Aurian Ok, I m DNFing Aurianit s bad and reading about women hating on each other so easily while being so indulgent towards men is painful to read I know this was written in the 90s but really, I can t force myself reading further than 250 pages that were already painful.The villains I ve seen to far are so over the top evil and bad it s laughable and also painful to read It actually made me cringethan once This book has been laying on my TBR pile forever and as many others recently, I feel disappointed with fantasy It s difficult to find a good series these days, either new or older and it s frustrating because when it s well done, it s my favorite genre Being formulatic in itself, I don t mind tropes and a good classic fantasy story when it s well done but it can be over the top and really bad quickly Which I think is the case with Aurian.The characters are badly written, over the top, one dimensional, whereas the setting could have been interesting if the Mages were not so unsympathetic and arrogant from the start, without any nuance nor depth, while the heroine is the classic perfectly powerful every one love and want I don t like the Mary Sue term butAurian fits the category well, in a bad way Yet she has no appeal and is so gullible and annoying, it s another reason to make you cringe.So I will not force myself to finish it and it will probably join the next pile to go to the library At least, I m clearing up my shelves and I haven t invested in the whole series at once Silver lining. Here s another fantasy I read many moons ago, so I can t speak to quality aside from nostalgic value But I really liked it at the time enough that I tucked it into the keeper box, regardless of not having any other books in the series I m not sure why I didn t finish the saga I distinctly recall researching at the library to jot down titles because who needs study hall to work on term papers Bite me, Crime Punishment , but for some reason they never materialized Since I was a teenager, it s likely there were cash flow issues P As for specifics, who knows The cheesy, eye catching cover caught my attention on a huge wall of paperbacks, I remember an angsty romance between the young heroine the middle age badass who was her guardian turned lover I also remember them having sex on the floor, there was no HEA What can I say even before I knew what a bodice ripper was, I was groping for Teh Melodramaz D But other than thatnope, drawing a blank.Hopefully this saga will hold water in my jaded adult years I just recently snagged books 2 4 as work freebies, but it remains to be seen whether I can comprehend the world building magical stuff without revisiting this one. To The City Of Nexis, Where Magefolk Rule Uneasily Over A Race Of Mortals, A Young Girl Named Aurian Comes To Learn The Magic Arts Her Dormant Powers Are Coveted By The Corrupt Archmage, Who Intends To Possess Her When She Rejects Him For A Mortal, The Enraged Archmage Plans His Revenge When my sister in law, Felicia, first recommended this to me, I was a little hesitant I ve read a lot of fantasy, and even though there are a lot of authors I haven t read, I m pretty well versed in fantasy And I d never heard of this book, or the author I figured if it was good, I would have heard of it.But it was good Excellent, in fact and here I sit, trying to figure out why this book isn twell known I would put Maggie Furey on par with some of my favorite fantasy authors Robin Hobb, Lynn Flewelling, Katharine Kerr, George R.R Martin okay, maybe not quite at Martin s magnificent level The writing was solid even though it s a fairly long book, there was not one spot where I felt like it was dragging It jumped from one point of view to the next, barely giving me time to catch my breath before I was plunged into another action packed scene.But it s strength was also it s weakness, for me, although it was very minor and hardly dampened my enjoyment There were times when a chapter ended, and the POV switched, and I didn t like it I wanted to get back to the other characters story to see what happened That s not a sign of weakness in the author, though Just a lack of patience in this reader The ending was a bit abrupt, but since it s the start of a series, I was expecting it But Aurian is not a book that can be read as a standalone Now I ve got to get the second book to see what happens, and although I usually hate when authors leave books so open ended forcing me to readof their books , the writing here was so good that I really don t mind.I would definitely recommend this to fantasy readers, especially if you like any of the authors I ve mentioned above. Book was interesting, easy to tell that it was written at a time when attention spans where longer I found myself skipping pages and being able to catch up with the story further for book two I first read this book at fourteen and was convinced then that it was the greatest fantasy book ever written It hits every tropey fantasy pleasure talking cats, a magical centre of learning, gladiator arenas, mysterious dragons, winged people, sword training, multiple love stories and mixes them all into a fantasy cocktail shaker formed of the standard quest for artefacts to save destroy the world The main villain is as cacklingly melodramatic as you d expect he could work through The Evil Overlord s List to tick off all his accomplishments but his pen would probably run out before he reached the end At fourteen this was all very satisfying, but these things don t always hold up I hadn t reread Aurian in years but picked it up recently thinking I d read a chapter 611 pages of small font too this book is a brick later, found myself ordering the second book onbecause I d lost my copy even though I m still not how much I enjoyed the reread The characters are still mostly likable except when they re cardboard cutouts like the Distracted Mother, the Ice Queen, the Scheming Brother , and the better ones have their share of both sympathetic and flawed qualities Zanna s subplot is still one of the best at fourteen I was as convinced as her that Yanis was The Best Option only on rereads as an adult did it dawn on me how heavily Furey sets him up as a dumb prettyboy that Zanna is much too good for How she lets the tragedy of that storyline play out in later books is also one of the series noteworthy achievements The conflicted manipulations of characters like Harihn are also interesting, if a little too convenient plotwise on several occasions The magic usage falls somewhere between as powerful as needed for the plot and believably exhausting ends of the spectrum there are learning curves, immovable obstacles and consequences for trying too much and no one s moving entire mountains with a thought, but there s alsothan a couple of logically this character should be dead saving the day flourishes If you can handwave these off, the magic system as a whole mostly follows satisfyingly consistent rules Which really is the best approach to the entire book If you can handwave the little annoyances such as the severe abuse of exclamation marks, cackling of the villains, and the occasional bending of believability, there s a lot to find satisfying here The world building is intricate without being a constant info dump, with political, economic, and social structures all layered in The POV switches are easy to follow and, unusually for such a long book, I rarely found myself bored by any of the subplots Okay yes, the length could have a hundred or so pages knocked off just by dialling down the descriptions and detail of characters travelling from place to place, but none of it is such a struggle to get through that I considered skipping any of it The main love story is handicapped by not being the first relationship established as the book s One True Pairing, but Furey acknowledges this and gives it time to grow into something in its own right It s a refreshing change from other fantasy novels that set up the main relationships as the only love that character ever has and ever will have and a trend that s also reflected in the relationships formed or reformed among the rest of the characters.All in all, this book isn t quite the stellar achievement I thought it was at fourteen but it s not just another by the numbers high fantasy epic either The usual tropes are done in a satisfying way, even if they re not groundbreaking, and most of my problems were with the unnecessary writing flourishes rather than the plot itself If you like high fantasy, there are much worse books to pass a few days with. Wie viel Nostalgie beim Lesen wieder aufkam sch n.Aurian begegnet uns im ersten Band als ungest me 12 j hrige, die mit ihrer zauberkundigen Mutter in einem Tal weitab von anderen Menschen Magiern lebt Der Schwerk mpfer Forral, der sie sp ter in der Waffenkunst unterrichten wird, b ndigt ihren st rmisch trotzigen Charakter und legt den Samen f r Aurians sp tere Vertrautheit mit den Sterblichen.Ihre Mutter Lady Eilin und Aurian selbst sind zwei der letzten acht menschlichen des Maguschvolkes, die alle eine bestimmte Art von Elemente und Naturmagie aus ben k nnen.Dass Aurian eine Besonderheit darstellt, merkt man recht schnell, da sie scheinbar in allen Magusch Disziplinen gl nzen kann Recht schnell wird aus dem jungen M dchen eine willensstarke, immer noch recht stolze und dickk pfige, nat rlich auch wundersch ne , erwachsene Zauberin von 20 Jahren, die den Hass der anderen Magusch auf die Sterblichen nicht nachvollziehen kann und damit wiederum den Unwillen des Erzmagusch und seiner Untergebenen auf sich zieht Hiermit gehen eigentlich s mtliche Konflikte los, die einen Kampf um Macht in dieser ganz eigenen High Fantasy Welt von Maggie Furey ausl sen Insgesamt wechseln die Kapiteln immer zwischen Aurians Sicht und verschiedensten Sub Plots, die wirklich spannend mit der Haupthandlung verkn pft sind Die Nebenfiguren oftmals Magieunkundige wurden mir schnell sympathisch und f r alle LeserInnen von Abenteuer Piraten Seefahrer Romanen k nnte auch etwas dabei sein Das Magiesystem empfand ich ebenfalls als unsagbar gelungen.Es kommt aber einiges an Romantik auf den Leser zu, gerade auf unsere Hauptfigur haben es leider so einige unschuldige, aber auch machthungrige M nner abgesehen Zum Gl ck ist Aurian keine hilflose Jungfrau in N ten, sondern wie sehr viele Frauen des Romans stark, emanzipiert und vor allem durch ihre Magie und Menschenkenntnis unglaublich m chtig.Der erste Band dient vor allem als Einf hrung in das gro e Thema der 4 Artefakte der Macht , in dem wir wirklich umfangreiche Kenntnisse ber alle wichtigen handelnden Figuren erfahren, das komplexe Magiesystem und gro e Teile der Welt kennenlernen Ich war erstaunt wie viel bereits an Handlung geschieht, welche Verluste und Grausamkeiten erlitten werden m ssen und welche Geschichte hinter dem Magusch Volk steckt Einige Figuren k nnten durchaus mehr Facetten als das nur b se und nur gute vertragen, aber insgesamt konnte mich der 1 Band beim Lesen sehr begeistern.Sprachlich ist diese Fantasy Reihe auf einem recht normalen Niveau, teilweise spiegelt der Sprachstil dieses fantastisch sp tmittelalterliche Setting sehr gut, es ist definitiv leicht lesbar Die Ausgewogenheit zwischen Erz hltem, Dialogen, R ckblenden und wichtigem Wissen ber die Welt gefiel mir ebenso Den zweiten Band Windharfe werde ich mir f r die Semesterferien wohl auch noch vornehmen. Fantasy al femminilePrimo libro della Saga dei Manufatti del Potere Protagonista Aurian, giovane maga e spadaccina alla ricerca di quattro famosi manufatti che la aiuteranno a combattere il male I personaggi sia principali che secondari sono ben delineati psicologicamente e seguono una propria strada da individui, le loro scelte sono giustificate e non solo finalizzate ad una trama fantasy specifica Generalmente i personaggi femminili risultano i pi interessanti, anche perch rivelano tutti, nel bene e nel male, un assertivit molto spiccata Ai personaggi maschili riservato un eterno secondo piano anche se rimangono comunque ben tratteggiati, sono fondamentalmente comprimari dei personaggi femminili, nei quali una costante il carattere forte e volitivo Direi che questa un po una pecca la Furey forse un po troppo partigiana , insieme al finale apertissimo che non tenta nemmeno di chiudere un po le fila del primo volume, cosa che mi fa sospettare uno spezzettamento editoriale pi che autorale Nota positivissima per il plot, che rende la lettura sempre avvincente, nonostante la lentezza con la quale l azione prende piede ma una lentezza che io personalmente ho percepito a posteriori, non c assolutamente pesantezza o noia nello svolgersi dei fatti, anzi La Furey inoltre bravissima nell intrecciare i destini dei personaggi, nel creare colpi di scena e grandi rivelazioni, ma anche nell astenersi dall usare gli stessi per risolvere le situazioni.In conclusione, una saga che merita di essere seguita fino all ultimo volume Un grazie a Maximus Kuseikos per le gradite conversazioni su questo libro Sounds like any number of fantasy books out there Aurian had the potential to be another boring A typical book in the Fantasy genre Before rereading this book, I had wondered how come this book had stuck in my mind for so long after reading it probably about six years ago I was fairly young and thought maybe the impression was left from the inexperienced mind of a young reader However, Furey has created one of the best epic fantasy books I have read Taking the same old tale and turning it into a refreshing new story One of my favorite things about Aurian is all of the subplots that work themselves into the main idea They all fit together somehow and it s fun to see each one pull together and shape the story The twist on fairies is really fun, and the history of the world is unique to see from different cultures Especially once the reader is given the real facts Every time you getinformation on the world, other races, and cultures , it is like feeding an addiction Meeting each of the powerful races of the elements is also a great treat, and I wanton the Skyfolk.Aurian is the main character, but it is told by the points of views of many different characters I come up with ten right off the top of my head, but there are manyFurey is so skilled that I never found myself bored as the story went from one character to the next Even with all the back and forth between characters and plots, I didn t get lost.The names of the characters are very beautiful, and they are all different enough that I never get the characters mixed up That has always been one of my pet peeves with fantasy books, all the names are so similar that you never know who you are reading about My favorite part of this book isn t the wonderful plot and story ideas, but it is the emotions Furey has truly proven with this book Her skill is making the characters real by thinking, feeling, and interacting with the world they are in I m not quite sure if I can properly explain it Each character from our main heroine to the evil villain, or even just to a temporary character, has such depth and growth Furey expertly deals with grief, the kinds of love there are, happiness, revenge, evil, and the change people go through as they live She expertly shows how others can impact and change someone s life.The great characterization is coupled by Furey s rich writing Every place that is described flows easily into the mind Every character has a unique voice, and point of view, that never takes away, but adds to Furey s style She can easily wrench your heart with sorrow, and then have you chuckling with a humorous line Bottom line Even after all of these years, Furey s book still manages to captive me Aurian s character depth and emotions are something that no reader should pass up This book has one of the best love stories I have ever read There are many plots to follow in this book, which I didn t find over whelming as some readers might If you read a lot it shouldn t be too hard to differentiate and remember them This is a series where you are not going to want to wait a long time in between reading the next book Sexual content Furey keeps it pretty clean There are some sex scenes which are not detailed A beginning to a rape scene, the author does not go into details. I have had Aurian by Maggie Furey sitting on my shelves since 2004 I know this because I pulled the receipt out of the book It took me seven years to pick it up and seven days to finish it Oh, the humanity.I haven t been in the mood for High Fantasy for a long time having converted to Urban Fantasy for the past few years For those out of the loop, High fantasy has chicks with chain mail, or robes, and Dragons on the covers Urban Fantasy leanstowards leather and midriffs, and guns, or swords swinging in the city insert Joe Walsh here But I run on Urban Fantasy has been rocking my book world for a while now, so what made me pick this up Simple, it s one of the 50 blue goal books for the year In reading Aurian I am transported back to books I used to readfrequently, perhaps way back in 2004 I grew up wielding fake swords and spouting made up names while wearing a cape Surprise anyone Unlikely.Anywho, the book The book.Aurian has grown up secluded from the world by her mageborn mother Having withdrawn from the world after the death of her husband, Eilin is unnerved at the arrival of a swordsman named Forral Forral has come to help and bonds immediately with Aurian, eventually teaching her to sword fight When Aurian s powers begin to emerge it is Forral who convinces Eilin to send her to the Academy, a place for Magefolk to train Sequestered and fearful of mortals Miathan, the Archmage, has it in his head to rule over them even if there are only a handful of mages left When bigotry reaches a fever pitch will Aurian be able to find it in herself to surmount the hatred I enjoyed this Quite a lot It s been a minute since I have delved into High Fantasy but I took to it very easily It s home for me in the genre world, after all And what a ride Furey takes the reader on Mages, and mortals, and whales, and telepathic cats, and lost objects, and gladiatorial arenas, and corrupt kings, and scheming women, and scheming men, and and and it s quite a trip.I was also pleased to see some traditional mythology creeping in here If I remember my Welsh Mythology correctly The Mabinogion, The Chronicles of Prydain holla There are symbols that turn up both in those pieces and in Maggie Furey s quartet the Cauldron of the dead, the sword of power, a staff, a harp, a trip into the faerie realm Sheesh, there s even a talking cat in Lloyd Alexander s books One can argue that Furey is stealing from these myths, but since Welsh mythology in particular is so prevalent in contemporary fantasy it s hardly theft Harry Potter is taking from these myths as well.I m glad I read this instead of selling it for credit as I thought of doing a while back I will be reading the remaining books in the series after a small break But definitely I wanted to hack off half a star for Furey s over usage of the phrase indomitable will but I m not going to It was the only thing I didn t like about the book So there s that 5 out of 5 stars It s good, if you can find a copy It s a little out of print right now review couresy of

Maggie Furey was born in North East England and spent most of her adult life residing in County Wicklow, Ireland She was a qualified teacher, but has also reviewed books on BBC Radio Newcastle, been an advisor in the Durham Reading Resources Centre and organized children s book fairs.

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