just wish that it didn t take up so much of the story Overall, this book just wasn t to my liking Wouldn t recommend it Content Mild language Mentions of drinking alcohol Disclosure I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review The Scribbling Sprite I enjoyed this book very much It was a short read for me, only 215 pages from the PDF file s length, but the book had a great pace to it Everything flowed smoothly The best thing about this book was the family kinetic between Abe, his wife Ursula, their daughter Jeanu, and the other two children Clearly there s a crisis going on in the family, Abe is being accused of being a part of a jewel heist One unique thing I found about this book was that the whole family was involved in this struggle Now, I have not read many suspense novels, I m sure there are others out there where the whole family is has to fight But that doesn t change that Workman did a great job with the family relationships and how it wove into the suspense Another great thing about this book was the main character, Abe He was a likeable star, at least in my opinion He has playful banters with his children, and the schizophrenia part of his character was done very well I would say that is the strongest suit of Workman s book Abe s schizophrenia There was no part of the book where it felt ridiculous or unbelievable Kudos to the author All in all, this novel is a fun read and I enjoyed it very much. This book was truly amazing, it gave an insight into mental illness and had mystery and a bit of a love story as well Everything you could ask for in a book I loved the way the characters were introduced and interacted together The story itself was also very interesting I look forward to reading from P.D.Workman. Very intriguing A paranoid schizophrenic is accused of being the inside man of a jewel heist and he is bound to prove he is innocent Is he delusional or are there really people out to get him

Award winning and USA Today bestselling author P.D Pamela Workman writes riveting mystery suspense and young adult books dealing with mental illness, addiction, abuse, and other real life issues For as long as she can remember, the blank page has held an incredible allure and from a very young age she was trying to write her own books Workman wrote her first complete novel at the age of

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