Aussie Surfing Heroes

Aussie Surfing Heroes Two Surfing Legends In One Book Occy Is The Magically Talented Child Star Who Crashed And Burned, Then Miraculous Crawled From The Wreckage To Claim His Destiny Mick Is The Ferociously Determined, Disciplined Athlete, Who Overcame Personal Tragedy And Devastating Injury To Pursue His Dreams Australian Surfing Has Produced Many Great Champions, But Few Have Overcome So Much, And Inspired So Many, As Mark Occhilupo And Mick Fanning Though Dramatically Contrasting Characters, Occy And Mick S Life Stories Both Serve As Powerful Primers In The Power Of Dreams, The Importance Of Never Giving Up, And The Courage Required To Claw Your Way Out Of The Deepest Trough And Climb All The Way Up To The Highest Peak Occy The Rise And Fall And Rise Of Mark Occhilupo And Mick Fanning S Surf For Your Life, Both Written Together With Renowned Surf Writer Tim Baker, Have Become Modern Australian Classics, Within The Surfing Community And Beyond They Have Inspired Elite Athletes From All Walks Of Life, Launched Innumerable Grommets On Their First Forays Into The Surf And Spurred Countless Mature Age Surfers To Get Off The Couch And Back Into The Waves Now Combined Into An Inspirational Omnibus, Occy And Surf For Your Life, Are Essential Reading For Anyone Wanting To Overcome Adversity, Blast Through Their Personal Limits And Achieve Their Goals

Tim BakerTim Baker has contributed to GQ, Playboy, and Rolling Stone, is the author of Go Surf, and is the coauthor of Bustin Down the Door, Occy, and Surf for Your Life.

❰Reading❯ ➷ Aussie Surfing Heroes  Author Tim   Baker –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 659 pages
  • Aussie Surfing Heroes
  • Tim Baker
  • English
  • 09 May 2018

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