Crossing the Chasm: Marketing and Selling High-Tech Products to Mainstream Customers

Crossing the Chasm: Marketing and Selling High-Tech Products to Mainstream CustomersSo, product development I wasn t really sure if this was going to be for me and the latest edition is form 1998, so, it might have been a bit dated but this was actually a great surprise The idea of the chasms when marketing products, specially in tech, really resonates with what happens in the market and we can compile a huge list of companies and products that have died somewhere along the way while trying to cross one of the chasms to become a mainstream product.The book defines markets as groups that can refer to themselves, since you can t really hope a doctor will refer and have many friends in architecture, so the main goal is to be able to create a presence in a market where people can refer and talk about your product among themselves as you can t possibly pay for marketing for every single person there.The charms are defined as innovators, the first market, where you excite the people most interested in whatever new thing you have think about the first geeks buying smart home appliances These people are mostly interested in the novelty of your stuff and will try to direct the product, they re extremely helpful in trying to come up with an actual product at the end but focusing too much on them will pull you in many different directions, so while it s important to have them on your side, you can t just follow them blindly otherwise you won t be getting anywhere.Then you have the early adopters These are the people influenced by the innovators you have, they re also interested in the improvement but they will be less engaging than the innovators These people are less prone to bugs, errors or support requirements but they re the start of your upward race collecting customers and building a better product that could possibly find it s way to the mainstream market.Then we have the great chasm to reach the skeptics mainstream customers, this is where stuff gets really hard and you ll really need to up your game as the people here are pragmatists and conservatives They don t want to invest money in something new just because it s shiny, they need a good reason and a working product, some prototype that requires a lot of handholding from an unknown company won t do it here, you must have already sorted out most of the kinks in your product and you need to be ready to own the market To do this the book offers segmentation, preparing a D Day operation to attack a very specific market that you can corner and own, since being the top brass in such market makes these pragmatists and conservatives much likely to buy from you This requires focus and forfeiting embrace everything solutions that wouldn t work, anyway and will give you much better results.The book then goes about pricing and it s a great discussion, like how much money you need to be making to have an actual sales force and product price point , partnerships and other stuff involved All in all it offers a great perspective and techniques to break into markets, develop products and growing It s small, direct and focused, definitely recommended. good one..must read Read and enjoy Every Year, Companies Gamble Away Millions Of Dollars And Countless Hours Of Technical Talent On Doomed Efforts To Market Technology Products That Are Greeted With Enthusiasm By A Few Technologically Literate Consumers But Ultimately Fizzle In The Wider Marketplace With High Tech Products Scrambling For The Home Market Every Day, It Is Essential That Marketing Professionals Learn To Transcend The Outmoded Marketing Theories That Have Led To Failures Than Successes In The Challenging Technology MarketplaceBased On The Revolutionary Model Derived From Geoffrey Moore S Extensive Experience In High Tech Markets, Crossing The Chasm Is The Definitive Book On A Vital, Rapidly Growing But Capricious Market Crossing The Chasm Should Be The Bible For High Tech Companies Looking For Direction With Marketing And Distribution Challenges Robert K Weller SVP North American Business Group Geoff Moore S Book Is Full Of Good Medicine For Bad Marketing Computer Letter Must Reading For Anybody In High Tech William V Campbell, President And CEO, GO Corporation Lots and lots of opinions, directions, and instructions with very few reasons and evidence let alone science to back it up The stories and anecdotes that are mentioned to back up points are cherry picked Research on the credibility, track record, and net worth of the author only made my skepticism increase I cant say his directions are wrong But I wasn t convinced they were right I m sure many other people have failed to even consider these components before rushing to implement on his advice considering how famous the book is , which I think is a dangerous error. I didn t know much about marketing, so this gets 5 starsThe book adressed a lot of issues relevant to my current company directly.First of all, the chasm model applies in B2B scenarios This is not a b2c marketing book even if some ideas do apply.What I found interesting was that this book provides this model describing 5 different types of customers Then we find ways in which to address these customers, the proper timings, the proper sales pitches, the product pricing, the competitors, the strategic partnerships, the development team, and even the compensation appropriate for the team, in order to attack each of the 4 market segments 1 market segment, or psychographic, as the author calls it, being pretty unapproachable.Awesome book.For me it would be an honest 4.5, as I didn t see a lot of references to formal papers, but just to a few other books, and I don t want to just trust the author s wisdom on this, even if the book seems full of good ideas, and great explanations, and showcases nice ways of thinking about problems.I recommend this to anyone living in a capitalist system, seriosly.But seriously indeed, this is very good for developers that work in product companies All of the marketing, sales and management stuff will make a hell of a lot sense after this book For marketing and sales people I m not sure what to recommend, but the book does claim to create a common vocabulary for the different departments of an organization, so dunno, maybe try it, marketing sales management folks Enjoy Also, if anyone knows a good B2C marketing or sales book, feel free to recommend For a reason, this book should be labeled as a textbook, not like a free time one It took months to finish it and yet I believe I need to recap, revise and find other summaries for it Although I got the 1997 edition, it is yet relevant to the high tech industry nowadays Yet, found it hard to get the examples of the 90s companies that are no giants, or even exists, now. This book gives a fresh and powerful set of tools to help navigate the stages of product life, as well as covering honestly some of the hard decisions that must be made A great book for those interested in making their technology sustainable and than just a passing fad.These are among the dozens of passages of greatest interest and value to me Page 8 Most important lesson of crossing the chasmPage 25 discovering the chasm Page 39 last paragraph, what technology enthusiast want Page 49 last paragraph targeting a small pond marketPage 50 bowling pin analogy Page 54 pragmatics or early majority Page 78 fighting your way into the mainstream and the D day strategy Page 85 big fish, small pond Page 88 Apple s Mac niche strategy Page 105 target the point of attack Page 110 target customer characterization Page 113 sample scenarioPage 120 scoring scenarios customer target s Page 124 second last paragraph on focus on product not competition Page 126 target market selection process checklist Page 160 whole product strategy Page 184 what is your claimPage 186 example claims do exercise Page 201 avoid human contact businesses Page 222 adopt a make money from day 1 mindset , image error A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing This book lays out the mechanics of formulating and evolving a marketing strategy by exploring an extreme boundary case introducing a fundamentally new product to the marketplace The principles are relevant to all businesses everywhere However, it would be wrong to view this book as a simple roadmap, because it is very hard to know where on the map you re starting Do you really have something that will be regarded as a disruptively innovative product , or is it really just an incremental advance, subject to the rules of one of Moore s later books, such as the Gorilla Game The most basic point of this book is that the tactics that serve you well at one stage will sink you in the next, so you better orient yourself properly before shouting and writing big checks.That warning aside, this book belongs on the shelf next to other hallowed volumed of condensed wisdom like The Art of War, The Prince, and How to Shit in the Woods All illuminating, and all easily misused. It was to the point, usable, concise and competent Exactly what I would want in a book I m reading for work It s a rather short book, but still it took me over half a year to finish It was pretty good a well articulated model describing high tech marketing on various stages of its adoption life cycle clear implications of adopting such a model were presented and well organized the author gave examples of real world products and how the model applies to them there were instructions and concrete steps to take to make use of this model and applying it to your own case.So overall I liked it and would recommend it The only reason I m giving it 4 stars is that it took me so long to finish it The product I m working on, I realized, is pretty mature, so I wasn t compelled to read this book quickly and had to push myself to go on.

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