Tick Bite Fever

Tick Bite Fever Tick Bite Fever Is The Unconventional Memoir Of A Very Unconventional ChildhoodIn The Early Seventies, Dave Bennun S Family Transplanted Themselves From Swindon To The Wilds Of Kenya His Father, Who Was A Doctor, Had Lived In Africa Before But Had Felt It Expedient To Leave When The South African Government Realised He Was Carting Explosives Around In The Boot Of His Car For The ANC For Dave, Kenya Was Bemusingly New It Would Be His Home For The Next YearsIn Kenya, The Childhood Memoir Takes On A Rather Surreal Tone On The Way Home From School, Closed Because A Pair Of Lions Are Padding Around The Playground, Dave Is Mugged By Baboons Meet Dave S Favourite Pet Achilles, The Almost Indestructible Dog Find Out About Nairobi Snow And The National Radio Station That Only Has Three Records And Read About Dave And His Dad Spending Happy Sunday Afternoons Being Chased By A Herd Of Elephants Enchantingly Funny, Tick Bite Fever Is A Tale Of The Fading Innocence Of Childhood, Miles Ahead Of The Competition

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Tick Bite Fever book, this is one of the most wanted David Bennun author readers around the world.

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  • Paperback
  • 320 pages
  • Tick Bite Fever
  • David Bennun
  • English
  • 17 May 2017
  • 9780091897437

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    I found the title very apt as I was finishing the book while trying my best not to scratch my gazillion bed bug bites complements of a short holiday in Mozambique.The book contains stories of David s growing years in Zambia and KenyaI think any memoir is a balancing act between stories that only YOU find interesting versus stories that others will find readable The author does have a gift for taking little anecdotes and stretching them into amusing stories so some of the tales were genuinely funny, but there was also a fair amount that could have been omitted.I think anyone who has grown up or traveled to an African country will have their own plethora of weird and funny stories I know I do so I think readers who has never set foot on this continent may find these tales exotic A good reading choice for holiday but ultimately a little forgettable.

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    A gentle homage to a highly exceptional and amazing experience of growing in Africa or Brighton, as he often says as real life is too complicated to explain But explain he does, beautifully and the pages are filled with lyrical tales about eccentric characters, errant wildlife, cannibalized machines and entertaining childhood scrapes, I thoroughly enjoyed the ride and the pictures the author paints with his words.

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    Interesting view of growing up in Kenya.

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    An autobiographical story of growing up, or growing older, in Zambia and Kenya.

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    The stories were interesting, but the writing really made the book Fun, fascinating, good for a whole lot of chuckles.

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    I really wanted to enjoy this book, especially as I lived in Kenya for twenty years and looked forward to taking a trip down memory lane.The first part I did find amusing David was the kid from hell, always getting into trouble The family s camping trips were also a good read, and I loved his doctor father s enthusiasm for playing around with old vehicles and his ability to get the family out of some of the predicaments into which he got them.However, I felt that the tone of the book changed dramatically after the divorce of his parents, and from then on it rather lost its zing and the writing became witty and less interesting There are still occasional sparks of humour and a wry look at life in East Africa, but I found it finished on a flat note and was not as funny as I had expected it to be Speak Swahili Dammit, by James Penhaligon is in my opinion a far entertaining book about an East African childhood.

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    Has to be the funniest autobiography Ive ever read Embarrasing to read in public as people stared at me the whole as I couldnt stop laughing Not very informative about africa, its not that kind of book, its just funny and about how a child feels growing up I dont understnd why people give a bad review of a book based on thier own misunderstanding of what they should have expected to learn from it

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    I can only read so many books about children growing up in Africa, and this wasn t one of the good ones Writing from the perspective of a child, as an adult, grows tired very quickly and there wasn t enough tension or comedy in this to move it along Not a spectacular contribution to the genre like dinner party anecdotes than strong, confident writing Of course, since I read Jane Bussman s Worse Date Ever, my standards are through the roof.

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    I found this book lying on the floor in my hayloft, so it looked interesting In reading, I have not been disappointed, it s made me laugh out loud, even when I m exhausted David s stories about growing up, his family s dis functions, combined with bits and pieces that are unique to Nairobi made it worthwhile The experiences were funny, painful and regular It s not a change your world type of book, but definitely makes you leave yours for a moment and laugh.

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    I grew up in Kenya at roughly around the same time as the author mid seventies to late 80s , so much of the book is so familiar It s like swapping stories with an old friend except only one person is doing the talking Though the book is sometimes disjointed and doesn t flow, it lends to the charm of the hey, let me tell you about this one time feeling I got reading it And Bennun is funny I giggled than once.

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