The Fire and the Gold

The Fire and the Gold FIRE WAS CREEPING CLOSER To Melora S Comfortable World The Day The Violent Earthquake Turned Beautiful San Francisco Into A Burning, Smoky Nightmare Melora Had Been Ready To Make A Crucial Decision About Her Life And Her Love Her Thoughts Were Swirling With Handsome Quent Seymour Of Nob HillBUT FATE HAD ANOTHER PLAN Amid The Angry Red Flames Of A Crumbling City, Exciting, Impetuous Tony Ellis Appeared And Suddenly Melora Found Herself Plunged Into A Whirlpool Of Romantic Conflict From Which There Was Only One Secret Escape That Secret Was Locked In Her Heart

Phyllis Ayame Whitney 1903 2008 was an American mystery writer Rare for her genre, she wrote mysteries for both the juvenile and the adult markets, many of which feature exotic locations A review in The New York Times once dubbed her The Queen of the American Gothics.She was born in Japan to American parents and spent her early years in Asia Whitney wrote than seventy novels In 1961

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  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 216 pages
  • The Fire and the Gold
  • Phyllis A. Whitney
  • English
  • 14 May 2017
  • 9780449700594

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    I decided to read this book because of the setting San Francisco at the time of the great earthquake and fire of 1906 I thought it would be romantic supense, but it was a light historical romance which I m sure would be enjoyed by young teens the heroine is only 19 and her 15 year old sister is also prominent in the story The many details of the time and setting seemed authentic after all the author was a young child at the time the events took place and I imagine that she may have spoken to people later who lived through it and made reading this book very enjoyable Despite the disaster setting the story is not grim The title has to do with the idea of fire adversity refining gold the character of the protagonists.

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    FIRE WAS CREEPING CLOSER to Melora s comfortable world the day the violent earthquake turned beautiful San Francisco into a burning, smoky nightmare Melora had been ready to make a crucial decision about her life and her love her thoughts were swirling with handsome Quent Seymour of Nob Hill.BUT FATE HAD ANOTHER PLAN Amid the angry red flames of a crumbling city, exciting, impetuous Tony Ellis appeared and suddenly Melora found herself plunged into a whirlpool of romantic conflict from which there was only one secret escape That secret was locked in her heart

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    I actually read this sometime ago Multiple times, actually I stole it from my sister sorry, Amy and never returned it because I liked it so much In my defense, she never ASKED for it back Don t be put off by the goodreads summary This is a novel that is less romance and of a well written fictional account of a family surviving the San Francisco earthquake and fire of 1906 Reading Threads and Flames reminded me of this YA novel I highly recommend them both

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    Probably the best historical fiction story of the San Francisco earthquake I know The author spent much time living in the area and researching what happened She took those facts and wove a story that captures the nature and intensity of that major event in San Francisco I explored the city with book in hand and found it authentic and meaningful.

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    A light read of a young women living through the experience of the San Francisco Earthquake in 1906.

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    I usually read Phyllis A Whitney s gothic romance, but there was no mystery here However she did decribe the 1906 San Francisco fire pretty well, so it was a good historical romamce I liked it.

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    Phyllis Whitney has done it again She weaves romance nicely into an intriguing suspense novel Pick it up and grab some tea and go on a great adventure.

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    I came across this Phyllis Whitney book at the library Since I had not read one of her books in about 35 years and I had not read this one before, I grabbed it up Whitney had been the Danielle Steele of my 30 s.This is a clean romance, and an interesting read from the citizen s perspective of the 1906 fire in San Francisco the courage, determination, hopelessness, kindness, and resilience of a city nearly completely destroyed by a great fire People lost everything Rich and poor alike, if they did not flee, were camping on the grass in parks that had not been touched by fire People opened their homes that had not been destroyed to family, friends, and neighbors.I gave this a good solid 3, meaning I liked it It was a good read for these hot humid days in No Central FL

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    Slow and boring Not worth finishing.

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