Tough Choices: A Memoir

Tough Choices: A MemoirAmazing Book, Tough Choices A Memoir Author Carly Fiorina This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Tough Choices A Memoir, Essay By Carly Fiorina Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You I know nothing about HP or management, but I really liked this book Fiorini was the CEO of HP, and this is her autobiography, focused on her climb through the business world from ATT to Lucent to HP There is a lot on management techniques and her personal philosophies on management and business, and this is interesting to read I enjoyed the stories of how she overcame particular obstacles at work What I really liked about it, though, was her frank depiction of the challenges for women in the workplace, and at the same time her refusal to be categorized as a woman in the workplace She clearly discusses the difficulties she faced because of her gender, and then tells the reader how she overcame those difficulties The book is sobering and uplifting at the same time. Wow This woman is extraordinary Her careers moves at lightning speed from a role as a secretary at a brokerage firm to CEO of HP She also was one of the three people who spun off Lucent from ATT, creating the logo, company identity and mission statement She exhibits spectacular moral courage, ethical conviction, daring creativity and infectious charisma Never would I have imagined adding to my list of personal heroes the CEO of a major corporation, but there you have it she s been added This is a story about a meteoric rise to greatness, leadership and stupendous achievement that anyone, whether in business or not, can use as inspiration She is a dynamo and this is not only an addictively compelling story but supremely well written and carefully crafted She was a philosophy major She studied Ancient Greek and Latin What needs to be said A must read. Carly Fiorina wrote Tough Choices A Memoir2006 , which I read in December 2015 I thoroughly enjoyed it, especially the contributions she made in the field in which I thrived for my entire early career telecommunications Both her stint at Lucent and Hewlett Packard HP in leadership positions revealed important lessons many of us learned during the optimistic 1990s and subdued 2000s Unlike her father s view that learning was not simply a way to make a living, learning was a goal in and of itself, Carly, and many of us educated during the 1970s, saw an education as a way of securing a good paying job Careers in engineering and the sciences paid off while those in the arts and humanities did not I resonated with her book owing to mutual experiences in the workplace She recalls, Most of all, I loved the people of business I loved working with them I loved collaborating with them and negotiating with them I learned for the first time that some people in business are driven by facts and numbers, some are driven by judgment and intuition, and most are driven by both And some are driven by emotion and ego than others I loved the camaraderie of working hard and then winning, or losing, together I even found the politics of office life interesting, because I was often asked to intervene to help people find common ground I experienced all of this too at Nortel Networks just as Carly did at Lucent and at Cisco Systems just as Carly did at HP We share the view that customers and our competitors set the pace of how we conduct business and it s critical that movement quickly occurs when the decision is perfect enough Carly s story spoke to me She writes, Challenge comes from the reality that your best is required and falling short is possible Learning comes from rising to meet that challenge I always took on new roles early in my career to learn, just as she did at ATT Lucent Carly adds, Sometimes the riskier the choice gives you a better opportunity to prove yourself to others, and you ll always prove something important to yourself You ll know yourself and those you work with better I adopted this mantra and left the security of a large company for a California startup and proved myself there during the late 1990s Bottom line Business is about producing results, and if you can t deliver, you should work someplace else See how Carly and her colleagues delivered.I encourage you to read Tough Choices about those myriad workplace experiences found in large companies You ll learn a lot from her story and enjoy the journey. I really enjoyed this book One of the best leadership and business books I have read and will likely re read or at the very least borrow wisdom from Carly s astuteness for business is unmatched This was a rather quick read that focused on her career and her thoughts on leadership I read this book to gain some insight into Carly to see if my vote would be her this coming election She certainly now has it, but what I did not expect in this book and I actually appreciated the book did not go this way was that she did not mention anyting about her political beliefs Rather it was strictly business as she provided a chronology of her career, her education, her early beginnings ending in the culmination of her 5.5 year run as CEO of HP It is unfortunate what happened to her at toward the end of her time at HP, but it is my view she is now destined for elected office Some highlighting points were her perserverance through the establishment, her guts and her diplomacy through tough situations I would love to meet her one day. This is an autobiography of the former CEO of HP It chronicles her rise and fall from power I could relate to a lot of it, of course with quite a few less zeroes in my case I read elsewhere that Carly received 21 million in her HP severance agreement 2.5 X her annual salary I agreed with much of Carly s philosophy of business The following quotes resonated with me, primarily in the context of my own situation They the Board did not thank me and they did not say good bye They did not explain their decision or their reasoning They did not seek my opinion or my involvement in any aspect of the transition I was utterly devastated, but the next day the sun still came up and life went on That day, and in the days that followed, I was hurt than angry I felt a curious mixture of sorrow and relief I had worked so hard for so long I had thought about the company constantly I d put everything on the line, and now suddenly it was over I thought about the people of a company I had grown to love, and I ached for the chance to say good bye and reminisce, one last time, about the remarkable journey we had taken together I was never given the chance As weeks became months I asked myself over and over what had happened Were there signals I d missed Was there something I should have said or done that would have made the difference I have a confession to make I am yet another Hewlett Packard refugee I was at HP when Carly Fiorina was CEO Working on a design team that was almost all male, it was exhilerating to have a female CEO But, like so many other HP employees, I felt that Carly was calculating and immune to the charm of Bill and Dave and the HP Way I agreed with the sentiments of most of my co workers that Carly Fiorina was a rhymes with witch Although I was no longer at HP when Carly was ousted, I cheered along with the rest of the valley But, a few weeks ago, I saw Carly speak at the Flint Center She was warm and engaging and refreshingly honest about her career and especially her time at HP She impressed me enough to listen to her autobiography, Tough Choices I m sure the past several years have improved my perspective on HP, but after listening to the book, my opinion of Carly has changed She is intelligent, capable, and possibly saved HP from extinction Now if only I could change her political views Very inspiring I would want to write a very long review, but if I wait to find the perfect words, it will never happen So, the bottom line is that I feel rejuvenated It have set myself my 5 and 10 year goals because of this book I had never seriously considered management until now, and I owe it all to this book I feel less intimidated by my own management because the book humanizes upper management.My only issue is how she focuses on metrics as measurement of success ie of patents innovation In my experience, employees will find ways around these metrics so that the numbers look good for them, and people who don t play the game look bad But that s really the only negative thing She has guts than me hence why she s where she is, and I am not , but her story has given me the confidence courage to stand up for myself , and for that, I m grateful to whoever suggested I read this book and will encourage many men and women to do the same. Please note I read the abridged audio version of this book I read this book because I was tired of hearing, I know someone at HP and they hate her because she ruined the company blah, blah, blah when it was than obvious that the majority of people telling me this, 1 Didn t know anyone from HP and 2 They were talking out of their assnot knowing ANY relevant details of the subject at hand I find those kinds of people transparent as in finding aggrandizement of themselves in the eyes ears of anyone willing to listen Such is the ignorance that leads you down a path of stupidity and stupid decisions in your own life.Her side of the HP story gave me a lot of clarity on what I heard from the other side Although I see through some massaging of certain situations, it is clear that Carly is an articulate and honest person who also happens to be wickedly intelligent and has a work ethic to match I urge you to read this and other books to get the entire picture of what actually happened at HP and who Carly Fiorina is, as a person.You ll also find a never ending source of business analysis of the HP Compaq merger in numerous iTunesU and MIT Open Courseware courses. This was really quite interesting, even though I know little about business and had no idea that she had ever led Hewlett Packard.It chronicles her rise from a secretary to CEO of HP and fall the HP Board fired her in business She talks of how she learned management, and the obstacles she faced as a woman in a tech industry in her time and how she overcame them through focus on the work There is a lot on management techniques and her personal philosophies on management and business, and this is interesting to read Additionally, I liked how she summed up what she s learned from each stage or incident at the end of the chapter It helped me learn from her This was really quite interesting I listened to it and she read the audiobook herself and did a good job at it If I ever had a chance to know her, I would like her.,

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